Drenched, Wet, Beyond Wet, Wednesday, October 1, 2014

river.jpgWe are wet!

FloodVery wet!  And it’s still raining!

Glow-1The sunrise yesterday promised more wet later in the day.  (Red sunrise in the morning, sailor take warning)

Storm-Moving-in-3Although it did hold off most the day.  That evening we could see more storm clouds blowing our way.(Red sunset at night, sailors delight. ?)

Yep! Right about 6 in the morning we had rolling thunder and large cracks of lightening, then …

WetRain! In fact it’s raining as I write this.

BUT there is a wind with this very wet storm. The weather people are saying this storm will move out of here tonight with wind gusts up to 25 m.p.h.

Rabbit-Brush-2Then temperatures will dip to 25-35 degrees.  I do believe Summer will be officially over after these very wet storms get out of here.

The weather people are also saying we have several days of sunshine in the near future…I’ll take it.  I’m a sunshine kind of person!

DrainTerry dug little ditches so the water can run into the canal–which reminds me that the canal is clear to the brim…

river.jpgIt’s going to take a spell to get us dry again.  That is for sure!

Your friend on a lake that used to be a farm :) :)



Small Break and a Post Full of Rainbows–Tuesday, September 30, 2014

storm-leaving.jpgFor a small amount of time the clouds parted and blue sky appeared.  It was lovely!  The dogs and cats and I danced a jig on the very wet lawn.  It was delightful!

Then the rains came back.  Heavy wet rains complete with thunder.

We are soaked…drowned…extremely wet.

But John North sent me a youtube song about Rainbows and perfect song to go with this wet spell we are having–

A perfectly wonderful wish for a cold wet day.

2014-09-01_17-22-01_74 (2)Then Linda from Alexandria, Louisiana sent this wonderful rainbow



Rene`, who lives in Paonia, Colorado (just about an hour’s drive from here) sent me these two stunning rainbows—spanning the mountains where she lives.

Stunning Rainbow from Sara...shot by Eric Holtaus Sara from Punkin’s Patch sent a twitter photo–Brian Miner of BDMphoto  https://twitter.com/BDMphoto

Rainbows from around the world and close to home…who could ask for more?

Not I!

Thank you, my friends!

Remember if you have a fun/interesting or outstanding photo you would like to share I will be very glad to post them on my blog—always you will have the credit!

Your friend on a very wet and soggy farm,





I’m Sorry–Monday, September 29, 2014

I’m sorry that I miss lead you somehow…I didn’t grow up in Craig, Colorado.  I grew up in Eckert, Colorado.

Evening-and-the-cornMy Dad’s people arrived here in around 1900, settling in the Read/Austin area.  My Momma’s people came when she was a freshman in high school–around 1943.

There were just the two of us—myself and my brother.  My brother lives in the Denver, Colorado, area now, but I live here.


Although, I grew up in the Eckert, Cedaredge (my Dad and Grandparents on my Mother’s side had huge orchards which were part of our income)


I’ve lived on this farm all of my adult life accept for the first two years of our marriage.


My parents are the ones who moved to Craig, Colorado.  After selling the gas station they operated the orchards only.  After several years of bad prices and huge expenses Daddy got a job with Colorado Ute (now Tri-State).  He was 37 years old when they moved to Hayden, Colorado.  By that time we had Shannon and were waiting the birth of Evan (we have four children–Shannon, Evan, Kimberly, and Misty.  Misty is the one who just moved to Craig.)

And that is the irony…my parents and now our youngest living in the Craig area. Hayden is just a 30 minute drive from Craig, Colorado.


It’s still raining here…we had 2″ of water when I checked this morning.  Still for a short while there is sunshine, then another downpour is expected starting around noon.  Wet we are, that is for sure.

Storm-1Anyway, I apologize if I made it sound like I grew -up in Craig.

Your friend,


Socked in- Sunday, September 28, 2014

A HUGE rain storm rolled in last night complete with rolling thunder and stunning flashes of lightening.  By 9:00 in the evening we were wet.  The rain hasn’t let up since the storm rolled in.  On one hand the lovely drenching of all the parched and dried spots in the lawns and fields is a very good thing—on the other hand not so lovely.  It’s harvest here.  Not for us.  We have finished our harvest of the two first crops and are waiting for the corn to dry down before we start the third and last crop –corn.


There are others, neighbors and friends, who are in the middle of onion harvest, or their pinto bean harvest, or getting in the last cutting of alfalfa turned hay.

Moisture like this is not good for harvest.  :(

TSThis weekend found us in Craig, Colorado, to watch our grandson play Middle School football and take

FriendsEllie up to play with Linky for a spell.  Of course, we also got to enjoy the little Cowgirl and her REAL Cowgirl girl friends.

Tri-StateCraig is home to Tri-State Generation plant.  My Dad worked at the station right after it was built- until he retired.  Daddy started work for Colorado Ute—now Tri-State–at the Hayden plant, then was promoted to this plant right after it was built.

My parents moved to Hayden, Colorado, the year I was pregnant with Evan. They stayed they for over twenty years, Daddy retiring from Colorado Ute (Tri-State) and Momma retiring form Peabody Coal.

It’s sort of ironic that our youngest daughter and her family are now back in the Moffat/Routt County area don’t you agree?

Paonia-MountainsAnyway we are back to a decidedly very wet fall day.  It has the feel of a huge weather switch coming…I wonder if a killing frost will follow all this moisture; I would not be surprised.

It’s all most October…a killing frost is just around the corner, if not imminent.

Your friend on a farm,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—The Waiting Begins

Yep, THE waiting begins!

Boo Waiting, not for Fuzzy and I but for MOM and DAD.  They have to wait you see, not Fuzzy and I.  We do lots of waiting as it is:

WaitingWe wait on the four-wheelers LOTS!

Big-SmileWhat Dad and Mom are waiting for is the corn to dry down and the moisture content to get JUST RIGHT so the Corn Harvest can begin!!!

Turning-off-the-head-gateThe last set of the water happened.

Last-waterThe head-gate is now turned off.  Unless everything gets really bone dry before the canal is turned off there won’t be another set of water on the farm until next spring.

FallFall is in the air…the Rabbit Brush is rich and full and lush— the bees are working the flowers heavily!

One-last-timeThe Upper End and the Back Forty just screams AUTUMN!

Evening-and-the-cornFuzzy and I like this time of year.  It’s not so hot it’s hard to breathe and there is lots of stuff to sniff and smell.  The animals are moving around now getting ready for winter.  We like to smell what they are up too.

Just last night a Momma deer ran across the ditch bank road right in front of Dad and Mom and Fuzzy and I!  It was so COOL I had to bay at the deer.

Mom jumped… “Boomer…not in my ear!  You scared me!”  She said and then she laughed and so did I.

Fuzzy thought it was a funny also!

Sitting-in-the-sunBack home we saw Sammy Sam absorbing the heat from the big shed doors.

“Oh, you are back”, he said then turned his head away and closed his eyes.

Oh well, Boomer.   Sammy is just not interested in riding four-wheelers.

Works for me Fuzz!

Hey Fuzz?



What’s with cats?  They sure seem to sleep a lot.

I don’t know, Boomer.  That’s just a cat for you!

Well…THANKFULLY we are NOT CATS, Fuzzy!  The world is waiting and you and I are ready to see it!

MineChuckle, smile! It’s good to be a dog, isn’t it Boomer?


It sure is, Fuzzy!  It sure is!



Interesting Fences and Gates —Thursday, September 25, 2014

Here is something a little different in the gate department….a Cattle Guard!

GratesYou can find them anyplace around here….even on the highway going up the side of Grand Mesa, Colorado.

As you can see the spacing is large enough animals don’t want to walk over it.

Watch-for-CowsThis rancher even warns you when you cross the cattle guard that cows are grazing on his hills.

Head on over now and see what cool fences and gates have been posted on Teresa’s site: The Run *A* Round Ranch—and while you are there enter one of your own neighborhoods cool fences or gates!

Remember now…if you are out here sometime…watch for cows!



Storms–Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stoem-moving-in-1We have had a series of storms moving though our area.  Sunday was nicely wet, and so was Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Storm-Moving-in-5The sun peaked through the clouds Sunday night and graced our lives with dramatic color, then the rains came.



Having the rain has been nice!  It sure has helped me keep the lawn green down at the other house and has given my yard a nice soaking.  The Upper End is looking rich and lush with really nice grass.

Mr. Davis’ cows are going to have a real feast come this winter.

Your friend,



Linkedin—Wednesday, September 23, 2014

For some reason I’m getting lots of requests to be part of the Linkedin Professional Network. Please don’t think I’m rude, but at this time in my life I don’t want to join a professional network.  I do appreciate everyone who has sent me an email request; but I graciously decline.

I also have heard from other friends that I have sent out requests for you to join me in Linkedin —please know that I do not have an account with this professional social network.  I’m sorry if you have gotten those messages they were NOT from me.

Storm-moving-in-2Your friend,



Spend the Afternoon—-From Sara, Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sara, Punkin’s Patch, did a post a couple of years ago about a springtime float down their river.

I loved the last photo so much I asked her if I could have a copy.  She so generously sent me one.

From-Sara Isn’t it wonderful!

“Spend the Afternoon.  You can’t take it with you”–Annie Dillard

Sara started her post with the above quote from Annie Dillard. Annie is so right…we do need to remember to just stop awhile and enjoy…there is much out there for us to see, things that soothe and fill our souls with peace and replenishment!


I hope each and everyone of you take an afternoon and just ENJOY…we all need to visit those things which stops time, work, and the busyness of doing!

Your friend,



IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!–Letters for my Little Sister—Monday, September 22, 2014


Finally!  The Extraordinary book of 68 glorious letters written to Celi’s Little Sister has arrived!  68 REAL stories, real experience from real women who read Celi’s blog every day!

Letters for my Little Sister, by Cecilia Buyswheeler Gunther and Melissa Hassard,  is collection of personal experiences of those who are starting through, or have gone through THE CHANGE!  Menopause.  The dreaded M word.  The word even Men hate to think about.

Remember I told you about the book here.  The THING no one wants to talk about, when something happens that is so big  a woman enters into the physical process as one person and leaves as a very physically different one.  It isn’t the end of the Change that people dread it’s the unknown of the process.  Letters for my Little Sister took everyone’s experience and complied it into a simple understanding of what their or their loved one’s process entailed.

AnotherAmazon has the book available now.  Don’t believe Amazon’s statement there is only one for sale, there is at least 100 more books.  One for you and everyone you care about.  The cost is reasonable the knowledge you will gain from the stories, poems, and essays invaluable.

I do NOT receive any compensation from letting you know about this book –-wait I do!  I forgot…what I receive is the knowledge that if you read it—you will not be alone as you, or someone travels around this bend of Change.


I hope you enjoy Letters for my Little Sister, as much as I did.

Your friend on a farm,



Footprints–Sunday, September 21, 2014

Removing-the-hedgeIt had been a long horribly busy week for Terry and I.  We decided that we needed to remove the privet hedge and lay irrigation pipe and set up a different system to water the yard.

I truly hated to see the hedge go, but it had become a horrendous chore to keep the weeds out of it and to keep it clipped…I have a sorry elbow on my left side and an even sorrier shoulder on my right side.  Hefting the electric clippers weekly had fast become a much dreaded job.

We worked on the hedge in the cool of the day and then down at our other house during the heat of the day.  We aren’t doing lots down there, sprucing up the paint, sanding down a door that keeps getting stuck…little things that take time, but are necessary.

Cannas-1I also finally finished up my fall house cleaning, walls, windows, scrubbed floors, sorted through drawers…you know that sort of stuff, while Terry worked on repairing the 630 John Deere–he is putting on a different front end.

Tired and not interested in cooking Terry took us out to Pizza Hut to eat wings and a salad.


It was when we were leaving a wonderful lady came up to me and told me she was a long-time reader of this blog, although she never leaves a comment. She also said she very much enjoys the photos and the tiny peak into our lives.

What a wonderful lift she gave both of us!  We talked about her smiling face and her sweet laughter as we drove home.  She gave us a extraordinary bit of joy after along week of steady work.

I do believe this world of blogging has given us friends that we would have never/ever otherwise been able to meet and get to know.

Cannas-3It is true we all leave footprints wherever we go…it’s nice to meet the people who read my blog; they truly leave a kindness in our day.

Your friend


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—As Good as it Gets

You know there are just some things that are way out there funny!

Well, at least Boomer and I think so.

HummmYou see there has been a sort run on the farm with the raccoons.  None of us really do anything about them-Heck Boomer and I like to sniff their tracks and try to guess what they are up too.  Mom and Dad just make comments to each other… “Oh look, the raccoons have been walking down the gated pipe”!

Sometimes the raccoons will come in the yard and try to find dog food to eat, but Mom always picks up all the dog food every night.  If we sleep outside Boomer and I bark at them, but if we don’t sleep outside all we can do is, well, sniff their tracks.

Any hoo…Janson wanted to catch a raccoon….I don’t know why…I never heard, but he wanted a raccoon.  Dad told Jason he could put a trap up by the equipment area and see what happens.  Dad said he knew there were lots of raccoons up there because of all the signs.

Every day for three weeks Jason and Shannon went up to check the trap, morning and evening….nothing.

Every day.

Morning and evening.

For three weeks.

Nothing, nada…zipp!

On the third week one evening Jason decided that it was useless so he would just go get the trap and take it home.

UpUp they went.

BackBack they came.

Then THREE hours later…..HAHAHAHAHBoomer and I had a huge laugh about that!!!!

The-BoomMom sent the photos over to Jason and Shannon, who could resist showing it to them!!

HAHAHAH those raccoons are pretty darn clever, don’t you think?






Behind the Fence–Good Fences Thursday–September 18, 2014

After Terry’s Dad passed Terry’s Mother came over one day and said: “Here these are your’s now.  I’m sure no one else would want them”.  Then she handed the titles to Jack’s two farm trucks to Terry.

He was a little bit stunned thinking that she would much prefer selling them and pocketing the money.  But no she didn’t….she said she just couldn’t sell them.  Would he please come and get them and move them over to our place.

So we did.


Two years ago a man showed up wanting to buy one of the old trucks.  Terry and the man looked the truck over, walked up and down talking about the truck, then he offered a price.

Old-Dodge-2My Dear Husband just couldn’t sell either—after the man left he came in the house and told me that he couldn’t let the truck go; they spoke way too loudly about his Dad, the work on the farm, and the dairy those trucks had accomplished.

BHtheFSo they sit here, gracing our corral fence line…a constant reminder of good days gone-by and the man who stood taller than anyone in Terry’s life.


A good thing, don’t you think?

For more Good Fences head on over to Teresa’s Round*A*Round Ranch and check out all the other cool fences and gates from around the globe.  Today she has some pretty nice looking cattle behind her fence photos.

Hey, while you are there add your fence or gate…it’s always fun and interesting!

Your farm friend,


I Give to You a Perfect September Day—Wednesday, September, 17, 2014


A perfect ghost of a summer day in the middle of our farm between two corn fields!

It would be very hard to ask for anything more!

LeavesYour friend,


Two Photo Gifts from Two Different Friends—Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One year, I think two years ago, Cully Ray sent me a delightful Christmas Present; a photo of her dearly departed Australian Shepherd, Robert.

Here is what she wrote:  ” I have to tell you Fuzz really looks like my line of Aussies – and I am partial to the plain tri-colors (Red or Black). Everytime you post a picture of him, I just want to kiss his face!  LOL


I am attaching a picture of my boy, Robert (I lost him two years ago – I know he’s waiting at the Rainbow bridge for me)…
Have a wonderful Holiday!!
love and hugz and Blessings!
4Fuzzy 006
She is so right.  Every time I look at her Robert I do see Fuzzy.  It’s really nice to know what type of dog he might be—My vet says Border Collie and Chow-Chow,  another vet told me he was part Sheltie and Border Collie.
Fuzzy really is a very good dog!
Sometime ago OneFly sent me this photo: “This is not a great picture by any means, but it shows a coyote that was almost on top of this hurt elk.
The photo was taken just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
The magpies are just waiting for their chance after the coyote.
My bud, Kevin, who works right there said the elk survived at least enough to move on.”
I’m glad the elk was able to move on.  I hope it made it.  I am NOT a fan of coyotes…sorry!  If you are that’s fine, as for me–-I’m not.
I thank Cully Ray and Onefly for sharing with me photos of their lives, and allowing me to share them with you.  This wonderful world of the internet has given all of us an tremendous gift of friends both near and far!  I appreciate each and everyone of you!
OrangeRemember if you have have a photo that you would like for me to share with my readers I would be delighted to do so. It might not be immediately as I have several waiting to be posted.  I posting every Tuesday in the order that they arrive to me.
I WILL post them and I WILL link back to you with credit for your photo. :)
Your friend,