Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! The Conclusion

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

The Conclusion


Following the road around the Butler bins Sam, Monkey and I walked a short distance when Sam stopped in front of one of the extra corn combines, “There is your Green Corn Eating Dragon, Boomer” he said as he walked up to the combine and jumped up into the wheel well of one of the big tires.

Huh—Corn? Green? Shish!  I felt like a fool.   I know what combines are for, heck I even guard the combines over behind the barn, I guess I just never thought about a combine as a dragon.

“Ruth, must think combines are like dragons” Monkey exclaimed as she hopped onto the wooden panels blocking the weather from the combine.
If she thinks the combine is a dragon –”


“—She must think the roller is a metal tub” I finished as I started sniffing around the roller.  (Dad has farm equipment every which where-I knew where he kept the roller—the roller is to smash down the clods after he plows—over here, I just never thought about checking the roller for the rabbits.


Sniff, sniff…”There you are!  I’ve been missing you, why did you move over here, you are missing out on all the free corn Mom throws out every morning!”  I exclaimed, as the bunnies started hopping out of the roller.

Bea, the Momma Bunny looked at me with her solemn big eyes and very fast moving nose—“Safety.” She answered.  Our home was just not safe anymore…the fox can dig, the coyotes can dig and the owl waits until we hop about searching for seeds and grass, then she swoops down and tries to gab one of us. I decided it was time to find something safer.  When I came upon this round tube I knew nothing could dig us up, or gab us as we came out to get food and water. All we have to do is stay close under all this green equipment.”

“Yay!” Sammy, Monkey, and I cheered! “We found the rabbits and they are safe!”  We high-fived each other.


“I’m glad you are safe, Rabbits. Very glad!” I touched my nose to the tip of Bea’s nose.  “I’m very glad you are safe.”

With that Sam, Monkey, and I headed into the house, the rabbits hopped briskly into the roller; out on the land we could hear the yipping of the coyote’s way over on Coyote Hill and the yowl of fox on the wind.  High on top of the largest Butler Bin, Ruth sang us a plaintive song about the loss of a lovely rabbit dinner.

In the east a big silver moon was rising promising a beautiful night.  “Let’s head on in, cats, and see what’s for our supper. Good night, Rabbits.  Good Night, Ruth, Thanks for telling us where the rabbits are.”

With that we headed in to house to our food bowls and warm spots by the wood stove.

A very satisfied beagle,

Sherlock Boomer


Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Eight

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Eight

“Gosh, Boomer…that’s a whole mile and a half away!”

“It is, but we really need to find out what has happened to the rabbits.  I’m thinking we might find them over at the equipment area.”

“Okay, hop on we still have lots of ground to cover.”

I started to trot up the first hill…whew! It’s hot and the squirrels are getting heavy.  Slowing down I paced myself to take steps like I was pulling a train, one foot in front of the other.  Gradually I made it to the top of the hill.  Standing there panting I saw I still had the other hill to go.

True it isn’t a big hill, but it’s still a hill and I have four pounds on my back…I collapsed.

“I can’t do it, boys! It’s too hot and I’m too tired; you are just going to have to scamper up by yourselves.  I don’t even know if I can get myself up there.”

With that I started crawling over to an old dried out rabbit brush so I could hunker down in the shade.

“WAKE-UP BOOMER!  WAKE-UP!”  Stewart was pulling on my dog whiskers, yelling at me.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzort!   “I’m awake.  I just had to take a short rest before we traveled on.”


“We’ve got to get to going”, Stanley solemnly said, standing right in front of my muzzle…we saw two coyotes eyeballing the pond.  I think they are wanting to get a drink.  If they go down there they will smell our scent and track us to here!”

“HUH! Coyotes?!?!”  I jumped up and started trotting…”Come on then we just have to make to the top of that rise and we are at the alfalfa field and the cement ditch.  There will be lots of cows in the alfalfa field so we should be safe.”

Or at least safer, I muttered to myself.

Gradually we made it to the top of the last hill. I stood still and gave the air huge sniffs.  I sniffed north, south, east and west!  Nothing!  Just the smell of cows and more cows!

“Safe!” I proclaimed!

“YAY!” the squirrel brothers yelled.


“Let’s see who can make it to the other end the fastest.” Stanley challenged his brother.  Giving me a backward glance they were in the cement ditch scampering and dodging each other, playing roller blades on squirrel feet.


I stood and watched them for a spell, then put my nose to the ground. I followed a couple of mice trails until they buried themselves in the side of the farm road.  I sniffed along for a long time but nothing interesting caught my attention.

Then I lifted my head and took a good sniff of the air—cows, many calves, crows, a couple of ravens, oh! A Hawk—red-tailed hawk by the smell.  Well, nothing to be concerned about.

Okay, guess I had better get back to business. I started trotting on down the ditch.

Stanley and Stewart were waaaaaaaaaay down there.  I better do a sprint and catch up with them.  I see a couple of the cows have become interested in what they are doing…I don’t want the cows to spoke those squirrels and the squirrels run off.

Putting my feet to the ground I shoved off into a full out run, arriving at the squirrels long before the cows started moving toward them.

We were also at the end of the cement ditch, not far now to the equipment storage area.

“Hop on over the farm road and skitter on up on the gated pipe, boys! We are almost to our goal!”  I gave Stanley a gentle shove with my nose to get him moving.

“Hey, Boom!  We need a rest now. That was a long haul down that ditch.”

“And,” chimed in Stewart.  “We ran the WHOLE way.”

“Okay. We’ll sit here for a spell, then we need to get on down the gated pipe.  Once there I’m thinking we will find the rabbits.”

“Why do you think that, Boomer?”

“I don’t know…just a feeling.” I mused.  Just a feeling.
Stay tuned for the Unexpected Find at the Equipment Storage area!

Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Seven

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Seven


“Hey, Squirrels!  No rabbits here…we need to get a move on and head over to the equipment area, maybe the rabbits have gone there.”  I hope, I mumbled to myself.  I sure hope they haven’t become someone’s dinner.

I took off at a trot heading up the hill from the Upper End, when I was suddenly bowled over by two balls of squirrel fur!


I meant that I was literally bowled over.  Stanley and Stewart hit me from behind and I tripped rolling head first over the side of the hill toward the pond that separates the Upper End with the Back Forty! Coming to a rolling stop right in the muck at that edge of the pond. I lay on my back in stunned disbelief!

“What happened?”  I managed to whisper even though I was having a hard time getting the air to fill my lungs.  Did I step in the badger’s home?  Did the world blow up?  Did a bob cat scrabble out of the rabbit brush a tackle me?  I just laid there on my back, mud oozing up around my head and around my shoulders.

My back end seemed to still be on dry ground. I gave my tail a couple of thumps to see if it still worked.

It did.

One ear was folded under my head the other ear was flapped over my eyes.  I tried to shake my ear off my eyes.  That just made my head suck down further into the mud.

This is not going to do.  Gradually my lungs started filling up with air and my head could wiggle just a little bit.  I wiggled my head some more. Good my ear fell off my eye.

Blue skies. That’s good. It’s still daylight.  Oh, there is a nice fluffy white cloud…this mud is starting to feel down right cold.

Suddenly all the air went out of me all over again!


“You were leaving us”, Stewart chattered as he bounced on my beagle tummy.

“Um, no I wasn’t, I told you it was time to get a move on.  I thought you would understand that it was time to leave the Upper End and to come WITH me.”

A dark cloud came over my face and I felt my head starting to sink further into the mud.  I sure was glad my ear was under my head protecting my ear drum from mud. What was going on with my head?  I’ve never known a dark cloud to weight anything.

It was Stanley he was sitting on the top of my head! I looked up as far as I could –there was Stanley with his head turned down toward my eye.  His little black eyes were looking right into my big brown beagle eye on the right side of my face.  “You started off WITHOUT letting us RIDE; we couldn’t let you get away.”

I gradually started to roll over, feeling the mud trying to suck me down, I gave myself a big push and POP I was up!

Standing up I gave myself a huge shake, which shook off Stanley and Stewart. (It felt rather nice to flip those two right into the same mud and scum that I rolled into too.  They both made rather nice plops and splats.)

“THAT WAS MEAN, BOOMER!” the brothers chorused at me.

“Oh, not too mean.  Now you have on the same mud I have.  It works real nice to help us hide from the coyotes—disguises our smell so to speak.”



“Yes, coyotes!  The Back Forty is coyote country, and this is one of their drinking spots.  See look right here” I pointed out several large paw prints just about at the same spot where we had just been laying in the mud.

I stood very still and sniff deeply into the air— nothing.  I did not catch a scent of any coyotes, badgers, or any other possible predator on the wind.

While I was checking out the wind, the bushes and the grasses, Stanley and Stewart were falling apart. They couldn’t decide if they wanted to get the mud off their fur first, or to run under my belly —um, no, I have important work to do here;  I do not need squirrels under my body—- or to scrabble up one of the sagebrush branches.

I can tell Stanley and Stewart are traumatized, just be being in the same drinking hole of the coyotes has them turned inside out.  Finally they just stood there in squirrel statue mode.

“Hey!  Guys…what are you doing?”  I asked, poking at Stewart with my nose.  He fell over.

“Stanley, what’s going on?  You can’t go to sleep right now, plus you have your eyes open and you and Stewart are still standing right where the coyotes like to come drink.”  I gave Stanley a push with my nose.  Stanley caught himself before he hit the mud.

“Coyotes Boomer, COYOTES!”

“Yes, I know, but they aren’t here right now. Still we better get a move on.  Wake-up Stewart so we can get started.”

Stanley gave Stewart a little push. Stewart opened one eye. “Come on, get on Boomer and let’s get out of here!”


Oh, no you don’t! You squirrels can run alongside of me.”

“Buuut, But, we are terrified, Boomer!  When squirrels get terrified we are just like bunnies, we freeze in place.  Please let us ride— we will feel much safer on you.  You know, like a team.”

Sigh.  Double Sigh.

“Oh, alright! You can ride, but if I get tired you have to get off and run alongside of me.  We have two hills to climb to get up to the alfalfa field and the cement ditch.  Once at the cement ditch we can run down the farm road.  It’s only about a ½ mile then we have to turn and go down the gated pipe another ½ mile, at the end of the gated pipe we will come to the dirt ditch, then another ½ mile we will be at the equipment storage area.”

“Gosh, Boomer…that’s a long ways away!”

“It is, but we really need to find out what has happened to the rabbits.  I’m thinking we might find them over at the equipment area.”

“A whole mile and a half from here…it’s for sure we have to ride.”


“Okay, hop on we still have lots of ground to cover.”
Stay tuned for the Unexpected Find at the Equipment Storage area!

Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Four

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Four

 Momma Deer and Princess took off walking – pretty soon they were bounding away going so fast there was no way my short beagle legs could keep up with them.

Oh, well, that’s alright!  There are things I need to check on before I get to the Upper End.


“Hey, Boomer, wait up!  Where are you going?”  Monkey meowed at me.


“Up to the Upper End, Monk.  You had better not go with me, it’s a mile away and there are fox, badgers, raccoons, and coyotes up there.  You would NOT be safe.”

“Oh, (shudder) the Upper End.  You sure you want to go, Boomer?”

“Well, yeah.  I’m checking on the rabbits.  We haven’t had any rabbits in the corrals for a few days now; I want to see what has happened to them.”

Monkey flopped herself down and started rolling in the dirt, squirming this way and that.  Then she started batting at her tail, causing little puffs of soil to fling up and land on her face!

“Monkey, you are making a mess of yourself.  Mom will grab you before you come and give you a good brushing down.”

“Oh, well, Boomer.  Sometimes a little dirt in the fur is perfect for getting rid of itchy winter skin.”


I just stared at her as she twisted this way and that…suddenly Monkey jumped up and scrammed up the hay stack back drop and scampered to the middle of the boards.

“What’s up with you?” I hollered!


“STANLEY”!  She screamed back. As she hide behind the backstop boards.

Stanley…Oh, no! Stanley!  I turned around just in time to see Stanley and his twin brother Stewart running straight toward me!


Both squirrels banged right into me, knocking all of us down.

“WHOA, boys! What’s the big hurry?”

“We decided to go WITH you Boomer.  All the way to the Upper End!  We’ve been wondering what has happened to the rabbits ourselves.”

I thought seriously of kicking up dust and high-tailing it out of here, but they said the magic words—rabbits.

“You’ve been wondering where the rabbits have disappeared too?”

“Yes”, they chirped in chorus.  “We haven’t seen the rabbit family for several days now—do you think the fox have eaten them?  Do you think those scheming coyotes have slipped down into the farm yard while everyone was asleep and snacked on the bunnies?”

I shuddered at the thought.  Then I started to quiver and quake, my legs got weak and I felt like falling down. Coyotes.  I’m not very brave around coyotes.  I used to have Fuzzy to help me stay safe, but now it’s just me.  All alone, I fell to the ground and lay there panting.

I looked up at those loud and noisy squirrels, they just sat there with their tails all up and forming a perfect question mark, little black shiny eyes looking right at me laying there with my head between my paws.

“Okay”, I panted, gradually getting back up, first in a sitting position, then on all four feet. “Let’s go…we MUST find out what has a happened to the rabbit family.

I reached out a paw and shook paws with Stanley and then Stewart “Okay, for now the game of Squirrels and dog is off.  From this point on we are partners in the Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits.


“Partners” they both screamed!  Bounding off they scampered past Monkey who was now hiding under the hay tarp, and headed up the road.

“Hey, Wait for ME!” I barked.  “First stop at the hidey-hole by the water pipe.”

Have you ever seen a beagle run?  We are fast! First I lifted my nose to the air, gave a loud bay, then I was off!

For a short ways the squirrel brothers were ahead of me, then I put all the power in my muscles and did a flat out run.

I beat them to the hidey hole!  Tee Hee

I sat by the hidey hole for a good three minutes before they got to me.  I wanted to pant, but I didn’t want them to see me panting. So I held my tongue, so to speak.

First Stewart got to me…he stopped and rolled over on his back …he looked like a flat pancake he was so tired.  Then Stanley skidded to stop right next to Stewart and fell on the ground face forward.

“Hey, Boom!  If we are going to go with you, you can’t run so hard and fast and leave us in the dust.”

“Yes”, Stanley, huffed and puffed, if you don’t want to meet any coyotes by yourself, you are going to either wait for us or let us ride once in a while.  This was just way too much.”

Hummmm, maybe Stanley has a good thought, I mused to myself.

“Okay, from now on I’ll walk and if you get tired you can climb on my back and ride awhile.  Will that work?”

Both Squirrels pushed themselves up and stood straight and tall, together they chattered “We are with you all the way, Boomer!”

Don’t stop reading now…Chapter Five finds us at the Upper End!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Priceless



Hi, Ya, Sam!  Been catching any mice lately?


Your fur is getting messed up Monkey?  A bit windy out here for those of you with long fur!

Oh…look here is Mom.

What’ up, Mom!  What cha go’na do?

To-bed-1“Are you up to putting the farm to bed, Boomer?  Come on…we will go on out and get started, Dad will come up when he is done helping loading hay.”

To-bed-2 Mom reached down and picked me up and sat me down behind her on the four-wheeler.  (Mom has to pick me up and put me places ever since I blew my knee out.  My knee is healed now, but neither she nor I want it to get hurt again—so she always picks me up and puts me behind her—or sits me in the back of the pick-up or on the pick-up seat.)


“WAIT!!!!” Monkey yelled…..”I WANT TO GO!”

“No, Monkey—git!  It’s too far up there!  SCRAM!””  Finally Monkey ran back to the yard.Wait-1

Up we went to gather all the siphon tubes and stack them so the cows won’t stomp on them and destroy them.  Cows are like that ya know…if it’s interesting they like to walk on it to see what it will do.  Cracked siphon tubes in hooves is not a good thing, nor is it something Mom and Dad want to deal with either.


It was hot work…even if the sky acted like it wanted to rain, we all worked up a sweat…Mom even took her coat off…I’m glad I didn’t have a coat like thing on, I was already hot!

BirdUp one field, down another we went, picking up dams and tubes and straightening up anything that might get in the way of the corn combine…then I SAW IT!!!


Looks like the coyotes got a Big Bird…sniff, sniff..snuff…

“Boomer what you got there?” Mom asked, as she walked up the last of the dirt ditch.

“Oh, sometimes nature is so cruel…my, that was a big bird, I wonder what kind it was.”


Dad arrived about that time—“Coyotes!  They’ve gotten very brave again…I saw evidence along the equipment area yesterday.”


Yeah, Dad….Mom and I can hear them when we walk at night.  Mom and I think they are hanging out down around the other house.  They wouldn’t be at that house if Hank still lived there, but since he doesn’t they aren’t afraid!

And we see scat everywhere…coyote poop!  I sometimes stop and pee on it.  Makes me feel…GOOD!!!  Tee hee.

“Coyotes…never a good thing.  You stay close by, Boomie, even if it’s daylight you don’t need to be scaring up some coyotes in their den” Mom admonished me.

Not to worry Mom.  Since Fuzzy isn’t here I try to stay within eye-sight of you…I know you don’t have anyone to protect you now.  I can still get the news, but I’m the only dog now, so I know you need me to take care of you.


‘Come on, Boom, let’s go.



We got done faster with Dad’s help.  A nice little ride on the four-wheeler will cool you down.


Then we need to go check all the water traps for the mice…the mice seem to be rather bad this year also.”  Mom lifted me up, started the engine and off we took right behind Dad.

iop Wind in your ears and cool air on your fur………………priceless!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Full Moon on Friday the 13th

lHey, FUZZY!!!  Wake-up, Fuzzy!  Today is Friday the 13th!  Not only is it Friday the 13th we have a FULL MOON— TONIGHT!!!


We won’t be alive the next time this comes along, in fact Mom and Dad won’t be alive…it won’t happen again until Friday,

August 13th 2049!

How very cool is this!!

Hummmmmmmmmm, snort, skurkle….wha, what, Boomer?

Full Moon, Fuzzy!  AND IT’S FRIDAY THE 13th!

Last year we had three Fridays the 13th’s but this year there is only ONE and there is a Full Moon with it!

Hey, that is pretty neat!  What do you think we should do tonight, Boomer?

Lots of people are really suspicious over dates like this, but I don’t see any reason to be nervous, Fuzzy.   Heck, what bad thing can happen?…the sky is full of bright silver light, we will get to go with a walk with Mom in the moonlight and it’s really warm so we won’t be bothered by the cold at all.

Okay, Boom…let’s get to going:

  1.  First let’s holler over to Hank and let him know it what today is.



Bark, Yip, yap….repeat and repeat again and again and again.

Oh, this is good, Pepper is on the line…HEY, PEPPER…You Know what tonight is…..?

Oh!  BOOTS is joining in…Welcome, Boots…guess what tonight is?

Hey, this is really cool everybody in the neighborhood is talking on the dog telephone!

  1. Let’s tell the Coyotes….Every dog in the neighborhood…yipping and yelling!

“You soft as marshmallow house dogs…what do you think you are doing bother us real DOGS?  You are just pretend dogs.  Snarl, growl,



Shhhhhhhhhhh, she said

  1.  Pant, pant, puff, pant….sit by Mom’s bed and act like your are suffocating Fuzzy, so we can get back outside…after all TIME IS A WASTING!“Oh, alright…go on back out.  But be quiet!!!”  Mom warned as she let us out the back door.


BAM!!!! OW!!!!  Boomer!  I tripped and fell and bloodied my nose.

Darn thing, just won’t stop bleeding!

  1. YIKES!   SKUNK ——————– BOOMER!!!  Slow down, boy!  There is a skunk by the grain bin!
  1. Hey, dogs….chitter, chatter,  squeak…you can’t catch me

GET HIM BOOM!!!!  Get the raccoon!!

  1. Come on Fuzzy…he’s heading to the old tree by the canal
  2. Put y’er brakes on Boom…he’s gone.  We’ll never get him up the tree.

Okay, Fuzzy.  Let’s see if there is anything else out here.  We haven’t been this far up the ditch bank for several days…..sniff, sniff, snuff…do you smell anything, Fuzzy?

Nope, not very good, my nose is stuffed up.  But I do think I can smell those two cats from the neighbor way over the way.  They passed here about an hour ago.

10. Boy, the moonlight is sure bright.  Hummmmmmmmmmmm  oh, yes…ahhhhh…ooooooooo, this is really nice.  Come on, Fuzzy…you are going to like this.

11.Ah…no…I don’t think so, Boomer.  That’s just something I really don’t like.

12. Ummmm.  Listen….Mom is out…she’s calling us to go for her mid-night walk.  Well, I guess, tonight it more like her two in the morning walk…  Listen, Boom…we gotta go!

Okay, Fuzzy….just a dollop more.  Mom, is going to love me!  Just wait until she smells this great perfume….roll, wiggle, squiggle, squirm…yes!  I’m ready to go, Fuzzy.

Come on then, Mom is heading our way…we’ will intercept her at the bend in the road.

13. “YUCK!  Boomer!  What in the world did you roll in?”  Mom GAGGED!  (Actually, Mom almost puked)… “Boomer! UGH!”

But it is really nice, Mom.  Really, just take a good whiff…see you do like it.


She went back into the house, Boomer.  I’ll bet you get to have a bath in the morning.

WHAT!  And lose my great perfume?

Darn, I guess a full moon on Friday the 13th does bring some sort’a bad luck.


Pout, pout…I really wanted to wear my perfume for a long, long time.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Coyotes

BooLast night Mom, Boomer and I went for a short walk.



That is really all I can do now…short, stiff legged walks.  Boom loves to go for huge long walks.  Mom says she likes to walk however we choose to walk.  So if I go along she walks with me and lets Boomer run off sniffing at the news.  I really don’t know how she and Boomer walk, he says he doesn’t either; he has lots of news to check out so he just lets Mom walk however she wants to walk.  Then he comes back and checks on her off and on.


Anyway, Mom asked if we wanted to walk up to the new pipe we put in this late winter…

“SURE!” Boomer and I barked.  Then with huge dogie smiles on our faces we headed out to see what we could see.


Dad has part of a field planted in corn. Boomer said he helped Mom and Dad put in the sweet corn yesterday afternoon.  So part of the field corn is in and all the sweet corn.

Dad is out right now working on planting the other acres of corn.  Dad said he is three weeks behind this year…it’s just been too cold and wet to put the seed in the ground.


Anyway, Boom and I were with Mom, just doing the usual dog-things.  A pee here, a pee there, a sniff around this and that, another pee…Mom laughed and asked us how we could ever have SO MUCH pee!

We just laughed with her.

Suddenly Boom was back ….I mean right back, right UNDER Mom’s feet.  Then in my way.

BOOMER!  What is going on?  I growled at him.


(Photo curtosey from TB over at–the coyote is in the corner…see if you can find him.)

Coyotes, Fuzz!  Right up there in the Rabbit Brush.

How many, Boom?

Two…I think.  I really can’t see more than two.

We both sniffed the air…yeah, two.

Hummmm, does Mom see them.

I don’t know she is messing with the water coming out of that pipe thingy.

What’cha think they are want’n, Fuzzy?


I don’t know Boomer, but one thing is for sure I don’t want to find out.  It could be that old dog sounds good for supper.

Shiver, shake, and sit as close to Mom as you can Fuzzy, get on her if you have too.  We need her to see there are Coyotes out here!!!

Okay…I will.

Pssst!  I don’t think she brought a gun with her Boomer.  This could be serious!

Mom will know what to do…just get on her so she can to see what we see.

“FUZZY!  What is going on?”  Mom sat up and pushed Fuzzy a little ways off her.


“Fuzz-Dude!  What is the matter?  You act afraid of something?”


Good job, Boomer!  Point your nose toward the coyotes and stand your ground

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I’ll do the same thing.  RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, rumble, mutter, grrrrrrrrrr

Now howl again, I’ll bet Mom can see them if you do that.


“What to do see, Boom-boy?”

“OH!!! Coyotes!”  Geez, and all I have is a camera.

“Slowly start walking back, boys.  Go slow.  Stay with me….if I have to flash the camera maybe that will scare them off.”

“Boom!  Come on!  You don’t have what it takes to fight a coyote!”

Halloween 008

“Oh darn!  Here is Sammy-sam!”

“Come here, Sam.  Come here!  Let me carry you.”

“Whew…we are home!”

Hey, Fuzz!  Let’s let them have it!

Okay, Boomer, assume the barking position!


“NO! Stop that!  We do NOT want them in the yard, nor do you want to be trashed!”  Mom hollered at us.

Growl, mutter, growl….slink off toward the dog houses….growl mutter.

“Go in Sammy….come on boys; dog treat time.  You were great protectors tonight!!”

Hey Boomer…  This is cool!  We protected Mom from the coyotes and got dog treats also!

I guess I’m not as old as I thought I was!




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—I Do Not Understand You, Boomer!

Well, just for today …THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!  Mom and I are doing the happy dance here there and everywhere!


The Day is 11 hours and 16 minutes long!  On Sunday, March 9th,  we will switch to Daylight Savings Time and the day will grow LONGER!

YIPPEE!   Mom, myself, and the Little Buff Hen like Daylight Savings Time the Best.  Why?  Because we get up with the sun anyway!

Yesterday was a huge busy day…first rattle-out-of-the-box we all headed over to the equipment hill to load up ‘stuff’ for the consignment sale this coming weekend.

Mom drove the truck and trailer over with Boom and I in the back of the truck.  Dad brought over the tractor with the loader.

It was cold outside, sharp wind, spots of frozen ice, lot of cool smells.


While Mom and Dad worked on getting the ‘stuff’ hooked up and loaded onto the trailer, then shuffling around some of the other ‘stuff’ Boomer and I checked out everything going on around there.


Hummmmmmmmm the skunks are out-and-about.  I think….snuff, sniff, snuff…yep, mating season.  Oh!  The badgers are waking up and doing some house cleaning….

Hey, Boom, don’t head over here… the badgers are out and about…you know how cranky they can get.


‘Snuff, snuff,ummm, yumm, swallow.’  Okay, Fuzzy.  I’ll just stay up here where the cows and calves stay…smack, slurp.


Oh…hummm….yes!  Oh, look a patch of Cheat Grass…the cows are going to love that.

The deer have come back…here is a great deer wallow.  Oh, my…I think I’ll just head on back to Mom…COYOTE poop…not, good…not good at all.  At my advanced age they would find me perfect for breakfast.



Slurp, slobber…(mouth-full) Yes, Fuzzy?

Let’s go back to Mom, it doesn’t seem, like, um, we had better hang out here much longer…I found evidence of coyotes!

COYOTES!!! Yikes!

Let’s go back to MOM!  Beat you there!!!!!

WHEW!  I’m glad we are back!

Looks like Mom and Dad are all loaded and ready to go.


This time Dad has the truck and Mom the tractor.  You go ahead and ride Fuzzy, I want to run back to the house and check out the fields as I go.

Check out the fields for what, Boomer?



Boomer, you really are something, you know it?

Yeah, Fuzzy.  I keep the coyotes from getting close to the house!


Ackk!  I guess so Boomer!  Gag!


Something Wicked This Way Comes—February 19, 2014

While out checking the cows and calves, which we do daily, Terry and ran over onto the cactus hill to see what we could see.  We like this rocky point on the farm….every time we are up there we talk about maybe building a house on this hill.  Although, it won’t be a typical house, but an house built into the hillside with southwest facing windows to capture the sunlight and the wonderful sunsets.

(Now to be honest you and I both know that Terry and I will never do this, but it’s fun to sit on the point and dream)

Leaving that point we headed over to the cattail area…Red-Winged Black birds were BACK!  They wonderful songs filling the air.  Traveling forward onto the grass pasture (next to the equipment area) three coyotes ran past us lickety-split. (Another of my Momma’s terms :) )


This is blurry as they are running full speed.  You can see the cattails in the forefront of the photo.

Coyote-2I detest these creatures.

We have lost calves to them.  The sneaky pack of killers. They also kill cats! And small dogs!

Sometimes you have a cow that wants to be by herself to calve.  The coyotes wait and watch, then when the calf starts to come out, they surround the cow, grab the calf, dragging it off and eating it–or eating parts of it leaving the poor helpless Mom in a frenzy.

Most cows will stay within the herd to calf, the other cows form a watch  allowing the birth process to proceed as normal.  IF a predator, coyote, wild dogs, or others try to capture the calf, the cows will stomp the coyote/predator to death, if they can.  Most of the time the coyotes/predators know they will loose so they slink off.

CoyotesThey are heading into an area we call Deadman’s Land–the reason is it’s hard to get water there so nothing really grows well.

The other thing coyotes wait for is the sloppy-I really don’t want to be bothered by a child-Mother.  Yes you have those Mom’s in the animal world, just like you do in the human world.

These Mom’s park their baby somewhere, anywhere, saying: you just stay there and don’t move—all cows put their babies in a safe spot (Usually with a cow babysitter) so the Mom’s can go graze.  The “I really can’t be bothered with a kid” cow just parks her calf any old place and trots off to jolly it up with a group of her friends.

StoppedThe coyotes wait, watch, make sure Mom isn’t paying any attention, slink in and have lunch/breakfast, dinner/snack.

Yes, I know the coyotes are beautiful.  I also know that the calves and the cows are beautiful.  Yes, I know the coyotes need to eat.  BUT NOT OUR ANIMALS!


In fact, it will just teach them that you are a source of food and create horrible coyote behavior—.  Just read this little article from Boulder…

Whew!  I guess I have ranted and raved long enough.  I will stop now and apologize for this huge post.





Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The moon is coming up later and later now, still the dogs and I go for a walk. We go around one to one thirty in the early, early morning.  I dress up like a huge abominable snowman—many, many, many layers…its COLD out there that time of night!  :)

Night-Walk-2This was taken about 14 days ago.

One a side bar note–I would HATE to run into a Yeti…well, I wouldn’t see a Yeti here but there have been sightings of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch in Colorado.

There is some who think Bigfoot has been seen as close as the Lake City Area (which is not far from Montrose or Gunnison) so far nothing on the Uncompahgre Plateau or around the canyons next to our mesa….but one never knows!  :)  da,da,da,da ♪♫♫♪


Still off we go.  We don’t go for long and we don’t go far.


In the evening we either walk to the old tree site, (a tree the ditch company just had to destroy in the fire a couple of years ago), or we walk to the end of the grain bin field…both are about 15 minutes one way then 15 minutes back.  If Fuzzy could move a little faster we would get back faster.



(This was shamelessly taken from the internet-The credits are on the map the web site is here with other photos of Bigfoot in Colorado)

Since I don’t have worry about big furry unknown creatures, and the bears are sleeping away the winter, the dogs and I only have to worry about the coyotes, foxes, and big cats (the skunks are sleeping right now also)—which is why I don’t like to go far.  In the middle of the night  we just walk down the lane to our house.   Boomer has a bad habit of running off after smells, if I contain him to boring smells we both do much better.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  We will have our big celebration tonight with all the family here.  Tomorrow is family day…buffet of snack foods and lots of family games.

Your friend,