Sherlock Boomer Almost Murder on the Farm! Chapter Seven

Ruth fluttered off the big rock landing right alongside me. “Lay down dog, put you head on your paws and stay there until I tell you sit back up.”  Placing a wing at the tip of my nose she started walking down the farm road…”ten, eleven, twelve” we heard her count.  “Come stand here Stanley,” Ruth called to Stanley.  Stanley turned stunned eyes toward her and started shivering and shaking all over.

“Go ahead, Stanley” I nudged Stanley gently with my nose—“DON’T MOVE, BOOMER!” Ruth squawked at me. “Go!”  I said… “Let’s see what she is up to…we might get this cased solved quickly and can head back home.”

Stanley drug himself slowly toward Ruth, when he got there, Ruth took both her wings and pushed Stanley onto the spot where she was standing.  Then she took off walking again, counting under her breath until she got to twelve once more.  “Now you, Stewart, shuffle your little feet over here and stand right in this spot.”

I gave Stewart the signal to go, which he did; head hanging down just sure he was heading toward his doom.

“Okay”, Ruth started walking until she got 12 more steps under her.  “Here is where we are…”See this big rock is one spot, Boomer you are another spot, Stewart and Stanley, you each have a spot.  If we were to draw a line from each of you to around to the rock we would have a circle.”

“Yes!  That’s right!” we three chorused!

“Okay, now that we have a circle we are protected from the monster.  I’m going to stand in the circle, turn around three times, then stand still and see if I can see just what is the black hairy monster, or if not that, if it is still on the farm and where to find him.”

“W-w-will it come get us”? Stanley voiced quivered as he asked the question, which was on all our minds.

“No, we are protected by the magic circle, I just told you so “Ruth turned disgusted eyes upon each one of us in turn.

“No shhhhhhhhhhh, I have work to do.”

Ruth slowly closed her eyes, lifted her wings to full span, and started turning slowly, slowly, slowly—muttering under her breath…something we couldn’t hear.  Even, I with my very sharp beagle ears.


Once, twice, three times.  Ruth gradually stopped, first at Stanley, then turned a little more and stopped at Stewart, then turned the last time stopping at me.  Then she raised her wings high up in the air and slashed them down, folding them to her side —- whereby she promptly fell over.

I jumped to my feet and ran to Ruth, nudging her with my nose I tried to see if she was okay.  Stanley and Stewart right to me and climbed onto my back.  “WHAT HAPPENED?”  What Happened, Boomer?”

“I don’t know”, I pushed my nose into Ruth’s body and gave a little shove, that’s when we could hear Ruth snore.  “Oh, I guess, she got tired. It is day time and she is a night owl…Ruth is sleeping.”

“Sleeping! YAY!  The squirrel brother jumped off me and scampered onto the big rock, running here and there, through the grass up on the old logs rotting close by they played and laughed and ran with great glee!

I sat there a very long time, just watching Ruth sleep and the squirrel brothers dashing from rock to log, through the grass, up on a stump and thought to myself: Shish! I’m bored!


Just about that time Ruth rose up from her very dusty bed on the road, gave her bird body some rather vigorous shakes (Which flung feather every which way), then shook out here massive wings, flapped them several times, then blinked her gigantic, big, huge yellow eyes at me and said:  “You have a couple of feathers stuck to your nose, Boomer?”

“Well, of course I do, Ruth…you just got through throwing feathers and dust all over the place!”  I gave a big sneeze, causing the feather to fly up into the air, then gently float back down.

“Well, enough of that, Boomer.  I know just what we are supposed to do now.  I saw the big black hairy thing and it/he/she is over on the Sage Brush hill hiding next to an old Coyote Den.  “Come on follow me” Ruth lifted herself straight up in the air and took off over the Upper End, then over the small swamp, up to the little creek and right onto a Russian Oliver tree way, way, over there on the Sage Brush Hill.

Geez, I thought to myself. Sure it’s easy if you have wings, but the squirrel brothers and I have to WALK over there.   We will have to either go around the swamp or we have to go THROUGH the swamp, neither idea sounded like something I wanted to do.  Of course Stanley and Stewart will want to ride so all the work will be up to me.

What to do, I pondered to myself.  What to do.

Oh! I know I’ll go the way I’m going, passed the little corn field, over to the Back Forty Road then I’ll take the land bridge up over the pond….from there it’s just a matter of back tracking…through COYOTE COUNTRY!!


Coyote Country!  What a quandary!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Watchful Night

About 7:30 or so last night Mom and Dad got a phone call.  I didn’t pay much attention to them getting a phone call—it happens all the time.

Mom picked up the phone: “Hello” then she didn’t say anything for a very long time. Since Mom was sitting next to me, and I was lying next to the fire place toasting the pads on my feet, I did hear the phone say—to repeat this message press any button now.

Suddenly Mom was jumping up, sort of stumbling over me…shish! I got up and moved out of the way.  By the time I got up, Mom was over at Dad’s chair, handing him the phone.  I saw her push a button and then put the phone to Dad’s ear.

Dad listened awhile and said.  “This is serious!” as he hung up the phone.

He told Mom to call my oldest Sister to let her know about the reverse 911 (a 119) call.

Here is what I heard as Mom talked to Shannon—

“We just got a call from the Sherriff’s department.  There are two armed and dangerous fugitives on the loose.  They are two men wearing dark hoody type coats, each man has a dark backpack and is wearing camouflage shorts.  If you see them call 911 immediately.  Do NOT approach them, do Not try to detain them in any manner.  The armed fugitives have been spotted in our vicinity.  We are advised to lock all out buildings, all vehicles, the doors and windows to our house, and stay inside.”

Then Mom and Dad turned on all the outside lights, got flashlights and headed out to do as instructed.  Of course I went with them.  I AM the protector of the property, and of Mom and Dad.


As we were doing all this we could see down our country lane and way across the fields of our neighbor’s there were lots and lots of car lights and activity on the roads surrounding us.   Later on a helicopter flew by.  It was all very….unusual for our little part of the world that is for sure.

Mom made me come inside and locked the doors.  “You can go out only if I am with you, Boomer.  No since in you getting in harm’s way.” She said, as I bedded down for the night.


This morning everything seems to be back to normal.  I checked out the lane, nothing there but the usual.

Sure was a watchful night.


Sherlock Boomer Almost Murder on the Farm! Chapter Six–Monday, November 16, 2015

Sherlock Boomer

Almost Murder on the Farm!

Chapter Six

The squirrel brothers, Stewart and Stanley, Ruth the Owl, and myself, Boomer the Beagle, a.k.a. Sherlock Boomer— soon found ourselves at the Upper End.

I trotted along with the squirrel brothers perched on my back and Ruth flying on silent wings above us. Once there I stopped at the fork-in-the road…straight ahead, way down the way, was the fence and the gate to our neighbor’s farm and Dad’s head gate for the irrigation water.


On our left was the road THROUGH the Upper End, toward the Back Forty and between those two areas was the Drinking Pond, Sage Brush Hill, Red-Winged Black Bird Sanctuary and Cactus Point.

As I was sitting in the fork-of the-road Ruth flew down on silent wings and perched on a corn stalk in the corn field next to road leading through the Upper End.

“Ruth,” I said very seriously.  “Before we begin, you need to settle down here on this big rock and give me all the details of the almost murder to Porky the porcupine.  I need to know just where it is we need to be heading and just What the monster looked like.”

Ruth lifted herself off the corn stalk and floated down upon the rock.  “Okay, here is what happened, as far as I was told:  It was getting along toward sunset, Porky was just between the Sage Brush Hills…right about where the spring runs between the two hills and fills up the Drinking Pond.  He was just moseying along, thinking of nothing much, eating some herbs and grass now and then.  When suddenly something HUGE! BIG AND BLACK! AND VERY HAIRY loomed over him and gave him a swipe that sent him flying head over heels and into the Chico brush and the rabbit brush.

Porky scrabble up and quickly crawled into a hole under the roots of the biggest Chico bush close by.  The big hairy black monster hung around for a while sorta acting like it had a bunch of quills in its paws.  It growled and whined and whimpered…when in the distance the sound of four-wheelers coming closer and closer was heard.

The big, black, hairy monster stopped, stood still for a spell, and then crashed off toward the bottom of the Sage Brush hill toward the Red-Winged Black Bird Sanctuary.  Pork could hear the Red-winged Black Birds giving the alarm of danger and at least three of the Rooster Pheasants squawking as the monster lumbered pasted them.

“Big, black, hair, with paws…” I mused.  I lay down and put my head on my paws and stared into my mind, trying to come up with something that matched that description.  Sitting back up I asked the squirrel brothers if they knew what type of monster this might be.  Sitting very still, one eye on Ruth and one eye on me, their little tails curled into question marks they solemnly shook their heads No.

“Ruth, do you know?”

“Actually, no I don’t, Boomer.  But I think I can find out.”

“You are going to fly up high and far away and search high and low,” Stanley timidly asked Ruth.

“Well, actually no…I have a better idea.” Stanley visibly wilted, “oh,” he responded in a tiny, tiny voice.



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

It’s been a busy week!

ddWe’ve — meaning Mom, Dad and myself, have gone


here and there,

Townand then over there, and then back there.

Good-HorseRomeo, my oldest sister’s horse and my oldest sister came over to see us.  I barked at Romeo…in the BACK of Romeo, but he turned around REAL fast and snuffled all over me.

Everyone laughed because I laid as flat as I could get on the ground. I didn’t think it was funny at all.

Let’s just say Romeo and I have an understanding…I don’t bark at Romeo anymore. There is just something rather intimidating about a HUGE horse nose sniffing all over your rather small dog body.


Sammy and I scared up a ghost one night, we were outside by the gated pipe, just hanging around, when we heard the back door open and then close.  I was going to head in to see if Mom or Dad came out, but the door sounds came again, so I figured whomever it was, had already gone back inside.

HuntAbout that time, Sammy scared up a couple of mice, which he and I gave a good chase.

After, that the night air was starting to cool down—I gave Sam the good-bye paw and headed back toward the house.

Alert Just then a ghost came around the grain bins!  Sam and I let out a holler, meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,  WOOOOOOOF!



Silly us…it was just Mom.


The next day Mom and I went to town again, when we got home…


I HAD a new yummy bone!


Sure has been a busy week!


A Storm Rolled in Last Night—-Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We woke up to snow this morning!  Although it IS melting, it’s still snow.  Sure seems early this year.

Off-we-goTerry and I worked on the fire roads.  We have one that is a pain in the ….well, you know what.

Fire-road-1Yep, Terry is stuck…that’s a chain, whereby I’m pulling him out. This particular spot is a real struggle.  Twice a year we clear and clean and create making it safe to get to the rest of the farm.

Fire is a mighty and very scary thing.

Helping-MomBoomer worked right along side of us, up and down, back and forth…over and over again.

Right now the wind is blowing, sharp and cold; pushing the clouds toward the north and the east, mud is appearing where the snow once was.  Work on the fire roads has ended for the year.

Your friend on a very muddy western Colorado farm,


Sherlock Boomer Almost Murder on the Farm! Chapter Five

Sherlock Boomer

Almost Murder on the Farm!

Chapter Five


“Boomer there is a very serious matter over at the Upper End in the hollow between the Upper End and the Chico Brush Hill. Everyone who lives up there has asked me if I would come find you.  We want you to help solve a terrible crime.”

“Crime?!” My ears perked up “What sort of crime, Ruth?”

“It’s all very sad, Boomer.  Someone tried to murder Porky the Porcupine.”

“Is Porky okay, Ruth?” I’m not very fond of Porky and all his kin, but, after all, he DOES live here on the farm and I’m the protector of the farm.”

“He is, but we have to stop whomever it was, Boomer!  If that monster will take on a porcupine…it will take on any of us!”

I sat my rear down and just looked at Ruth.  Pork the Porcupine, Monster, Upper End, Chico Brush Hill…as I sat there staring at Ruth; my mind quickly flew back to those days when I was searching for a new home.  I was five years old and had never in my life lived on a farm. I had always lived in a house or was stuck in a garage, my world was small, small, small.  But one day I found myself determined to live with Fuzzy and Mom and Dad on their farm.  (Now my farm, also!)  Anyway, as I was making my way to the farm I ran into a porcupine.


Porcupines are very interesting creatures…I was quite intrigued…this creature smelled just like some sort of rodent…although, it didn’t really LOOK like a rodent.  I took several steps toward it, sniffing my way closer and closer…the porcupine didn’t even act like it SAW me, just kept on eating weeds and little twigs.  Interesting, I thought, when BAM (!) my nose, my jaw, my left ear flap were in huge pain.  I gave a loud YELP and jumped backwards.

“WHAT IN THE HECK WAS THAT?”  I barked at the porcupine.

“Quills!” the porcupine snickered at me…”and if you come any closer you’ll get even more!”

“Shish”, I replied. ” You don’t have to be such a grouch

I back up slowly, slowly then turned and trotted way, way around the porcupine heading to my forever home on the farm.

(For the record, when I got to the farm, Mom took one look at me…pronounced me hers, ran in and got the pliers, pulled out all the quills and well, the rest is history.)

“Boomer?  Hey, Boomer?  What are you staring at?”  Ruth flapped her wings and did a little dance to break up my staring.

“Oh, nothing, Ruth.  Just thinking about quills, porcupines, and monsters.  I’ve decided that I will take this case on, Ruth, only if you come with me. And if Stewart and Stanley come.  I’m not going up there by myself…not with monsters and coyotes and PORCUPINES!”


“US!!!!” screeched Stewart and Stanley their voices sounding like they were talking in a megaphone they were so far down in the tree hollow…”We would be food in a minute!  If not from monsters and coyotes, and fox, we sure would be for the hawks, eagles, and RUTH!!”

“Oh, bother, squirrels,” Ruth turned her large golden eyes on the tree hollow were the squirrel brothers were hiding…”I said you were safe from me and you are!  One thing you have to learn is, if Ruth gives her word you can stake your life on it.

“Ahuuuummm.”  I cleared my throat staring right back at Ruth—- “I think it IS their lives they are thinking about, Ruth.” I pointed out.

“Oh, yes, I see”, pondered Ruth.  Lives, food, rodents, squirrels, danger, lunch, rodents, yummy in the tummy…Ruth flipped her wing up and rested her face on her feathers. “I see.”

“Well, I guess that is the risk you are going to have to take.  I have given my word—my word is good.  Now the question is—are you going to come with me to keep the farm safe?”  With that Ruth flew right up to the branch next to the hollow where the squirrel brothers were hiding.

Peering into the hollow hole in the tree, she sorta whispered...”BOO!”  after which I heard two loud screams!

“Are you coming or not?”  Ruth asked peering way down into the hollow, so far down I couldn’t even see her head anymore.

“We won’t be lunch?” both squirrels chattered at once.

“No you won’t” Ruth replied.  ” It will be us against the monster at the Upper End”.


To be honest with you, even I, Boomer the Beagle and solver of mysteries, protector of the farm felt my knees start to knock together.



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Like a Subaru

My sister and her husband (they live in Grand Junction, Colorado)


By the way, I have three sisters and one brother!!!  They all have dogs.  But this is not a story about my nieces and nephews this is a story about Love.

The kind you see on a Subaru ad…

Anyway, Kimi and Cliff were up visiting…without their dogs.  I think I heard something said to mom and dad about just stopping by after spending time in Ouray, Colorado.

Personally I didn’t care what they had been doing—just that they were here.




if Love makes a Subaru…


Love can also make for a really nice nap.


Sherlock Boomer Almost Murder on the Farm! Chapter Four

Sherlock Boomer

Almost Murder on the Farm!

Chapter Four

“BEAT YOU THERE! Stewart called as he pulled ahead of our little gang.

The race was on….Tails flying, paws churning up the dirt, while huge clouds of dust covered us from head to tail.

“THERE!”  I yelled!  “I made it first!!” I hoisted myself up on the Cross-Over Pipe and tip-toed over the pipe to the other side of the raging, fast running canal.

We slipped and slid back and forth over the pipe, daring each other to try it with one leg held up, or our tails dragging…we laughed and whooped and hollered.

Suddenly a huge giant dark shadow came between us and the sun.  Then it was gone. We all stopped and looked around.

“What was that?” questioned Stewart?

“I don’t know,” answered Stanley I don’t see a single cloud in the sky.


Suddenly I got a strange sensation, sort of like a creepy feeling…the hairs on the back of my neck picked up-I cut my eyes both ways and put my nose to the wind.

“Be quiet” I whispered to Stanley and Stewart.  “SHHHH”

I lifted my nose to the air, turning this way and that way…walking off the pipe I continued to keep my fine-tuned nose lifted to sky.  Gradually I made to the big Cottonwood tree, which shelters the farm road and provides shade for the cows and calves.

I could make out a very different smell…it didn’t smell dangerous, it just smelled unusual….sorta feathery, dusty, kinda like hummmm, varmints now long dead…




I trotted over to the area where the plops were taking place, although I did hang back a little; a plop of glop on the head is Not a very nice thing.

Sniffing around the gloop: little bits of fur, a couple of bones, two mice skulls…this sure smells familiar.

“Hey, DOG!  Look Up!”

That voice also sounds very familiar…looking up, waaaaaaaaaaaay up in the tree I saw—RUTH!!!

“Ruth!” I barked.  “Hi!”  You are up at the wrong time of the day, er night, er, day aren’t you?”

Before Ruth could answer I bayed at the squirrel brothers—“It’s alright, it’s just Ruth the Owl.  Come on over to the big, old, Cotton Wood Tree.”

“OWL?!”  The squirrel brothers bolted for a hole next to the transfer ditch! Suddenly they were peeling out of the hole………….SNAKE! One of them screamed.

My eyes crossed as two streaks of brown fur zoomed by me going so fast I couldn’t make out heads or tails; watching them fly by I realized they were heading toward the hollow spot in the Cotton Wood tree!

“OWLS EAT RODENTS, BOOMER!  WE ARE RODENTS!” Stewart chittered at me with just the tip of his nose showing.

“You are now in the tree with the OWL!” I barked back at them.

“OWL!”  Both heads ducked into the hollow and remained down under the lip of the hole.

“Oh, geez!” Ruth replied indigently.  “I’m not here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’m here to see Boomer.”  With that statement Ruth raised both her wings and flapped twice then floated gently down beside me.




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Chapter Three, Almost Murder on the Farm

Sherlock Boomer

Almost Murder on the Farm!

Chapter Three

I was walking in a world of green.  I was also gathering lots of news.  Humm the raccoons are in here, let me see…oh, just traveling through.

SKUNK!  Nasty!  I won’t go down that furrow.  Years ago when I got to the farm (I was a throw away, Mom and Dad saved me) I got up close and personal with a skunk!

YUCK!  Nasty green sprayed stuff right in my face, all over my nose, in my eyes, and it attached to my fur! It was terrible.  Of course after a spell I couldn’t smell it anymore, but Mom and Fuzzy could.

(Fuzzy is my bestest friend ever.  He doesn’t live here anymore, he went over the rainbow bridge in the fall. I still miss him.  BUT sometimes Fuzzy comes back to visit me AND I have all my memories of him! It’s not the same, but it helps.)

So back to my first and only encounter with a skunk — Mom gave me three baths and made me sleep in the dog house for several days.  I much prefer sleeping in the house, so I think I’ll just mosey on past this skunk news.

BUT before I headed out I left my mark on every spot the skunk walked…HEE HEE!  That skunk needed to know just WHO has the run of the farm!

Here…take another squirt!

Off I went…Momma deer and her little princess have been walking through here…oh…I see they are eating their breakfast in here…not a good thing.  Dad won’t like this at all.

HERE have a Boomer Squirt or two!  This is really fun!  Squirt Here, Squirt THERE, SQUIRT EVERYWHERE!!!

That should keep the deer out of this part of the corn field for a spell!

I chucked to myself as I continued trotting on down the furrows of the mile long corn field.

WHEW!  It’s starting to get really humid and hot in here.  I think I had better figure out where the edge of the field is and get out of this sauna of a corn field.

I sniffed my way to the edge of the mile long corn field checking out everything my nose can find, when suddenly…a horrible sting occurred right on the tip of my wonderful leathery black nose!

YIPE! I yipped and jumped backwards!  OW! OW! OW!!!  What the heck just happened?!

Looking up I saw that I had run smack dab into a HUGE Nodding Thistle…you know the kind…those giant purple thistles, which are the flower of Scotland!  BAM!  Stickers right there on the tip of my nose!

I took off running…I had to get those thistle stickers out of m220px-Musk_thistley nose and fast! My nose felt like it was on fire!  I tore through the corn, tripping and banging into weeds and corn stalks.

“Hey, Little Buddy! SLOW DOWN!  STOP!” I thought I heard Fuzzy bark at me. “Where you going so fast?”

MY NOSE I wailed at Fuzzy, “MY nose is swelling shut, I can’t breathe and I have stickers all in it.”

STOP right there, Boomer! Go to the farm road, scratch up some of the soft dirt.  Get your paws full of dirt then scratch at your nose with your paws…the dirt will cake on your wet nose and help the swelling and your paws will knock off most of the stickers.  The ones you don’t get knocked off Mom will take care of when you get back to the house.”


Opening my eyes I saw I was heading right toward the very fast moving, gigantic canal full of dangerous water!   BUT I was on the farm road.

Screeching to a stop I flopped down and pawed at the dirt, flinging dirt all over my nose, then I took my two front paws and swiped at my nose until, well, it didn’t hurt anymore!

Whew! What a good feeling.

I turned over on my back and sent a little prayer to Fuzzy.  ‘It worked, Fuzz!  My nose feels ever so much better!  Thank you my bestest friend in the whole wide world.’

I flipped back over, closed my eyes, put my head between my paws, and rested.  What a huge ordeal that was!

It was while I was re-grouping I heard Stanley and Stewart galloping toward me!  Geez, I had better get up before I’m trampled to death, I thought to myself.

Slowly I started to rise from the ground, when Wham! I was hit with two brown furry squirrels!

WOAH! Slow down…you about knocked me over!” I barked.

Swiftly nudging one of the squirrel brothers off me with my nose, I continued standing up.  Then giving myself a good shake the other squirrel brother slid off my back onto the ground.

“Hey, Boomer! What’s going on with your nose? It’s all covered in dirt and you have a sticker in the middle of it.”

“I’m trying to heal my nose.”

“Heal you nose?”

“Yes, I ran into a huge, gigantic Nodding Thistle while I was sniffing out smells in the corn field…my nose was covered with the sharp pokey stickers.  I covered my nose with dirt and tried to scrape out most of the stickers with my paws.”

“Well you have one left,” Stanley replied as he hopped up onto my head, then proceeded to reach down past my eyes, grab something off the very top of my black leathery nose, then he hopped off.

“Done!  Stanley got it for you” Stewart announced!  “You are Sticker free!”

“YAY!  That’s what friends are for!”

“Come on, Boomer! Let’s head on up to the Cross-Over Pipe…time’s a wast’n!”

With that we all picked up our paws and sprinted to the Cross-Over Pipe!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Almost Murder on the Farm! Chapter Two, October 23, 2015

Sherlock Boomer

Almost Murder on the Farm!

Chapter Two

The dust was thick and heavy as we flew along on our padded paws. Suddenly Stanley and Steward scrabbled up the corral and ran along the top rung.   Since I couldn’t follow I slowed down and started taking my time.


I wanted to sniff out all the news along the way.  You see I had to crawl under the rungs, which put my nose right on the ground, so to speak; the crawl under the pole rung of the fence pushed my nose down.  The ground smelled full of news!

I sniffed here and there, had to stop and sneeze a couple of times, dry manure up the nose, you see, and generally made a slow by steady way through the corrals.

“HEY, BOOMER!!!  Hurry UP!  The day is wast’n and you are still in the corrals.”  Stanley yelled at me.

“Huh!  Oh, yes, where was I?  WHERE ARE YOU, STANLEY?  STEWART?”

“On the backstop in the hay stack yard” Stewart hollered.

“On the hay stacked against the hay stack backstop,” Screamed Stanley.

Oh…I guess I HAD better hurry up, I muttered to myself. Picking up my nose and my paws I headed out of the corrals, past the combine sheds, past the old trucks, then past the building where the corn and pinto bean planter lived.

“I’m here!” I barked!  “Now just where Are you?”

“LOOK UP, Boomer!  LOOK UP!”

“Oh!  You are UP on the back stop and at the top of the Hay STACK!”

“Hop up here and come play with us; this is pretty neat and you can see waaaaaay far from up here.”  Stanley chattered down to me.

I jumped up stretching my body as far as I could. Nope couldn’t reach the Squirrel brothers.

“Hey, come down!” I barked.  “I can’t get up there, you will have to come down to me.  Besides we are heading on up to the Cross-Over pipe to play.”

Stewart ran down the backstop head first!  That’s the thing about squirrels they can go up or down head first, they can even go tail first up and down. AND if that isn’t enough they can jump from one spot to another practically flying through the air.

“HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I threw my head back and made a high-pitched, long mournful sound.  I tried very hard to make myself sound pitiful. After, which, I thumped my tail very dismally on the ground, causing the dirt to puff up in little swirls.

Then I stopped; stretching my neck to look up — way up as the squirrel brothers darted across the top of the hay stack.

Well, I thought to myself, if they want to play up there it’s okay by me.  I stood up, gave myself a through shake and headed out to the farm road.


“Bye! See ya!  I’m leaving now” I barked back to them and I did, not even looking back.

Trotting on over to the corn field I pushed myself in under the leaves of the growing corn plants and started vigorously sniffing here and there heading on up the field toward the Cross-Over pipe.