Computer Problems Continue– April 8, 2014

I am so upset I could just cry.   I am still having trouble with my computer.  The computer lady assures me it wasn’t a virus…just so you know.   It was a download from Microsoft….everything has been corrupted.  The only thing I have (right now) is the internet…of course.

Please stay with me.  I hope this gets resolved soon!



My computer refused to load yesterday.  So I had to take it to the computer hospital.  The computer doctor said she is seeing lots of this sort of problem.  Something to do with a download from Windows into the profile.

Typing on an IPad is rather tedious —one finger at a time.  I will be back with regular blog posts as soon as I can get my computer home!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—The Wind Doth Blow

We’ve been helping Mom. She stands around and rakes and rakes and rakes, so Boomer and I sorta, kinda, sit close by.  Boomer tried to sit ‘right by Mom’ but he kept getting stepped on whenever Mom backed up.  Finally Boomer decided that he had better move.

Tee Hee.  It takes that boy so time to get some things through his head.  Giggle.

Mom was a little unhappy when she backed up and fell OVER Boomer.  That is when he figured out claiming Mom as his own wasn’t a very good idea.  :)

The wind has been blowing and the days are chilled.

Last year I moved us outside on March 8th.  Not this year.  We are still sleeping inside.  It did get hot enough two nights ago that we wanted to spend the night outside.   Mom had just settled us down for the night…three yummy dog treats, a bedside bowl of water, lots of hugs and pets on the head, and a good night, sleep tight and Boom and I are off to dream land.

BUT a couple of nights last week it was just TOO HOT TO STAY INSIDE so Boomer and I peeled out the door.  WHEW!  It felt much better to cool down.

Then this week we’ve had lots of wind, the cold kind of wind, the wind that blows down off the mountain all fresh and chilled from the snowbanks up there.   So sleeping inside was just right!

Today it feels like a lovely day…the sky is spring blue, the clouds are hovering over the mountains far, far, far away—we can still see them—the air is still and Boomer and I are running around checking out all the smells and news on the farm.

It is a Beautiful Morning, Everyone!


You Very Happy Dog Friend,


Fuzzy (Oh, yes, Boomer says he is happy also.  And he says Hi!)

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Read All About It!

Farm work has started!


I LOVE being out on the land!


Fuzzy says it’s starting to be a little hard…this farm work…BUT HE CAN DO IT!!! Just don’t rush him!

(You know what — Fuzzy can’t hear very well anymore.  I know it’s sort of sad.

And he sleeps lots more than he ever did…he sleeps so hard that sometimes I have to bark the mailman down the road by myself.

BUT I can still play tricks on him, by standing right by him and baying as loud as I can then running off really fast!  When I do that Fuzzy wakes up with a start, hobbles up to his feet and stiff legged runs after me barking for me to wait, wait, wait!

Tee hee.)

Anyway, we are back on the land…Dad, Mom, Fuzzy and I!  Dad does most of the work and Mom and Fuzzy and I help Dad.


Yesterday we all started working on the last transmission/distribution pipe on the farm.  Sure is lots of work.

Sniff I checked out all the news on the place, that take lots and lots of time, you know.


Fuzzy stayed right by Mom and Dad, he says that is his job, to be close and ready for whatever Mom and Dad might need.  So Fuzzy would walk up the pipe trench and then back down the pipe trench as Mom and Dad carried and lower and connected the entire pipe together.


The backhoe finished at seven o’clock last night and Mom and Dad finished with the 8th pipe at that point.  Today we start again…25 more pipe to go.  Then we start to cover the pipe up.


When we start to cover the pipe up we get to ride with Mom and Dad over to the extra dirt, help them load the dirt into the big truck, come back and watch Dad unload the dirt.  (I kinda think I’ll just let Fuzzy do most of the guarding, ‘cause I’m sure there is stuff out there that I really need to know about and report back to Fuzzy.  After all, I’m now his newspaper!)

Well Dad is in, he has already checked out the pipe and waiting for Mom to load all of us up on the four-wheeler, gather the shovels and head out to the pipe.  I really need to go and gather the news.


Reporter at large, Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Cats


Fuzzy and


I have been busy gathering the smells from around Mom’s old wood, woodpile.


Sam-Sammy-Sam has been also.  Actually he has be stalking the old woodpile area; pacing here and there with that ‘I’m going to find you’ look in his eye.


Monkey (a nine-year-old, almost ALWAYS a house cat) was hanging out with us, as we were helping Mom sort the woodpile—Monkey got extremely nervous and hid –just waiting for Mom to head to house so she could beat Mom there and peel inside quickly.

Hen-tThe Little Buff Hen, who does NOT spend the night in the chicken house anymore, (because Mom only has ONE chicken and the chicken house is too lonely for a 6-year-old hen) acted like there was really nothing to worry about.

She said she was hanging out with Mom so she will always be safe.  (You are safe, Little Hen, because Fuzzy and I are with you!)

Cluck, cluck, purr, yummy, lots of good bugs under the old wood, she cooed.

Since Fuzzy and I have been hanging out here lots; day and night, Mom got to wondering why, so she moved the night camera to find out—


“Oh”, said Mom.  “I see we have more cats.”


“Two more cats.  They must be wild/feral as I have never seen them in the daytime.” She mused.

“No wonder you have that look in your eye, Sammy-Sam.  You need to be careful, Kitty, you aren’t a young cat anymore, you turned 13 this January.”

Harrumph! Sam growled as he turned tail and stalked over to the ditch bank.  I can still hold my own!  Hummm…


this grass is rather nice, I think I’ll just roll around here for a spell and scratch my back…those other cats only come at night, right now isn’t night.  Besides, I usually spend most of my nights in the house next to fireplace…she doesn’t need to be such a worrywart.


“Ahhh, I see the fox is a regular little guest here.  Good thing you are well protected at night little Buff Hen,” Mom said as she bent down a petted the little buff hen.

“You boys keep a sharp look out for the fox; they travel around day or night.  Which, reminds me,” pondered Mom “I’m surprised we even have feral cats with the fox and the coyotes around.”


“UGH!  Now this is one nasty cat, an ‘ol polecat, you need to stay far, far away from this cat all of you!  That means you also, Little Buff Hen!”

You don’t have to worry about that Mom…Fuzzy and I just watch that skunk move through the yard, that’s one cat we do not want to tangle with ever again!

I agree, yelled Fuzzy as he tried to whap his tiny little bobbed tail in the air.


“Well, it’s starting to get evening and I’m getting tired.  Let’s head back to the house and see what I can come up with for supper!  Come on, Little Buff Hen.  It’s your bedtime.”

Cats…I guess Mom knows now, Fuzzy…we have lots of cats!

Just as long as they don’t get near the house, Boomer, we don’t have to do anything about them!

That’s good, Fuzzy, real good!

Oh, look…Yummy canned dog food!

You are right, Boomer…I hate that dry as cardboard crunchy kibble stuff.  I’m glad Mom has moved over to this nicer to chew (swallow, slurp, gulp) food!

Night Everyone!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Boomer, My Bestest Friend

Boomer is my bestest friend in the whole-wide-world! (Well, outside of Mom, that is).  I really don’t like other dogs, never have, never will!  But when Boomer slipped into my doghouse one night I knew he and I would be friends for ever more!


Now that you know that I adore Boomer we take naps together, we bark the mailman down the lane together,


we ride on the four-wheeler with MOM, chase the squirrels and bark at the birds.

We do lots of stuff together.


We make sure the fox stay away,


or at least does a fast run through our place.


We do NOT bother the porcupines, the badgers (Boomer was chased by one once) or the coyotes.


We both have decided the Mom and Dad are on their own when it comes to the skunks, that is just all there is too it.  A dog who gets sprayed by a skunks gets BATHS…lots and lots and lots of baths!  (Hank-the grandkids dog, doesn’t care he will take on a skunk anytime. And he still goes after any all porcupines.)  PHEW!

HOWEVER!!!! I draw the line as some stuff…like eating milk duds (`!)  I just can’t do it.  I just can’t.

The other thing I don’t get is Boomer is a beagle…purebred the Vet says.  Beagles are bred for hunting…RABBITS!  (I’m a cow dog…always have been, always will be!)

Colorado has a Beagle Rescue if you are interested.


You know what?  Boomer NEVER chases our rabbits….ever!  I use to…they hop really fast so it’s fun to follow them into their hiding places.  But I never hurt them; the only things I hurt are mice and snakes….anytime…anyplace…anywhere! Bite, snap, done!  There ya go…no more mouse or snake! Of course, Boomer doesn’t understand why I like to feel that crunch and snap in my mouth. (I can’t swallow what he likes to slurp down…)


Boomer doesn’t even give chase to the rabbits ever…just keeps on sniffing around on the ground, he even sniffed right by one of the rabbits.  How strange is that?


Well, anyway…in the scheme of things … I really don’t care.  You see Boomer is my bestest friend in the whole-wide-world.  If he doesn’t want to chase a bunny…you know what?  He doesn’t have too.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—I Do Not Understand You, Boomer!

Well, just for today …THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!  Mom and I are doing the happy dance here there and everywhere!


The Day is 11 hours and 16 minutes long!  On Sunday, March 9th,  we will switch to Daylight Savings Time and the day will grow LONGER!

YIPPEE!   Mom, myself, and the Little Buff Hen like Daylight Savings Time the Best.  Why?  Because we get up with the sun anyway!

Yesterday was a huge busy day…first rattle-out-of-the-box we all headed over to the equipment hill to load up ‘stuff’ for the consignment sale this coming weekend.

Mom drove the truck and trailer over with Boom and I in the back of the truck.  Dad brought over the tractor with the loader.

It was cold outside, sharp wind, spots of frozen ice, lot of cool smells.


While Mom and Dad worked on getting the ‘stuff’ hooked up and loaded onto the trailer, then shuffling around some of the other ‘stuff’ Boomer and I checked out everything going on around there.


Hummmmmmmmm the skunks are out-and-about.  I think….snuff, sniff, snuff…yep, mating season.  Oh!  The badgers are waking up and doing some house cleaning….

Hey, Boom, don’t head over here… the badgers are out and about…you know how cranky they can get.


‘Snuff, snuff,ummm, yumm, swallow.’  Okay, Fuzzy.  I’ll just stay up here where the cows and calves stay…smack, slurp.


Oh…hummm….yes!  Oh, look a patch of Cheat Grass…the cows are going to love that.

The deer have come back…here is a great deer wallow.  Oh, my…I think I’ll just head on back to Mom…COYOTE poop…not, good…not good at all.  At my advanced age they would find me perfect for breakfast.



Slurp, slobber…(mouth-full) Yes, Fuzzy?

Let’s go back to Mom, it doesn’t seem, like, um, we had better hang out here much longer…I found evidence of coyotes!

COYOTES!!! Yikes!

Let’s go back to MOM!  Beat you there!!!!!

WHEW!  I’m glad we are back!

Looks like Mom and Dad are all loaded and ready to go.


This time Dad has the truck and Mom the tractor.  You go ahead and ride Fuzzy, I want to run back to the house and check out the fields as I go.

Check out the fields for what, Boomer?



Boomer, you really are something, you know it?

Yeah, Fuzzy.  I keep the coyotes from getting close to the house!


Ackk!  I guess so Boomer!  Gag!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—‘tis the Season of Great Snacks!

This is the bestest time of the whole year!  I love every minute of this time.  I didn’t used, ‘cause, well, you see, I would randomly get chased by a mean ‘ol Momma cow.  I try to not let that happen anymore.  I stay real close to Mom when we go out to check calves.  The rest of the time I wait until the cows are NOT by the house!


I have to be quick!

If Mom, Fuzzy and I are out for a walk I have to be even quicker; if Mom sees me she almost yells at me.


Something like “BOOMER! YOU DROP THAT RIGHT NOW!”  or “BOOMER!  That’s gross, put that down NOW!”


So you know what I do…I chew it up real fast so Mom can’t have it!!! NO SIREEE!

Chuckle, snort, giggle, laugh out loud!

Once Mom even reached right into my mouth to try to get it, but I swallowed real fast like.

You see this is the season of BEEF JERKY and Milk DUDS!  YUMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!

Mom, Dad, Fuzzy and I even saw the Fox helping himself to the delicious tidbits of yum.

If I eat too many Mom won’t let me inside, cause, well, sometimes my tummy gets too full and well, it comes right back up!

That really does get me in trouble.  Then I have to sleep outside in the dog house.


You know what I don’t understand….Fuzzy doesn’t like to eat any of that stuff, I mean nothing.  Just turns his nose up and sits there and watches me chow down.  He says I’m making a fool of myself.

Oh, well!


Mom has figured out that if I get a real soup bone from DOWN TOWN then I won’t head out to the field.


Guess what!?  Either way I win!! (Unless I have to sleep outside…then that isn’t so good.  But, what the hay…it’s worth it!)


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In-Between

BudsHey, Boom, just look at that sky!  Mom loves the sky, and is always looking at it.  I think because she says: “Wow, boys!  Just look at that sky!  It’s beautiful!”  I’ve started paying attention to the sky.

I like it too Fuzzy.  But It’s sort of well, getting dark.

That’s not dark, Boomer.  That’s the in-between sky.

The in-between sky?

Yes, that the special time of the day when the sky is not bright nor is it dark.  It’s in-between.

It’s like life…you have times when you are in-between.

I KNOW!! I KNOW!!! When I hurt my knee…I was in-between being able to run and in-between not running at all.

YES!  Boomer that’s it!

So let’s play a game…the in-between game. You tell of an in-between time and then I will tell of an in-between time.

Good!  Okay, Fuzzy here I go…Dad goes out and gets on the four-wheeler, we run out right behind him, but he takes off. We just stand there wanting to go but we can’t.  That’s in-between!

Yep!  Then Mom comes out, we run to her, she says, ‘Come on boys, let’s go’ and she puts us on the four-wheeler with her.



Okay, I have one, Boom….Dad and Mom come out and get in the pickup and start to back out of the carport.


And Mom opens the door and says: “Come on boys, let’s go!” and she puts us in the pick-up.  WITH BIG HUGS FOR BOTH OF US!!

Okay, here’s another one, Fuzzy.  Mom is upstairs working in her office. We are outside on the lawn.  We can look in the window and see Mom but she doesn’t see us.

Then Dad comes walking up to the backdoor to go in and says—Come on in boys! So we run in as fast as we can go.  Then we stop.   Dad says—Go on upstairs and gives us pats on the head. We RUN upstairs as fast as we can go so we can sleep by Mom while she is working on the computer!

This is fun!  Here’s one for you Fuzzy…Mom takes us to the Groomer!

OH! WHY DID YOU BRING THAT UP…shudder, shake, shiver, pant, pant, tremble.

But she comes back, Fuzzy and gives us all sorts of love and hugs and so does Dad.  They tell us how nice we smell and how soft we feel!

True, Boomer…but I hate that in-between.

It’s still an in-between, Fuzzy!

Well…let’s move on to another in-between—like when all the dog cousins come for a dog walk, you go with Mom and Shannon and all the dogs and I wait at the gain bins.

Yep, then when we get back Shannon lets us walk into the back of the truck on the dog ramp with all our dog cousins!


And sometimes they just show up and Mom grabs us and puts us in the back of the truck with all the dog cousins and we get to go for a RIDE!!  It’s a barking great time!

How about when it’s cold outside and we want to be inside but no one is home.  Or they are home and the house is full of company.  Yeah, that’s when we have to stay in our snuggly warm dog houses.  But staying in the dog house isn’t the in-between …it’s the waiting to get inside to bake by the fireplace.

Yes, and when we finally get to get inside we get LOTS of hugs and pettings!

How about when Mom wakes us up in the dark of the night and says: “Come on, boys! Let’s go for a walk”.

Out the door we go.

The walk is the in-between, because when we get back inside…

We get a dog treat, covered up with our blankets and good-night pets and lots of love.

Oh, I finally get it Fuzzy…in-between is that time just before you get LOVE!


That’s right, Boomer!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you Fuzzy!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, Dear Readers!

Happy Day of Love!

Fuzzy and Boomer on a Western Colorado Farm






The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Snow

Boy, do I love the snow!!!  I sometimes just go outside and SIT in the snow.  Sometimes I LAY in the snow…and sometimes I like to hunt in the snow.


Here Boom and I are looking for mice.  Mice love to tunnel under the snow and creep close to our dog houses!  They think they can nab dog food, but Mom keeps the dog food in the house on the back porch next to our water bowls.  She says that keeps the critters out of the food and the ice off the water.


The cows have been munching and munching all day and all night and they are still at it.  That is a sure sign even more snow is coming our way.


You see cows know…they know if there is too much of a storm they won’t get to eat, they will just stay hunkered down in the hollows and under the brush waiting for the storm to mosey on out of here.  While they are waiting they will peacefully be chewing their cuds.

Until then they eat and eat and eat.

No babies yet…last year the first one popped out on Valentine’s Day.  Maybe that will happen again this year…we will just wait and see.


Until then Boomer and I have lots of mice to try and catch (before the snow comes) and we go inside to help Mom and Dad out.

See ya Next Week,


Over here, Boomer, I smell two of them!

Ground Hog Day (without photos) February 2, 2014

The sun is shining here and it’s cold, cold, cold!  Guess that means we will be having 6 more weeks of winter.  (I’m not surprised, are you?)

On the news front–

  • No calves yet
  • We had a wee melt yesterday so that helps
  • I have a hurt chicken in the house

I would take a photo of this poor little hen, but you really don’t want to see.  One of the other chickens (maybe all of the other chickens) ganged up oh her and ripped her comb off, bloodied her head and the side of her face and, possibly, damaged her eye.

I was out in the hen house when she came running to me and the big black hen ran just as fast and jumped right on her back and started pecking.  I grabbed the black hen and got her off the little buff hen.  Picked up the little buff hen and brought her to the house.

Inside I put her in the cat carrier, added water and food, but she just didn’t care.  So I wrapped her in a towel and sat her on my lap.  Gradually, gradually, I was able to get the blood all cleaned off and some water down her throat.  It was a long haul.

She liked my lap.  I talked to her, she talked back; little coo’s and chuckles of love.  I wish I could understand hen.  Off and on throughout the night I would check on her in her little cat carrier…”Are you okay, Little Hen?”  I would whisper.  “coo, coo, peep, chuckle”, she would reply back.

She is doing better today.  We had a wee sit on my lap while I checked her over, petted her feathers and talked to her about how to take care of the pickle she is in.  She and I decided that there is no way she can go back into the pen with the other girls.  She thinks staying in the house would be just fine, although the cat carrier is rather uncomfortable.  I could just let her out; she would enjoy the house.

Hummmm, I don’t think so, my fine little hen.  I must do some sorting out there so you can go back and have lots of room to do things.

I called Shannon and asked her to come get the other hens, but to leave Tommy.  This little hen will be able to stay with Tommy when I get all of the other sorted out.  Tommy will be company and help with the body heat in the chicken house.  We got down to 7* last night; I’m thinking another cold front must be moving in again.

On a brighter note I am going to take your advice and suggestions and writing a proper book about the dogs Everyday Life on the farm.  It will be an eBook when I’m finished.  I’ve talked to a knowledgeable lady who is willing to help me once I get everything in the proper format and length for publication.

Here is part of what she told me:   The market for eBooks for children is rapidly evolving.  As more and more school systems buy tablets for their children, more children have their own tablets and computers at a younger age, we think this is going to be the next huge market.”

I’m rather excited and a bit over-whelmed, but I’ve been working on this for sometime so I do have some ideas to begin with.  I’m not sure if the Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer will be just for children or for everyone.  I guess I will let them help me decided.

Anyway, I thank each and every one of your for your comments and private emails that have continued to encourage me to give this a go.  Like one of you said, it never hurts to try.

Your friend,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — It’s Mine

It snowed last night.  Little tiny drops of snow that pelted your hide as you walked to and fro behind Mom while she worked.

Mom had to put up Tommy and the hens they were stupidly staying outside getting pelted on…and wet…and wetter.   Fuzzy and I tried to help.

Ummm Fuzzy tried to help, me not so much.  Well, yes I did— I see my job as staying right behind Mom wherever she is.  Fuzzy tries to help herd the poultry to the poultry house, but he can’t sometimes see where they are going so he just stands there in crouch mood.

Oh, well, works for me.   It must work for Mom because she doesn’t get upset at Fuzzy.  I guess that means we are a good working team—Mom, Fuzzy and ME! J

Today is the last day of January 2014.  The 31st day! Even if it’s snowing outside and the day is all one color—- a grayish whitish color it is still 10 hours and 12 minutes long!!  The first day of January the day was only 9 hours and 30 minutes long…THINGS ARE IMPROVING!!!

Now what I wanted to tell you about is this:  Mom brought us some bones from the grocery store when she went to town yesterday morning.  Yummy bones with some meat and sweet rich fat on them!

Fuzzy and I chomped down as fast as we could so nothing or no one else could get ‘OUR BONES”!

We were about done eating when Mom came out and asked us to go for a walk with her to check on the cows…I still had a little bit left to go so I took it with me.

Fuzzy left his back in his dog house.

Not me.  No sireee.  I’ve had Shannon turn up with all the dog cousins, or Hank walk over, or even Fuzzy sneak around and GET MY BONE!

So I took it with me!

Slurp, slobber, drool.

But, while Mom was getting the gate, I, well, decided a really long walk with a super nice bone wouldn’t be a good idea.  I might lay it down somewhere then forget where I put it and some coyote, wild dog, or that fox will get my bone.


Looking quickly here and there I figured out Just What To DO!!!!!

Bury-a-boneBURY IT!!!

It’s Mine!!

Good.  Now I can go get it whenever I get to wanting something to chew on!

Wiping my paws together; snorting and sneezing the dirt out of my nose I trotted off with Mom and Fuzzy to see if there are any babies in the field.



P.S.  No babies yet, maybe today.  The weather is bad enough Mom says there is bound to be a couple new little ones out there.

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Through the House’s Yard

Just before first light, that sky that has almost has a feeling of light coming.  You know the sky, it’s still black and very dark, but your body knows the light is supposed to start showing up…well; I was sleeping away, just dead-to-the-world, really asleep when Fuzzy jumped up and headed outside.


He jumped up so fast it woke me up!

Before I could get fully awake Monkey the Cat and Sammy the Cat ran past me growling, eyes big, heading toward the couch where they perched up on top, looking out the window, still growing.

I KNEW I was missing out; I jumped up and shot out the back door,



Yip,yip bark, bark….

Fuzzy and I were OFF!


Mom wasn’t far behind me; I struck my baying pose and pointed toward the picket fence…


Then I looked at Mom, she was flying out the door, pulling on her work jacket just as fast as running in flip-flops would let her…………….BARKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,  HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW

Mom didn’t run after Fuzzy and I (we were heading out into the old corn field by the house as fast as our legs could go).  No, Mom was heading toward the poultry house!


Well….too late.

Fuzzy and I trotted back to Mom…she was standing at the window talking to Tom who was standing IN the window, on top of the nesting boxes, letting out shrill gobbles and flapping his wings onto the glass.

Whew!  We were all hard at work!

Mom reached down and gave Fuzzy and I lots of pets, told us we were very good guard dogs, opened the door and gave a very agitated Tommy some pets, told him he did a great job protecting the poultry house, then we all went back inside.

Before we went in I followed the trail all over the yard…something wild this way ran…I tried to tell Mom.  Mom does pretty well about understanding, but she really didn’t know what ran through the yard.


Only we animals really know, and we don’t have real words to tell Mom.

Back inside I heard Mom tell Dad everyone is okay, she isn’t sure what went through, but whatever it was it was very exciting.  It also had everyone very upset.

“Well, could have been a fox or a couple of coyotes” replied Dad. “We’ll have to be on the look out to make sure they don’t come back.”

We will be on the same look-out, Fuzzy and I said. We are the GUARD DOGS!!!

(The photos are of a known fox (or foxes) that travel through.  No photo of whatever it was this time as it was actually in the yard of the house and by the back porch and car port.)


Boomer, a Good Dog

Oh, yes,


Fuzzy and good Dog

Oh………..yes………….and the two cats and Tom. Shish

I didn’t forget…I put them in.




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — BOOMER!!!

Hey, Fuzz…don’t ya just love this moonlight?  Makes me want to sit up and HOWL!!

Don’t do it Boom, we are in the house.

I know but it’s filling our bed spots with so much light I can hardly sleep.  Makes me want to let loose and join it with the coyotes!!

Aaaaaa, Boom!  We are right next to Mom do you want….

UM no…I won’t.  But it sure makes me happy!

I know Boom, it does.  Now go to sleep.

Okay, Fuzzy, I’ll try!



Hmmmmmmmmmm, ufff, snort!  Oh, yeah it is!

Morning, Boomer!

Morning Fuzzy!  Mom has breakfast ready; come on the day is wasting!




Okay, Boom.



Hey, Tommy!  What ya doing?

Looking for small springs of green stuff to eat.  How ‘bout you?

Oh, just hang’n around smelling everything that moved through the yard and the corrals last night.

You and Mom and Fuzzy went by the poultry house.  Mom stopped and checked on all of us.

Yep, Fuzzy was with Mom, but I had already moved over to the cattle trailer and the car hauler.

Oh…that’s why I didn’t see you.



Oh! Hi, Sam!  What’cha doing?

Hi, Tom, just checking out what you and the birds are up too. Where is Fuzzy?

Over by the trash cans…he said he wanted to see if any mice were up and about.

Where’s Mom?

She’s cleaning around the corrals while Dad goes down to Hank’s and his kids’ house to work on their yard light.



Hey, Tom!

YES……………drummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, fluff.

Want to walk out to the grain bins and check out the weeds there?  Just might be something, even if it’s just cheat grass.


WHEW!  Dad just drove into the yard.  You can’t walk sideways Tommy on the road; you are too slow when you walk that way.

Well, I just wanted Dad to see how pretty I am.  I really like Dad the best, you know.  I try to follow him everywhere and help him in all the sheds…I knew he was coming down the road…pout, pout.


“Tommy! You scared me! You can’t walk sideways on the road.  You are just too slow.” said Dad as he came over to give Tommy a pat or two.

Well, I guess everything is alright. I’m alright, Fuzzy is alright, you are all right Sam, the hens are okay.



Yeah, I’m just leaving a mark for Hank.



“BOOMER!!!!!!!  YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW”!!!!  yelled Dad.

Slink off…mutter, mutter…geez I just wanted Hank to know this was my pick-up.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Here and There and Everywhere

The canal in the spring, summer, and fall is just way too full of fast water for any of us to enjoy!





What snow we have melts and forms really nice ice slicks that we get to play on.


The grandkids walk all the way over (From Their House to Our House) in the canal!


They even bring their little friends.  Once here my Mom gives them snacks enough they can have a ‘picnic’ down at the bridge or along the canal someplace flat. Fuzzy and I go with them.  Hank is along so we have lots of things we can do while the kids are slipping and sliding and singing along.

(We always figure out how to get part of the picnic food, so the trip is really yummy).


Even Sam-the cat goes with us!


On the way back Fuzzy and I spend extra time checking out the news along the banks…hummm here is a muskrat hole—better let Dad know—tons of mice have scampered here and there and everywhere—oh! The neighbor down the road, who leaves their dog out in all sorts of weather, has a cat…yep…the cat was up here searching for mice…lots and lots of news, you see.


Last night I—me, sweet little Boomer-Boo—got myself in pickle!


See a new fox came up the canal…I could smell him here and there and everywhere; while Mom and Fuzzy walked I followed the fox.  I went a long ways, yes I heard Mom hollering for me…but HOW COULD I LEAVE THIS EXCITING SMELL?!?!


So I went down the canal and then trotted down the road, (Mom called several more times) then I trotted back up the road, when I figured out that the fox had just passed back down the canal.  I spent lots of time out there.


I’m sure he was interested in finding Tom…but Tom is locked up in a warm poultry house so the fox’s trip was useless.

When I got back to the house, the outside lights were off, the house lights were out and Fuzzy was inside sound asleep.


I jumped up on the door and peered inside…nope, nobody up.

I had to go sleep in the snug-a-bug-doghouse.

I had to sleep out there from one in the morning until Mom got up at five.  She didn’t say anything except: “Boomer!  Would you like to come in”?

I was awake in a flash…and in the house before Fuzzy even opened his eyes.

The trip around the canal and down the road was exciting, but sleeping in the snug-as-a-bug doghouse just okay.

When I got inside, Fuzzy asked me if I was ever going to figure out how to not stretch things out too far.

I really, really don’t know.