The Old Apricot Tree Made It

I walked over to the old apricot tree the closer I got I realized that the Old Apricot Tree made it through the fire.

I was delighted!

This lovely old girl is starting to bloom.  The fire went around it.

The sun was just coming up adding a wonderful luster to the morning.

This apricot tree bears pink flowers and medium sized, extremely sweet fruit.

I am so happy the fire spared this wonderful tree. So very happy.


24 thoughts on “The Old Apricot Tree Made It

  1. Oh, I’m SO happy for you and the tree!! I wondered about the fruit, too. Do you make jelly? Have a wonderful day!!


  2. It’s wonderful to see the apricot tree in bloom. I’m very glad the fire went around it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this tree even more now.


  3. Some of these trees will take a large amount of heat and still survive. Happy that your tree survived. Do a post sometime and tell how these damages were resolved.


  4. Guardian Angels LOVE apricots so it was pretty much a given this tree would be spared. Yaaaah!


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