Veteran’s Day

I missed Veteran’s Day yesterday, but I did NOT forget!

I had a horrible incident at Wal-Mart that made me very mad and then made me very sad.

I had stopped at the table where a lady from the VFW was selling Poppies (for remembrance  and pins for support for those returning vets with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

As I was giving the lady my money, she called out to a man (I will NOT refer to him as a gentleman—ever) and asked if he would like to purchase a poppy!

He replied in a nasty sneering way: ” I never support your F*%*&%# organization and I ain’t going to start now”!

Right at that moment my daughter called me on my cell phone, which (in hind-sight is probably a good thing) as I was ready to give him a good talking down too.

After he smugly walked on in I asked the lady if that happens a lot.

She replied: “Sadly, yes,”

What has this world come too?  I am horribly embarrassed for that man and for those who think like this way.

People may not agree with the policies of the government, but the men and women who are there–in the fight — are putting their lives on the line.

And NO it isn’t just a job to them…it is a fight for US-you and me!  Just ask any vet or any person in any branch of the service.  They are foremost and first fighting for US, you and me, and YES for that pathetic man who was so incredibly rude.

In his 11th hour of need I wonder if anyone will be there for him?

I thank both my grandfathers, my uncle, my Daddy and my son for for care and belief in America and in freedom for all.





18 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. What is our world coming too?? I see the “End of Times” coming with this type of attitude. The least we can do is pray and support those that risk their lives for all of us!! You would have probably wasted your breath and energy on that man but it is so sad!

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  2. Linda, today is the day observed by the government and calendars, so you are not late. I, too, am so thankful for everyone serving in our military for us!

    I’m like you, I probably would not be able to keep my mouth shut at that disrespectful man. Our families put their lives on the line for the likes of him! People like him can really turn a good day into a bad one, can’t it? Just sort of topped off the week, huh?

    Take care…blessings!

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  3. Oh My… What in the heck has happened to MANNERS and RESPECT in our country????? Seems as if there is none these days… What a shame.

    Read Cotton Lady’s comment on my ‘other’ blog… It’s GREAT.

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  4. I can’t believe that anyone would publicly talk to a woman in that way, especially to a woman who was helping to honor veterans who helped keep us free. I’m sad for our country.

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  5. Hi Linda, What a rude person that fellow was! I always become insensed when someone treats another in such a rude way-I probably would have said something to him; that and made sure the lady wasn’t upset. Hope you are staying warm my friend.

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  6. UNBELIEVABLE! I think if that was to occur here, the “creep” would have been lynched.
    There are “ferals” here who at times deface memorials and cenotaphs, but these “low lifes”
    cowardly do it at night. I am pleased to say that most do get caught and face the brunt of the
    law. They also have their photos fully shown so as everyone knows who they are.
    I am so sorry that you were subjected to this wretched display.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

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  7. Regardless of who the sales were for, rudeness is NOT an acceptable behavior! And we wonder why we have the problems in our society that we do.

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  8. A few people can be unbelievably ignorant and rude. We have to not let them ruin our day. They have the serious problem not us. They are also beyond help.

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  9. There is never any excuse for rudeness. A simple ‘no thank you’ would suffice.
    Sadly,there is more and more rudeness in the world today.
    *hugs* ♥

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  10. I’m not a big fan of the Boy Scout organization but when I’m asked to support it when at the grocery store I kindly refuse. No reason given, just a no thank you. Rudeness is never acceptable regardless of belief.

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  11. That guy is just a jerk. He doesn’t get that we fight for his right to say what he wants. There will always be people like that.
    Thank YOU for your support! It means a lot to Vets! We served to protect our belief if freedom. Even for jerks.

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  12. Unfortunatly some folks have that attitude, I had some guy razz me for wearing my boonie hat one day and when I asked him what branch of the service he served in he pretty much shut up….. great post and thanks from one veteran..:-))

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