The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—When the Folks are Away

Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t a very active night life on a farm or ranch…if you do let them tell you and you believe it —-YOU ARE WRONG!!! ♪♫❤♪♫❤


There is all sorts of activity.  Visits from the–


Tall, sleek, svelte

Pole Cat

Those reeking of perfume


Gorgeous and dangerous


A Monkey


Mischief makers


And those



who protect the place


Then Mom and Dad come Home…

YAY, I just report the news.  I let Sam protect the place.




Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! The Conclusion

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

The Conclusion


Following the road around the Butler bins Sam, Monkey and I walked a short distance when Sam stopped in front of one of the extra corn combines, “There is your Green Corn Eating Dragon, Boomer” he said as he walked up to the combine and jumped up into the wheel well of one of the big tires.

Huh—Corn? Green? Shish!  I felt like a fool.   I know what combines are for, heck I even guard the combines over behind the barn, I guess I just never thought about a combine as a dragon.

“Ruth, must think combines are like dragons” Monkey exclaimed as she hopped onto the wooden panels blocking the weather from the combine.
If she thinks the combine is a dragon –”


“—She must think the roller is a metal tub” I finished as I started sniffing around the roller.  (Dad has farm equipment every which where-I knew where he kept the roller—the roller is to smash down the clods after he plows—over here, I just never thought about checking the roller for the rabbits.


Sniff, sniff…”There you are!  I’ve been missing you, why did you move over here, you are missing out on all the free corn Mom throws out every morning!”  I exclaimed, as the bunnies started hopping out of the roller.

Bea, the Momma Bunny looked at me with her solemn big eyes and very fast moving nose—“Safety.” She answered.  Our home was just not safe anymore…the fox can dig, the coyotes can dig and the owl waits until we hop about searching for seeds and grass, then she swoops down and tries to gab one of us. I decided it was time to find something safer.  When I came upon this round tube I knew nothing could dig us up, or gab us as we came out to get food and water. All we have to do is stay close under all this green equipment.”

“Yay!” Sammy, Monkey, and I cheered! “We found the rabbits and they are safe!”  We high-fived each other.


“I’m glad you are safe, Rabbits. Very glad!” I touched my nose to the tip of Bea’s nose.  “I’m very glad you are safe.”

With that Sam, Monkey, and I headed into the house, the rabbits hopped briskly into the roller; out on the land we could hear the yipping of the coyote’s way over on Coyote Hill and the yowl of fox on the wind.  High on top of the largest Butler Bin, Ruth sang us a plaintive song about the loss of a lovely rabbit dinner.

In the east a big silver moon was rising promising a beautiful night.  “Let’s head on in, cats, and see what’s for our supper. Good night, Rabbits.  Good Night, Ruth, Thanks for telling us where the rabbits are.”

With that we headed in to house to our food bowls and warm spots by the wood stove.

A very satisfied beagle,

Sherlock Boomer


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Wet/Cold/Snow/Wind/Rain/Mud

Play I don’t have much to say today.  We, meaning Mom, Dad and Myself, are still trying to get the water down the fields, morning and night, sometimes noon and afternoon.


I like irrigation season, but I sure don’t like this rain/snow/wind/rain/snow/mud stuff we are having now.  I still go, but I get really wet—my belly and my legs.  I need longer legs, I guess.


(There is mud out there, don’t let this fool you.)

Anyway, it’s so nasty and wet today, Mom told me I had to STAY at the house, ON my bed, in my BEDROOM.  She didn’t know but I STAYED right by the wood stove until I heard the 4-wheelers drive into the yard, then I slipped ever so quickly onto my bed in my bedroom.


There I was sitting there like I was ready to go outside, just as innocent as you please.  Mom came in and gave me lots of pets and a hug; said I was a good doggie all nice and dry and warm.  I agree—good dog, dry, warm…I gave her a huge smile and a kiss on the hands!

Other than lots of sleeping, not much going on.  I think the cats have it figured out…Mom and Dad get cold, wet and muddy.  We stay warm and dry!

Sun(What we woke up too.)




Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter 12

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter 12

 I started barking LOUD WARNING BARKS!  The dust from the Devil Twister started getting bigger and bigger growing into a huge circle that was about to swallow me up!


The dust started flinging into my eyes and my mouth; causing me to choke and sputter to a stop!

Hack, cough gag! I closed my mouth and sat down, lifting my right paw I started dabbing at my eyes so I could get rid of the dust clogging up my eyeballs.

Suddenly I felt the wind stop, but I still couldn’t see— my eyeballs were closed and I had fallen to the ground covering up each eye with my paws.  Then I FELT a shadow fall over me…HAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I moaned…pitifully.  OHHHHHH…I’m a goner…oh!!!

“Boomer? Why ya lying flat in the dirt with your eyes behind your paws?”

Huh?! I know that voice.  Gradually removing one paw and opening my eyelid a tiny slit I saw: “RUTH!”

I was so happy I jumped up and bayed her name, doing swirly circles as I celebrated the fact there wasn’t danger in the combine yard.  It was just RUTH!!!

“Ruth!  Did you see that horrible dirt monster flinging feathers and dust and little pebbles everywhere?  It was right here a moment ago!  Horrible dirt devil, just horrible!”  I looked around the combine yard trying to see if the dirt devil was hiding under one of the combines or next to the grain trucks.

“Dirt Devil, Boomer?  I haven’t seen any Dirt Devils since last fall, and I don’t see one now.”

“It was here, Ruth! Huge and wild and full of little bits of rocks and lots of dirt and grey feathers.”

“Grey feathers?  Did you say grey feathers?”

“Yes, it was twisting and twisting and growing bigger and bigger.  I tried to get Mom to come save the combines, but she didn’t hear me.”

“On, Boomer, tee hee, hahahahaha, bahahahaha, snort chuckle”  Ruth was laughing so hard she had tears coming out of her eyes AND she was gripping the sides of her stomach like she was having a stitch or something from laughing so hard.

“What,” I mumbled.

“That wasn’t a Dirt Devil is was ME!”


“Yes, ME.  I was taking my morning dust bath (my morning- your late evening) before I start my work for the day, er night, er day.  Oh, you get what I mean.”

I gave Ruth a blank stare as she used the tips of her wings to wipe the tears streaming out of her eyes.

“Humph! A dust bath. What self-respecting sniffing dog would ever have guessed it was you taking a Dust Bath?”

“Oh, well,” I gave Ruth a big doggie smile. “All is well, that ends well.”

“Say, Dog?”  Ruth sort of duck walked over to me…well, Ruth waddled over to me…aaaaah, Ruth the Wise Old Owl walked over to me— “Have you found the rabbits yet.”

“No, I haven’t.  I’ve been to the Upper End, skirted the Back Forty, checked out the Equipment Storage Area, did a little run up to the Apricot Tree (where I met you by the way) and boogied myself home.  Where I arrived in just the perfect time to bark the Mail Man down the lane.  But find the missing rabbits I have not.”

“Remember, Boom Dog, you need to look for the round metal thing with green legs by the Corn Eating Dragon.  If you look there…I’m more than sure you will find the family of bunnies.” With that Ruth opened her huge (I MEAN HUGE) wings, gave a couple of flaps and lifted herself off into the early evening sky.  I’m sure she also gave a really evil chuckle as she lifted off.


Sigh…the evil Corn eating dragon, huge metal tub, green legs…my dream kept racing behind my eyes.  I grew faint in the legs just thinking about searching for the DRAGON!

Sitting there in the growing evening, thankfully it was still daylight, the sun wasn’t sitting just YET, but close, I almost gave up the quest to find the missing rabbits.

Then I remembered Fuzzy…Fuzzy never gave up. Heck, as Fuzzy got older I would often times take off running and barking from the dog houses to the grain bins just to play a trick on Fuzz.  He would follow right behind barking and yipping…then when he got there and figured out it was a trick—he never got upset.  Just started sniffing around to see if there was anything interesting we could check out.  ‘Never give up’ he used to say. ‘It will always turn out for the best.’

Girding myself, I sent a little prayer to Fuzz…’Hey, my old pal, if you can see me right now, I need some help.  I can’t find the rabbits—Ruth, the Wise Old Owl says there is a big green corn eating dragon next to a big metal tub on green legs I need to find BEFORE I can find the rabbits.  I need you to help me, Fuzz.  I really need your help!’


I was sitting there wishing for Fuzzy to appear, when Monkey showed up.  She was heading back to the house after a day of playing in the haystacks.  As I watched Monkey come toward me, I saw Sam sitting on the window sill of the barn.

“Have you found the rabbits, yet?”  Monkey walked right up to me and looked me in the eye.

“Aaaaaa no, not yet.  I have to find a big green corn eating dragon, first—then I have to find a big metal tub on green legs BEFORE I can find the rabbits.  I really don’t know where to look for a Dragon, and I really don’t know if I WANT to FIND a dragon.” I explained to Monkey.  My posture was very sad…low head, low tail, drooping ears, and downcast eyes. I stood there a very pitiful sight.


Sam took pity on me, jumping down from his perch on the barn window sill, he walked toward Monkey and I.

“Follow me,” he said and walked right on by Monkey and I.

Monkey took off after Sam, although Monkey never runs in a straight line…up she went onto the corral fence, then she hopped over to the grain truck—“You are going the wrong direction,” Sam hollered at Monkey and kept on walking.

Wrong direction? My head perked up, I started swishing my tail on the ground and a sparkle came into my eyes: “You will go with us, Sammy-Sam?  You are not afraid of the Dragon (or round barrel)?”

“No, Boomer, I am not.  Come on…we have to go to the other side of the Butler Bins, it’s there I’m sure you will find a green corn eating….DRAGON!”  Sam pounced at me as I caught up with him.

I jumped backwards…”SAM!”


“It’s okay, Boomer…I’ll take care of the Green Corn Eating Dragon, while I have him busy you can look in the shelter in front of the Corn Eating Dragon—I think there just might be a round green thing you can check to see if the rabbits have moved there.”

We all trotted across the farm yard, then across the road, Monkey doing zigs and zags—that cat should wear herself out, it wears me out just watching her.Monkey-in-a-tree

Continued next week…the stunning conclusion of The Case of the Missing Rabbit

Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter 11

“Let’s go look around, Boom, maybe we can figure it out.”

With that Sam and I started searching …. I put my nose to the ground and started sniffing, Sam pretty much continued to just sit there watching me sniff here and there and everywhere.

Sam turned his eyes to the sky… “Hummm, Boomer?  Did you know there is an Owl sitting right on top of the Butler Bin?”

“Wha, what? Owl? OH! Hi, Ruth.”

“Sam, this Ruth the Owl.   Ruth, Sam the Cat, he is the oldest and wisest cat in the family.”

Sam backed up a little bit and raised his paw at Ruth…”Hello, Ruth.” Are you the Wise Old Owl of the farm?”

“I am,’ replied Ruth, opening her huge wings and shaking them out a little bit.

“Stop! Stop right there!” I barked.  “Don’t fly off now.  You are here, you can show me where the big Green Dragon lives.  I’ve been having nightmares about it.”

Sam turned to me with his big green eyes and gave me a look of, well, wonder… “A big green dragon, Boomer?”

“Yes, Ruth looked into the future and told me that I would find the rabbits in a round tube by the Big Corn Eating Green Dragon.”

Just then Ruth pushed off, making not a sound, but her shadow covered the sun.  Both Sam and I looked up to see RUTH FLYING DOWN BESIDE US!

“Hide me, Boomer!  Owls like to eat cats!”  Sam scrabbled over to me and scrunched up his body as close to me as possible.

“Don’t worry, Cat!” Ruth said as she silently landed right in front of me and Sam.  I’m not here to eat anyone.  I am just interested in meeting another wise animal on this farm.

“I don’t think I’m wise in the respect of you, Ruth. I think I am just wise in the ways of everyday living.  I really can’t see the future.” Sam said as he poked his head around my shoulder.

“Darn,” Ruth huffed.  I was hoping we could share notes.”

“Brilliant!” I barked!  “Yes, I can have both of you help me find the missing rabbits!”

“Ahem, Boomer!” Sam cleared his throat and stared at me.  “Not only do owls like to eat cats, they also like to eat RABBITS!”  Sam practically yelled at me.

“OH! Now that does present a HUGE problem, doesn’t it, Sam.”  I looked from Sam to Ruth and back again.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, you two.  I’m NOT going to eat the rabbits and I am NOT going eat you, Sam.”  Ruth hooted at us.  “Let’s just get over this eating thing and move forward.  I’m very interested in learning new things, to meet another Wise One is all I am interested in at the moment.  If I get hungry, I’ll head over to wood pile a snack on a couple of mice.”

“Why don’t you head over there now, grab a few clawfulls and chow down.  After you get your tummy full I’ll believe you about not being interested in cats!”  Sam gave Ruth a stern eye.

“Or the rabbits”, I bayed.

“Oh, alright!”  With a heavy sigh Ruth lifted herself up and silently flapped over to the woodpile.


Sammy and I followed along and watched Ruth plucking and grabbing mice as quickly as they stuck their heads out of the holes the logs made.

Sammy put up his left front paw and started licking it then washing his face…”Just watching all that makes me think I have a dirty face.”  He said as he continued licking and rubbing his face.

“She does make it look…filling.”  I said to Sam.

Ruth finally finished and flapped over to where we were sitting.  “That was an excellent idea, a quick sort of snack in the late afternoon, which makes it an early morning meal for me, since I usually hunt at night.”

Ruth settled herself down in a fluff of feathers—“you feel safe now, Cat?’

“Why, yes I do, Owl. You did some serious damage to all those mice. Mom will be very pleased to see the demise of the mouse numbers.”

“Say, that is right!” I exclaimed…”Mom was trying to drown all the mice; the cats were killing some, and I headed to the Upper End to see if the fox would like to come down and eat as many as their tummies could hold, but you did more good than anyone or even Mom’s bucket.”


All at once we heard tires and a motor heading down the long lane toward the house…”MAIL MAN!” I bayed.  Taking off I started running toward the bridge over the canal and down the lane…I ALWAYS bark the Mail Man down the road…always!

Behind me Sammy dove into the tractor shed and Ruth lifted up her mighty wings and flew away I didn’t spend much time worrying about either one of them, I HAD to get to the Mail Man!

Mom was at the end of the sidewalk when the Mail Man and I made it into the yard.

“Good Job, Boom, Good Job! You stay here until the Mail Truck leaves. I don’t want you getting smashed by those tires.”  Mom placed her hand on my back then sat down on the sidewalk while the mail truck backed up and headed over the bridge and down the long, long lane to the road.

Darn, if Mom wasn’t home I would have barked the Mail Man DOWN the lane also.

Oh, well. Happy licks to Mom on her face and hands.  Several pets and a good belly rub for me then Mom was up walking back into the house.

I watched her go, making sure she really did go inside.  Then I picked myself up and headed back toward the Butler bins and the end of the farm yard.  I still had to find the rabbits.

Sniffing here and there I turned the corner around the barn “GOODNESS SAKES ALIVE —- A GIANT GRAY FEATHERY MONSTER was in the corrals in the middle of a devil twister!

I started barking LOUD WARNING BARKS!  The dust from the Devil Twister started getting bigger and bigger growing into a huge circle that was about to swallow me up!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Fun with Hank and the Kids

It’s been busy here!  I mean really busy.

Hank and I have had lots and lots to do!

Oh! Yeah.  Hank is here for 9 days! 9 Days of doing stuff with Hank and sometimes the kids!



We went to the park

Grandpa pushed the girls, Hank and I sat with Mom-mom and Mom; then we stiffed around all the bushes.


We went for a walk, actually many, many walks.  Hank and I walked with kids and then we would walk out onto the farm by ourselves.


We tried to follow grandpa when he would take the kids for a ride, If Blade went on the 4-wheeler then Hank and I ran beside him…that was ALWAYS exhausting.  But Blade doesn’t go fast so we can keep up.


We had a cook out where Blade played on the swing.  Mom said she was very happy to see the Swing going back and forth again.  J  Hank and I laid under the bushes and panted…it was hot that evening.


One time we all went to the river and played in the water down there.



I even tried climbing a tree… (I didn’t like it.  Hank didn’t even try to climb the tree)


The girls took me out swimming…not a favorite thing of mine to do—but Hank loved it.


Still more days to go…Hank and I, not best friends forever, like Fuzzy and I were,


but good friends.




Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter 10

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter 10

 “No we’ll check out the apricot tree then cut across the pinto bean field, and both of the corn fields until we get back home. I sure hope we find the rabbits soon.”

With that the two squirrel brothers hopped onto Sherlock Boomer’s back and grabbed hold of his fur.  “One more stop then home.”

“Yes, one more stop, then we head back home.”

Trotting on up the little rise I got all us to the apricot tree.

“Hey, Boomer!  Squirrels live here!  How cool is that!”

With that statement the two squirrel brothers hopped off my back and headed right to the apricot tree…suddenly the tree was alive with fur!

It was one big happy party!  It seemed like to me there were squirrels on every limb of that old tree!

While the squirrels played with each other I laid myself down underneath the tree and…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Suddenly I was sleeping —sorta waking up then drifting back to sleep; I was dreaming that I was in some big metal tub that kept going around and around and around.   I tried really hard to get out of the big round tub, but it was stuck up way high on long green legs.  Every time I stood up I could see that the ground was a long ways off.

Below me was a huge green dragon looking at me with shiny eyes and a big mouth full of corn.  The dragon wanted to eat me, just like he was eating the corn.
In my dream Mom was telling me NOT to jump, just wait and she will lift me up. I tried to bay at her and tell her I didn’t want lifted up I wanted down.

Just as I was trying to tell her that I wanted down, something hard hit me on the head causing me to wake-up.

Huh?!?  What was that I puzzled.  Looking up I saw one of the Apricot Tree Squirrels was pelting Stanley and Stewart with a stash of Apricot Seeds.  It was one of those seeds that woke me up.

Waking me up was a very good thing; I was really glad to get out of that dream.

Laying there with my head between my paws I decided it was time to give my back a good scratch…flipping over I squiggled this way and that rubbing my backbone real well on the dry gravely farm road.  Boy that felt good.

Flipping back over I hollered at the squirrels…”Hey, You Squirrel Brothers ready to go?  I’m heading back now.”

“Not yet”, they hollered back and took off up the tree with a couple of other buddies.

“Okay, just a few more minutes then I’m heading back with or without you!”  I hollered up to them.

Heck, fire.  I thought to myself. I’m tired of waiting.  I need to get back to the house and check on things there.  It’s close to the time the cowboy comes up and checks on his cows.  He comes twice a day and this is the twice part of the day.  I want to be there when he comes.

“I’m leaving.  If you want to go with me you can. If you want to stay here you can.  Either way. I’m going.”  I got up, gave my whole body a good shake making sure the sticks, bits of leaves and dirt flew off my body and landed back on the road where I picked-it up while I was scratching my back.

“Okay, Sherlock Boomer! You go right on ahead.  Stanley and I are staying here.”

“Works for me, boys!” I replied, picking up my paws and breaking into a trot.

It took me a spell to get home, but I made it.  I tried to not stop too often to gather the news, but…you know how it is.  When one functions with tip of your muzzle you just have to give in to all the smells out there.

I was in the midst of some pretty interesting smells when I got the feeling I was being watched. I stopped in my tracks and twirled around as fast as I could.


I did a 360.  Still nothing.  I was just about at the corner of the farm yard…close to the special combine and the gain auger….when I stopped in mid-spin.  There!

Right by the Butler Grain Bins…I gave the air a sniff…then another sniff.  I trotted closer and closer to the bins.  Suddenly I saw…



“Hi, Sam! You gave me a fright.”

“A fright, Boomer?  How come?  I was just sitting here watching you come across the two corn fields and the pinto bean field.  I noticed that the squirrel brothers weren’t with you.  They did leave with you, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Whew!  Yes they did, but we ran into a wild bunch of squirrels over at the apricot tree; they decided to stay there with them.”

“Well, Boomer, that sounds fun for them, but what are you going to do for entertainment if they decide to live over there?”

“I don’t think I have too much of a problem, Sam.  For instance, right now, it time for the cowboy to come check on his cows for the second time today. I always have a great time barking his truck and his dogs through the farm yard and onto the farm.”

“True.  What’s this thing about a fright?”

“I don’t know, Sammy-Sam.  There is something around here that is giving me the shivers up my spine. I can’t seem to put a paw on it.   At first I thought it was you…I could just make out your green eyes staring at me from the shadows of the grain bins—but now I don’t think so.”


“Yeah, shivers…I still feel them creeping around on my tail end.” I tossed glances over both shoulders; then tucked my tail under my body and sorta slid over to where Sam was now sitting.


“You see any big green dragons hanging around here lately…like in Right Now?”

“Um, no, Boomer. Not that I recall anyway.

“Well, something is around here I can feel tingles climbing up and down my spine.”


“Let’s go look around, Boom, maybe we can figure it out.”

With that Sam and I started searching ….maybe next week we can figure out what is frightening me AND find the rabbits. I sure hope so!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—I Got To GO!!!

Tuesday afternoon, after a day of work, and me just hanging around the house being bored, Dad said “Let’s go for a ride around the place…just to get a change of scenery.”

Off we went, here there and everywhere…then way over by the equipment storage area Mom’s and my 4-wheeler just stopped.  We were moving along at a decent speed and it stopped.


“It’s that CDI box,” Dad exclaimed in a very disgusted voice.  “I guess we will tow you back to the house.”


I think that was the first time I’ve ever ridden on Mom’s 4-wheeler when it didn’t make a sound.

Then the next day Mom said: “Come on, Boomer, you can go.  We have lots to do down at the other house, you might as well come along.”


Ever since last fall when I got in the wonderful wonder goo down over the hill, from the other house Mom has not let me go with her down there.  If I get to go I have the hang-out with Mom the WHOLE TIME!


So this was a huge treat!


You see Mom and Dad were cutting down the front tree stump in the yard.

4I rode in the pick-up with Mom, then I hung out in the field,



(looking for beef jerky and milk duds, but I didn’t let Mom know that.) and slept in the shade of the pick-up while my folks worked.


We worked from early morning to late afternoon.  Only coming home for lunch.


Sometimes I followed the tractor to the hollow by the Sage Brush hill.

It was a great day!  I had a marvelous time.


After Mom fed me supper I hopped into my lounge chair, just letting all the food settle  you know.  :)


I watched the house for a long time, until gradually……………….The Old Sandman got me  ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I guess I was a little tired.



Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Nine

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Nine

 “Okay. We’ll sit here for a spell, then we need to get on down the gated pipe.  Once there I’m thinking we will find the rabbits.”

“Why do you think that, Boomer?”

“I don’t know…just a feeling.” I mused.  Just a feeling.

Gradually, we stood up and meandered on…the squirrel brothers slipping and sliding their way on top of the gated pipe, I trotted alongside of the pipe.

Once we got to the dirt ditch Stanley and Stewart begged for a ride; climbing on we headed to the equipment storage area!

“WOW! TREES! And Bushes and farm equipment to scurry on” Stanley stood stock still and sighed a huge sigh of relief!  “Shade and a small little creek which is NOT frozen, Lets go get a drink!”

I had to agree a nice drink of water would be, well, Real Nice right now.  The three of us headed down the little grade into the thicket of trees, past the ticket right to the creek where we all stood in the water; lapping up HUGE mouthfuls of cold wet water!

Sure was refreshing!

“Hey, Boomer?”  Stewart scurried up to me and grabbed my long ear.

“What?”  I asked.  “Let go of my ear.  I can see you just fine I don’t need my ear pulled.”

“Oh!”  Well, Stanley and I are going to go play in the trees for a spell, even if it’s still winter those trees look really inviting!”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.  “While you are climbing trees I’m going to scout around and see if I can find the rabbits.”


Putting my nose to the ground I headed to the first piece of equipment: No, nothing here…Quail… about fifteen or so.  Pheasants…three hens and male, oh(!)

Sniff, sniff, what’s this…wow! A whole pile of poop!  Sniff, snuff!



“Ahem! Dog! What is all the noise about?

“Huh?”  I stopped short.

“Who is talking to me?” I yipped.

“Look up, dog!”



I stopped walking around and sat down and raised my eyes up, up, up into the trees.  “OH!  So this is YOUR poop?”

“Hum, Yes, I suppose it is.  Poop is, well, a natural reaction to eating, dog.”

“I know, I have just never smell so much of this kind of poop in one spot.  I smell it around the trees, sometimes, on our lawn, but nothing like this.  It’s just really COOL!”

Suddenly the air turned into a mini-devil twister; little leaves, feathers and splatters of dirt swirled around me.

“Whoo Whoo” the Great-Horned Owl said as she settled down on branch close to the ground. “Whoooooo are you?” she asked

“Sherlock Boomer, the Beagle, at your service, Ma’am.  May I ask why you are awake in the middle of the day?  Owls do all their work at night.”  I puzzled out loud.

“I am awake because of you, Sherlock Boomer, the Beagle.”

“Yes, remember all that baying and howling not long ago?  You woke me up.”

“Oh, oops, sorry!”

“That’s okay.  I’m Ruth, The Big-Horned Owl, by-the-way.  What are you doing under my tree?”

“Hi, Ruth!  I’m over here looking for our rabbits.  You see we have a family of rabbits that used to live next to the hay stack yard, but I haven’t seen them for several days now.  Mom always flings out a couple of handfuls of corn every morning for the rabbits, the birds, squirrels, and anybody who would like a morning snack to eat.  Everyone has come to snack bar, but the rabbits.  I’ve been really concerned of that fact—-shudder, shake, tremble—-the coyotes have slipped down into the farm yard snacked on my rabbits.”

“Hummm, you know owls are very wise creatures, don’t you?  That is why they are called Wise Old Owls…let me see your paw…….maybe I can tell where the rabbits are by reading the lines on your pads.”

“My PAW?!”

“Why yes, Sherlock Boomer.  The lines on your pads can tell me many things about you.”

“But I don’t want to know anything about ME, I want to know where the rabbits have gone. I don’t see how looking at the lines on my pads can tell you anything about the rabbits.  You need to read the lines on the rabbit’s foot, not Mine!” I exclaimed.

“Well, I suppose that is true, Sherlock Boomer, but in this case the rabbits are not here and you are.”

“Ruth” I growled.  “Just take a flying leap into the sky and see if you can see my rabbits anywhere.  That will help more than reading my paw.”

Ruth just looked at me and gave me a huge stare with her big round golden eyes.  Slowly she let one eye lid drop over her eye and gave me a wink. “Here’s a riddle, just for you, Sherlock Boomer: what is round and wrinkled, has long green limbs, and hangs out next to the big dragon who eats cornstalks?  When you figure that out you will find your bunnies.”

Ruth chirped a laugh.  Spreading her very wide wings she gave a silent push off from the ground and headed way back up to her branch on the tree.

“Good night, dog! See you around mid-night or later just before first light. I have to get some sleep now.”

There I sat…still not knowing anything more than when I arrived here.  Oh wait yes I did…I now know WHOOOOO made that pile of fragrant poop at the bottom of this tree.

Giving a couple of quick squirts on the owl poo I headed out of the thicket of trees to give all of Dad’s farm equipment some good sniffs.

Really not much here lots of dried grass smells, fresh cow pies with soften bits of corn in them, a trail of a cat or two…birds all sorts of birds….no baby cows yet…love the beef jerky and milk duds, which come when we have lots of calves on the place.

“HEY, Boomer!  You about ready to go?  Stanley and I have climbed every tree and bush around here and we are bored.”

“Yeah, Boomer, isn’t it about time we headed home?” Stewart whined.

“Not yet, you Squirrels.  I’m on a mission to find the rabbits.  You knew that when you signed on to come with me.”

“But they aren’t here, Boomer.  Let’s go, PLEAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEE!”  They screeched in unison.

“Okay,” I conceded, “We will check one more place then head back home.  If they aren’t at the Apricot Tree I don’t think they will be anywhere over on this side of farm.  I know they aren’t at Hank’s house, because—Well, Hank Puff would eat them.”

“HANK!  We ARE NOT GOING TO HANK’S HOUSE ARE WE, BOOMER?  Hank likes to eat squirrels also.”

“No, boys, we aren’t going on to Hank’s house.  It just wouldn’t do any good.  Hank guards his place well, not even a skunk tries to live around Hank’s house.”


“No we’ll check out the apricot tree then cut across the pinto bean field, and both of the corn fields until we get back home. I sure hope we find the rabbits soon.”

With that the two squirrel brothers hopped onto Sherlock Boomer’s back and grabbed hold of his fur.  “One more stop then home.”

“Yes, one more stop, then we head back home.”

Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Eight

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Eight

“Gosh, Boomer…that’s a whole mile and a half away!”

“It is, but we really need to find out what has happened to the rabbits.  I’m thinking we might find them over at the equipment area.”

“Okay, hop on we still have lots of ground to cover.”

I started to trot up the first hill…whew! It’s hot and the squirrels are getting heavy.  Slowing down I paced myself to take steps like I was pulling a train, one foot in front of the other.  Gradually I made it to the top of the hill.  Standing there panting I saw I still had the other hill to go.

True it isn’t a big hill, but it’s still a hill and I have four pounds on my back…I collapsed.

“I can’t do it, boys! It’s too hot and I’m too tired; you are just going to have to scamper up by yourselves.  I don’t even know if I can get myself up there.”

With that I started crawling over to an old dried out rabbit brush so I could hunker down in the shade.

“WAKE-UP BOOMER!  WAKE-UP!”  Stewart was pulling on my dog whiskers, yelling at me.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzort!   “I’m awake.  I just had to take a short rest before we traveled on.”


“We’ve got to get to going”, Stanley solemnly said, standing right in front of my muzzle…we saw two coyotes eyeballing the pond.  I think they are wanting to get a drink.  If they go down there they will smell our scent and track us to here!”

“HUH! Coyotes?!?!”  I jumped up and started trotting…”Come on then we just have to make to the top of that rise and we are at the alfalfa field and the cement ditch.  There will be lots of cows in the alfalfa field so we should be safe.”

Or at least safer, I muttered to myself.

Gradually we made it to the top of the last hill. I stood still and gave the air huge sniffs.  I sniffed north, south, east and west!  Nothing!  Just the smell of cows and more cows!

“Safe!” I proclaimed!

“YAY!” the squirrel brothers yelled.


“Let’s see who can make it to the other end the fastest.” Stanley challenged his brother.  Giving me a backward glance they were in the cement ditch scampering and dodging each other, playing roller blades on squirrel feet.


I stood and watched them for a spell, then put my nose to the ground. I followed a couple of mice trails until they buried themselves in the side of the farm road.  I sniffed along for a long time but nothing interesting caught my attention.

Then I lifted my head and took a good sniff of the air—cows, many calves, crows, a couple of ravens, oh! A Hawk—red-tailed hawk by the smell.  Well, nothing to be concerned about.

Okay, guess I had better get back to business. I started trotting on down the ditch.

Stanley and Stewart were waaaaaaaaaay down there.  I better do a sprint and catch up with them.  I see a couple of the cows have become interested in what they are doing…I don’t want the cows to spoke those squirrels and the squirrels run off.

Putting my feet to the ground I shoved off into a full out run, arriving at the squirrels long before the cows started moving toward them.

We were also at the end of the cement ditch, not far now to the equipment storage area.

“Hop on over the farm road and skitter on up on the gated pipe, boys! We are almost to our goal!”  I gave Stanley a gentle shove with my nose to get him moving.

“Hey, Boom!  We need a rest now. That was a long haul down that ditch.”

“And,” chimed in Stewart.  “We ran the WHOLE way.”

“Okay. We’ll sit here for a spell, then we need to get on down the gated pipe.  Once there I’m thinking we will find the rabbits.”

“Why do you think that, Boomer?”

“I don’t know…just a feeling.” I mused.  Just a feeling.
Stay tuned for the Unexpected Find at the Equipment Storage area!