The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Great Find

I’ve been helping Mom.  I help Mom ALL the TIME!!!  Sometimes I’m so close to Mom she trips over me… :(  Not good!  Mom doesn’t yell at me but she does say: “BOOMER!!! You have to stop being so close! You are going to get us both hurt”!

I just smile at her and wag my tail.  I won’t get us both hurt!  Shish! Mom is such a worry-wart.

Helping-in-the-heatAnyway we forked up all the loose hay the day before the big rain fell.  It sure was hot that day. WHEW!  I don’t know how Mom and Dad did it…I just had to ride on the back of the four-wheeler and the sun baked me into a huge Boomie Chip!

Then the rain came.  Huge amounts of water fell from the sky.  Fuzzy and I stayed inside with Mom, Dad, Sam and Monkey…to tell you the truth being inside while the rain chilled everything down and turned the soil into a giant bog hole was………………………..NICE!!!!

After the rain left then the house seem pant, pant, pant…HOT!

FluffyAnyway, back to what I found…yesterday the sky was beautiful – full of big soft fluffy clouds and lots of warm sunshine (although the nights are very chilly. I think Mom said it was 45* this morning.  Fuzzy and I sleep inside when it’s cold so we weren’t cold…but I digress.)

So here we were up at the alfalfa field…it’s now and alfalfa field the hay field is gone since the hay bales are in the hay yard. :)

Okay, Mom, Dad and I were in the alfalfa field setting the water for the last time this year (maybe the last time—for sure the next to the last time).  Fuzzy dididn’tant to come. Fuzzy really only likes riding in the back of the pick-up anymore.  He says someone really needs to stay home and watch the place.

That’s okay with Mom and me, after giving Fuzzy lots of pets and lovings Mom and Dad and I headed up the alfalfa field.

I decided to check out the news in the field, Fuzzy is just like me and really enjoys the news. I looked around…Dad was carrying one of the big metal dams and walking down the ditch, Mom was bent over picking up the white syphon tubes and dunking them in the water and then setting the tubes down in the row…Good they are busy.

Tralalalallalal….sniff here and sniff there…hummmmm raccoons…four of them.  Sniff, snuff….sniff…


Oh, my heavens!  WHAT WAS THAT!!!?

Quail!  How neat is this….Oh, calm down Momma Quail I’m not going to do anything to your 8 little chicks!  Tee Hee, laugh, giggle….Boy, are you cute!

Got ‘a go now!

Sniff, sniff, snuff!


Poop-1“BOOMER!!  BOOMER, what are you doing?”

Oh, heck!  She would call me just as I found this stuff.  Oh, darn…here she comes…do I dare….

Poop-2“BOOMER!!! Don’t you DARE roll in that you hear me?”

Geez…Mom got here just as I was about to flop over…sigh.

“Yuck, Boomer!  Don’t do that!  Do you want another bath? Stop!”

Oh, okay…I won’t.  But LOOK MOM it’s HUGE!  We have a HUGE deer eating in the alfalfa field!

“Come on, Boom, let’s go.  Maybe we will be lucky to see the buck that dropped this mess.  The deer always come on the farm when hunting season starts.’


Hey, Fuzz!  I found some cute quail and a GIANT DEER POOP!  The best part of starting the irrigation water was the GIANT POOP!!!

POOP!  Lucky you Boomer.  I know we have deer that live here year round, but finding GIANT poop means we have a GIANT DEER!

Yeah, Fuzzy…it was giant for deer poop!  Next time I hope I can get a good roll in it so you can have really nice sniff!

I hope you do too, Boomer.  My eyes and ears might not work well, and my legs are wobbly, but my nose is just fine!

Evening-2I promise you this, Fuzzy, the next time I’ll bring you back some good poop smells!

You’re a good Buddy, Boomer a real good Buddy!

best-friends-for-ever-more-Ah, thanks, Fuzzy!  You are welcome.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Harvest

The end of Summer has arrived!

Pink-1Fuzzy doesn’t have any swallows to bark at anymore, but the crows have returned so he barks at them.

It goes something like this:


Bark, bark, bark, bark!

You silly dog, you can’t hurt us!

You silly crow, I can let the world know you are here!

You funny old dog, they already know!

You funny crow, I don’t care…I’m still going to bark at you!

And so it goes…..

Fuzzy and I love the busy season! Well, to be honest, Fuzzy and I love EVERY SEASON!!!

Bean-HarvestDad is out pulling the pinto beans.

Pulled-BeansThat is step ONE (!) in the process of harvesting pinto beans.  When Dad comes in Mom, Fuzzy and I will go out and fork the pinto bean ends back.  After that Dad will come through and blade the beans.

Step TWO…blading the beans.  First they are pulled out of the ground and laid in neat rows, then a blade comes back under them lifting them up into fluffy rows to dry.


All of this has to be done early in the morning or the pinto beans will shatter out of their little shells.  That works for Fuzzy and I —later in the day it gets HOT!  We spend lots of time panting, while Mom works, as it is.  Mom says she gets warmed up so she doesn’t need a jacket.  Dad has to wear a jacket because he says it’s a little cold on the tractor.

Step 3 with the Pinto Beans will be to combine them.  Mom and Dad are STILL working on the combine.  THEY HAD BETTER GET DONE SOON!!!

Step 4 will be to haul the pinto beans to the Beanery, with Step 5 selling them!

(But step 2-5 is still to come.  We are still on step ONE!)

After Mom and I get the bean ends forked onto the rows, we will head up to the alfalfa field, which is now a HAY field.   Up there we will roll and straighten the bales.  Fuzzy doesn’t go up there anymore.  He says it’s just too hot and tiring; he stays home in the shade.

Once the bales are set in a straight row Dad comes along and loads them in the stack wagon and takes them to the hay yard.  By that time Mom and I are done.

I’m always ready for DONE as that is even HOTTER work.

Later in the day…sometime after lunch Mom and I go down to Misty’s and work in her yard.  Mom is painting the fence while the sprinklers madly fling water onto the lawn and the soakers soak into the ground under the bushes.

Mom says we have to keep the yard watered so off we go. Fuzzy doesn’t like to go down there either.  He says the morning has tired him out.  That is okay…we just let Fuzzy rest, after all he IS fourteen years old, that’s pretty old in Mom’s years!

As soon as we get all the hay in we will start water on the hay field…once we do that the field will become an Alfalfa Field.  How neat is that?

Waiting-for-meDad checked the field corn yesterday…the corn is starting to dent.  If a dog was to eat the corn now it would be hard to chew. (Fuzzy and I love corn, we sometimes go out and grab one or two ears and haul them back into the yard for a snack.)

“Hummmm”, said Dad.  “One more irrigation and we are done irrigating the corn. All that we have to do is let it all dry down until it’s bone dry.  Then we will start the harvest on it.”


Later in the afternoon Mom works in our yard…she says the weeds are taking over!!  We like it when Mom is working in our yard.  We stay right by her as she pulls and hauls and deadheads and whatever else she is doing.  Sammy-Sam the cat stays with us.  Often-times he rides in the wheelbarrow while Mom moves from here to there.

NapsWell, Fuzzy says I really need to come help him; he has an important job for me.


See ya soon!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—ICK is Only Relative






Stop Mom?  Why Boomer?

She went inside to get a bucket of soap and water and a bucket of clean water.


Gosh!  Why Boomer?  I don’t see any reason WHY she would be after ‘bath’ stuff.


Well, er…it’s because of this—see?

Yeah!  Hummm, smells pretty interesting, Boom.  Where did you find it?


In the corn field…Oh, Fuzzy!  It was so neat!  I was out there with Mom while she picked the very last of the sweet corn; it was just there, about four rows in and big, huge, hulking pile of FRESH poop!

I was ecstatic to be the very first dog to find it!


It was so cool, I rubbed my whole neck and face and then rolled my back in it!

Suddenly I heard Mom heading back to the house so I ran just as fast as I could run to catch up with her and show her my very cool treasure!!!  I had the biggest grin on my face so she would understand just what a neat thing I was wearing.

Ummm….she didn’t like it, Boomer?


No, actually she didn’t.  She just said, “Sit right here, Boomer…I’m going in to get your bath stuff.  You are NOT wearing fresh poop!”  Then she headed into the house.

Well, that’s okay, Buddy!  Humans never understand the good stuff in life!  At least you got to have it for a few minutes.

Yeah, I guess so, Fuzzy.  I guess so. Pouted Boomer.


At least the rains are leaving and the sun is coming back.  We will be able to lay in the warmth come morning.

True, Fuzzy!  True.  Who knows I just might find something else out there.  A dog can always hope.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Saved by the Pipe








Keep barking Boomer!!! We have to let Mom and Dad know there is a wreck at the end of the bean field!


“Terry, what’s wrong with the dogs?  They sound like something bad is in the yard.”

“I don’t know…you see anything?”

“WOW!  Yes!  Looks like there is a jeep in the canal!”

“Sure does, I’ll go down and see what happened.”

“Okay, the girls and I will stay here.  Shhhh boys!  Good dogs!”

“Good dogs!”

Come on Fuzzy let’s go with Dad and see what the deal is.

Aaaaa… you go Boom.  I had better stay here with Mom and the little girls.  We can’t both be gone…Mom might need one of us.  You go.



You are back, Boom…what did you find out?

Yeah, I had to come back, the Sheriff men were down there and sorta, kinda yelled at me for sniffing around one of the car’s tires.  So I lifted a leg real fast, doused his tire and took off for home.

Chuckle, snort!  That’s good one, Boomer!  Well, done.

So what happened anyway?

I heard the man, who was driving the jeep, tell Dad that he was coming down off 25 Mesa and missed the turn.  He saw there was a nice shoulder on the road so thought he would back up then make the turn.

He was backing up when suddenly the jeep slid and fell right into the canal.

The man said he didn’t know there was a canal THERE!!!!


(That is the pipe which, held up the Jeep)

Dad told the man he was really lucky because the pipe holding the telephone cable in it (which ran the length of the canal) saved his jeep.  Otherwise the jeep would have flipped over on its top and been swooshed right under the road…with the man in it!

Dad offered to get the jeep out for the man, but he wanted a wrecker to do it.  Seems the man had just retired and used his retirement money to buy this jeep 9 days ago.  He was afraid a farmer and tractor might wreck his jeep.

WRECK?!?!? His jeep!  I guess he doesn’t think the jeep is wrecked right now!

I guess wreck is relative, Fuzzy.

Oh!Wrecker Dad’s good friend came out with his wrecker (Dub’s Towing)


and hooked onto the roll bar….lifted it right up!


Dad, Pepper’s Dad, and several of the

Haulersfirewood cutters coming down off the plateau were very impressed at Dub’s Towing.  Not a scratch, or dent on the jeep.  And the jeep didn’t slip once—which is a good thing, because all that water was still roaring away down there and would have sucked the jeep right on in under the road!

ListenGood report, Boomer!  This was an exciting day!


It sure was Fuzzy.  Time for a nap, don’t you think!

Yes I do, Boom.  Yes I do.

Fuzzy and Boomer


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Under a Timeless Sky

IdyllicIt was a beautiful idyllic day.


Just close your eyes and imagine, with Boomer and me,…a timeless scene on a very rural farm somewhere, anywhere, the perfect place, with lovely crops growing lush and green, the sky a serenely blue– dotted with huge fluffy clouds.

Boomer-readyNearby, Boomer is resting on the cool stones of the patio, almost asleep, but keeping an eye on Mom who is feeding the wild birds. Back and forth she goes…moving here and there…back and forth, back and……………….fffoooooooooorth.Dozing

I’m resting under the pick-up truck …gradually, ever so gradually my eyes are closing…time is unfettered allowing……………….ahhhhhhhhh


Suddenly I hear Mom say!

“Up Boys, we need to get up to the sweet corn patch before it gets too hot!  Today is the day to pick, freeze and can sweet corn!”


“Let’s go!”

ooomp, snort, uck!!!! Sputter!

We are up and ready to go!

Wagging our tails has hard as we can (I only have a tiny stump but it wags just fine, Thank you) we follow Mom to the back of the pick-up truck and wait while she unlocks the tail gate.  Then she first lifts me up…I’m always first!  Always!  I’m the oldest and the smartest and the First at all things ….always!  Then she picks up Boomer and puts him in the back.  (She has to pick up Boomer so he doesn’t hurt his knee again.  Remember his knee blew out a while back.  It’s healed now, but Mom doesn’t want ‘another’ accident to happen to his knee)

OffWe are OFF!


First bunch!  (I thought Mom said we were going up to the sweet corn patch BEFORE it got hot!)

My heavens, this is miserable…pant, pant, slurp, pant, pant

“You boys want down?”


What!?!?! You kidding?  You put us down and we might have to walk home. It’s hot already…I’m not walking home in this heat!

“We are almost done, Guys! Only a few more, I can see the end of the row finally.”

Hey, Fuzzy! I’m glad it’s only 6 in the morning, it’s hot already.  Can you imagine what 9 or 10 would have been like?

Mom’s just as hot as us, Boom.  We’ll just stick it out a little longer I can’t imagine she will continue to stay out here.

DONE!!!  Yippee!  Heading home again!

Hey, Fuzz!


Who cares if it was hot…the ride up and back is just the


WheeeeeYou got that right, Boomer!

You gotta do a little sweat’n to have a whole lot of fun!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—A Report of the Land

Boomer—Reporter @ Large That’s me!  The official reporter for the Farm.  Our Colorado Farm, that is! SwelterMom and I have been working in the hay field…whew! It’s a bazillion degrees out there! The-Fort Mom told Fuzzy he really needed to stay home and hold down the fort.  He needed to stay where it was cool and nice.   (I told Fuzzy he was actually lucky, it was miserable out there.  He didn’t believe me.  But it was, it really was!) Off-to-work That evening Mom brought Fuzzy along with us to change water…the corn is starting to tassel out…see the little ears…each one of those silky brown things hanging on the ear will soon be pollinated by the corn tassel creating a golden juicy kernel of corn goodness. Tasseling-out(This is NOT sweet corn, this is hard dent corn used for animal feed and for making corn meal—Mom does have sweet corn for the house, but it is just for our use, not to sell.) Ride-in-the-truckBlade came over and spent the night with us.  We all went with Dad to check on a house… SmilseMom and Blade rode in the back of the pick-up with Fuzzy and I…we had a BLAST! Clever-ToadFuzzy and I have a toad that lives UNDER our dog houses in a cool little hole/tunnel thingy.  He comes out in the evening or whenever Mom is watering.  I like to put my nose on him and feel his funny skin…feels sorts of cool and leathery like Fuzzy’s nose! Road-in-the-cornSometimes I still forget to come when Mom calls: ‘HEAD Home, Boomer! We are heading home now! Hurry Up Come ON!’ When that happens I run LIKE THE WINNNNNNNNNND!  Just as fast as my Beagle legs can take me….so far I’ve been able to catch up and ride the rest of the way.  Mom always stops and lets me get on the Four-Wheeler. Always.GardenYesterday we had a huge thunder storm complete with lightening and rain.  It got Mom and Fuzzy and I wet since we were out checking the water when the wind blew it up.  We knew it was around as we could see the crash and flash of the lighting; we still had to check water so out we went. WET! Very wet! But it did feel nice! Working-in-the-ahy-field (Mom and Dad hope we don’t get any more rain since there are still 100 bales out in the field…the bales have to dry in the field ‘now’ before they can be hauled into the stack.) Resting Thanks for reading…I think I’ll take myself off and have a little lay-down. Setting water at Dawn We’ve been up and doing since 5 in the morning. I need to catch a little shut-eye before we head back up to check the tubes. Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Summer

It’s the good old Summer-Time!  Mom and Fuzzy and Sam and I are all happy, happy, happy!

Orange-at-NightAlthough, I’ve had a little set back…I got some Cheat Grass in my ears, it’s been a real mess.  My ears are starting to heal now, but it was a bit of struggle there for some time….I still have one ear that’s infected, but we are gaining on the problem.

Sam-Helps-Mom-2Sam the cat and I work with Mom wherever she is working.

Sam-helps-Mom-1Sam likes to ride in the wheelbarrow here and there, even if it is full of weeds and such.  Me, not so much.  Mom has put me up there; I always jump right out!


Fuzzy hangs out in his dog house lots when it get really HOT, or he lays under Dad’s pick-up.  Sometimes he follows Mom around the yard, but not like he used to.  That’s okay, Mom will say, as she stops and pets him on the way to or from…’if you don’t want to come to with me, I’ll be sure and go by you’!  And so we do many, many times a day.


Mom and Dad loaded up a trailer load of metal to take to the crushing place…I wanted to go, but they didn’t invite me.  Sigh!


Guess what!!!!


Last night we saw frogs on the ditch bank!  Scared the fur right off me!! They were hoping here and there and everywhere!  I had to give one a great sniff…that’s when he plopped right into the water and peaked out behind a weed!

Dad, Mom and I gave a big laugh!  I haloooooooooooooed at the frog, but it didn’t really do anything…just stayed still.  I guess he felt safe right there.

Fuzzy missed out on the whole bit of excitement, ‘cause he was waiting back on the four-wheeler.  When I told him…he looked a little green, but then decided it was okay.  He would have had to get down and walk the whole long, long way down the cement ditch to see the frogs—-and he said it just wasn’t worth the walk.


We all rode home in the growing night.  We took the long way home.

Wind in your fur and bugs in your teeth!



Have a Great Summer Day Everyone!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Puppies!!!

Sorry My Internet has been down until just now!

I really don’t know what to say…………… there are now puppies in the family!


YIKES!!!!Linda Brown's at Delta COFuzzy and I really do not know what to think about all these…PUPPIES!

OH! Wait!  You don’t know.  They are NOT my puppies!


They may look like me


But they aren’t!  These two little girls are Treeing Walker Coonhounds.

They belong to our oldest sister’s boyfriend.  Since Jason goes to work each day, Lucy and Dotty go to the little kid’s (and Hank Puff’s) house to play and play and play.

Sometimes the kids and their Momma come up and bring the puppies so Fuzzy and I can play with them.

??????????????I think you know how Fuzzy and I feel about that!


Fuzzy pretty much hides under the pick-up truck and sleeps, I try to ignore them.  BUT I do get concerned they might get more hugs and pets and loves than I do, so I hang out and well…let them get to know me.

Reluctantly…I might add.

It is hot here 97* yesterday…but this is coming!

10438314_10152233508516872_5293275222194473777_n(Shamelessly stolen from the internet.)

I’m with Mom about winter…give us Spring, Summer, and Fall all year long and we will be happy!  That’s why I have a thin coat…I’m not a winter dog at all!!!



Sigh!  The PUPPIES are here………….sigh!

I have to go.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Happy 4th of July!

Cleaning-out-the-mud(Cleaning the mud out before the water gets there.  Weeds grow fast in the mud and suck up the water and slow the water down.)

Clouds-4Today is the 4th of July!  Fuzzy and I have puppy feet today! First thing we did a go change the water…Dad has water here and there and everywhere!


I jumped into every mud ditch I could find—heheheheh—makes Mom have to ride with a muddy paws and a muddy belly Beagle!!!



I just give her a great big grin and waggle my tail back and forth in very happy bursts.  (When I do that she never gets mad at me!)

My-JobMom put Fuzzy down for a spell, but he said he really wanted back up on the 4-wheeler so she put him back up.  He told me the air is better up there…he can smell the breezes and get all the news.

Sickle-MoonThere is a sickle moon right now!  Mom was out taking photos of it, she said she would like to take photos of the moon in all its stages.  Hey, whatever works for you, Mom!  Fuzzy and I are up for anything…well just about anything.  Fuzzy says he isn’t up for going to the groomers.

Tail(That’s my tail—that white spot in the field)

Dad’s alfalfa has really grown…it’s taller than I am now, just my tail gives my position away, it won’t be long when I can get news in the alfalfa field and Mom and Dad won’t be able to see me!  Chuckle, snerk!

No-MY-job(This was me in the field two weeks ago)

We had thunder storms roll in yesterday afternoon.  Fuzzy was in a panic…THUNDER!!! Crack!  THUNDER!

Mom and Dad sat outside under the tin roof and let the hot air cool around them, then the rain splattered down; the thunder rumbled. Fuzzy and I laid right at Mom’s feet.  Fuzzy must have felt secure enough because he went right to sleep.  When I noticed he was sleeping I got up and moved over a short ways and took a little snooze myself.

Pinto-Bean-FieldLater, after the storms moved on, Mom and Fuzzy and I took some photos of the bean field.

Pinto-Beans(And not a weed in site!


(Yep the corn is going to make before frost–it more than ‘knee-high by the 4th of July”_

Then the little family came over and Mom got our annual photo of the corn.

Fuzzy and I didn’t want to get in the corn with Hank and everyone; we sat right by Mom as she took the photos. Even though Dad and the kids called us we didn’t want to go into the corn.  Dad doesn’t like us in the corn until it starts to tassel out!  We were told that enough we BELIEVE it…………….DO NOT GO IN THE CORN…you will break the little stalks!  And there they were….all of them IN THE CORN!!!

Once it tassels out Dad doesn’t care — then I run down all the rows checking out the new, but NOT NOW!!!

Nope not now!  So I stayed with Fuzzy who always stays right with Mom.

Anyway!  Fuzzy and I, Sammy-Sam the Cat, and Monkey the Cat, and yes Mom and Dad wish all of you a HAPPY 4TH of JULY!!!

JobBoomer—Reporter at Large!

Happy Birthday to Me–Fuzzy–June 26, 2014

This month I turned Fourteen!  How cool is that!   Everyday has been a great birthday day! Mom gives me special treats because she isn’t really sure what exact day is my day of birth.


Boomer and go everywhere with Mom…I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!!

We went swimming down in the Roubidoux River one day (all of Shannon’s pack went with us)  Boomer doesn’t like to swim so he had to hang on the side of the river with Mom.  Mom doesn’t swim either.


Then Dad took us up to the lake on Twenty Five Mesa, which is on the Uncompahgre Plateau…that was more than way cool.

Right now we are helping Dad fix the swather…second cutting of hay is coming up so the swather has to be ready to cut.


I hang out in the shade of the four-wheeler and Boomer searches out the news


At one point Mom had to go back over to the house to get some tools for Dad…Mom called for Boomer, but he ignored her!


We even stopped and talked to Hank Puff.  We didn’t stay long because Dad was waiting.

Boomer didn’t come when Mom called so I got to ride all the way back BY MY SELF!!!! HEHEHEHEHEH!!!

Sickle-barThat’s the sickle bar.

We also go irrigating every time…all the time.

DamsSee I sit on the four-wheeler while Mom and Dad do the work.  What we are waiting for is the extra water from the other field to make it down to this field.  Dad and Mom set up many little dams so the siphon tubes have enough water to suck the water from the cement ditch into the field.  Dad has water in the alfalfa field (in this photo) and part of the water in one of the corn fields, and the rest of the water (as it is starting to leave our place) in the pinto bean field.  My folks work at using (never wasting) any of the water that comes onto the place.

The water costs more than the taxes for the farm so they are V.E.R.Y. careful to not waste the water.  Once the water makes it through our place it heads back into the canal and goes to the next farm just across the road from us.

Almost-stormThe sky (last night) looked like we just might get a rain storm.  We didn’t.

That works for me…I don’t like thunder and lightening storms.

Well, Dad had a meeting last night so it was just Mom, Boomer, and I to change the water.

I had to laugh out loud because this time when Mom called and said: “Let’s go, Boomer!  Time to move on!”


Boomer took her seriously!  He didn’t want to be left again like he was earlier today!

What a goofy pup he is!  Still, no matter what, he is my Best Friend!

Outside of Mom, that is!

A Fourteen Year Old Farm Dog…and Proud of it!

Fuzzy Dude MacDoodle Brown



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—We are Tired

Mom, Dad, Fuzzy and I are wore out!

Really wore out!

It’s been a long week…I mean L.O.N.G.!


The wind wore all of us down.  It also wore out all the plants.  Not only that; it was a hot wind.  Really hot!  And full of dirt!

So we had …hot, dirty, wind.

But there were some fun things too.  Like going to change water all the time.  (That is my most favorite thing in the world to do.)


Up there I found a cool snake! Mom was putting the trash catcher into the ditch and a green snake was in there with a Mouse in his Mouth!  The snake dropped the mouse and it floated now the water.  The snake tried to wiggle up the side and couldn’t make it.  So Mom and Dad helped the snake out.  It was really fun!!!!

How cool is THAT!!!


Sammy brought Mom a GIANT mouse one morning.  Just purrrfect for breakfast, Mom!  Sammy purred.

“What a good kitty you are Sammy-Sam!”  Mom gave Sammy lots of loves and pats.  Fuzzy told Sam that he would have just snapped the thing in two and left it where he found it.

Sammy just purred back to Fuzzy… Yes, Fuzzy, you would have.  But Mom wouldn’t know so you wouldn’t get any pets.



Shish, fumed Fuzzy.  I didn’t think of that.

Then the wind blew down a HUGE branch! It was a giant job!


It took lots of work…Fuzzy and I helped Mom load all the little branches into the back of the pick-up. Then we rode with Bladen and Mom up the Coyote Hill to dump the broken limbs off into a big pile.  Misty and the kids picked up the big chunks Dad cut off the HUGE branch, (Kelly was at work but when he came home from lunch he also helped).

When we got everything down to just the colossal limbs Dad came back down with the tractor.  And Mom came back with the trailer.

Once we all got to the tractor part Fuzzy and I had to just wait until Mom and Dad to chain up the logs and load them onto the trailer.  Then we rode up to the Coyote Hill with Mom in the pick-up pulling the trailer; Dad following with the tractor.


DONE!  A huge pile to rot away on Coyote Hill!


After the last irrigation of the day Mom and Dad sat down outside with us and just gave a huge sigh, “Friday we are taking the day off,” Dad said.

Of course that really won’t happen, but the work will slow down to just what has to get done.


Sometimes a rest is necessary.  You have a little rest today (everything will be there tomorrow)…those of us on our Colorado Farm plan on doing so!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Full Moon on Friday the 13th

lHey, FUZZY!!!  Wake-up, Fuzzy!  Today is Friday the 13th!  Not only is it Friday the 13th we have a FULL MOON— TONIGHT!!!


We won’t be alive the next time this comes along, in fact Mom and Dad won’t be alive…it won’t happen again until Friday,

August 13th 2049!

How very cool is this!!

Hummmmmmmmmm, snort, skurkle….wha, what, Boomer?

Full Moon, Fuzzy!  AND IT’S FRIDAY THE 13th!

Last year we had three Fridays the 13th’s but this year there is only ONE and there is a Full Moon with it!

Hey, that is pretty neat!  What do you think we should do tonight, Boomer?

Lots of people are really suspicious over dates like this, but I don’t see any reason to be nervous, Fuzzy.   Heck, what bad thing can happen?…the sky is full of bright silver light, we will get to go with a walk with Mom in the moonlight and it’s really warm so we won’t be bothered by the cold at all.

Okay, Boom…let’s get to going:

  1.  First let’s holler over to Hank and let him know it what today is.



Bark, Yip, yap….repeat and repeat again and again and again.

Oh, this is good, Pepper is on the line…HEY, PEPPER…You Know what tonight is…..?

Oh!  BOOTS is joining in…Welcome, Boots…guess what tonight is?

Hey, this is really cool everybody in the neighborhood is talking on the dog telephone!

  1. Let’s tell the Coyotes….Every dog in the neighborhood…yipping and yelling!

“You soft as marshmallow house dogs…what do you think you are doing bother us real DOGS?  You are just pretend dogs.  Snarl, growl,



Shhhhhhhhhhh, she said

  1.  Pant, pant, puff, pant….sit by Mom’s bed and act like your are suffocating Fuzzy, so we can get back outside…after all TIME IS A WASTING!“Oh, alright…go on back out.  But be quiet!!!”  Mom warned as she let us out the back door.


BAM!!!! OW!!!!  Boomer!  I tripped and fell and bloodied my nose.

Darn thing, just won’t stop bleeding!

  1. YIKES!   SKUNK ——————– BOOMER!!!  Slow down, boy!  There is a skunk by the grain bin!
  1. Hey, dogs….chitter, chatter,  squeak…you can’t catch me

GET HIM BOOM!!!!  Get the raccoon!!

  1. Come on Fuzzy…he’s heading to the old tree by the canal
  2. Put y’er brakes on Boom…he’s gone.  We’ll never get him up the tree.

Okay, Fuzzy.  Let’s see if there is anything else out here.  We haven’t been this far up the ditch bank for several days…..sniff, sniff, snuff…do you smell anything, Fuzzy?

Nope, not very good, my nose is stuffed up.  But I do think I can smell those two cats from the neighbor way over the way.  They passed here about an hour ago.

10. Boy, the moonlight is sure bright.  Hummmmmmmmmmmm  oh, yes…ahhhhh…ooooooooo, this is really nice.  Come on, Fuzzy…you are going to like this.

11.Ah…no…I don’t think so, Boomer.  That’s just something I really don’t like.

12. Ummmm.  Listen….Mom is out…she’s calling us to go for her mid-night walk.  Well, I guess, tonight it more like her two in the morning walk…  Listen, Boom…we gotta go!

Okay, Fuzzy….just a dollop more.  Mom, is going to love me!  Just wait until she smells this great perfume….roll, wiggle, squiggle, squirm…yes!  I’m ready to go, Fuzzy.

Come on then, Mom is heading our way…we’ will intercept her at the bend in the road.

13. “YUCK!  Boomer!  What in the world did you roll in?”  Mom GAGGED!  (Actually, Mom almost puked)… “Boomer! UGH!”

But it is really nice, Mom.  Really, just take a good whiff…see you do like it.


She went back into the house, Boomer.  I’ll bet you get to have a bath in the morning.

WHAT!  And lose my great perfume?

Darn, I guess a full moon on Friday the 13th does bring some sort’a bad luck.


Pout, pout…I really wanted to wear my perfume for a long, long time.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Weekly Report

Latest News:


Sammy-Sam the cat

Catevery day and all night he patrols the farm. He used to go way over to Misty’s and check out everything over there, but last winter he ate a poisoned mouse and just hasn’t felt like tackling that huge long walk anymore.


Of course, age is creeping up on him…he turned 13 this year. Still Sammy-Sam does a good job of gathering news and information from around the farm buildings and the house.


Dad-–Dad went up to the Upper End to check to see if any Aliens had landed.  Mom, Fuzzy and I went along.  Mom checked out the drain ditch and Dad walked to the end of the irrigation ditch.


Fuzzy guarded the Four-Wheelers…his job was to make sure we had our rides to get out of there if the Aliens were around.

Robin   Robin—Robin sang out his report that The Aliens could be found out by the haystack.

PICT0114 Dad and the two little girls hurried as fast as their legs could carry them. Who wouldn’t like to see a Alien…young, old or in-between?


Squirrel-gossiped to me, Boomer-Reporter-at-Large– that squirrels are going extinct and scientists have now put them on the “endangered species” list.  He says by the end of this week Squirrels will be extinct so Fuzzy and I cannot, he repeated NOT chase him or his friends.  The world would be a very dreary place without squirrels.


(Fuzzy and I agreed so we won’t chase Squirrel every again…until…hum, NOW! —-RUN SQUIRREL!)


I, Boomer, the Farm Reporter says: Dad made several trips to change water yesterday and the day before and the day before that and….


Fuzzy and I think Dad has figure out time travel—hop on the four-wheeler and you can travel into future and into the past – within minutes.


Up to change the water, back to house, up to change the water…


BREAKING NEWS:   Sammy-Sam says


the Raccoon is back………….


Bark, bark, yip, yip….COME ON FUZZY…RACCOON!!!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Tell Me a Story

Hey, Fuzzy!

Hummm, snort, uff….Wha….What Boomer?

Would you tell me a story?

A story?

Yes, tell me about what it’s like to be a Cow Dog?

A Cow Dog?

Yes, like when you were young and you helped Mom and Dad with the cows.

Ah, yes…those were some good time, Boomer, some good times.

Well, let’s see…

First, before I came to live with Mom and Dad I was raised by a Cowboy.  From a little tiny pup I was taken everywhere and then some with my cowboy.  He is the one who taught me just what to do and how to do it.

Some stuff he didn’t have to tell me, I just knew…it’s in my blood, so to speak.

Like hunkering down and walking toward a cow that is determined to do something she isn’t supposed to do?

Yeah, like that and some other stuff that would take too long to explain to you.

I know, Fuzzy.  It’s just like how I can smell all sorts of stuff and can bay!

Er, yeah, (clearing the throat), Like that, Boomer.


(Mr. Davis’ cows)

Anyway, there was this time, after I came to live with Mom and Dad, that Mom was out looking for a cow she knew was about to have her little one.  We looked everywhere…out on the alfalfa fields, in the old corn stalks, up at the Upper End, over on the Back Forty, and in the Wildness Area.

It was on the Cactus Hill Mom and I came across the new little bovine. Just lay’n in the darnest spot. He was sort of tucked in under the point of the hill on a scanty patch of grass right out there in full view of any sort of coyote that might come wandering by.



(Our cow from several years ago)

And he was all alone…no Mom anywhere, not across the hill in the sagebrush and rabbit brush, not over at the end of the place  where the farm ends and Sinner’s farm begins, not behind us where we just came from.

Mom told me to find the Momma so I sat off sniffing here and there but the leads were cold.

Now…just so you know…Momma cows will do this…tell their little ones to stay right here, don’t move, and don’t move for anything!!!  ‘I don’t care what…you don’t move’.  Then go off to fill their tummies with good things that make lots of milk for the calf.

Now Mom, was getting a little nervous about this whole thing…the calf was parked right in the known area where the coyotes denned up.  Also, a smart cow wouldn’t go very far from her unprotected baby, she would eat and then come back, check on the little one, maybe take a rest, then feed her baby, then start the process all over again.

This calf didn’t have anyone around …. Since the day was starting to draw to a close, Mom decided to load the little one up and bring it into the corral.

Her thinking was to get the calf into the corral (and out of coyote country) then when the Mom’s bag got really full she would head into the corral where they would pair up again.

Would she do that Fuzzy?  Really? Or just hang out there Mooing?



(one of our cows and calves from the past)

Mom and Dad have had cows come in before, but this time Mom was going to get Dad and flush her out of wherever she was and between all of us-Mom, Dad, and myself…bring her into the corral.

Mom and I, with the calf tied on the back of Mom’s four-wheeler, right where you and I ride Boomer, we headed out.

“Keep a sharp look-out for the Mom, Fuzzy!  If we can get her to see the calf she will follow us right into the barn and the corrals.”

Slowly we drove in.  I zigged and zagged here and there, I ran up hills and into the swamp, then I dove through dried out grass taller than my head…looking and looking for that silly mother cow.

No Mother here or there or anywhere.


(our former bull and cows)

Gradually we got back to the barn and the corrals.  Mom and I could see all the other Moms snacking down on the hay in the manger…suddenly the calf hollered…


There trotting toward us at a very fast clip came MOMMA COW!!! She must have gone in the nightly feeding as we were going out to find her.  She was screaming and yelling, frantic eyeballs rolling this way and that, hooves flinging clips of mud and dirt in a cloud behind her.

Of course this started the little one to yelling louder and louder, squirming hard to get off the four-wheeler and to his mother.

Mom, stopped the four-wheeler and just waited.

The cow lumbered up and did a quick sniff all over her baby.  Then mooed a soft sound asking the little one to get down and come with her.

Mom didn’t want this cow to take the calf back up and hide it again so she started the machine back up and slowly, ever so slowly drove the wiggling calf back to the corrals and the barn…Momma cow walking behind very careful to keep her nose as close as she could to the little one.

Back home Mom drove into the birth’n pen, followed by the cow and myself.  She untied the calf and helped it jump off into the loving sounds of the Momma cow.

Since the Momma cow and the calf were pretty busy with each other, it was a snap for Mom to get the four-wheeler out of the pen and the gate shut.  After all that she forked over hay into the feed bunk and sprinkled some nice cracked corn on the hay flakes for the Mom.

Being the cow that she was, that old girl left her kid and immediately rushed over for the special treat of cracked corn on hay flakes.  It didn’t bother her little calf at all…he just trotted right over and started having supper while his mom chowed down on her food.


(the calf of the story)

“All is well that ends well, Fuzzy!” Mom said as she bent down and gave me lots of rubs and pats. “Thanks for your help!  Let’s go in now and get our supper.”

So we did.

Gosh, Fuzzy.  That was really cool.  You knew just what to do and what Mom needed.  You’re my Hero, Fuzzy.

Humph, snort! Er, well, Thanks, Boomer.  It really wasn’t much.

It was to me Fuzzy.  And it was to Mom.

Well, I guess it was, Boom, I was just doing my job, that’s all.

Thanks, Fuzzy, that was a great story.


You are welcome, Boom.  You are welcome.


(Told to Boomer one long boring hot afternoon as Mom worked in the garden.)

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Coyotes

BooLast night Mom, Boomer and I went for a short walk.



That is really all I can do now…short, stiff legged walks.  Boom loves to go for huge long walks.  Mom says she likes to walk however we choose to walk.  So if I go along she walks with me and lets Boomer run off sniffing at the news.  I really don’t know how she and Boomer walk, he says he doesn’t either; he has lots of news to check out so he just lets Mom walk however she wants to walk.  Then he comes back and checks on her off and on.


Anyway, Mom asked if we wanted to walk up to the new pipe we put in this late winter…

“SURE!” Boomer and I barked.  Then with huge dogie smiles on our faces we headed out to see what we could see.


Dad has part of a field planted in corn. Boomer said he helped Mom and Dad put in the sweet corn yesterday afternoon.  So part of the field corn is in and all the sweet corn.

Dad is out right now working on planting the other acres of corn.  Dad said he is three weeks behind this year…it’s just been too cold and wet to put the seed in the ground.


Anyway, Boom and I were with Mom, just doing the usual dog-things.  A pee here, a pee there, a sniff around this and that, another pee…Mom laughed and asked us how we could ever have SO MUCH pee!

We just laughed with her.

Suddenly Boom was back ….I mean right back, right UNDER Mom’s feet.  Then in my way.

BOOMER!  What is going on?  I growled at him.


(Photo curtosey from TB over at–the coyote is in the corner…see if you can find him.)

Coyotes, Fuzz!  Right up there in the Rabbit Brush.

How many, Boom?

Two…I think.  I really can’t see more than two.

We both sniffed the air…yeah, two.

Hummmm, does Mom see them.

I don’t know she is messing with the water coming out of that pipe thingy.

What’cha think they are want’n, Fuzzy?


I don’t know Boomer, but one thing is for sure I don’t want to find out.  It could be that old dog sounds good for supper.

Shiver, shake, and sit as close to Mom as you can Fuzzy, get on her if you have too.  We need her to see there are Coyotes out here!!!

Okay…I will.

Pssst!  I don’t think she brought a gun with her Boomer.  This could be serious!

Mom will know what to do…just get on her so she can to see what we see.

“FUZZY!  What is going on?”  Mom sat up and pushed Fuzzy a little ways off her.


“Fuzz-Dude!  What is the matter?  You act afraid of something?”


Good job, Boomer!  Point your nose toward the coyotes and stand your ground

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I’ll do the same thing.  RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, rumble, mutter, grrrrrrrrrr

Now howl again, I’ll bet Mom can see them if you do that.


“What to do see, Boom-boy?”

“OH!!! Coyotes!”  Geez, and all I have is a camera.

“Slowly start walking back, boys.  Go slow.  Stay with me….if I have to flash the camera maybe that will scare them off.”

“Boom!  Come on!  You don’t have what it takes to fight a coyote!”

Halloween 008

“Oh darn!  Here is Sammy-sam!”

“Come here, Sam.  Come here!  Let me carry you.”

“Whew…we are home!”

Hey, Fuzz!  Let’s let them have it!

Okay, Boomer, assume the barking position!


“NO! Stop that!  We do NOT want them in the yard, nor do you want to be trashed!”  Mom hollered at us.

Growl, mutter, growl….slink off toward the dog houses….growl mutter.

“Go in Sammy….come on boys; dog treat time.  You were great protectors tonight!!”

Hey Boomer…  This is cool!  We protected Mom from the coyotes and got dog treats also!

I guess I’m not as old as I thought I was!