Christmas Eve December 24, 2012

Fuzzy and Boomer here…we just had to do this.  Mom said it was okay.

Shannon also brought of hats FOR THE CATS!!!


We couldn’t stop laughing….Sammy tried to run outside, but Mom wouldn’t open the door!



Monkey just glared and glared at us!!!


Oooo, Whew!  Our sides hurt!!!


Fuzzy and Boomer

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18 thoughts on “Christmas Eve December 24, 2012

  1. Good Morning, Fuzzy and Boomer….. I’m sure that there are many times when Monkey and Sammy LAUGHED at you two also, so don’t forget that Santa is watching for naughty little doggies!!!!!!!

    BUT–I will admit that Monkey and Sammy do look a little silly!!!!!

    Merry Christmas EVE.

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  2. HAHAHA I love that someone tortures the cats – it usually is the dogs that suffer! Merry Christmas to you and the WHOLE family!!!!

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  3. That’s just too funny! Really unhappy cats! It’s o.k. to laugh at them, Fuzzy and Boomer…I’m positive they laughed at you when you got your hats! Gotta admit they do keep your ears warmer, tho. Merry Christmas from Lucky, Midnight, Mischief and Lucy!! Oh, and mom, too.

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