The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Dad, Mom, Tally, and ME!

We have Tally here!  Tally and I hang out together and do FUN Tally and Boomer stuff!

All the time!


We also work.


We go with Dad and Mom and irrigate.


Mom and Dad change the water and Tally makes sure the water goes down the rows.


I look for NEWS!

I LOVE news.


Tally is here until the weekend.  It’s her week with Dad, Mom and ME!

I LOVE having Tally here!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Stuff


My days are pretty much just rolling along.  We are starting to see little vines and flower buds on the pinto beans.  I could care less, but Mom and Dad think it’s a HUGE deal.  I just wag my tail and agree with them.

Baby-CornThe baby corn is popping up on the corn stalks.  If I move through the corn rows I come out will corn pollen on me.  Dad says this is a scary time for corn, the deer like to eat the silk.  If they eat the silk the corn won’t make.  Dad always gets really worried about this time of year.  Mom says it’s our 10% tithe.


The fox and the raccoon are helping Mom clean up all the apricots.  Fox can climb trees, did you know that?  So can raccoons.  We have two trees they climb up, to the very top, and get those little apricot fruit Mom can’t reach.


Mom says we share here…works for her and works for them.  Also works for me, because I get to sniff all the news when they are on the farm and in the farm yard!


Mom, Dad, Sammy-Sam, and I sit outside and watch all the hummingbirds every evening.


We have four pair of Rufus Hummingbirds this year…Mom is really excited.  She says she counted about 30 little hummers.  I don’t get Mom’s excitement, it’s just part of the birds who live on our place.

Now what I find exciting is FOOTPRINTS in the mud!  THAT is exciting!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A HUGE WONDERFUL TREAT

WalkI’ve had an ear infection again.  After a trip to the Animal Doctor I got two…BOTH earfuls of ‘stuff’ in my ears.  Then my ears were massaged and massaged…I didn’t yelp once!  That stuff felt sooooooooooo good.

Going-to-townAfter a week I had to go back to the Animal Doctor where a cold thing was poked into my ears and I was pronounced “GOOD to GO!”

GO!!!  My favorite word…right up there with FOOD, Treat!  DINNER!

To-townThat evening Mom and Dad came out of the house and Mom said: “Let’s GO for a ride, Boomie.”

I beat them to the pick-up!  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to ride in the BACK of the pick-up!  Mom didn’t want my very long soft ears flapping in the wind—she said the wind might make my ears ache again.

Going-for-a-rideBut this time—OH! THE JOY! I got to ride in the back of the pick-up.

Evening-rideDad threw down my carpet –up next to the cab of the truck—Mom picked me up and helped me into the bed and we were off!

An-OutingI LOVE going for rides!  There are so many different things to see and smell, it just makes the day so much better.

I like any kind of ride, but the back of the pick-up ride is WONDERFUL!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Week—It’s a Wrap!


Can you see the face in the cloud?

Mom says she guesses she is glad this week is finally over.  She reached down picked me up and placed me beside her on the loveseat, then reached over and put Sam-Sam on her lap.  I liked this…Dad in his chair and Mom and I and Sam on the loveseat.   All of us together.

If we still had Monkey she would be on Mom shoulder, as it is……………..


Well, anyway.  The little family came from Craig, Colorado and spent 6 whole days with us.


The kids stayed with us or with Aunt Shannon.  Their Mom and Dad stayed in the fifth-wheel camper.


There were lots of bike rides and


dog walks and family times of eating.


Romeo, the horse, even came to the picnic.


Then suddenly it was time for everyone to go…Mom cried.  She said she is having trouble with all the good-byes that happened this week.


I’ve stayed RIGHT at Mom’s side or RIGHT behind her —sometimes she says:  “I love you, Boomie!  But not so close, I have to walk, you know.”  Then she gives me a kiss on the nose and asks me to move.



Staying right by your side…That is what Boomie’s are for!


So I stick like glue.  I do this, because I know Mom needs me.





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—It’s Good to be BETTER!

I’m doing much better.  I found several things to roll in over a couple of days!

It was a huge delight—-until Mom got me home.

Then I got a good scrub down.

But that was okay, because I got to sleep inside.  Mom said I was clean and smelled good so I was welcome in the house. (“And please remember that!” She admonished.)

I do remember.  I just take the good YUMMY NASTY SMELLY STUFF along with the bad A BATH and go along my merry way!


I pretty much rest my knee…usually I just sit on the back of our four-wheeler, Mom’s and mine and watch Mom and Dad work.  But randomly I’ve gotten off and explored.  Hence the finding of cool smelly green goo.

Then last night I decided to NOT hear Mom call or the four-wheeler start up.  I’m supposed to come the second one of those things happen. Usually I do.


But last night I decided NOT to.

That is when Mom and Dad went to a whole other place of the farm WITHOUT me!

Then, just as they were starting to head back to the house I remembered if I didn’t go with them I would have to run/walk the WHOLE WAY BACK!


Taking off down the middle field farm road I picked up my legs and RAN!


And you know what?  MY KNEE WORKED!


It is so nice to feel GOOD again!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Farm News

I thought I would show you some of the things I’M interested in…you know the real NEWS of the farm.  The very stuff that makes the whole place tick…MY sorta thing.


We have lots of raccoons…they are pretty brazen little creatures; coming right into the yard at night. RIGHT IN!!!  I peal out of the back door and run howling after them (sometimes).  Well, not lately…running anywhere is out the question.  Although, my knee is coming along.  I can trot on it a few paces, lots better than a week ago.


There is always the going to and fro and back again.  I like those times…Mom picks me up and places me on the four-wheeler right behind her and we are OFF!

Morning, noon, mid-afternoon, and late evening (plus sometimes way in the night) then off we go.

I always get the same old boring talk when we get to wherever we are going: “No, rolling in anything nasty, Boomer. Remember if you do you have to sleep outside in your dog house”. Then she picks up both of my long, flappy ears and brings them to the side of my head, when she does that I always think I must look like a bird or something.  Then she looks me right in the eyes and says: “You come when I call or you hear the four-wheeler start.  If you don’t you will have to walk all the way back in by yourself.”  With that she gives me a kiss on my very cute and loveable beagle nose and carefully lowers me to the ground.  Mom is very careful to put my front legs down first then my back legs.  I appreciate Mom!

As soon as I’m down I OFF!


Hummm, sniff, snuff…yep…raccoon’s washing their dinner off.  For some reason they like soggy food.  Ick!

Sniff, sniff…

OH!  OH!


As we were going home, when it was almost dark we saw a buck!  I haven’t seen any deer, so far, but here is one of the bucks!  Dad says there is a doe and a fawn up on the Sagebrush Hill, but I haven’t seen or smelled them yet.  Although, to be honest I haven’t made it up that far…soon though, after the old knee gets better.


Anyway…this buck isn’t even afraid of me or Mom or Dad.  Mom says we are his people (and dog).  She says he has probably been born here and lived here all his life and knows we aren’t going to do anything to him.


Mom always likes to see the sunset…last night the sunset was on the water in the irrigation ditch.  She told Dad and me it was beautiful.

Just as it was about time to leave one field to go to another field to set the water I FOUND IT!

Yes! I DID!




Forgetting everything Mom admonished me with I zoomed over and gave myself a huge roll in something really stinky and nasty!  IT WAS DELIGHTFUL!

Brought a huge smile to my face!  HUGE!

Did I have to sleep outside?  Ummm, well, yes.  But, OH WELL!  It was hot inside anyway and the roll SO WORTH IT!!


P.S.  Sadly I got a bath this morning.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—It’s Summer Time

And the living is getting easy!


First things first, Mom says: “Our boy left today.”  But for a small space in time I got to be petted and loved on by the two girls.  The littlest one had broken the ball in her elbow and wasn’t feeling very well (they had been to camp and she fell off the top bunk during the night).


I understand about bad limbs…I blew my knee out again.  It’s been taking lots of time to heal this time.  Mom says it’s because I’m elderly, now, so healing takes longer.

Nap time

I’ve been sleeping lots and lots so my knee WILL heal. (Mom says I’m silly sleeping like I do in the dog house.  She makes me come in so I will lay flat.)


Mom rubs DMSO on it once a day.  I really like how it makes my knee feel.  Afterwards…like in about an hour, I usually feel good enough to go outside and do ‘doggie things’—you know sniff around and gather up all the news in the farm yard.

Backing-upYesterday Dad was gone so it was just Mom and I doing the irrigation. I actually felt good enough to go with her.  I had just been wagging my tail and watching her drive off, but not today.


Today I beat her to her four-wheeler and waited for her to get there and lift me up so I could GO!


I even wanted down so I could check out everything going on, on the farm!


Mom said she was “DELIGHTED” I was feeling much better!





Coyotes! A Sherlock Boomer Adventure

It All Wraps UpThree-Mean-Hens

I looked over at the rooster and realized he was about to undergo a swift loss of his head.  The rascally weasel had twisted around and grabbed the rooster by the throat when a gun shot went off!

The sound was so loud and close everything stopped. Bright lights filled our eyes and our ears stopped hearing.   Using that moment to drop the rooster the weasel scrammed out of the hen house through a tiny little sliver of a crack.

As for me…well, let us just say that the weasel, in my jaws, got to go to the other side— there meet the Weasel Angel at the Pearly Gates!


I stood there panting with exhaustion, my head hung low over the remains of the weasel.  The little rooster was staggering around; then raised his wings up, stretched his neck out and crowed.

“That dastardly weasel didn’t get the best of me!”  He sang for everyone to hear.

Jason and Shannon burst into the hen house; I stood over the dead weasel, the rooster was standing next to the hen who gave her life to that monster, a mournful look on his face.  I saw him reach out and touch her body with the tips of his wing.  “Good-bye, Ole Girl!  I tried to save you.  I tried.  Good-bye.” A small tear welded up in his eye and rolled down his beak.

It was a sad moment.

There was so much commotion I decided I would just slip away and head back to my house.  I was back-stepping a bit when my oldest human sister stood up from looking at the weasel, saw me; rushed over and grabbed me up in a huge hug!

“Boomer!  You saved the day!  You figured out what was killing my chickens and you even killed it.  A weasel!  Who would have ever figured?”

“Guess that means we have some work to do,” Jason said. “Weasels can get through tiny little cracks.”

With that we all walked outside—it was first light; sleepy little bird voices were starting up.

Then the rooster raised his voice and sang up the sun; Rocky, Molly and myself, joined in!  It was a beautiful day!

Shannon, my oldest human sister, loaded me up in her car and took me home.  Mom was up walking back from the barn.  She had been looking for me.  She couldn’t find me all night, had walked here and there and everywhere.  Then she heard the gun shots!  She said she was just getting ready to come down to see if they knew where I was.


Mom picked me up (all 30 pounds of me—I’m skinny again!)

She gave me kisses on my beagle nose, as my oldest human sister explained about the weasels, the chickens, the screaming of Romeo and the yowling of Willow and Twisty the cats.

A-sleepBy the time the tale was done, Mom and I were sitting on my favorite outside chair; all my hurts and bites washed and doctored, with my oldest human sister sitting on the back doorstep petting Sam and Monkey our cats.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard: “And the hero of all this is Boomer…he caught and even killed one of the weasels!”  With that I drifted off to sleep, secure on the farm and safe in Mom’s lap.


Boomer, Sherlock of the Farm


















Once Farming Begins—-Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CultivateNothing stops for very long. (Getting ready to cultivate)

OffThere is always something to do.  The work begins in that strange dawn light, called First Light.  That time when the light just starts to swell and become real.


The work is solitary, but not lonely

Off-3There is always something (here he is going to knock down the dirt so the plants come push through)

Planting-PintosPlanting the last of our crops, the pinto beans.  The type we plant is Bill Zee.


And always, always there is the water to change…morning, noon and night….and sometimes at mid-night.

WaitingI do NO tractor work, but Boomer and I always help with the irrigation.


Wind, rain, sun, and in the shredding of the night, called Dawn


or the slow leaving of the sun’ dominance of the day


We are there.  Moving together as one.

From my world to your heart,


Coyotes! A Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Eleven


I laid as still as I possibly could; brought my tongue into my mouth so no sound would alert them to me.  Then I prepared myself for the end of my days.

Just thinking of the end of my days made me pretty sad.  I knew Mom would cry and cry and cry.  She and Dad would go out and look and look and look for me.  If they thought to look here it would be a surprise.  Besides coyotes kill and then drag, or carry their food home.  Sigh!

Well, it’s been a good life.  The getting to the other side with Fuzzy isn’t going to be pretty…. I wiped a tear off my face with my paw.

Thor stopped and turned his muzzle into the wind….remember the wind was coming out the south west… by this time I’ve been able to squiggled myself around the Chico brush and down in a little hole in the roots of said brush. The hole was big enough to hide a beagle body with just my head laying on top the hole on the dirt so I could watch what was happening on the second fire road.

Remember the second fire road is where Thor and Thorina are just now standing.

Oh, yes.  And I’m out of the wind!  There should be no Beagle Scent on the breeze/wind!

I watched Thor, goodness he was scary looking…there was a huge scar from one eye clear to the edge of his long hairy nose.  Whatever he came up against had to have given him a good fight to leave a scar like that!  One ear was all jagged and scraggly and his nose and mouth and lips looked like he had been hooked by Boss Cow’s, (meanest, baddest cow on the place) horns.

I felt like screaming for Mom just looking at him.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t even breathe I was so frightened!


Then Thor turned a little to side and saw his pack still up there scrabbling around the point.  With a little nod of his head he and Thorina walked off the side of the road, into the cattails and were gone.  I’m more than sure they were heading toward the point of the Cactus Hill where the six other coyotes are playing.

I almost passed out with relief I was so happy to see them leave.

Creeping out of my Chico brush-root hole I started up the second fire road hill; walking as softly and as carefully as possible—hiding my white beagle body in the shadow the hill was casting onto the second fire road itself.


Just as I was about to make it to the top of the second fire road, I turned back to see if I could see Thor or Thorina or, if the pack of six, was still on the edge of Cactus Hill.

The six were there bouncing and shoving and pushing each other around.  Then I saw Thor—-what I saw turned my blood ice cold.  He was crouched real low, walking slow up the side of the hill toward the pack.  Thorina dropped her body down behind Thor; their fur bristling way up!  Their necks and bodies and even the tips of their tails looks fifty times bigger than when I saw them standing just a few yards from me on the second fire road.  It looked like they had snarls on their faces, for I could see two rows of long white fangs on each face.


I forgot to be silent, put all the force I could into my body and propelled myself over the top of the second fire road’s little rise in the land —  running as if my life depended on it (for it did, you see, it did) to the farm road by the dirt irrigation ditch!

There!  I’m at the dirt irrigation ditch, just a hop, skip, and a jump I could be at the equipment area, or I could head to the east and gallop all the way home.  Or….sigh…I could make a huge dash back to the hen house.  The huge dash would take me around the Cactus Hill, alongside the old alfalfa pasture and the old apricot orchard…the huge dash would also make me visible to the coyotes on the point of Cactus Hill — if they were so inclined to look toward the farm road.

What to do, what to do?  I had to make a decision fast…time was speeding by.

Home…safety…hen house…my duty as Sherlock Boomer.

Just then I hear loud yipping from the vicinity of the point of Cactus Hill.

I took off!