Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter Five

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter Five


Okay! We made it!  I dumped the two bushy-tailed squirrels off my back and flung myself down on the ground. Whew!  It was hot and those squirrels had to weigh two pounds each AT LEAST!

“WOW!  Boomer this is beautiful up here!”  Stanley chirped.


“It’s HUGE!” exclaimed Stewart. “HUGE!  And look at that great big pile of old logs just thrown every which way.”

“COME ON, BOOMER!  LET’S GO PLAY!”  The Squirrel brothers took off through the sea of grass heading toward the old logs.

Just as fast as they went into the sea of grass the squirrel brothers came plowing their way BACK to me!

“WAIT! WHOA! WHOA!  What is this all about?” I put up my paw to slow them down.

“COWS, BOOMER! LOTS OF THEM! You didn’t tell us the cows where at the Upper End!”

“Well, actually I didn’t KNOW the cows were up here.  The last time I was up here with Mom there weren’t any cows.”

“They are here now!” Stewart stamped his tiny foot.

“What’s so bad about the cows, we have cows in here every year.  It just must be that time of year to have the cows on the farm.”

“COWS chase SQUIRRELS, Boomer! And if they catch the squirrel they will stomp on them!”

“Na, boys.  Cows only chase coyotes.  They don’t chase squirrels.”

“Aaaa, Boomer?”


“Are coyotes part of the dog family?”

“Yes, that’s what Fuzzy told me one time.”

“Are you a D.O.G., Boomer?”

“OH, my goodness!  You are so right!  I AM A DOG! I am a dog and coyotes are dogs and cows CHASE DOGS!!!”

“UM, Yes!” the squirrel brothers sang in-chorus. “You are a dog.”

Well, now let’s see.  Fuzzy always told me that, if a cow starts to chase you, just slink way down and start creeping toward her (toward her? Shiver, shake) all the while giving her the old evil eye.  She will lower her head and blow snot at you, but just keep creeping forward, then turn slightly toward her left or right side and stop in mid-creep.  Continue to give her the old evil eye—pretty soon she will just shake her head and turn herself around and mosey on back to the herd.


“Well, that does present a problem; that is for sure.  But I think we should go ahead and check out the log piles; the cows are up by the Sagebrush Hill not anywhere close to the log piles.   If the cows decide to charge us we will just dive into the log piles.”

“Doesn’t Foxy and Red LIVE in the log piles?”

“Humm, yes, I think they do, but once the cows come they move on over to the backside of the Sagebrush Hill.  I’ll bet they are already gone.  Besides I was coming up here to tell Foxy and Red to come down to the wood pile by the trash cans so they can eat all the mice that have invaded the log pile at the house.”

“Oh, you didn’t tell us THAT!”  Stanley fairly screamed.  “Not only are we headed into FOX country, you are inviting them to THE FARM YARD where WE LIVE!”  Stewart folded his little arms across his chest and gave me the most evil look possible.

“Fair enough!” I sat down and whapped my tail apologetically on the ground.  “Since you LIVE with us in the farm yard, and the fox live up here, I won’t invite them down to catch mice.”

“Hummph!”  Stanley and Steward glared at me, then TURNED THEIR BACKS TO ME!!

Goodness.  Now what do I do.

“All right!  Furthermore, I’ll make a quick dash through the sea of grass over to the old tree logs and see if Foxy and Red are there.  If they are there I’ll come back and I’ll carry you on my back all the way home as fast as I can run.”

Still nothing.

“I WON’T TELL THEM ABOUT THE MICE!”  I barked very loudly at them.


“Okay, if they are NOT there I come back you can ride on my back through the sea of grass to the old dead tree logs and have a good play on the logs.  Take it or leave it this is all I’m going to do.  If you don’t like anything I said then I’m going through the sea of grass and you, Stanley, and you, Stewart, can figure out your own way back to the farm yard.”  As soon as I said that I started trotting toward the edge of the sea of grass. Keeping my nose in the air…cows, yep.  Been up on the Plateau they smell like snow, oak brush and dried grass, no calves yet, where are Foxy and Red…not here…must have left a day or so ago…faint fox smell but nothing really strong, deer…smells like Momma Deer and Princess…ah! Yes! The King Deer was here….very faint smell of those mangy coyotes.  Faint.  I’m pretty sure it’s safe to head into the sea of ….


HUH!?  Oh yeah I just about forgot I had the Squirrel brothers with me.


“You want to go into the sea of grass?”

“YES!” Stanley and Stewart chittered at me!  “YES!  WE WANT TO GO WITH YOU!”

“Okay, are you riding or walking?”

“Is it safe?”

“Safe” I answered.

“Then we are running!” they said as they bounded by me and plunged into the sea of grass.

Stay tuned for Chapter 6 where the Squirrels have leaps and bounds of unfettered joy.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Continued

Two golden-eyed coyotes, just sitting on the sagebrush hill watching our every move.  Boomer thought they were heading our way, but they just walked out of the brush and sat down.

“W—-what do they want, Fuzzy?”

“I-I’m not sure.  I can’t see them real well, so you are going to have to be my eyes for me, Boomer.”

“O-okay, Fuzzy.  Just tell me what you want to know.”

“Where’s Mom?  That’s the most important question and the second important question is tell me when they start to move.”

“Al-alright, Fuzzy, I’ll will.”

“Well, where is Mom?  Remember that is the first important question.”

“Oh, yeah, right, but if I take my eyes off the coyotes how will I know they move?”

“Be fast, son! Be real fast!  But Find Mom!  We have to know if she is safe.  We also have to know if she is coming to find us.”

“Look quick and then look back at the coyotes.  You have a general idea of where Mom was the last time we checked.”



“Hummmmm she is coming off the cactus hill and heading for the dirt bridge that crosses the pond.”

“Is she walking?”

“Well, no, sort of run sliding.”

“Have the coyotes moved?”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot!”

“Boomer!  You can’t forget!  You have to be fast and in charge.  “


“NO, Boomer!  Don’t bay!” I gave him a writhing look.

“But I want MOM!!!!”

“Well, look for her!”

“But the coyotes are grinning at us!!!”


I took a moment to collect my thoughts and breathe deep.  “Okay, Boomer.  Chill for a moment.  Have they MOVED?!!”

“Wellllll, no.”


“Okay, tell me where Mom is”

She is crossing the edge of the pond right now and moving fast around the swamp, she should be here pretty sooooooooooooooooooooooon!”

“BOOMER!  DO NOT BAY!  What are the coyotes doing?”

“They haven’t moved they are just sitting there staring at us as though…as though they can’t believe what they are seeing.”

“Good.  That’s good, Boomer.  As soon as Mom gets here I’ll just bet you will see them melt back into the brush.”

“Good!  When they go I’ll give them a happy little wave good-bye!”

“No! Don’t do that!  If you do that they will be over here in a flash.  Faster than you can hoooo for Mom.”

About that time I could see Mom was walking up the little grade toward the cow pasture.

The coyotes saw her too.

Coyotes understand if you have a gun and can shoot at them.  They also understand what a gun looks like.  Mom says coyotes help keep the rodent population down, but when they decide to take down a calf or come into the yard then coyotes have to learn lessons.

But Mom didn’t have a gun, she only had a camera.

“Here comes Mom, Fuzzy!  I can see her!”

“I see her too, Boomer, it won’t be long now until the coyotes will see her and leave. Well, at least melt into the sagebrush and rabbit brush so Mom won’t be able to see them.”

“Oh, goody!  We will be safe as soon as Mom gets here.”

“I sure hope so, Boomer.  I sure hope so.”


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Cow Pasture

Boomer and I decided to go up to the cow pasture, without Mom.  Well, Mom was around — she was over on the sagebrush hill looking for something that nature framed for the Sunday Stills assignment.

The snow is gone and the mud is thick, we headed up early so the mud wouldn’t be a problem, you can’t go late because late would be would be way early morning and none of us would like to travel up there in the dark.

Boom and I saw lots of stuff…the bees were out.  It warmed up enough they wanted to see if there was anything to eat and to do some house cleaning.  We didn’t hang with them too long.

We checked out lots of smells…

raccoon, skunk, and a couple of badger dens.  I think the badgers must still be sleeping.  Boom left his mark everywhere.  I tried to match him, but I just couldn’t keep up with that young bladder.

“Hey, Boom!” I yelled.  “There are skunk smells over here!”

“Wow! Really!  Wait just minute I’ll be there!

We sniffed around quite a bit, then decided that maybe we had better NOT follow the skunk smell.  It was pretty fresh so we knew we could find it and where it is holed up for the winter.

“Er Fuzz?”


Maybe we better not go any further…the last time I found a skunk Mom made me  get three baths and to sleep outside for several days.  And that was spring.  It’s still pretty cold to sleep outside and I don’t think either one of us really wants a bath, let alone three baths.”

“Good idea, Boomer!  Let’s head on over to the Fox den and see if Freddy the Fox is still sleeping in there.  He might be gone because Evan has been hauling some of the wood over to his house for his fireplace.”

“Cool, Sure! “

“Come on let’s go!”

So off we went. The pile was a little slimmer, but not much. We sniffed around for some time.  Mom was way over on the cactus hill (that’s what Boomer and I call it, because it has lots of cactus and you have to be careful where you run).  We could see her so we knew she was alright.

Suddenly I got a strange sensation, sort of like a creepy feeling…the hairs on the back of my neck picked up …. I cut my eyes both ways and then put my nose to the wind.

Boomer was busy sniffing in the hole and all around the wood…

“Yep, Evan’s been here.  Oh, yes, and so have Mom and Dad….humm, I think they took about a cord of wood…

“Boomer!”  I whispered.

“Boomer!”  I said a little louder “something strange is happening!”

“Yeah,” he whispered back…”there are two coyotes standing right over there looking at us.”

“HUH?!?!”  (This getting old is not good; I used to have really sharp eyesight and keen hearing).

“They are?”  I asked.  “What are they doing?”

“Well, hum, they look sort of hungry and they are heading our way”

(to be continued………)