June 17, 2013

I have some ‘new’ to me birds feeding at my Hummingbird feeders.  I really don’t know what they are so if someone out there does, please let me know.

It is possible these are the Lesser Goldfinch, but I’m not sure.


I am surprised that these big birds like to drink the sugar water…they chase the hummers off and have a go at it; draining the feeder in a very short while.


At first the hummers tried to dive bomb these big birds but they have given up now.  If the big birds show up the hummers just move down to another feeder or fly up into the tree branches.


I tried putting out other types of food, but nothing tastes as good as sugar water! :) They just let the oranges turn to cardboard….

If you know please drop me a comment…it would be fun to know who is ‘bellying up to the bar’, so to speak.


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24 thoughts on “June 17, 2013

  1. they are an oriole of some sort – not sure what types you have there in colorado, but orioles are notorious for raiding sugar water feeders. :) if you put out a cup of grape jelly or orange halves, they’d love it, too.

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  2. HI Linda,
    Nice pics! You have a Bullocks Oriole! Put out some grape jelly and she will be in heaven and will also become a frequent visitor. Keep an eye out for the male he is a brilliant orange, not to be missed.

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  3. hmm. Here is a link for the lesser goldfinch. I think the beak is different. But I’ll poke around in the Cornell Bird Lab later. I love trying to figure what is what!

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  4. I agree with the other responses. Your very hungry guest is an oriole and grape jelly and orange halves are their favorite! Little sugar-mongers!!

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  5. Looks like an immature male Bullock’s Oriole to me. Its weird that they would drink the hummers sugar water! They usually eat seeds and insects! :)

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  6. Beautiful and guess you will have to load up on more sugar water and more hummer -feeders…sweet and lovely ! Merri

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  7. Love your blog, I think it is a Oriole. Is that a tree behind the feeders in the last picture, It looks huge.

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  8. I love your blog, I also think it a oriole, my favorite bird, Is that a tree behind the feeders. It is huge. Barb

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  9. Yes, it’s a Bullock Oriole. I have them here especially when my red hot pokers are blooming and the red yuccas. They do go to my hummer feeders AND like to eat at my sunflower feeder. So their diet is varied. Fun bird to watch at my birdbath, too.

    Chances of rain the next few days!! Hope it comes.

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  10. Interesting comments from everybody. I know it’s an Oriole but we don’t have Bullock’s orioles here. Somebody made a good suggestion to check with Cornell. that’s an excellent site.

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  11. My finches were hoarding the feeder I have too, moved it to the back (no trees where finches hang out) and put out single non-perched feeders up front. The finches won’t drink if they can’t perch.

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  12. I had Orioles start visiting my hummingbird feeders last year. It took me a while to figure out why my hummingbird feeders were getting empty so quickly, and why it seemed like the sugar water was leaking out of them. One day I was eating breakfast and saw a big yellow bird land on the feeder. When it took off it made the feeder swing and the sugar water spilled out of the feeder. I did some research and found it was an Oriole. I bought a special Oriole feeder (it’s orange and has covers over the holes) and they love it! Now they can eat out of that feeder and they leave my hummingbird feeders alone:-)

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