The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Turkey Walk


Hum, yes!

Did you get a look at the book Mom is reading?

Ah, clear throat, hum, no…No I have a hard time seeing anymore.

Well, it’s called — The Great Turkey Walk

It’s about herding turkeys from Missouri to Denver, Colorado, in the year 1860. That seems like a really long walk to me, Fuzzy.

It does to me also, Boomer.  I can’t imagine walking so many miles with a bunch of turkeys. Geez, just walking with Tommy is hard enough!



He never walks straight on…always sideways.  First one side then the other side—- takes FOREVER for him to get anywhere.  He spends all his time fanning his tail feather here and there and everywhere.

Yeah, Fuzzy, then he hangs out with you until we all come back.

True!  But we do have some interesting times together.  For instance, just yesterday, while you were out sniffing around in the corn field, Tommy and I had a conversation with Sharpie.


Sharpie…the little hawk that hangs around the wood pile?


Yes, that Sharpie!


He was very interested in a couple of mice that had fled under the trash can when I came upon him.  Since I like to chase mice (and snap them in two, mind you) I decided to hang out with him for a spell.


We were being very quiet both of us watching the hole where the two mice ran under the trash barrel when Tommy came gobbling up.  Tommy is NEVER silent, you know that don’t you, Boomer!  He always has something to say.

Up he came jabbering and hollering to me that he wanted us to go do something, anything, because he was tired of hanging out with the hens.  Dad was too busy in the tractor shed and he couldn’t find you so he decided that I would have to do.

I kept trying to hush him up…I put my paw down several times in the hush manner, I turned my back to him…I tried to whisper really loudly to SHUT UP!  But he kept on gobbling and drumming and walking sideways, just being outlandish!

Sharpie flew off the fence rail up to a branch in the weeping willow tree; just sitting there in disgust.  We both knew the mice were NOT coming out with all that noise going on.

Onward and onward came Tommy yelling loudly for me to come do something with him…Please, could we go down the lane a bit, or how about over to the corrals, or maybe out by the grain bins…Sharpie got so disgusted he dive-bombed Tom!



Have you ever seen a turkey poke his neck clear into his chest!

YEP! That is exactly what happened!  Tom looked so shocked that Sharpie would dive-bomb him that he buried his head and neck right into his body — flung his wings way up in the air and tried to cover his rather bald head!

He looked so funny I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!!

I didn’t know where Sharpie went; he wasn’t there when I stopped laughing.  But you know what, Tommy didn’t even get upset.  He was such a good sport I told him we would go off to corrals to see what was out there!


While we were walking out to the corrals Tommy told me that he would really, REALLY, he means REALLY like to live inside with us. He said Mom could hang a rack up next to our beds and he could sleep and poop right there by us.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, hummmmmmm, Well, I told Tom, I really don’t think you would like to be inside…it’s ummm hot and there are cats and the girls in the poultry house would miss you.

OH!  Yes the girls!  He said he had forgotten all about the girls…he guessed he had better stay out there and watch over them.

Ahimmmmmmm, I cleared my throat.  Maybe that would be best, Tom!


OH! Bark, bark, WOOF


Shannon’s here and our Dog Cousins!  COME ON BOOMER!!! COME ON TOMMY!! DOG COUSINS!!!


Gobble, gobble, gobble….MY REAL FAMILY IS HERE!

“Come on, Tommy!” Shannon and Mom hollered, “Let’s go for a walk!”


Come on Tom…you can walk with us as far as Fuzzy goes, growled Choco the Rottweiler.


Okay…just to the gain bin field.  I’ll hang out with Fuzz for a bit, and then I really must get back to the girls!

Drummmmmmmm, thummmmmmmmmmmmmm, gobble

That works for us Tommy…let’s all go!

“You know something, Fuzzy?”

No what, Tom!

“I really don’t mind staying over here for a while.  My Mom says I’ll be back over at my real house come this spring.  Until then hang’n with you and Boom is a really good thing.”

Oh, Hi Boom, you back?

Yeah, my knee doesn’t let me go far.  Mom and I just walked to the new alfalfa field and came on back.

Yummmmmmmmmm, num, num chew, slurp…..

“BOOMER!!! BOOMER!!! Stop eating the Turkey poop!!”  Mom hollered.

Geez, Boom, sometimes you really aren’t very smart.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In 2014

It’s snowing Fuzzy!  Big fat fluffy flakes, the kind that likes to land on your nose and then MELT!


Huh!?!?!?   Oh!  Gosh!  Just a minute son!  I can’t get awake really.   Humm, I see!  Nice snow, no wind!  Excellent!  Shall we go for a run out to the old tree?  My stiff old legs need a stretch and my head needs to clear.  Snow like this is just perfect to check out the news beyond the farm yard!





It’s a joyful time, Fuzzy!

You got that right, Kid!  ARFF, ARFF, ARFF!!


Pant, breathe, pant, and wheeze!  Let’s slow down for a spell, Boom…maybe Freddy Fox or some of his kin have passed through.  You take the combines and I’ll sniff out the ditches…I’m sure we can find some mice and maybe some rabbit tracks. Hummmmm, snuff, snuffle!

Hey, FUZZ!! Come over here!  Come smell this and tell me what you think.

Okay, just a minute I think I’ve found a really nice track here of some bunnies.


Hurry, Fuzzy!  I keep losing it in all the mouse trails.  It’s a really interesting smell.  It smells sort of furry like a cat, no; hum bigger, like someone from the fox family.

It’s not Sam and we KNOW it’s not Monkey.   Have we got any stray cats around here, Fuzzy?

Oh, good you are here.  Start right here…no, no, not there…too many mice trails there, sniff right here.

Hummm, snuff, snuff, sniff, snuffle.  Ah, yes! Sniff, sniff….snuffle.

What is it, Fuzzy?  What’s the smell?

Hummm….Just a minute, Boomer…let me follow it to the end; then you will see, and smell.

Okay…I’ll just follow along behind so I can smell and learn what you know.

Sniff, sniff, snort, Honk, ack!  Dirt in your nose is really sort of nasty, isn’t it Fuzzy?

Giggle and snicker, Ah, Yes it is Boomer!  Don’t put your nose CLEAR in the dirt!

I know that Fuzzy, there was this really nice smell, but when I gave a huge sniff…well, I got AHCOO some up my nose!

Hummm, okay…here we go, Boomer, we are going over to the fence post pile…yep, just as I thought…keep following, Boom…we are almost to the old tree…THERE!

That is what I thought… a pile of fur and scraps and bones.  Well, really a pile of poop made up of fur and scraps and bones!

THAT’S IT!!! That’s what I’ve been smelling, Fuzzy!  Following you I didn’t really smell anything on the ground, but yet I could smell it!  HOW COME, Fuzz?  What’s going on?

Well, I didn’t smell it on the ground (really) either.  See the air was just right that the smell was floating above the ground not really on the ground.  So I had to keep following the air.

Oh!  That’s why I couldn’t keep track of it.  I’m a really good sniffer so I should have known this.

That’s okay, Boom, we all learn new things every day…you just learned about ground air.  Ground air and smells that don’t happen on the ground.

Cool, Fuzzy!  Okay, let’s look this thing over…paw, paw, scratch…hum…it smells like a bird, sort of.

Yep! You are right!  Its Owl poop!  That looks like dinner from a night or so ago.  Fur, small bones, and some other stuff, like, mmmmm, I’m not sure, ….food anyway!

Oh!  So this is from one of the owls we hear every night.

Yep!  The owl must have sat here talking to us or someone else and, well, you know.

Yes, I do, Fuzzy.   Let’s go find something else!

Okay, but not far…my old legs are feeling a little tired right now.  Maybe, we could start back and see if we can  find cool smells on the way back…if any of the Foxes have been through here we can mark over the top of their mark so they get confused!

COOL!  Let’s do it!  You take one side of the road and I’ll take another…we will leave HUGE warnings to everyone…dogs, foxes and those nasty Coyotes!

I’ve got two spots done, Fuzzy!

That’s good, Boom.  Don’t hit Dad’s metal pile, REMEMBER!  You will get really yelled at!

I won’t…just the weeds by it!

BOOM!!! Your stream missed the weed!!!!


YIKES!!!  Let’s run for the house, Fuzzy.  Maybe, Dad won’t notice!


Hey, Fuzzy…Mom is outside let’s go join her so we can go INSIDE!!


Pant, pant, puff, puff!
Hi, Mom!  We’re here!  We were just checking stuff out making the farm better for all of you!

“Good boys! I saw you on the run. Let’s get the chores done and then you can come on in and toast by the fire!”

Woo Hoo…just what we wanted, Fuzzy!  Going inside to sleep by the fire!


Whew!  Are you hot Boomer?

No! I feel just fine.

Boy, am I ever hot!

Don’t leave, Fuzzy.  You know what we need to do?  We need to set our goals for next year!

OH! Yes that’s right!

What are your goals, Boomer!

Let’s see….. I’ll do five goals, and you do five goals!

Sounds good, Boomer.  I’ll be first, since I’m the oldest and the top dog around here.

  1.  Always hang right at Mom’s feet…always.  If she has a problem lifting something or needs help I will be there!
  2. Always be ready for a walk!!!  It sure seems harder now for some reason, but if Mom wants go…SO DO I!
  3. Take naps.  Naps are good.  Take lots of naps, but wake-up the second you hear Mom. (Dad says it’s okay if I don’t wake up for him, but I really want to wake-up and be with Mom so I will stay ready for her)
  4. I want to sleep as close to Mom as I can.  I get where ever she is.  You can have Dad or the fireplace if you want.
  5. Be ready to bark the mailman, the UPS man, the FedEx woman, or anyone that shows up so we can bark them down the lane

Those are really good, Fuzzy!  Okay, here I go —-

  1. Every time you see people you love put on a happy face, wag your tail, wag your whole body
  2. Happy is good, always…no matter what
  3. If anyone acts upset I will  run right over to them and flop down and roll over on my back so they can give me a belly rub.  Makes all of us feel good, instantly!
  4. Dad says I’m not to drag my belly on the carpet or to lick myself whenever I’m in the house.  He says I have to do it outside so I got to remember this.
  5. I also need to remember that I can’t roll in wonderful, rich, green dead stuff.  It makes both Mom and Dad upset.  Rolling over for a tummy rub doesn’t help…I still get flung into the bathtub.

Waiting 4

Very good!  We did it Boomer!  2014 is going to one great year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Happy 2014!

From Fuzzy and Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Christmas Story

Are you sleepy, Boomer?

No not really.  Are you sleepy Fuzzy?

No.  I haven’t done much today but sleep.

You know, Fuzzy, I was wondering do you know anything about this time everyone calls Christmas?

Well, I know a few things—like our people always put up trees, and hang lights outside so we can see the best bushes to pee on.  They go to town lots and come home with packages that Mom puts all over the place.  Then she puts those packages under the tree and waits.

Then the big day comes and everyone is here to eat food and drop stuff on the floor and eat food and laugh and make an even bigger mess than we would EVER think of making!

Really, Fuzzy…that is all there is to this Christmas Thing?

Well….really ….Boomer, no…no that really isn’t what Christmas is really about…it’s so much more.


Gosh, that’s good Fuzzy, please tell me.  I really want to know.

Okay, Boom…it goes like this—

When I was a little tiny pup many, many years ago my Momma told me this story.  My Momma said her Momma told her and her Momma before that all the way back to when this story started.

This sounds really good, Fuzzy I’m all ears!

It’s called—How We Got Christmas

Oh!  Good!  Now I will know.  Thank you, Fuzzy.

Well, a long, long time ago in a land far, far and away, a land full of sand and giant animals called camels.


Yes, Boomer.  But the story isn’t about camels.

Okay, Fuzzy…I’ll listen.

In this land of sand and camels and sun…there was a man and a woman traveling to a big city to pay their taxes for the year.

What are taxes, Fuzzy?

They are like, hummm—if you have five bones and Mom makes you give her one because she thinks you have too many, then that one bone you give Mom is a tax.

OH!  I don’t think I like taxes.  I’m really glad Mom doesn’t make us pay taxes, Mom gives us the BONES!!! J

Gone on Fuzzy, I like this story.

Okay, the man and the woman were traveling to this big city; with lots and lots of other people. There were so many people that all the places where people sleep were full except where my great, great, great, great so many greats that I can’t remember them all, Grandmother Dog was living.

My many Greats Grandmother Dog was the guard dog of a place call an Inn.  It was her duty to watch over all the travelers who came to stay with her Master in the Inn.  She also watched out for all the animals that her Master kept.

Every day My many Greats Grandmother would go with her Master to feed and milk the cow that lived in the stable.  It was this milk that her Master would feed to the people staying in his Inn.  She also helped wake-up the many chickens that were roosting in the stable, and went with the Master to feed and water the donkeys that were resting there until their people were ready to leave again.

My many greats Grandmother had a wonderful job and she loved every minute of it.  Most nights she would sleep in the inn, but when the inn was full she would sleep on an old blanket next to the door of the stable to keep guard over the many animals staying within its walls.

My many greats Grandmother Dog was just getting ready to go to the stable one evening, when a man and woman showed up at the door of the inn.  Her Master greeted the couple and explained that his place was full, that he had no room.

The man then asked if the Master knew of any place, just any place at all whereby they could rest for the night.  The Master said that he was embarrassed to say, but if they wanted they could bed down in the stable free of charge and rest.

Off they all went, the donkey, the man, his wife and my many greats grandmother. Once there, and very close to the cow’s manger, the couple laid down their belonging and unloaded the donkey.  My many greats Grandmother Dog said that the man had very kind eyes and a soft loving voice.  He brushed the donkey down, gave all the other donkeys lots of pets, rubbed the cow’s ears and ASKED Grandmother dog to come sleep with them to keep them warm.

The lovely mother patted the blanket and called softly to Grandmother Dog and even offered her a small tidbit to eat.

Grandmother said it was the most peaceful time she had ever experienced in the barn.

It was just wonderful!

Gradually she fell asleep, lulled by the soft sounds of the other animals in the barn and the warmth of the man and the woman.  It wasn’t long before Grandmother Dog was awaken and asked to go guard the door of the stable. Grandmother Dog didn’t question the command; going to the door and sitting up in a guarding stance.

Like this, Fuzzy?

Yes, Boomer, just like that.

Well as Grandmother Dog sat in the opening of the stable door, an amazing light started to fill the sky. Then the light filled the whole stable!  Grandmother Dog turned from the door and saw that the light seemed to be strongest right over the cow’s manager.

Walking toward the manger ever so slowly and carefully Grandmother Dog saw a tiny sleeping baby.  The gentle Mother of the tiny baby called Grandmother Dog to come closer, to come see the tiny babe in the manger.

Grandmother Dog walked forward and stared at the tiny little bundle of human love and gave the sleeping child a HUGE WET DOG KISS right on its tiny little cheek!

When Grandmother Dog kissed this tiny human the child opened his eyes and smiled upon Grandmother Dog and she KNEW that this new human Loved Grandmother Dog clear through her soul.

Suddenly the light grew so large and bright that Grandmother Dog had to look up to see what was causing so much brightness…almost like the sun was in the stable!

WOW Fuzzy!  Was it the sun? AT NIGHT?  In a barn?

No, Boom, it was a person…a really beautiful shiny person!  The person was so beautiful that Grandmother Dog had to sit down and stare.

This really beautiful person then talked to Grandmother Dog in DOG language!

Really, Fuzzy!  A person can actually talk and understand dog language?

This person could Boomer, because this person was an Angel sent from above, to guide people to the stable.  So the people could see the new little babe and to bring him gifts!

“Oh,” Grandmother Dog said.  “I wish I could give this child a gift.  If I could I would give him my protection for the rest of my life.”

The Angel then looked into Grandmother Dog’s eyes sending love and peace and wonder, filling Grandmother Dog’s heart near to bursting.

“That” said the Angel “Is what this day is all about…the love of this child is for everyone and everything in the whole world. You, Little Dog, understand that you are willing to give – out of pure love – to those around you — which is Christmas!  Christmas is the celebration of the birth of this little babe and the gift of love!   Then the lovely Angel reached down and gave Grandmother Dog a wondrous kiss right on HER nose!

This whole experience touched Grandmother Dog so much that she told every one of her children and admonished each child to pass this story down clear until this day and forever.

Now you know the story, Boomer, maybe someday you will be able to pass this story on to another dog.  That way the gift of love from the little babe and the beautiful angel will never fade away.

Gosh, Fuzzy!  That was something!  I will…I will pass this on, someday, I promise.

Good Boomer, I’m a little tired now.

Me too Fuzzy…I hope I can dream of this wonderful story.

Gosh. That was so neat, Fuzzy.

Merry Christmas, Boomer!

Thank you Fuzzy!  Merry Christmas to you!


Merry Christmas to everyone,

Fuzzy and Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Merry Christmas


Hey, Boomer, come on!

Boomer, Mom wants us!

She said come and sit by the Christmas tree, come on hurry!


You won’t Boomer.

Okay, just sit down, Mom is almost here!

“Oh, you boys are looking really good.  That’s okay Boomer you can hide if you want too.”



Merry Christmas Everyone!

From Boomer and Fuzzy

Terry and Linda

Sam and Monkey!

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boy, It’s Cold

And I do mean cold!

It’s so cold I can hardly stand to be outside!

Although, (yes you guessed it) Mom does make me go outside WITH her!

We always have to bundle up…Mom and I.

First Mom gets ready.

I just watch her…there is a slim chance I won’t have to go out if she is going out….If I just stay here by the fire she will forget me!

She doesn’t ever forget me!


So after she gets her jacket on, then her boots, then the big Carhart, and BEFORE the gloves she CALLS me…

“Come on Boom, it’s time to go outside.  We have lots of work to do and you need to help.”

I try to squish down on the floor and well, just melt into the carpet so she can’t see me.

It never works!  I get…

“BOOM!  Come on now, we have to go outside!”

So I slink over to her with a big cheesy grin on my face and my tail whapping the air…


“Here you go, Boomer!”



It’s done!  I have my coat on and we have go out into the frigid air…it was 3* this morning when she so rudely wanted to go outside and check on the chickens and the turkey and gather wood and feed the wild birds and well, tons of other stuff…

Guess what!!?

The coat does keep me warm and being outside is really nice…there are always lots of smells and things to see and do…

I guess Mom does know what keeps a Beagle happy!


Sometimes it’s more than a nice fire, or a snuggly blanket…it is a WARM COAT!!

Well, it’s 18* out there right now and Fuzzy and I are going for a walk to the combines…I smelled Freddy Fox’s footprints and came back and told Fuzzy.  He loves to go for walks; he just has to go slow.  I don’t mind going slowly (after I search everything out first).

Fuzzy is a buddy ever more.


(Oh, by the way…Fuzzy still likes to sleep outside.  Mom goes out and gets him and MAKES him come into the house for the night.  I think Fuzzy is really part Siberian Husky.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Living is Easy

We had snow!


Lots and lots of snow!


Then it turned to rain, which turned to mud!


Lately we have been having fog full of frozen crystals, then the sun comes out, then the fog comes back…days of this.


Fuzzy and I don’t mind!

Really we don’t.


We help Mom out…we decorated the tree, hung some light on the porch, helped cook meals…although that always gets us banished to ‘the other room’.

That is what Mom always says when she starts making those yummy smells from the kitchen… “Out boys, you have to go to the other room now!”

So we do…


Going to the other room is okay doaky also…HEAT!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

So it’s okay what goes on outside, for Fuzz and I…………….THE LIVING IS EASY!


I just about forgot.

Remember when I was new to the farm and I was terrified of the tractor and loader

You have GOT to see this!!!

Chaco and Balou meet the COMBINE!!!  (Turn your head so you can watch, it was taken with Shannon’s cell phone and Mom doesn’t know how to fix the video so it’s upside right)

Fuzzy and I rolled on the ground!  After all it is just a combine!!

Mom told us that wasn’t funny, after all she reminded me I was afraid of the tractor when I first got here!

Oh, well!


Back to all the warm heat from the wood stove!

Just hang’n around and enjoying winter!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Sandhill Cranes







“Come on Fuzzy lets go see the Sandhill Cranes!!!!!”

“Bark, bark, woof….bark, yap, yap, Bark!”


“BOYS!!! What is going on?”

“The cranes are here…come on Mom…hurry!!”

“Oh good she is out here and she has her camera!!”


“Slow” Mom said. “We have to be really calm now and walk slowly without any talking. Ever so softly and silently”  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh”


“Sit here boys, that’s right…very careful now.  Let me sit with you…shhhhhhhhh.”  “Good”


“How nice we did it!”


“Come on lets go back in…it’s starting to snow!  We’ll come out again and see if we can get more photos…maybe when they are flying or dancing!”

“Boomer, stay close now, no leaving my side.”

“Good boys! Good!”

YIPPEE!!!  We did it!  We let Mom know when the birds arrived and she was able to get lots of photos!


Boomer and Fuzzy



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Car Wash



Mom took us to the car wash!!!

I super love the car wash!!!

First off we got in the back of the pick-up and headed to town…that in and of itself if just W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L!

Lots of great smells, things to see (in a flash), dogs to bark at along the way and WIND IN YOUR FACE!!!!

Then we got there!


Mom got out and put us up front!  Once she did that we KNEW something really neat was about to happen—most of the time we ride in the back, unless it’s winter.  But it isn’t winter right now and we were already in town.

She then drove us over to the car wash spot.  She drove real slooooooooow to the door; we had to wait for the car in front of us….


I COULD HARDLY WAIT!  I LOVE the car wash!

Boomer says it’s not his favorite but he likes to be there with Mom and me.


Then we were inside


Oh! Good!  Here it comes…first the water, that goes on for a couple of times, then the really creepy SOAP!

(The soap is the best part – I bark at the soap!)

Then more water, and more water, then stop for the blow dryer!

I think it’s funny that the truck gets a blow dry just like Boomer and I at the Groomers.  That is the part I hate the worst at the Groomers…the BLOW DRYER!  So I think it’s pretty neat the pick-up has to have a blow dryer also!



We drive for a ways, and then Mom stops and puts Boomer and me in the back again…



(That’s water spots on the mirror, makes my eyes look just right for Halloween, don’t you think?)


We head for home!


I ADORE going to the car wash!





The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Num-num-chew-Yummmmmm

It’s getting closer!!!

Dad came home and said the corn is 14.2% dry….we can begin!!!

Oh, wait!  Not yet!

The Elevator guys said the farmers can’t bring in any corn until after the audit. Their audit will be done on the 30th, so the corn can come in on the 31st.


Waiting 4

Fuzzy and I LOVE corn harvest.  We work with Mom and we help Dad.  There is always a reason to be going somewhere…out the field, in the big truck, (we don’t get to ride on the corn combine, but Mom does and of course Dad does.)  But Fuzzy and I sit and wait at the end of the rows.

Er……..Fuzzy waits

NOT ME!!!! There is lots of news out there and I want to know what it is!

Dad says he will start combining on the 31st and haul on the 1st; too many farmers are loading and storing on the semi-s and the grain trucks already.  This will make for a very long day at the dumping station that first day.  Also, the Elevator guys say they are closing down at 2 on that first day (meaning they will close the gate at 2:00 p.m. …if your truck is in the gate and washed you can stay and unload, if not you have to come back first thing (5:00 in the morning) the next day.

Dad says it takes a couple or so days before everyone gets into a routine.  Always it’s a race against time…you can’t combine until the dew is off the corn, then you combine until the dew sits on….way into the night.  The trucks go down, sit in line and wait until their turn, then come back and get filled up and head back down…the combine goes up and down and up and down.

Hopefully before any type of storm comes in.

Fuzzy and I go where ever we can whenever we can.


This is Fuzzy and Mom and I on the four-wheeler


This is me with the sun in my eyes…  shish!


The cats don’t help….Monkey stays inside so her fur doesn’t get mess up and Sammy likes to hang out by the catnip. (Sure he does a good fair of hunting mice, but that doesn’t count.  He doesn’t really HELP like Fuzzy and I :) :) )


We went with Mom and Dad to town to take down a corn sample from another field so Dad knows which field to start on, and she wanted to get some milk.

We like sitting in the truck at the grocery store…lots of people and lots of really nice smells. Dad waited with us so someone wouldn’t try to take me…I’m way too friendly you see.

Mom got us some really yummy bones


Fuzzy took two….he doesn’t like to share, see how his paw is holding down one!


But I don’t care…I have TWO of my own!




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — For One Day Only

Last week we had a huge ice storm, then Mom and Dad LEFT!!!

Mom talked to both of us and told us they were going on a little trip, they would be gone three days and two nights, but they WOULD BE BACK!!!

Then she petted us and gave us kisses on the nose and really nice back scratches and asked us to do a good job of taking care of everything while they were gone.

We gave Mom lots of kisses on her hand and arm and said we would.



Three days is FOREVER!!!!!

Yes, Shannon came up and took us for walks with the our dog cousins, and Misty and the little kids came over and checked on us….


We needed Mom and Dad!

Then they were here!  Yippee!  Boomer laid all over Dad’s feet and I laid right by Mom’s chair until bedtime, then we both slept in the bedroom with OUR PEOPLE!

While they were gone we had another ‘gully-washer’ so none of us could go out and start putting the farm to bed.


Gradually the days dried out and then on the warmest day ever (and I do mean HOT) Mom and Boomer and I and DAD all went out to gather in the siphon tubes


and the roll-out ditches and to pick up all the orange dams.  Then we got the metal dams and stored them also.


Dad checked the corn out…still to moist, maybe by Halloween the harvest will start.


Boomer checked out all the raccoon poop and foot prints.




I stayed with Mom. I always stay right with Mom wherever she is ALWAYS!

That’s my job!

Taking care of Mom!


It sure was HOT!  Whew!  After all the cold we’ve been having to have a normal temperature day was rather, well…WARM!

Coming back home we all trouped into the house—first Mom, then Boomer and then me.


Monkey at her normal spot

Then Dad came in and made lots of noise, he dropped something I don’t know what….and

Monkey and the clock



Tee Hee …we all laughed out-loud!

She didn’t think it was funny!




Sure was a good day!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Help




Mom says I smell so nice when I get home and it’s just for a little while, but


I don’t think I smell bad!

That is just in her mind!

Boomer says he really likes getting a bath!  I think he is off his rocker!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fall Storm

A-sleepThe day started like this…Boom was resting and resting and resting.  But Mom came out and started putting all the lawn furniture away…off we trotted to the old unused grain bin…first Boomer’s favorite bed, then his second favorite bed, then Dad’s favorite chair…after that all the tables and the benches.  Back and forth Boomer and I went with Mom.  We are very good helpers!!


Then when Dad and Mom went off to finish Shannon’s fireplace


the wind started up…it blew me this way and that!  That is one thing about wind I really don’t like my fur going here and there and everywhere!

Gradually the day started to end as the wind got worse and worse.

Boomer and I decided we were NOT spending the night in the dog houses….no sire!  Not tonight!


Because the wind and the rain and the ice were bad all night!!!

We woke up to a very cold morning!  Mom started a fire in the fireplace; we all toasted until I just got too hot and HAD to go outside!!!

Mom wonders if  the snow and ice  have finished off the apple harvest.  Mom says she hopes not.


Anyway …


Boomer and have stuff to do, we are off (he is that dot in the weeds) to check out how the farm and our wild friends did last night in that bad storm.  As you can see we are just cold here, the rain didn’t really wet anything down, just turned to ice.  As the sun has come up it melted.


“I’ll take it!” bayed Boomer.  “Give me sun any day!”


Me too…that was enough for a while!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — We Are Late

We are late! Late, late, late as that white rabbit that needed to get down a rabbit hole!


Late I say!



It’s been a busy morning.  Fuzzy and I went to town with Mom and our sister Shannon and all our cousins…it was a BARK’N good time!!!!

We went several places.

I rode in the front seat in town, because you see…I will jump out sometimes so every time they stopped I had to sit in the front seat!


Then when we got back we had to go get our other sister’s little critters as they are going to spend the weekend with us!

Then we HAD to go for a walk.  We didn’t go by the canal as I fell in yesterday and just about couldn’t get out.  My leg wouldn’t work.  Shannon jumped in a saved me.  I wasn’t good for much the rest of the day.

So today we went through the corn fields!

The smells were great!


After that if was time to help Dad load up some hay and head to the Elevator.

So we are LATE, LATE for an important date…visiting with all of you!


KageDog, who lives in Cedaredge, sent Mom photos of the rain storm


and the hail storm we had down here.

Now you can see WHY Fuzzy and I get afraid, very afraid, and have to crowd up on Mom.

But today is nice, so we are having a really nice time.

Oh, yes!

It’s colder at night now…got down to 44* this morning.


Fuzzy still likes to sleep outside so I sleep with him.

And this is why……..


RUN! Raccoon RUN!!







The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — ‘tis Done – if not it Should Be

Boomer and I are so DONE with all this rain! DONE, let me tell you!


The world is wet, wet, wet!  Although, not as wet around Estes Park and Boulder, but still very muddy here.

My feet are mud colored now, not white.  Mom keeps them wiped off, but it’s useless the second I go back outside  — and I LOVE outside!


I have mud feet again!



The everyday, three times or more a day, changing of the water is done.






Mom still takes us for a daily ride about…just to see what we can see.


Sam Cat says he’s done with the wet also…the mice are staying inside so everything is a tad boring for even him.


Cats’ sure sleep a lot don’t they? (Boomer and I don’t sleep, we just ‘rest our eyes’, cats snore.  Snort, chuckle, laugh!


Anyway, just to let you know Boomer and I are ready for some sunshine…Beautiful Sunshine.

The rain keeps everything so wet the smells are all gone!

Until then I’m hanging out in the dry spot of the whole outside…just because, you see, I love the outdoors.




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Bean Harvest

Bean Harvest!  Dad and Mom sure have been having a hard time getting all those pinto beans out of the field.


First the belt broke on the auger (day one) so the hopper had to be emptied BY HAND from the combine into the truck.

That was a huge job.


Boomer and I took it seriously and stayed out of the way.


Besides it was really super-hot!  Super-hot like that just takes everything out of you.

Then everything was going along really good

Boomer and I were helping….


right after supper the folks headed back out and it




Rain is NOT good.


Everything grinds down to halt.


It messes up the whole works.

Dad said maybe by four this afternoon he can begin again…the rows of beans have to be dry, VERY DRY, to combine or the combine won’t pick up the beans.


The other sad thing about the rain is it rained on the hay.  Dad was going to bale first thing this morning, but now he can’t do that either.  Rained on hay is not good…rained on hay can ruin the protein of the hay.   Dad is up there checking out the hay to see how much damage occurred. :(  (Maybe not much, as sometimes the rain will miss areas of the farm.)


It was muddy enough Mom walked up to do the irrigation so we ALL walked with her…

all three of us…

every step of the way.


The rain helped cool stuff off so the evening was rather nice.

Well, back to work…it’s warming up so Boomer and I

Sleepthink we had better get some serious sleeping


in before the work starts.