Behind the Fence–Good Fences Thursday–September 18, 2014

After Terry’s Dad passed Terry’s Mother came over one day and said: “Here these are your’s now.  I’m sure no one else would want them”.  Then she handed the titles to Jack’s two farm trucks to Terry.

He was a little bit stunned thinking that she would much prefer selling them and pocketing the money.  But no she didn’t….she said she just couldn’t sell them.  Would he please come and get them and move them over to our place.

So we did.


Two years ago a man showed up wanting to buy one of the old trucks.  Terry and the man looked the truck over, walked up and down talking about the truck, then he offered a price.

Old-Dodge-2My Dear Husband just couldn’t sell either—after the man left he came in the house and told me that he couldn’t let the truck go; they spoke way too loudly about his Dad, the work on the farm, and the dairy those trucks had accomplished.

BHtheFSo they sit here, gracing our corral fence line…a constant reminder of good days gone-by and the man who stood taller than anyone in Terry’s life.


A good thing, don’t you think?

For more Good Fences head on over to Teresa’s Round*A*Round Ranch and check out all the other cool fences and gates from around the globe.  Today she has some pretty nice looking cattle behind her fence photos.

Hey, while you are there add your fence or gate…it’s always fun and interesting!

Your farm friend,


I Give to You a Perfect September Day—Wednesday, September, 17, 2014


A perfect ghost of a summer day in the middle of our farm between two corn fields!

It would be very hard to ask for anything more!

LeavesYour friend,


Two Photo Gifts from Two Different Friends—Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One year, I think two years ago, Cully Ray sent me a delightful Christmas Present; a photo of her dearly departed Australian Shepherd, Robert.

Here is what she wrote:  ” I have to tell you Fuzz really looks like my line of Aussies – and I am partial to the plain tri-colors (Red or Black). Everytime you post a picture of him, I just want to kiss his face!  LOL


I am attaching a picture of my boy, Robert (I lost him two years ago – I know he’s waiting at the Rainbow bridge for me)…
Have a wonderful Holiday!!
love and hugz and Blessings!
4Fuzzy 006
She is so right.  Every time I look at her Robert I do see Fuzzy.  It’s really nice to know what type of dog he might be—My vet says Border Collie and Chow-Chow,  another vet told me he was part Sheltie and Border Collie.
Fuzzy really is a very good dog!
Sometime ago OneFly sent me this photo: “This is not a great picture by any means, but it shows a coyote that was almost on top of this hurt elk.
The photo was taken just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
The magpies are just waiting for their chance after the coyote.
My bud, Kevin, who works right there said the elk survived at least enough to move on.”
I’m glad the elk was able to move on.  I hope it made it.  I am NOT a fan of coyotes…sorry!  If you are that’s fine, as for me–-I’m not.
I thank Cully Ray and Onefly for sharing with me photos of their lives, and allowing me to share them with you.  This wonderful world of the internet has given all of us an tremendous gift of friends both near and far!  I appreciate each and everyone of you!
OrangeRemember if you have have a photo that you would like for me to share with my readers I would be delighted to do so. It might not be immediately as I have several waiting to be posted.  I posting every Tuesday in the order that they arrive to me.
I WILL post them and I WILL link back to you with credit for your photo. :)
Your friend,

All Through—Monday, September 15, 2014

Thankfully the pinto beans are at the Beanery (this is the name of the elevator that cleans and stores the pinto beans in our area—the Olathe Producers is another elevator which does the same thing).

At the elevator the pinto beans will be cleaned and sorted and culled…any broken (splits), discolored beans, and green pintos will be sifted into the proper pile to be sold.

Green pinto beans will be thrown away along with any chaff or weeds or weed seeds.  The discolored beans has a very small market for animal feed….cows love pinto beans.  The splits will go to a factory to be made into smashed canned pinto beans ready for your taco.

White The other pinto beans…the really nice ones will be sold at market value for whole pinto beans to be used however the buyer wishes.  The whole pinto bean market is what a farmer strives for…that is where the most money is to be made—right now the market is extremely volatile/unstable.  Terry will talk with the owner of the Beanery sometime today to see if they can sell the beans for us and for what price.

Zinnia-4Then Terry will decide if we hold them for a spell or sell.  Mostly he likes to sell because a truly fresh pinto bean is liked by most people.  If you have ever eaten a truly fresh pinto bean you will be stunned at the difference in the cook time, the flavor and the size of the bean.

There isn’t pay check until the beans are sold!

Oh, for the record….I’ve been asked several times if we take subsidies for farming.

NO!  NEVER!   Neither did my parents or grandparents and neither has Terry’s Dad or grandfather.  If we can’t pay our own way we don’t do it.  That is why we both worked in town…and why we have old equipment…if you can’t afford it you don’t need it…has always been the mantra on our farm.

ENOUGH of that ….since Terry got Linkin a new compound bow, we thought it would fun to take Tally shopping.  She wanted a “REAL COWGIRL HAT”.  Not a fake one made of plastic.

CowgirlOff we went to the Davis Clothing Company where she picked out a black hat…no pink one for her, Thank you Very much!  It was really nice to shop at the Davis Clothing Company, Rena, Mr. Davis’ daughter, let Tally try on several different colors—then she steamed the hat so it was the perfect COWGIRL shape, and took her to the special three-way-mirrors so Tally could see which one was just right for her.  The experience was very nice.


Later, at home, Tallin wanted to practice with Terry’s longbow and her ONE arrow, of course wearing the COWGIRL hat!  What a hoot!

Well, the two big harvests are out of the way (the hay and the pinto beans), and the irrigation is about done— now we wait until the end of October or later for the harvest of the field corn.  A little break in the farming before the next big round of hard work.

OneAll is good and right with the world!

Your friend on a farm



And So It Begins….Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pinto-Harvest-1-2014The weather is nice, although it is starting to be cold at night. We woke up to 40* this morning.  Autumn days do warm up nicely.


About 10:30 Friday morning Terry started the process of combining the pinto beans.

Pinto-Harvest-3-2014The pinto beans are being picked up and run through the combine.  It always amazes me that a bunch of plants can go through a huge machine and come out whole.

Pinto-Harvest-4-2014It is a simple as that, but it does require concentration….if the driver goes too fast the pinto beans will be cracked and therefore unsellable, if you go too slow the plants will wad up and bind somewhere in the first part of the combine.  Once again you will lose all your sellable pinto beans.

Pinto-Harvest-2014If your field isn’t dry you will get wads in the combine and will have to stop.

Wads always have to be dug out by hand.  :(

Yesterday was a good productive day…the field was dry, the combine driver (having 50 some odd years of driving a combine :) ) knew what he was doing so could make steady headway.

Since the dew was extremely heavy on Saturday he wasn’t able to start until 1:00 in the afternoon.


Harvest…what we work for all year!

Friday night we had company drive in….Misty and the two little girls!  They are only here for the weekend because Linkin has a birthday party with her BFF.

Zinnia-1Grandpa and I feel really lucky.  They will head home today sometime after lunch.  But first the little girls get ride in the bean truck to deliver the pintos to the Beanery!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Great Find

I’ve been helping Mom.  I help Mom ALL the TIME!!!  Sometimes I’m so close to Mom she trips over me… :(  Not good!  Mom doesn’t yell at me but she does say: “BOOMER!!! You have to stop being so close! You are going to get us both hurt”!

I just smile at her and wag my tail.  I won’t get us both hurt!  Shish! Mom is such a worry-wart.

Helping-in-the-heatAnyway we forked up all the loose hay the day before the big rain fell.  It sure was hot that day. WHEW!  I don’t know how Mom and Dad did it…I just had to ride on the back of the four-wheeler and the sun baked me into a huge Boomie Chip!

Then the rain came.  Huge amounts of water fell from the sky.  Fuzzy and I stayed inside with Mom, Dad, Sam and Monkey…to tell you the truth being inside while the rain chilled everything down and turned the soil into a giant bog hole was………………………..NICE!!!!

After the rain left then the house seem pant, pant, pant…HOT!

FluffyAnyway, back to what I found…yesterday the sky was beautiful – full of big soft fluffy clouds and lots of warm sunshine (although the nights are very chilly. I think Mom said it was 45* this morning.  Fuzzy and I sleep inside when it’s cold so we weren’t cold…but I digress.)

So here we were up at the alfalfa field…it’s now and alfalfa field the hay field is gone since the hay bales are in the hay yard. :)

Okay, Mom, Dad and I were in the alfalfa field setting the water for the last time this year (maybe the last time—for sure the next to the last time).  Fuzzy dididn’tant to come. Fuzzy really only likes riding in the back of the pick-up anymore.  He says someone really needs to stay home and watch the place.

That’s okay with Mom and me, after giving Fuzzy lots of pets and lovings Mom and Dad and I headed up the alfalfa field.

I decided to check out the news in the field, Fuzzy is just like me and really enjoys the news. I looked around…Dad was carrying one of the big metal dams and walking down the ditch, Mom was bent over picking up the white syphon tubes and dunking them in the water and then setting the tubes down in the row…Good they are busy.

Tralalalallalal….sniff here and sniff there…hummmmm raccoons…four of them.  Sniff, snuff….sniff…


Oh, my heavens!  WHAT WAS THAT!!!?

Quail!  How neat is this….Oh, calm down Momma Quail I’m not going to do anything to your 8 little chicks!  Tee Hee, laugh, giggle….Boy, are you cute!

Got ‘a go now!

Sniff, sniff, snuff!


Poop-1“BOOMER!!  BOOMER, what are you doing?”

Oh, heck!  She would call me just as I found this stuff.  Oh, darn…here she comes…do I dare….

Poop-2“BOOMER!!! Don’t you DARE roll in that you hear me?”

Geez…Mom got here just as I was about to flop over…sigh.

“Yuck, Boomer!  Don’t do that!  Do you want another bath? Stop!”

Oh, okay…I won’t.  But LOOK MOM it’s HUGE!  We have a HUGE deer eating in the alfalfa field!

“Come on, Boom, let’s go.  Maybe we will be lucky to see the buck that dropped this mess.  The deer always come on the farm when hunting season starts.’


Hey, Fuzz!  I found some cute quail and a GIANT DEER POOP!  The best part of starting the irrigation water was the GIANT POOP!!!

POOP!  Lucky you Boomer.  I know we have deer that live here year round, but finding GIANT poop means we have a GIANT DEER!

Yeah, Fuzzy…it was giant for deer poop!  Next time I hope I can get a good roll in it so you can have really nice sniff!

I hope you do too, Boomer.  My eyes and ears might not work well, and my legs are wobbly, but my nose is just fine!

Evening-2I promise you this, Fuzzy, the next time I’ll bring you back some good poop smells!

You’re a good Buddy, Boomer a real good Buddy!

best-friends-for-ever-more-Ah, thanks, Fuzzy!  You are welcome.



Helping Each Other Out, (also Fences), Thursday, September 11, 2014

Visit-1A long-time friend of Terry’s needed a part for a piece of equipment.  This friend had been down to see if Terry had anything that Terry could part with and he could buy.

Visit-2Later on we drove up to Paonia, Colorado, to see if the part worked out and well…just to have a short visit.  Terry’s friend was right in the middle of cutting hay, but that didn’t stop the two from having a nice visit.

Fences-1While they talked I hiked around.  There is just something about a huge ranch that lends itself to the wonders of living.  Terry’s friend and his sister own over 1,000 acres with several grazing permits on the hills surrounding his ranch.

Fences-2He and his sister do all the farming, irrigation, ranching, and the taking care of their 223 head of cows and several bulls.

LandHis father bought the ranch, taking care of it for 6 years then died.  From that point on Terry’s friend and his sister have been the ones to move the ranch forward.  Old fences speak volumes of the way things were; new fences tell the story of how things are presently!

Head on over to Teresa’s blog to see many more fences and gates from around the world.  While you are there join in with some photos of fences or gates you have in your area!

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm





Rain and a New Bow, September 10, 2014

The header is a photo of the sunrise after our amazing, extremely wet, rain storm.


Thankfully the storm is moving on today and warm dry weather is predicated for at least seven more days.  The above photo is the rain socking us in; some places got as much as 3″ in an hour!  Our canal is clear to the brim; swollen with water.

Rain-2It’s for sure we are wet.

The hay is covered and safe, but the pinto beans are…in the mud!

Rain-3What happens now?  We wait until eveything dries back out.  Then Terry will go in with the rod-weeder and lift the pinto beans up out of the mud and dirt and fluff up the rows again.  Then we wait until they are dry.  After that he should be able to combine.

Gift-2Terry gave Linkin a new compound bow.  She is just getting the feel of it here.  Proper form is to have your hand close to your cheek and your other arm level with the hand next to your cheek.

Gift-1She LOVES it!  We had to go out first thing this morning (even in the mud) to give it another go at using it.

She and her Momma will leave later on today!

The visit was a nice treat,for this Grammy and Grandpa, in the middle of a very wet week.

Your friend,




Beauty in Quiet Places–Tuesday, September 8, 2014

LakeTom–OneFly sent me this positively wonderful photo of a small lake above Sheriff’s Reservoir which is located just below Dunkley Pass and at that time there were fish in it. Not anymore.  He said this is the natural color of the lake.  Stunning isn’t it!?

We got all the hay covered and one of the augurs into the combine before the rain came.  Sigh, but at least we were able to get all those things done.  Now if the rain will just go around us …..

Your friend on a farm in Western Colorado,




Step into a Canyon–Monday, September 8, 2014

We took a short ride.  Just over California Mesa, onto the Highway 50 heading toward Grand Junction, Colorado.

Close to Dead Man’s Curve we turned off, traveled onto a rutted dirt road.  We were taking a break from the ordinariness of every day.  A small hike within the desert landscape that is home to rare plants, Indian rock art and rugged rock formation is all we wanted.  Nothing more than an hour.  There was still necessary things to do back home and evening was descending.

Canyon-1Above us Highway 50 was filled with fast moving vehicles traveling 65 m.p.h.  I”m sure they never even looked into the rugged area alongside the highway.

That’s alright…works for me.

Way down the canyon road live fruit farmers …some of the riches and most delicious fruit comes from down in this canyon.

Canyon-2You can see the highway going from the point in the middle to the left side of the photo.  The blue mountain in the center is Grand Mesa, the right side shows a part of canyon hill.

We didn’t stay long.  Just a short hike.

Back home (after doing the last of evening chores) we sat on the patio watching the evening turn into black velvet skies, shimmering with stars and the early rising moon.

Sunday breaks are very necessary.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Moving Along-Harvest-Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friday and Saturday were super busy!

Blading-the-beansTerry got the pinto beans bladed and

Bladed-Beans placed in nice fluffy rows to dry.  We are still holding our breath that the rains stay away…(OH! PLEASE STAY AWAY!  Just until the pinto beans are in the Beanery!)  It might be like wishing in the wind


since we can see storms moving all around us.

Hay-1Terry has all the hay baled and part of the field in the hay yard…this afternoon should see every last bale stacked and ready for sale. (Fingers crossed)

You can see the storms playing on Grand Mesa in this photo.

Everything seems like a ‘race against the weather’ this time of year.

Pink-2I’ve got part of the fence scraped and brushed ready to paint down at the other house and I even have all but the two biggest flower beds weeded in my yard.  Sure feels good to start getting caught back up.

Tuesday and Wednesday Misty will be back for some training she needs for her new job, Linkin has asked to come with her.  It will mean missing two days of school.  Linkin is a very good student, so I think she will get to come with her mother.  It will nice to have that ten-year-old here again.  Her Grandpa has bought her a neat surprise.  He will give it to her at this point, if she comes.  Otherwise it will wait until a later, or even much later date.

BFFMaybe Linkin’s Best Friend can come out after school on Tuesday and stay for supper. I’ll ask Misty and Ellie’s Mom.  Hopefully she can.

MBSToday we only do what we must do…a day of rest.  Makes the week go faster.

Your friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Harvest

The end of Summer has arrived!

Pink-1Fuzzy doesn’t have any swallows to bark at anymore, but the crows have returned so he barks at them.

It goes something like this:


Bark, bark, bark, bark!

You silly dog, you can’t hurt us!

You silly crow, I can let the world know you are here!

You funny old dog, they already know!

You funny crow, I don’t care…I’m still going to bark at you!

And so it goes…..

Fuzzy and I love the busy season! Well, to be honest, Fuzzy and I love EVERY SEASON!!!

Bean-HarvestDad is out pulling the pinto beans.

Pulled-BeansThat is step ONE (!) in the process of harvesting pinto beans.  When Dad comes in Mom, Fuzzy and I will go out and fork the pinto bean ends back.  After that Dad will come through and blade the beans.

Step TWO…blading the beans.  First they are pulled out of the ground and laid in neat rows, then a blade comes back under them lifting them up into fluffy rows to dry.


All of this has to be done early in the morning or the pinto beans will shatter out of their little shells.  That works for Fuzzy and I —later in the day it gets HOT!  We spend lots of time panting, while Mom works, as it is.  Mom says she gets warmed up so she doesn’t need a jacket.  Dad has to wear a jacket because he says it’s a little cold on the tractor.

Step 3 with the Pinto Beans will be to combine them.  Mom and Dad are STILL working on the combine.  THEY HAD BETTER GET DONE SOON!!!

Step 4 will be to haul the pinto beans to the Beanery, with Step 5 selling them!

(But step 2-5 is still to come.  We are still on step ONE!)

After Mom and I get the bean ends forked onto the rows, we will head up to the alfalfa field, which is now a HAY field.   Up there we will roll and straighten the bales.  Fuzzy doesn’t go up there anymore.  He says it’s just too hot and tiring; he stays home in the shade.

Once the bales are set in a straight row Dad comes along and loads them in the stack wagon and takes them to the hay yard.  By that time Mom and I are done.

I’m always ready for DONE as that is even HOTTER work.

Later in the day…sometime after lunch Mom and I go down to Misty’s and work in her yard.  Mom is painting the fence while the sprinklers madly fling water onto the lawn and the soakers soak into the ground under the bushes.

Mom says we have to keep the yard watered so off we go. Fuzzy doesn’t like to go down there either.  He says the morning has tired him out.  That is okay…we just let Fuzzy rest, after all he IS fourteen years old, that’s pretty old in Mom’s years!

As soon as we get all the hay in we will start water on the hay field…once we do that the field will become an Alfalfa Field.  How neat is that?

Waiting-for-meDad checked the field corn yesterday…the corn is starting to dent.  If a dog was to eat the corn now it would be hard to chew. (Fuzzy and I love corn, we sometimes go out and grab one or two ears and haul them back into the yard for a snack.)

“Hummmm”, said Dad.  “One more irrigation and we are done irrigating the corn. All that we have to do is let it all dry down until it’s bone dry.  Then we will start the harvest on it.”


Later in the afternoon Mom works in our yard…she says the weeds are taking over!!  We like it when Mom is working in our yard.  We stay right by her as she pulls and hauls and deadheads and whatever else she is doing.  Sammy-Sam the cat stays with us.  Often-times he rides in the wheelbarrow while Mom moves from here to there.

NapsWell, Fuzzy says I really need to come help him; he has an important job for me.


See ya soon!



Fix’n Combines and Thursday Fences —-August, 28, 2014

I’ve been helping Terry work on his pinto bean combine

Getting-readyAs you can see we still have two of the augurs to put back.

Fix-the-combineWith lots of ropes and the help of a lift we got the chute (the biggest augur goes into) up and connected.  (When you use old equipment……………at least it is paid for.)

The day was a tad warm and the work a bit on the stressful side…meaning if I don’t understand the hand signals or read his mind….I’m sure you understand what I mean.
I also didn’t want anything to happen TO him…like falling off the ladder–see it tipping there…so I was ‘hang’n around, snapping photos when he wasn’t looking, and trying to help him if he were to fall.


That is when I noticed we have a sort of neat old fence…right there!  Right next to me. The blue thing is an automatic animal waterer.

Shut-the-gateWe even shut the gate with the original gate closer — a horse shoe! I guess I didn’t need to look far or wide for something fun to show you in the line of fences.  It was right there.  The common old corral fence on a typical farm!

Head over to Teresa’s site for more exciting and fun fences and gates.  The Run*A* Round Ranch blog.

See you on Friday!

Your farm friend,





One of Summer’s Pleasures—Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Waiting-for-Mom-and-DayOne of the pleasures of summer (to me) are watching the Swallows.  I allow them to build on the house or barns or wherever they want to build.

Swallow 2They are a lot of fun swooping for insects over the yard and farm, chasing flies and moths and mosquitoes with high dives and sharp turns…truly eating on the fly!

These little birds arrive in spring…rather the middle of spring, their long forked tails and silvery wings and orange throats are unmistakable.  Throughout the day we hear their jubilant twittering-warbling, bzzzz,click-click sounds as they court each other and care for their young.

SleeplingI like to look out the windows as one nest that is, well, RIGHT there.  If they could they would dive-boom me, but they can’t!  I’m inside…tee hee!

EatersThen comes the day I dread…the call that goes out to all of the swallows in our area….”It is time!  Hurry!  Gather together! Come quickly, in singles or pairs, come all ye families; the seasons are changing, winter, that time of woe, will soon fall upon the land.”

GatheringThat is when we see the electric lines starting to fill with little birds, first just a few, then gradually more and more…they swoop down upon the pinto bean field, flying over the yard, then back to sit on the electric line.

Gradually, gradually over two or three days the line grows fuller and fuller as the swallows gather from near and far. Their sounds a deafening chorus. Then one day the longing for Spring and Summer becomes too much; they lift off in a loud swoosh heading toward Central and South America.


This year I missed the huge take off; I wanted to be home for the leaving!  I wanted to wave GOOD-BYE!  I wanted to holler loud and clear—

“You’ll Come Back NOW…You Hear?”

The song of the swallow has fallen into silence.

We will have a few flocks of Swallows arrive off and on for a little while—Swallows moving from areas further north of us. until those brief visits are over. I will enjoy their stops for rest and for food. Then wave them on with a Good-bye and welcome to return.

Your friend,



Summer’s Gifts—Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It is cold here this morning.  49*…a light jacket was in order to change the irrigation water.


As a gift to me   I was sent several photos of those beautiful little flying jewels of summer.  Kagedog lives in Cedaredge, Colorado and is a regular visitor to our little blog.  She knows how much I enjoy the Hummingbirds so sent to me some very nice photos.  She also gave me permission to share them with you. :)

unnamed (1)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

We still have lots of Hummingbirds here.  I don’t know if they are the regulars or if they are moving through.  This morning they were fluffed way up as they drank from the feeders.  Although, it is cool in the mornings the days still warm up nicely, as much as 89*.

unnamed (2)I hope your Tuesday is a good one.  It’s time to put the bean puller on and finish work on the combine.  We are still waiting for the alfalfa to turn into hay.  Hope the rains stay away for a least two or more weeks!

unnamed (3)

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,