The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—I Do Not Understand You, Boomer!

Well, just for today …THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!  Mom and I are doing the happy dance here there and everywhere!


The Day is 11 hours and 16 minutes long!  On Sunday, March 9th,  we will switch to Daylight Savings Time and the day will grow LONGER!

YIPPEE!   Mom, myself, and the Little Buff Hen like Daylight Savings Time the Best.  Why?  Because we get up with the sun anyway!

Yesterday was a huge busy day…first rattle-out-of-the-box we all headed over to the equipment hill to load up ‘stuff’ for the consignment sale this coming weekend.

Mom drove the truck and trailer over with Boom and I in the back of the truck.  Dad brought over the tractor with the loader.

It was cold outside, sharp wind, spots of frozen ice, lot of cool smells.


While Mom and Dad worked on getting the ‘stuff’ hooked up and loaded onto the trailer, then shuffling around some of the other ‘stuff’ Boomer and I checked out everything going on around there.


Hummmmmmmmm the skunks are out-and-about.  I think….snuff, sniff, snuff…yep, mating season.  Oh!  The badgers are waking up and doing some house cleaning….

Hey, Boom, don’t head over here… the badgers are out and about…you know how cranky they can get.


‘Snuff, snuff,ummm, yumm, swallow.’  Okay, Fuzzy.  I’ll just stay up here where the cows and calves stay…smack, slurp.


Oh…hummm….yes!  Oh, look a patch of Cheat Grass…the cows are going to love that.

The deer have come back…here is a great deer wallow.  Oh, my…I think I’ll just head on back to Mom…COYOTE poop…not, good…not good at all.  At my advanced age they would find me perfect for breakfast.



Slurp, slobber…(mouth-full) Yes, Fuzzy?

Let’s go back to Mom, it doesn’t seem, like, um, we had better hang out here much longer…I found evidence of coyotes!

COYOTES!!! Yikes!

Let’s go back to MOM!  Beat you there!!!!!

WHEW!  I’m glad we are back!

Looks like Mom and Dad are all loaded and ready to go.


This time Dad has the truck and Mom the tractor.  You go ahead and ride Fuzzy, I want to run back to the house and check out the fields as I go.

Check out the fields for what, Boomer?



Boomer, you really are something, you know it?

Yeah, Fuzzy.  I keep the coyotes from getting close to the house!


Ackk!  I guess so Boomer!  Gag!


Something Wicked This Way Comes—February 19, 2014

While out checking the cows and calves, which we do daily, Terry and ran over onto the cactus hill to see what we could see.  We like this rocky point on the farm….every time we are up there we talk about maybe building a house on this hill.  Although, it won’t be a typical house, but an house built into the hillside with southwest facing windows to capture the sunlight and the wonderful sunsets.

(Now to be honest you and I both know that Terry and I will never do this, but it’s fun to sit on the point and dream)

Leaving that point we headed over to the cattail area…Red-Winged Black birds were BACK!  They wonderful songs filling the air.  Traveling forward onto the grass pasture (next to the equipment area) three coyotes ran past us lickety-split. (Another of my Momma’s terms :) )


This is blurry as they are running full speed.  You can see the cattails in the forefront of the photo.

Coyote-2I detest these creatures.

We have lost calves to them.  The sneaky pack of killers. They also kill cats! And small dogs!

Sometimes you have a cow that wants to be by herself to calve.  The coyotes wait and watch, then when the calf starts to come out, they surround the cow, grab the calf, dragging it off and eating it–or eating parts of it leaving the poor helpless Mom in a frenzy.

Most cows will stay within the herd to calf, the other cows form a watch  allowing the birth process to proceed as normal.  IF a predator, coyote, wild dogs, or others try to capture the calf, the cows will stomp the coyote/predator to death, if they can.  Most of the time the coyotes/predators know they will loose so they slink off.

CoyotesThey are heading into an area we call Deadman’s Land–the reason is it’s hard to get water there so nothing really grows well.

The other thing coyotes wait for is the sloppy-I really don’t want to be bothered by a child-Mother.  Yes you have those Mom’s in the animal world, just like you do in the human world.

These Mom’s park their baby somewhere, anywhere, saying: you just stay there and don’t move—all cows put their babies in a safe spot (Usually with a cow babysitter) so the Mom’s can go graze.  The “I really can’t be bothered with a kid” cow just parks her calf any old place and trots off to jolly it up with a group of her friends.

StoppedThe coyotes wait, watch, make sure Mom isn’t paying any attention, slink in and have lunch/breakfast, dinner/snack.

Yes, I know the coyotes are beautiful.  I also know that the calves and the cows are beautiful.  Yes, I know the coyotes need to eat.  BUT NOT OUR ANIMALS!


In fact, it will just teach them that you are a source of food and create horrible coyote behavior—.  Just read this little article from Boulder…

Whew!  I guess I have ranted and raved long enough.  I will stop now and apologize for this huge post.





Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The moon is coming up later and later now, still the dogs and I go for a walk. We go around one to one thirty in the early, early morning.  I dress up like a huge abominable snowman—many, many, many layers…its COLD out there that time of night!  :)

Night-Walk-2This was taken about 14 days ago.

One a side bar note–I would HATE to run into a Yeti…well, I wouldn’t see a Yeti here but there have been sightings of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch in Colorado.

There is some who think Bigfoot has been seen as close as the Lake City Area (which is not far from Montrose or Gunnison) so far nothing on the Uncompahgre Plateau or around the canyons next to our mesa….but one never knows!  :)  da,da,da,da ♪♫♫♪


Still off we go.  We don’t go for long and we don’t go far.


In the evening we either walk to the old tree site, (a tree the ditch company just had to destroy in the fire a couple of years ago), or we walk to the end of the grain bin field…both are about 15 minutes one way then 15 minutes back.  If Fuzzy could move a little faster we would get back faster.



(This was shamelessly taken from the internet-The credits are on the map the web site is here with other photos of Bigfoot in Colorado)

Since I don’t have worry about big furry unknown creatures, and the bears are sleeping away the winter, the dogs and I only have to worry about the coyotes, foxes, and big cats (the skunks are sleeping right now also)—which is why I don’t like to go far.  In the middle of the night  we just walk down the lane to our house.   Boomer has a bad habit of running off after smells, if I contain him to boring smells we both do much better.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  We will have our big celebration tonight with all the family here.  Tomorrow is family day…buffet of snack foods and lots of family games.

Your friend,


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love the moon!  I love when the moon is full — spreading sliver and crystal and blue lights upon the land.


The dogs and I go for a walk, just to be showered in the lovely glow




We go just as it’s just coming up and we go again just before nine at night

December-moonI always try to wake-up sometime during the night, just to take the dogs and go walking down the lane…oh, sometime around one or so in the morning.  The dogs know the second I start putting on my Carhart we are going for a walk.

I don’t walk out into the fields late at night…too many coyotes and other critters I don’t want to meet, but in the evening we do.

PaoniaIn the evening we are surrounded in the glow of the winter sunset

Raggeds1With the air full of winter bird calls…the Canadian Geese and the Sandhill Cranes…later after mid-night the owls will hoo-hoo -hoo , we will hear a fox barking and the coyotes yipping as the moon light and the star light fills the shinning clear air.

We will walk along, the dogs sniffing out news and I watching stars fall from a million years ago.

The neighbor’s dog (who lives outside, no matter the temperatures) will hear us crunching along in the snow, or hear me calling to Boomer to not go off too far…he adds his warning bark to the other sounds.  His people, either don’t care nor never hear, I call to him…’It’s okay…it’s just us walking in the moonlight.  It’s okay…’  He stops.  Then calls out again…”GOOD NIGHT” I call back…’Sleep Well, little dog!  Sleep Well.”  Then the dogs and I go in to the warmth of the wood stove and snugly blankets.


By five in the morning the moon has made it’s way to shine into the bedroom windows, lighting up Sammy the cat as he sleeps on the edge of the bed. Sam puts a paw over his eyes and keeps on sleeping.  Monkey jumps into the window to watch the world from the warmth and safety of the house.  I too watch the world as the moon slowly sinks and the day begins.

Good Morning everyone!

Your friend,






A Short Primer on Coyotes —Proceed Only if You Want to be Educated, not to Attack Me

Since we had a really bad problem with coyotes a year or so ago, we talked to a Government Trapper (yes, there really is such a person).  Remember the information below is FROM THE GOVERNMENT TRAPPER, I am NOT an Expert!!!

Please do NOT send me horrible emails telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about…I only have my experience and what the expert has told us.

A couple of times Terry was actually stalked by a coyote—probably defending the den, while he was changing water late in the evening……and once the dogs and I were stalked.

We have had coyotes come into the yard….sending in Missey Coyote to lure the dogs out so they can …well…have killing sport with the dogs.

We have had to train the grandchildren not to run around on back of the farm in the late evening…ever!

I never leave dog food or cat food outside, nor do we throw scraps out for the hens, all scraps are in a pan in the hen house.

The dogs do like to sleep outside in the summer and we let them.  We also are very diligent to check on everything and everyone the minute we hear anything out of the ordinary.

The other thing we have here are very stupid people who dump their dogs off, thinking they will find a home on the farm.  Usually what happens is they gather together and form dog packs.  Dog packs are just as bad or maybe worse than coyotes as they love to kill for fun and sport and are NOT in any way afraid of humans since they once lived with humans.

Sometimes the dogs mate with coyotes…then what happens the result is called a cy-dog.  Not a good mix.

We also learned some of the language of the coyotes:

Howling – communication with other coyotes in the area. Also, an announcement that “I am here and this is my area.”

Yelping – a celebration or criticism within a small group of coyotes. Often heard during play among pups or young animals.

Bark – The scientific name for coyotes means “barking dog,” Canis latrans. The bark is thought to be a threat display when a coyote is protecting a den or a kill.

Huffing – is usually used for calling pups without making a great deal of noise.

One way to tell if an attack was by a dog or a coyote is to look at the size of their tracks and the spacing of canine tooth punctures.  Dogs aren’t known for killing sheep or calves for food and dogs are random in how and where they attack.  Coyote tracks have more of an oval shape and seem more compact that a domestic or wild dog tracks.


Damage Problems–In the western United States, coyotes are the main predator of domestic sheep, causing significant losses in select areas. They can also prey upon goats, calves, hogs, poultry and watermelons. Coyotes will also kill domestic dogs and house cats. They most often kill larger prey by biting the throat, causing death by suffocation. Coyotes frequently adjust their grip on the prey’s neck, leaving multiple bite marks.

Coyotes may attack fleeing animals from the rear, biting the legs or tail to slow them down. Coyotes typically begin feeding behind the ribs, often eating the stomach of nursing animals. The nose and hindquarters are typically eaten on calves. Coyotes have been known to attack cows in labor, feeding on both the emerging calf and mother.

We have other known predators here…if you ever walk in Confluence Park you will see that we have Mountain lions that move through the area, signs are everywhere informing you of what to do and how to protect yourself if you cross paths with one.  We have fox…lots of fox, but they don’t harm cattle.  Randomly a bear will wander in, but that is random.

Some of you live in places that have other predators, animals we have never had here or if we did are now gone–like the wolf.

I’m sure you are tired of this subject so this is my last post on on predators for a while.  I hope you have found it educational, which is what is intended to be.

Once more, thanks ever so much for stopping by.




Cows and Coyotes—What I Know—and It Might Not Be Enough

Coyotes and Cows….  here is what I know —  and I am very…. I STRESS VERY ... reluctant to post this as I’m sure that I will get hate mail, since I have had it happen before.  (Years ago when I first started blogging).

Cows are domesticated animals…they are people animals.  Many people think that cows are stupid and dumb.  I’ve had people tell me that cows are the stupidest animal on earth.  This usually is said by people who have only seen a cow in a pasture or read about a cow somewhere, some place, at some time.

Cows are not stupid, nor are they dumb.

They are herding animals, therefore they think like a herd…band together, gather together, play together and protect each other.  Cattle are very similar to Buffalo Bison.  I have never heard anyone say a Buffalo is stupid and dumb, but they will say cattle are.

Beats me why.

Anyway…cows will band together if there is a perceived danger to each other or their calves…they group together in a huge group with the calves in the middle.  When we had that horrible fire last spring all the cows gathered together and pushed the babies into the middle and walked to the furthest point away from the fire and stayed there until THE FIRE WAS PUT OUT.

Doesn’t seem very dumb to me.


As the babies are born the new moms collect and stay in a group chatting and discussing all the new cute baby things that the calves do.  As the babies mature, one or two cows will stay with the calves (the babysitter cows) while the others graze, they then take turns with  watching the youngsters.


Danger from coyotes come when a cow is in labor and/or as the calve emerges and/or if a young mother has a new calf and tells it to stay in a unprotected area while she wanders off.  Just like some women, these cows are very poor mothers putting their own needs first before the needs of the calf.

Just like women, cows do not LIKE to go into labor and have their baby with a bunch of prying eyes. The majority of the time a cow will have her calf as the edge of the herd, but there are always some that want to go to a hidden spot for a little more privacy.

When the calves are first born the mothers will lick the mucus off of the calf’s body until it is clean. This encourages the calf to attempt to stand and go find the udder. From that day forth they (the cows) watch out for the calves, let them suckle every 2 to 3 hours, babysit them, and teach them where to go, what to eat, and that the person looking after them is someone to be respected, and what a predator is.

Cows also communicate with their calves (and each other and sometimes to us humans) whenever they get separated by certain moos and loud calls.  This voice recognition is established at birth.

Cows protect their calves by using their heads, feet and chests to crush and stomp on a predator that threatens their calves or them.  They are HUGE animals weighting many, many pounds…they will even take on a human, if they perceive the human might be a threat to them or their calf or the herd.

Now just what I know for sure, …… what we have had happen to us/our ranching friends and other farmers in our area …. AND NO —- FEEDING THE COYOTES WILL NOT STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING!!! – Coyotes are known to attack cows in labor, feeding on both the emerging calf and possibly the mother.  IF the cow is not close enough for the herd to help protect her.

As to the other question of where do the cows stay for protection — we have lots of areas that are sheltered and protected by trees, bushes, and shrubs, areas the cows adore sleeping in.  It was one of the reason’s Terry and I were so upset with the fire…many of those areas were destroyed in the fire.

This year the cows are sleeping around the equipment area…which is another very protected place on our property.

Our storm blew in and blew out rapidly last night, most of the snow was dumped in the mountains which is perfect!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another winter storm is heading into us by 8 O’clock tonight.  The cows spent all day eating  yesterday, until sometime after mid-night, stocking up on food encase the weather is too nasty to get out an graze.

Also, the coyotes were extremely busy…I could hear them in every direction.  I would much prefer NOT hearing the coyotes.  One reason they are so energetic is this is calving season…nothing tastes as good as a tiny, new born calf.  And we are surround with calving cows in every direction.

The rancher has brought up seventy spring’n heifers to calve out on our place.  Every day the dogs and I (if we walk-the cat) go out and check to see how many are ‘with calf’.


So far there are 11 new babies- with one set of twins.

By the end of the month, there should be seventy new Momma’s.


I keep thinking we might get cows again, but always the answer is no.  So for a short time of the year I get to enjoy these girls.  They are really rather tame for range cows, allowing us to move through the herd (on the four-wheelers), not running away.  If I am walking, they allow the dogs and I to skirt the edges as long as the dogs are right with me.



January 21, 2013

I tried to get the Sand hill Cranes in flight but no such luck.


Anyway, for those of you who enjoy these delightful creatures I give you the following:

Cranes-2A crane just landing….I hope you can see it



They are here all the time.  I took this series of photos around 5 O’clock in the afternoon

Cranes-5There are hundreds here in this one field.  The corn is field corn, not sweet corn.  Sometimes a group of birds leaves, but another soon lands…always a large, large number feeding at anyone time.

They also spend the night here, I guess they feel safe with the calves present.

Last night I heard coyotes from three directions ….






The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Continued

Two golden-eyed coyotes, just sitting on the sagebrush hill watching our every move.  Boomer thought they were heading our way, but they just walked out of the brush and sat down.

“W—-what do they want, Fuzzy?”

“I-I’m not sure.  I can’t see them real well, so you are going to have to be my eyes for me, Boomer.”

“O-okay, Fuzzy.  Just tell me what you want to know.”

“Where’s Mom?  That’s the most important question and the second important question is tell me when they start to move.”

“Al-alright, Fuzzy, I’ll will.”

“Well, where is Mom?  Remember that is the first important question.”

“Oh, yeah, right, but if I take my eyes off the coyotes how will I know they move?”

“Be fast, son! Be real fast!  But Find Mom!  We have to know if she is safe.  We also have to know if she is coming to find us.”

“Look quick and then look back at the coyotes.  You have a general idea of where Mom was the last time we checked.”



“Hummmmm she is coming off the cactus hill and heading for the dirt bridge that crosses the pond.”

“Is she walking?”

“Well, no, sort of run sliding.”

“Have the coyotes moved?”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot!”

“Boomer!  You can’t forget!  You have to be fast and in charge.  “


“NO, Boomer!  Don’t bay!” I gave him a writhing look.

“But I want MOM!!!!”

“Well, look for her!”

“But the coyotes are grinning at us!!!”


I took a moment to collect my thoughts and breathe deep.  “Okay, Boomer.  Chill for a moment.  Have they MOVED?!!”

“Wellllll, no.”


“Okay, tell me where Mom is”

She is crossing the edge of the pond right now and moving fast around the swamp, she should be here pretty sooooooooooooooooooooooon!”

“BOOMER!  DO NOT BAY!  What are the coyotes doing?”

“They haven’t moved they are just sitting there staring at us as though…as though they can’t believe what they are seeing.”

“Good.  That’s good, Boomer.  As soon as Mom gets here I’ll just bet you will see them melt back into the brush.”

“Good!  When they go I’ll give them a happy little wave good-bye!”

“No! Don’t do that!  If you do that they will be over here in a flash.  Faster than you can hoooo for Mom.”

About that time I could see Mom was walking up the little grade toward the cow pasture.

The coyotes saw her too.

Coyotes understand if you have a gun and can shoot at them.  They also understand what a gun looks like.  Mom says coyotes help keep the rodent population down, but when they decide to take down a calf or come into the yard then coyotes have to learn lessons.

But Mom didn’t have a gun, she only had a camera.

“Here comes Mom, Fuzzy!  I can see her!”

“I see her too, Boomer, it won’t be long now until the coyotes will see her and leave. Well, at least melt into the sagebrush and rabbit brush so Mom won’t be able to see them.”

“Oh, goody!  We will be safe as soon as Mom gets here.”

“I sure hope so, Boomer.  I sure hope so.”


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Cow Pasture

Boomer and I decided to go up to the cow pasture, without Mom.  Well, Mom was around — she was over on the sagebrush hill looking for something that nature framed for the Sunday Stills assignment.

The snow is gone and the mud is thick, we headed up early so the mud wouldn’t be a problem, you can’t go late because late would be would be way early morning and none of us would like to travel up there in the dark.

Boom and I saw lots of stuff…the bees were out.  It warmed up enough they wanted to see if there was anything to eat and to do some house cleaning.  We didn’t hang with them too long.

We checked out lots of smells…

raccoon, skunk, and a couple of badger dens.  I think the badgers must still be sleeping.  Boom left his mark everywhere.  I tried to match him, but I just couldn’t keep up with that young bladder.

“Hey, Boom!” I yelled.  “There are skunk smells over here!”

“Wow! Really!  Wait just minute I’ll be there!

We sniffed around quite a bit, then decided that maybe we had better NOT follow the skunk smell.  It was pretty fresh so we knew we could find it and where it is holed up for the winter.

“Er Fuzz?”


Maybe we better not go any further…the last time I found a skunk Mom made me  get three baths and to sleep outside for several days.  And that was spring.  It’s still pretty cold to sleep outside and I don’t think either one of us really wants a bath, let alone three baths.”

“Good idea, Boomer!  Let’s head on over to the Fox den and see if Freddy the Fox is still sleeping in there.  He might be gone because Evan has been hauling some of the wood over to his house for his fireplace.”

“Cool, Sure! “

“Come on let’s go!”

So off we went. The pile was a little slimmer, but not much. We sniffed around for some time.  Mom was way over on the cactus hill (that’s what Boomer and I call it, because it has lots of cactus and you have to be careful where you run).  We could see her so we knew she was alright.

Suddenly I got a strange sensation, sort of like a creepy feeling…the hairs on the back of my neck picked up …. I cut my eyes both ways and then put my nose to the wind.

Boomer was busy sniffing in the hole and all around the wood…

“Yep, Evan’s been here.  Oh, yes, and so have Mom and Dad….humm, I think they took about a cord of wood…

“Boomer!”  I whispered.

“Boomer!”  I said a little louder “something strange is happening!”

“Yeah,” he whispered back…”there are two coyotes standing right over there looking at us.”

“HUH?!?!”  (This getting old is not good; I used to have really sharp eyesight and keen hearing).

“They are?”  I asked.  “What are they doing?”

“Well, hum, they look sort of hungry and they are heading our way”

(to be continued………)


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —2011 Onward

It’s been cold here!  Very cold!  We got down to -7* one night. It’s been so cold that when you go outside, well, heck…your nostrils sticks together.  Now that’s a hard thing to do when you have a DOG Nose!!! :)

Freddy Fox has been seen out in the corn field hunting mice, Mom says he sure is beautiful, but he had better stay out there and not come inside the yard.  Then she looks Fuzzy and I straight in the eye and says: “You boys had better guard the chickens well!”

We wag our tails really hard and look sincerely back into her eyes and try with everything in us to tell her ‘WE WILL!”

The snow is still pretty deep, but we walk with Mom every day checking out things, yesterday I went by myself over the hill and the dale clear to the coyote area, sniffed around a lot.  Sure were lots to learn….two of the coyotes are going to have pups, coyotes are pretty interesting.  When Mom found out I was out there she called me to come home.  I sort of got in trouble for bothering my neighbors.  She said now the coyotes have MY sent and she hopes they don’t come looking for ME!

Who would have thought such a thing?

Then last night Dad came inside saying the coyotes sure where whopping and hollering over in the coyote dell.  Mom gave me a very stern look.


Some people just don’t understand that I won’t get hurt. I’m just interested in learning things.

Shish!  Huff!  Stomp, Stomp! Huff!

Every evening the fog rolls in, and then in the morning we have hoar frost everywhere.  Pretty but COLD!

Then yesterday we had a change, it warmed up to 34* and we got MELT!  Melt!  Whoo hoo!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since it’s the end of the year Fuzzy and I thought we would give you our Goals for 2012

  1. If the going gets rough…hang with your people—they will need you
  2. If you see your people upset, roll over and let them pet your tummy.  They will forget whatever it is that is making them frown
  3. Always be ready for a walk.  Be sure to take your people, they forget to go outside and smell the smells and see the footprints on the earth
  4. Every time you see your loved ones put on a happy face, wag your tail, wag your whole body…everyone loves to be loved
  5. Don’t worry about the little stuff….heck; don’t even worry about the big stuff.  Be happy right where you are.
  6. Sleep as close to your people as you can get, it always produces sweet dreams
  7. If you are tired, take a nap.  Works wonders every time

Happy New Year Everyone….2012 is sure to be a great year!

Boomer and Fuzzy

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Hunting Mice

Nothing new here…still cold; and I do mean C.O.L.D.

Mom has put a heat lamp in the chicken house (red, because if you don’t put red in the chickens will peck on each other…Chickens are NOT very smart!  Mom says that isn’t true, she says she thinks chickens are like people and treat each other just like groups of people treat each other.)  She also hooked up the electric water heater for the chicken water tank.  Dad has the cow water from freezing.  The only thing that freezes now is our water dish, but Mom keeps a really close eye on it.

It’s so cold now that we sleep in the house….YIPEEE!!!  Hoo Ray!!

I like sleeping in the house, so does Boomer.

Mom has to keep a really close eye on us there, because we get lazy and don’t want to go outside and ‘do our duty’.  We’ve both been ‘trained’ but who likes to have bodily fluids freeze as it leaves your body?

Boomer said I exaggerated but when you’re advanced in age, that’s what it feels like.  Frozen….well you know what I mean.

It’s really nice having Mom home.  This is the first time in my whole life that I’ve lived here that Mom has been home all day long.  (She goes to town sometimes, but that isn’t very long.  Before she would leave before day break and get back after dark…she was gone a long, long time.)

The day warms up pretty slow.  Last night the cold air was around 8* and just before the sun came up it was 6*, but the day will warm up.  It got up to 40* yesterday afternoon.

Something we all do now that Mom is home ALL THE TIME is go for a walk.  We walk all over the farm, she says it’s good for me…keeps my bones working.  We go slow, Mom and I, Boomer runs all over the place clear up there and clear over there, back to where Mom and are.  Sometimes Mom walks a little too fast for me, but she is always waits for me to catch-up.

There are lots of things to see and smell so it takes me awhile.

The coyotes are back!   Mom got a little weird out because we were walking through the equipment storage area when two coyotes ran right by us.  She said she guess it is so cold they are hunting in the day time.

Boomer and I have met Freddy Fox…he is new to the farm.  So we have lots of critters visiting us…raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and foxes…so Mom bought a solar critter light to protect the chicken house and pen.

But one of the very best part of winter, besides getting to be in the house all most all the time…sleeping in the mud room, hanging by the fireplace…



It’s ever so much fun!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Sissy Coyote

Mom said we had a first…well, first time for her anyway.

Sissy Coyote came calling!

This is how it happened:

The night was beautiful, a clear, full bright moon hung in the sky just above the cottonwood tree. The light from the full moon lit up everything, casting sliver and blue shadows everywhere. Fuzzy and I were having a great time sitting on the back step of the back porch. Every once in a while Fuzzy would see something run across the road out by the tractor sheds, and then he would take off running and barking! HEY YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON OUR PLACE! Then I would follow hollering as loud as I could.

It was great fun.

I really don’t think Fuzzy can see very well anymore, but what the heck, he sees enough that we get to chase ‘whomever or whatever’ off the place. If they really aren’t there, who is going to complain? NOT ME!!!

So we had a great time until Mom came out and turned all the yard lights on….

“What is happening out here, boys, are the Chickens safe?” She asked giving each of us a wonderful pet on the head and all over the body.


I sort of think she knows we are just having fun.

So we all three walk  out to the chicken house, opened the door, and turned on the light in the chicken house.

“One, two, three, four” counted Mom. “Well, nothing bad going on here.”

The chickens were rather startled to have the light turned on, but they didn’t move. They continued to sit on their perch and sort of talked to each other about the lights and stuff like that.

Mom, Fuzzy and I all walked back to house. But she took the long way…we checked on the cows, all asleep, we walked by the grain bins, nothing happening there, except they were all sparkly in the moonlight. Really rather pretty, I thought.

Then we stopped at the tractor sheds, Mom said she wondered if there were some stray cats out here (in the tractor shed) that Fuzzy and I were barking at. We just looked very sincerely at her and I thumped my tail really vigorously, Fuzzy just shook his little stub of a tail, but he did shake it really hard. We wanted Mom to think she was right.

She must have as we all walked back to the house, got many pets and rubs and scratches and told good night. We were also warned to not do any more barking if it’s just for fun as Dad will be the next person out to see what the problems were.

So we were silent. BUT…we did chase a couple of cats, and a really neat squirrel, or at least I thought it was a squirrel…but the highlight was when the FOX came through the yard.

Fuzz and I were sitting out by the woodpile, next to the chicken house, just taking in the night…when right out of the corral a fox came, padded by the garbage cans and almost ran right into to us!


Both Fuzzy and I were so excited that I’m sure it came through in our yips and barks. Mom came out of the house fast…it looked like she may have been asleep. We kept up the barrage of barking, I pointed down the road, Mom flipped on the yard lights, I ran back to her really fast and twirled and swirled around and headed back to Fuzzy who was looking down the road sort of prancing for us to get there.

We made it just in time for Mom to see the bushy tail sliding under the barbed wire fence; she flung the flashlights light into the field and saw the red fox heading as fast as its little legs could go to the drain ditch across the way.

Mom said it didn’t have anything in its mouth!

“You boys sure are doing a good job tonight,” she said. We licked her hands and she petted us all over.

After all that it was starting to get rather nippy outside so we decided to head to our snug and cozy dog houses. I went in first, because I feel the cold before Fuzz, but I heard him come in a few minutes later.

We were sleeping really good…sound as you might say. When in the yard, RIGHT BY THE CLOTHES LINE was SISSY the Coyote! And she was …WOW! Some kind of beautiful! She started making this pretty strange howl/bark thing that had Fuzzy and I out of our dog houses in a flash!

We both barked and howled back at her, but she was NOT afraid. It was getting close to morning…I could see the rim of almost light in the east along the Paonia Mountains…we were frenzied in our barking.

Both Mom and Dad came out of the house FAST!!!!

Dad had his gun!

This was a good thing, because while Fuzz and I were looking at Sissy the Witching Coyote, there were four other lurking coyotes over by the hen house!!!

They were trying to raid the HEN HOUSE!


Dad shot the gun!!!

Scared off the coyotes, even pretty Sissy Coyote – Fuzzy and I watched her slink away, well actually melt away into the shadows.

The gun pretty much frightened me also. I yelped just as loud as the gun!

Fuzzy laughed at me. Heck, man! I wasn’t expecting anything like that L.O.U.D sound!

Mom said she didn’t understand why the coyotes were so aggressive this year; a friend of hers said that they are probably coyote-dogs. Which is probably true…lots of people have dropped dogs off out here.

The ditch rider says he has seen a pack of wild dogs down over the hill. So what is living around our place is a mix of coyote/dogs. Dad’s going to talk to the D.O.W. Trapper to see what can be done. Calving season is a few months off (February) we don’t need any coyotes, wild dogs, or coyote-dogs around.

Anyway….this full moon was sure full of fun and excitement! (By the way…Dad wondered why Mom didn’t grab her camera; she usually has it with her all the time. — NOW That would have been cool….a photo of Sissy Coyote! I would pin it up in my dog house. She was that kind of wonderful!)


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—the Post Man

Fuzzy and I have been helping in the fields lots. We always go irrigate, three times a day, early morning, 2:00 in the afternoon and then as it is getting dark.  I love to go irrigate…there is just so much to learn out there.  News of the world, so to speak!

Last night Dad was clear across the BIGGEST corn field setting tubes in the dirt ditch, and Mom was at the cement ditch between the bean field and the second largest corn field.  Fuzzy was in the cement ditch trying to catch bubbles and I was in the corn field looking for that huge bone I buried four days ago.

Like I said it was just starting to get dark, the sun had set and the shadows were growing darker and darker.  When I smelled something ….


I came running out of the corn field as fast as I could go…my nose in the air when we heard them….Loud, long yipps and a bark howl.  Jeepers weirds me out!

Then it happened again!  Only this time more of a chattering yips.  Mom told Fuzzy and me to get on the four-wheeler…. “Let’s go!” she said.  “Hurry, Fuzzy, get out the water, we need to see what is happening with Dad.”

“Boom do you want to ride or are you going to run?”

Ride!  I’m not running through the corn rows with that wild smell out there and that big noise, no sireee.

I hopped up before Mom even had Fuzzy picked up and placed on the back. I could feel the back of my neck all prickly with my fur standing on end.  Fuzzy didn’t really seem to know what was happening, just that Mom was in a big hurry.

As Mom was turning around I told him….Coyotes!

Fuzzy growled real deep and long.  Mom told him “Shhhhhhh, Fuzz, we will get there and scare them off.  They won’t do anything when they hear the four-wheeler.”

Dad was supposed to be at the dirt ditch waiting for the last of the water that Mom had let loose, then he would set the tubes there and come on home, we would meet him at the barn.

Wheeeew, Mom was flying!  It was sure hard to stay on, but we made it.  Dad was at the dirt ditch with four more tubes to set when we flew up…. He said four coyotes were hanging around warning him to not come any closer.  He didn’t have a gun with him, so he was glad we showed up.  Mom wouldn’t let us off the four-wheeler.  She didn’t have to worry about me, but Fuzzy kept growling and pointing toward the equipment area.  Mom had her four-wheeler turned around so the lights were hitting in the general direction while Dad finished up.  Coyotes can and will defend their pups if they think someone is too close to them.

With lights on and darkness almost complete we all headed back to the barn and the safety of the house.  I was so scared I jumped right off and headed to my dog house…its safe there!

After jumping inside the dog house that was closest to me, I turned around a few times and settled in.  Mom and Dad had already gone into the house and Fuzzy was heading into the other dog house.   I was really tired. Getting really scared sure can take the energy out of you!

“We scared them off, Boom!  We did a really good job.”

“I agree, Fuzzy!”

“Well, Good Night!  I don’t know about you, but I’m beat.”

“Me too, Fuzzy!  I’m really tired.  Good Night!”

We were dozing real good when I heard Mom come outside.  It was dark, of course, for it was still night. I got out of my nice warm bed to see Fuzzy standing next to Mom shivering and shaking all over.



CRACK!  There was fire in the sky!

Rain came down really hard in great big drops.  Mom completed picking up our food dishes, placing them under the carport so they wouldn’t get wet from the rain.  Fuzzy and I were so tired when we got home neither one of us finished our supper.



We were all getting wet!

“Come on,” Mom invited.  In we went to spend the night in the bedroom right next to the bed.  Fuzzy got under the bed; I stayed close to Mom’s side.  This is really nice, sleeping inside.  You can’t see or hear anything going on outside, like you do when you stay in the dog house.  Dad says dogs need to be outdoors, they are for guarding the house and the property, inside they don’t know anything that is happening.

“Shhhhh,” Mom put her fingers to her lips.  “Now this is only until the rain stops.”

That works for me!

We got up early…Mom ALWAYS gets up early…and went outside to check things out.  The world was new again.  Made me so happy I had to twirl around and around and around!  Then I ran just as fast as I could to the haystacks and back.  Fuzzy stayed with Mom while she did the chickens and threw some hay out for the cows.  Dad went to irrigate, but it was too muddy for us to go…so Mom said.  Besides she was going to fix breakfast.

I LOVE breakfast!  I love anything I can eat, I like dry dog food and canned dog food, I love people food, I give it a good sniff and whooose down the gullet it goes!  Fuzzy is particular.  If he waits too long I try to sneak over and see what he is not eating.  I have to be careful because he will get really mad at me for taking his food, but I wait.  I can wait a long time, and then when Fuzzy dozes off to sleep BAM I’ve got the food!


Around ‘that time’ Fuzzy and I decided to head on down the lane so we could be at the mailboxes when the mailman comes.  Barking at the mailman is one of the most important functions any dog can have.  I just love barking at the mailman.  We have a really cool mailman, he always has a dog cookie just for us…we bark, he tosses out a cookie, we head home…..after we eat the cookie.  Pretty Neat, huh?

MAIL MAN…Come on Fuzzy!  We are about to be late!  MAIL MAN…he’s coming up the lane, WOW! I love it when he drives all the way down the lane to deliver the mail.  We get to bark him home.  To our home, that is.


Mailman!!! YAHOO!

Our mailman is really neat, he has never killed a chicken, broke a sack of feed like the raccoons do, or stink up the farm like skunks do, he doesn’t seem to run in a pack like the coyotes, he just well, delivers the mail!

Off we ran…barking and howling and baying….HERE COMES THE MAILMAN!  HERE COMES THE MAIL!  HERE COME THE DOG COOKIES!

And there he was…handing a package to Dad, along with two dog cookies!

Now this is what I call a really nice day!


Fuzzy Blogging on Friday ——-Coyotes!

Boomer and I were down on the equipment hill, the other night. We were scouting around looking for anything of interest.  Dad goes out around mid-night to change water so we like to go with him.

It was a moon-lite night, with a big old huge round moon hanging in the sky almost over-head.  We left Dad picking up and moving dams and trotted on over to equipment area.  My eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, I have dark areas where I can’t see anymore.  The vet said there were cats a racks growing on my eyes.  There had better NOT be cats on racks in my eyes…grrrrrrrrr, growl!

Anyway, because it’s a little hard to see I decided that I didn’t want to chase bubbles in the ditches, Boomer wanted to smell what he could and I knew there were rabbits and squirrels living over there so off we went.

Things were going on pretty well…we found lots of cool odors out there, saw that the bunny family had made a home in Dad’s roller (they were too far in for us to get a good look at them), found that the squirrel family was hanging out in the leveler, and that about 40 million mice had scampered all over the place.

We didn’t bark or anything like that…barking with Dad always gets us yelled at “FUZZY!! Boomer!!! That is enough! You Dogs don’t need to be barking!”  So we don’t!

We were having a really great time when suddenly over the hill 6 coyotes came running right at us!  They were between us and Dad!  We didn’t have any warning; they were just there lean, dark, shaggy and mean looking.  Quickly I grabbed Boomer by the collar and drug him behind the stack wagon.  I whispered to Boom that we needed to get to Dad fast and asked him if he could see Dad.

Boomer whispered back that he could see and hear Dad but Dad was busy picking up the tubes and setting them down so Dad didn’t know the coyotes were close by.

The coyotes started milling around sniffing the ground, I hoped not for us.  Boom and I waited; it seemed like forever, Dad was still busy.  The coyotes started catching the mice, we could hear the snap and the crunch as they ate their dinner, then they started yipping to each other.  “I have some, come over here, this is the nest of about twenty…yip! Yip! Yip!  Loud they were.

When they started that Boomer and I made a dash for Dad…we didn’t want to be the rest of their dinner!

Whew! We made it just as Dad started up the four-wheeler heading for home.  I don’t run like I used to either, but Dad came by and picked me up.  As he was picking me up I looked over where the coyotes were … they had vanished.


Dad said it was a good thing we dogs were close by or we could have been coyote food.  I don’t think he realized how far away from him we really were.

Boomer told me later that he was really scared…those animals are big and snarly and wild.


He is right.


Delta’s Country Doctor