The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Calf Check

In a small break in the weather, meaning no snow and a melt of sorts, (But no sun) Mom, Dad and I loaded up on the four-wheelers and headed out to check the cows and calves.



If you look where the big white arrow is pointing you will see a tiny calf.  Mom has her baby all snuggled up and warm against here body.



See the brand new baby trying to get up.  Mom just gave birth here.

All the cows are really tame, we can drive through them (slowly) and they never spook. I ride all the time, because just seeing me trotting alongside WOULD spook them.  Mom says I have to stay right next to her.


This one is hidden behind the equipment at the equipment storage area.

Mr. Davis and his daughter check them twice a day, sometimes three times a day always, always making sure the moms and babies are doing okay.  If there is one that is having trouble Mr. Davis and Theresa load them up and take them back to their really nice barn on the ranch.

For us, Mom, Dad and Myself, Boomer the Beagle,—we go out on the off-times to makes sure all is well.  Just this morning we heard the coyotes moving around in the cows, never a good thing.

Minutes-OldSo far all is right with our world.



Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Five

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Five


Okay! We made it!  I dumped the two bushy-tailed squirrels off my back and flung myself down on the ground. Whew!  It was hot and those squirrels had to weigh two pounds each AT LEAST!

“WOW!  Boomer this is beautiful up here!”  Stanley chirped.


“It’s HUGE!” exclaimed Stewart. “HUGE!  And look at that great big pile of old logs just thrown every which way.”

“COME ON, BOOMER!  LET’S GO PLAY!”  The Squirrel brothers took off through the sea of grass heading toward the old logs.

Just as fast as they went into the sea of grass the squirrel brothers came plowing their way BACK to me!

“WAIT! WHOA! WHOA!  What is this all about?” I put up my paw to slow them down.

“COWS, BOOMER! LOTS OF THEM! You didn’t tell us the cows where at the Upper End!”

“Well, actually I didn’t KNOW the cows were up here.  The last time I was up here with Mom there weren’t any cows.”

“They are here now!” Stewart stamped his tiny foot.

“What’s so bad about the cows, we have cows in here every year.  It just must be that time of year to have the cows on the farm.”

“COWS chase SQUIRRELS, Boomer! And if they catch the squirrel they will stomp on them!”

“Na, boys.  Cows only chase coyotes.  They don’t chase squirrels.”

“Aaaa, Boomer?”


“Are coyotes part of the dog family?”

“Yes, that’s what Fuzzy told me one time.”

“Are you a D.O.G., Boomer?”

“OH, my goodness!  You are so right!  I AM A DOG! I am a dog and coyotes are dogs and cows CHASE DOGS!!!”

“UM, Yes!” the squirrel brothers sang in-chorus. “You are a dog.”

Well, now let’s see.  Fuzzy always told me that, if a cow starts to chase you, just slink way down and start creeping toward her (toward her? Shiver, shake) all the while giving her the old evil eye.  She will lower her head and blow snot at you, but just keep creeping forward, then turn slightly toward her left or right side and stop in mid-creep.  Continue to give her the old evil eye—pretty soon she will just shake her head and turn herself around and mosey on back to the herd.


“Well, that does present a problem; that is for sure.  But I think we should go ahead and check out the log piles; the cows are up by the Sagebrush Hill not anywhere close to the log piles.   If the cows decide to charge us we will just dive into the log piles.”

“Doesn’t Foxy and Red LIVE in the log piles?”

“Humm, yes, I think they do, but once the cows come they move on over to the backside of the Sagebrush Hill.  I’ll bet they are already gone.  Besides I was coming up here to tell Foxy and Red to come down to the wood pile by the trash cans so they can eat all the mice that have invaded the log pile at the house.”

“Oh, you didn’t tell us THAT!”  Stanley fairly screamed.  “Not only are we headed into FOX country, you are inviting them to THE FARM YARD where WE LIVE!”  Stewart folded his little arms across his chest and gave me the most evil look possible.

“Fair enough!” I sat down and whapped my tail apologetically on the ground.  “Since you LIVE with us in the farm yard, and the fox live up here, I won’t invite them down to catch mice.”

“Hummph!”  Stanley and Steward glared at me, then TURNED THEIR BACKS TO ME!!

Goodness.  Now what do I do.

“All right!  Furthermore, I’ll make a quick dash through the sea of grass over to the old tree logs and see if Foxy and Red are there.  If they are there I’ll come back and I’ll carry you on my back all the way home as fast as I can run.”

Still nothing.

“I WON’T TELL THEM ABOUT THE MICE!”  I barked very loudly at them.


“Okay, if they are NOT there I come back you can ride on my back through the sea of grass to the old dead tree logs and have a good play on the logs.  Take it or leave it this is all I’m going to do.  If you don’t like anything I said then I’m going through the sea of grass and you, Stanley, and you, Stewart, can figure out your own way back to the farm yard.”  As soon as I said that I started trotting toward the edge of the sea of grass. Keeping my nose in the air…cows, yep.  Been up on the Plateau they smell like snow, oak brush and dried grass, no calves yet, where are Foxy and Red…not here…must have left a day or so ago…faint fox smell but nothing really strong, deer…smells like Momma Deer and Princess…ah! Yes! The King Deer was here….very faint smell of those mangy coyotes.  Faint.  I’m pretty sure it’s safe to head into the sea of ….


HUH!?  Oh yeah I just about forgot I had the Squirrel brothers with me.


“You want to go into the sea of grass?”

“YES!” Stanley and Stewart chittered at me!  “YES!  WE WANT TO GO WITH YOU!”

“Okay, are you riding or walking?”

“Is it safe?”

“Safe” I answered.

“Then we are running!” they said as they bounded by me and plunged into the sea of grass.

Stay tuned for Chapter 6 where the Squirrels have leaps and bounds of unfettered joy.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Hank Came

Hank came to visit!

Hank Puff Cake McCormick.  Well, his whole family came to visit, but I was much more interested in Hank.  Hank and I do lots of things together, he even sleeps on the back porch with me.  Hank sleeps where Fuzzy slept and I sleep where I always sleep.

The first night here Hank kept going outside and doing naughty things. The first time Hank went out and barked at the cows…Mom got up and scolded Him and made him come back to bed.


Then around mid-night Mom smelled a skunk…getting up and checking on us she saw that Hank was NOT on his side of the porch… “HANK! You get in HERE!”  She hollered.


Thankfully Hank has just gone out and was still standing on the back step when Mom called him.  Back in he came, which was a good thing, because there really was a skunk out by the trash cans.  (Hank is not known to ovoid skunks…just saying. I do—I got sprayed once.  Once was enough, I make SURE to ovoid them at all costs now.)


The third time Hank barreled out the back door Mom was right behind him. Mom was up putting wood in the woodstove so Hank didn’t get too far out the door again.  This time Mom locked the door.  Just as she locked the door she saw the Fox move through the yard.


“Oh, Hank!  What are we going to do with you?  Stay IN!”  There is too much trouble out there, for you to get into, and then have to travel all the way back to Craig.”

Hank looked at a very mad Mom, hung his head and settled in to sleep the good sleep.

The next two nights Hank was decent and didn’t barrel out the backdoor every two or three hours.  Which is a good thing, because Mom was getting very tired of his barking all night stuff.


Still we had lots of fun in the daytime, but the most fun was when Mr. Davis and his three cow dogs came through the yard to check on the cows.  Twice a day they drive through…morning and evening.  Twice a day Hank and I barked them down the lane and hollered at the three cow dogs in the back of the pick-up.

Suddenly it was time for Hank to leave.  The family packed up the van and loaded up Hank and drove down the road…sigh.

OH! Well!  He will be back, until then I’ll bark Mr. Davis and his three cow dogs down the lane and through the farm yard!

Yes I will!


Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Four

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Four

 Momma Deer and Princess took off walking – pretty soon they were bounding away going so fast there was no way my short beagle legs could keep up with them.

Oh, well, that’s alright!  There are things I need to check on before I get to the Upper End.


“Hey, Boomer, wait up!  Where are you going?”  Monkey meowed at me.


“Up to the Upper End, Monk.  You had better not go with me, it’s a mile away and there are fox, badgers, raccoons, and coyotes up there.  You would NOT be safe.”

“Oh, (shudder) the Upper End.  You sure you want to go, Boomer?”

“Well, yeah.  I’m checking on the rabbits.  We haven’t had any rabbits in the corrals for a few days now; I want to see what has happened to them.”

Monkey flopped herself down and started rolling in the dirt, squirming this way and that.  Then she started batting at her tail, causing little puffs of soil to fling up and land on her face!

“Monkey, you are making a mess of yourself.  Mom will grab you before you come and give you a good brushing down.”

“Oh, well, Boomer.  Sometimes a little dirt in the fur is perfect for getting rid of itchy winter skin.”


I just stared at her as she twisted this way and that…suddenly Monkey jumped up and scrammed up the hay stack back drop and scampered to the middle of the boards.

“What’s up with you?” I hollered!


“STANLEY”!  She screamed back. As she hide behind the backstop boards.

Stanley…Oh, no! Stanley!  I turned around just in time to see Stanley and his twin brother Stewart running straight toward me!


Both squirrels banged right into me, knocking all of us down.

“WHOA, boys! What’s the big hurry?”

“We decided to go WITH you Boomer.  All the way to the Upper End!  We’ve been wondering what has happened to the rabbits ourselves.”

I thought seriously of kicking up dust and high-tailing it out of here, but they said the magic words—rabbits.

“You’ve been wondering where the rabbits have disappeared too?”

“Yes”, they chirped in chorus.  “We haven’t seen the rabbit family for several days now—do you think the fox have eaten them?  Do you think those scheming coyotes have slipped down into the farm yard while everyone was asleep and snacked on the bunnies?”

I shuddered at the thought.  Then I started to quiver and quake, my legs got weak and I felt like falling down. Coyotes.  I’m not very brave around coyotes.  I used to have Fuzzy to help me stay safe, but now it’s just me.  All alone, I fell to the ground and lay there panting.

I looked up at those loud and noisy squirrels, they just sat there with their tails all up and forming a perfect question mark, little black shiny eyes looking right at me laying there with my head between my paws.

“Okay”, I panted, gradually getting back up, first in a sitting position, then on all four feet. “Let’s go…we MUST find out what has a happened to the rabbit family.

I reached out a paw and shook paws with Stanley and then Stewart “Okay, for now the game of Squirrels and dog is off.  From this point on we are partners in the Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits.


“Partners” they both screamed!  Bounding off they scampered past Monkey who was now hiding under the hay tarp, and headed up the road.

“Hey, Wait for ME!” I barked.  “First stop at the hidey-hole by the water pipe.”

Have you ever seen a beagle run?  We are fast! First I lifted my nose to the air, gave a loud bay, then I was off!

For a short ways the squirrel brothers were ahead of me, then I put all the power in my muscles and did a flat out run.

I beat them to the hidey hole!  Tee Hee

I sat by the hidey hole for a good three minutes before they got to me.  I wanted to pant, but I didn’t want them to see me panting. So I held my tongue, so to speak.

First Stewart got to me…he stopped and rolled over on his back …he looked like a flat pancake he was so tired.  Then Stanley skidded to stop right next to Stewart and fell on the ground face forward.

“Hey, Boom!  If we are going to go with you, you can’t run so hard and fast and leave us in the dust.”

“Yes”, Stanley, huffed and puffed, if you don’t want to meet any coyotes by yourself, you are going to either wait for us or let us ride once in a while.  This was just way too much.”

Hummmm, maybe Stanley has a good thought, I mused to myself.

“Okay, from now on I’ll walk and if you get tired you can climb on my back and ride awhile.  Will that work?”

Both Squirrels pushed themselves up and stood straight and tall, together they chattered “We are with you all the way, Boomer!”

Don’t stop reading now…Chapter Five finds us at the Upper End!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Too Much IS Too Much!

“Let’s go, Boomer!”  Mom said as she walked out the back door.  “Time to go see if there are any babies.”

GO!  I’m always ready for GO!  I trotted right behind Mom, then I gave a little jump and hit my head on Mom’s left hand!  I’m here, Mom!  I’m ready!

Mom stopped walking and knelt down and gave me lots of rubs and pets. I smiled so big the sun didn’t seem so bright!

“Okay, Boomie-Boo, Dad’s already got the gate down and on his four-wheeler, let’s get ours and head out.”


Mom lifted me up on back, ever since I blew my knee out, Mom won’t let me jump up on the back of the four-wheeler or the pick-up.  She picks me up every time.  ‘Your knee has healed, Boom-dog; it needs to stay that way’.


Off we went…first to the equipment area, then down into the bulrushes, which is by the alfalfa field —see the paths the cows are making.  If one goes they all go the same way.

Sage-Brush-Hill Then over to Coyote Hill, into all the fields, through the Rabbit Brush Jungle, over on the Rocky Point to look down into the Back Forty, then the Upper End; and onto Sage Brush field going past the pond.   After which we drove the mile to home. It was a BLAST! (Since it’s been rather warm here the wind in my fur felt really nice!)

SoonAnyway, no calves yet, but soon.

When we got home my oldest sister was there waiting for us with her pack: A Rottweiler–Rocky the Chaco Man, Houston (Houston can climb trees) she is a Mountain Cur Hound, Molly a Blue Tick Hound, Beauty a Black Lab and Etta and Shiloh, White Cloud Walker Hounds.


They are all hollering and yelling at me to go with them for a run down in the Rubidoux Canyon, I jumped up and put my paws on the truck, so Mom put me in the back with them.


Suddenly they all started screaming at me, hollering and baying and yelling…it was just toooooooooo much!



Mom was highly alarmed that I hurt my knee again, but I didn’t.  Which was good.  I hid behind Mom and I hugged her legs.  I AM NOT GOING WITH ALL THOSE LOUD DOGS, MOM!  I pled with her.  One or two at a time but not EVERYONE!!!

Mom reached down and petted me, “That’s okay, Boomer!  You don’t have to go— sometimes too much company is just too much.”

Everyone gave me lots of pets and belly rubs.

Then Shannon got in her truck and drove off…all the dogs barking.  I heard them baying as they passed the other house heading toward the canyon.

Whew I’m glad I didn’t have to go!


A very relieved,

Boomer the Beagle

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Flat Stanley

“Hey, Boom!  Wanta go to the mailbox with me?”  Mom asked as she stopped by my dog house. I was taking in the sun, sound asleep.

You see the sun had just made its way to shine fully into my doghouse warming up the interior and me!

I was stretched clear out having a good dream.

HUH! I woke-up in a flash.  “I do!”  I said with big grin as I trotted off behind Mom.

The walk to the mail box takes a little time; you see we have to go ‘down the lane’ to get on the main road. Once down at the road we have to walk a little way down the road to the mail box.  Mom doesn’t want me on the main road so I hang back by the culvert until she gets back from the mail box.


Down we went…I sniffed here and there all the way down…Foxy and Red passed by—Pepper walked across the road and left a few smells for me.

Back home Mom sat down on the back step and started opening the mail! “Oh! Boomie, guess what?  Rory and his second grade classmates from an Elementary School in the deep-south has made a Flat Stanley at the first of this year’s school year.  Rory’s Flat Stanley has gone to several states then to a blog friend, Sara.– ( Sara has sent Flat Stanley to us.”

“Flat Stanley!!?”

“Come on, Boomer! You and Flat Stanley are going to have a great time.”


So off we went—first Flat Stanley took a ride on the 630 John Deere tractor, then he checked out the hay yard, after that we came in and had lunch.  Mom took photos so she could send them back to Rory’s second grade class.

“It’s time to say good-bye to our little friend, Boomer.”  I’m putting him in the mail to go visit a cotton farm in Littlefield, Texas on the next post.


I graciously said good-bye to Flat Stanley and wished him a great trip traveling here and there and everywhere.

Good-bye, Flat Stanley Mom and I hope Rory enjoys seeing the world through your eyes!


Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Two

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Two

“Let’s go find the mice!” Sam-Sam and Monkey yelled at once. “Come-on, Boomer, you know how to open the back door so we don’t have to wait on Mom!”

I jumped up and gave myself a good shake and trotted over to the back door, putting my forehead against the door I gave it a big push.  Then I sorta stood in the door so Monkey and Sam could run out with me.

“Beat you to the woodpile”, Monkey meowed, taking off with her fur flying and her tail high in the air!

Sam just looked at me and strolled on by me, down the sidewalk, giving me a wink as he did so.  “I’ll just let Monkey get a head start”, he said. “If there are as many mice as you say there are I’ll get there in enough time.”


I trotted on by Sam—“see ya at the wood pile.”

Once there I sat myself down to watch the action:  Mice running everywhere and Monkey going bonkers trying to capture one. Her blue eyes were locked onto the skittering, masses of brown fur, her tail was twitching and a chattering coming from her throat…then ~POW~ she was on one with both paws. Then next thing I knew she jumped down from the log pile and was chewing on a mouse.

Sam arrived just as Monkey caught the mouse and jumped down…”Good Job, Monk!  Enjoy your snack!”  Sam jumped up on the nearest log and became still as the log itself.  Slowly, ever so slowly, the scattered mice started appearing through the holes the nested logs had created.  Sam just sat still…not moving an inch or a tail, or a whisker.  The mice became bolder, now they lifted their little bodies right out onto the logs and started running from log to log in a sort of frenzied way.  “BAM”!

Sam had two mice, one under each paw!  “You want a mouse snack, dog?”

“Ah…hum….I don’t think so cat!  I don’t think so.  Enjoy yourself; I’m heading out to the hay yard to see if Momma Deer and her fawn are there of if Foxy and her mate have been around.  I’ll bet if they know about the mice they will head over to the woodpile and help you cats out.”  I said as I trotted on past the trash can and into the corral.

News….sniff, snuff…let me see what happened over night.

While I was sniffing around the corrals I heard Mom come out of the house. Then I heard her pick up the wheelbarrow and start toward the woodpile.

Oh…hum.  Yes, Foxy and Red, her mate have been here.  Oh…looking for mice…I followed their trail for a short ways, under the corral fence they went; then under the old wooden granary.  Yep, looks like they dug up a field mouse nest.

Hummm I need to head up to the old dead tree at the Upper End and tell them about the bazillion mice that invaded Mom’s woodpile.

Just as I was thinking that I heard a Screech…………then I heard Mom yell- “Oh, you dirty mice! Where is the world did you all come from?”


I trotted back through the corrals, crawled under the corral fence, and zipped passed the trash cans to see Mom walking off toward the tile house.

I decided I would much rather follow Mom and see how she is going to deal with this infestation of mice; I’ll go check out the hay stack yard later.

“Hi, Cats!  I heard Mom screech.”

“Yep, about six mice ran right toward her as she bent down to get a log and then a few ran right over her foot.  She had on her flip-flops so the mice running over her bare skin rather gave her a start.” Sam said as he licked his paw and wiped off his face.


“Mom scared me so I ran across the chicken pen fence and heaved myself up on the Chicken house roof.  I think she was more mad than scared.  I! Was scared!”  Monkey peered over the roof as she explained to Sam and me.

“Well, I’m off to help her do whatever it is she is going to do. See Ya!”  I hurried on over to the tile house just as Mom was coming back out with three buckets.

OH!  The Mouse killer buckets!

Around to the east side of the house Mom went with the buckets, there she put one bucket under the water faucet and turned the water on, filling the bucket with several inches of water she turned off the faucet and sat that bucket aside.  Then she grabbed the next bucket repeating the whole process until she had the three buckets with the amount of water which would drown a mouse.

Then she went inside for a spell.

I waited.  I waited right by the buckets.  I knew Mom was going inside to get some empty cans and some peanut butter.  I LOVE PEANUTBUTTER!

Yep…here she comes with the dowels the three cans with the ends out of them and some peanut butter already smeared on the cans.

OH!  And a dog cookie with some peanut butter for ME!

While I munched down my dog cookie and peanut butter Mom inserted the dowels, with the cans on them, into the holes in the buckets.  You see the mice will run across the dowels, get on the can, the can will roll over and the mouse will fall off into the water and drown.  The buckets are plastic so the mice can’t find purchase to climb back out of the bucket.  So sad, good-bye mice!


Three trips later the buckets were placed in spots close to the woodpile.  “There you mice!  I’ll be back to check on things later on.”  Mom said and went back loading up the wheelbarrow with wood for the woodstove.

I followed Mom back to the house, but turned down the invitation to go back in — I still had news to gather.  Plus I wanted to find Red and Foxy and tell them about the mice.  Mom’s buckets will work and work really well.  Red and Foxy will need to get to the wood pile soon if they would some fresh mice to fill their tummies.

Stay tuned….this story turns out to have more than mice in it!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Rocky/Chaco Man the Rottweiler

My oldest sister came over with my oldest nephew, Rocky Chaco Man the Rottweiler, for him and me to have some fun time together.


Shannon and Jason have lots of dogs—they are all hunting dogs, hounds and a lab!  But Rocky doesn’t go hunting he guards their place.  I don’t go hunting…I pretend guard the farm…so Mom and Shannon thought it would be nice if Rocky and I could have a play date on the farm.


A long (all the way around the farm—then back over the Back Forty, then to the Upper End then down by the alfalfa field) walk.


We had a great time…Rocky marked so many bushes that by the time we got to Back Forty, where the coyotes live, he was just lifting his leg for show– nothing else.  I did much better, because after all I live here and I know I have to SAVE UP for the Back Forty so I can let those coyotes KNOW dogs live on the farm!!!

It must have been 300* out there, by the time we got back to the house Rock was foaming at the mouth. Black fur, no water to splash in along the way and not a cloud in sight wears a dog out.


When we got home Mom gave each of us a HUGE dish of water.  Rocky slurped his down and then wanted to get in his Mom’s car and go home.

So they did.  Shannon loaded Rocky up and drove away. I saw Rocky looking out the back window…he hollered at me that he had a great time and wanted to do it again!

I hollered back!  “ANYTIME, Rocky!  ANYTIME!”




The Cast of Characters

The Cast of Characters

Boomer has taken up a new hobby…solving mysteries on the farm. His lovable canine super beagle nose leads him and his farm friends on delightful warm-hearted adventures.
Boomer is a Beagle….although, he doesn’t know he is a beagle.  He doesn’t hunt rabbits or mice or chase birds.  But he DOES love gathering the news.  It was after the loss of his very best friend Fuzzy and falling into a long funk that he decided it was time to start living again.  Since Boomer loves to gather the news, solving mysteries was the next step. (See the Fuzzy link)

Monkey Cat—lived in the house for years and years and years.  If Mom or Dad made her go outside she would climb on the screen door and hang there until they let her back in.  Then suddenly- the year she turned nine –she decided that she was old enough and brave enough to explore the big outdoors.   Boomer started taking the little fluffy fraidy-cat with him to see the farm…Monkey Cat has decided that visiting outside is, well, FUN!

Sam-Sam Cat — the wise and oldest animal on the farm.  Sammy is fifteen and the undisputed cat all around. Sammy is devoted to Mom and adores Dad.  He tolerates Monkey and only goes with Boomer to keep Boomer out of trouble.  Often times its Sammy who figures out what REALLY is going on.

Foxy and Red—warm-hearted Fox who live at the Upper End of the farm in a pile of old dead Cottonwood Trees. Mom doesn’t mind the fox family on the farm because there are NOT and chickens on the farm anymore.  But IF Mom were to get chickens again (she thinks about it a lot) then Foxy and Red would not be welcomed anywhere near the farm yard.   Boomer isn’t much of a watch dog or a guard dog.  Boomer has a warm heart for everyone, except the Coyotes.  So IF Mom gets chickens, Mom will need to get a guard dog for the hens.  Until that time…Foxy and Red pretty much have the run of the whole farm!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Back Stop

Yesterday was a BLAST!!!

Sam-Sam, Monkey, Mom, Dad, and I all worked outside. The day was cold, but it felt nice to be outside ‘doing stuff’.


Dad was building another backstop for the hay. Since he expanded the acreage of alfalfa he also had to expand the hay yard.  First he dug post holes then he started nailing up the backstop wood.  Mom just held the wood, Dad does all the hard work, like digging the holes,



the tractor sets the poles, and Mom holds the wood in place.


Then Mom and I went for WALK!!! Actually I went for a jog/run/dash :).My-Sam

Sam-Sam came with us,



but Monkey hung out with Dad!


When we got back Dad and Mom loaded up an old cottonwood burr



to haul to the upper end.


Dad said it would make a nice home for some critter up there.

Then Mom and Dad cut up firewood and Mom hauled it to the house.  All the time they were busy — I checked out everything I could…the pipes, the ditches, deer tracks…you name it.



Sam-Sam hung out with Mom and Dad and



Monkey climbed on EVERYTHING!


After that we had to go down to the other house and check on everything down there…that meant a FOUR-WHEELER RIDE!!!!


When all this was finished the day was cooling down and the sun was starting to set!

What a perfect day we had!