A Good Fence—Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teresa from A Run *A* Round Ranch in Texas, always hosts a “Good Fences and Gates” Thursday.  I have found this most challenging — the looking at my everyday world with new eyes to ‘see’ fences and gates.

It’s surprising how mundane we are with our ‘seeing’.  If we have always seen it–such as the fences and gates on your own farm or the neighbors farm you never really notice them after the first true look.  From that point on you glance…your brain says-’Yes, it’s still there’–you go on.  Never really looking or assess what is right there in front of you.

Having enjoyed Teresa blog for some time (she is a sanctuary for birds, I do believe) I decided to pick up her challenge to find interesting fences and gates where ever I might be in my world.

The word is CHALLENGE!  WHEW!!

I have been rather amazed at all the fences I see and think—nah, just an ordinary fence.

But WAIT!!! Is it really?  Sometimes the fence or gate IS ordinary, but what it in compases isn’t.  Therefore, I have grown to really like this blog challenge —I offer it up to you to join Teresa and see if you can find a fence or a gate or something interesting within the fence or gate to share with the world.


Monday we went to Paonia, Colorado to visit the Solar Institute’s solar training farm.   They had a cool bench…yes, I know this isn’t a fence or a gate—but it still was rather neat.


But they, also, had an most unusual fence….made of bamboo stakes!  Now just how different is that!?


Today is NICE!  Lots of cloud cover, so far.  I hope it stays just as cloud cover we still have bales of hay to haul in;  the rain needs to stay in the foot hills and on the plateaus. We sweltered yesterday while hauling and raking and forking hay.  Today will be MUCH better to work in.

Anyway…take a wander over to Teresa’s and join in with the rest of us — you will enjoy looking at the world with ‘different eyes’ I am positive!

Your friend,


A Gift of Rainbows — Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Cheri from My Ranch Life sent me some photos of a stunning rainbow that occurred somewhere on their ranch in Washington.


Isn’t this just incredible?  The colors of the whole photo are dramatic and lends excitement to the double rainbow.

east-side-rainbow-(7)I thank -you so much, Cheri for sharing with us this amazing and very colorful bit of drama in  your sky!

Please remember if you have a rainbow or something else you would love to share with my readers, please send it to me.  I will post it and give you credit.  This has been so much fun seeing rainbows and sky photos from other parts of the world.

Sun-on-hayTerry is baling the last of the hay.  Thankfully we are just about done with second cutting.  The weather people say there is a 30% change of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon.  The storms need to stay away a little bit longer.  Once we get the bales hauled and stacked  a nice shower or two would be good to reduce this heat we are having.  It was 104* at 5 o’clock yesterday evening.  Although, it did cool down around 10 o’clock so all is good.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Waiting for Hay—Tuesday, July 21, 2014

Baling-HayWe have one field done.

OutAnother to go.

The gentleman who called and said he wanted to come down on Friday (of last week) to check out the hay for purchase right in the field.

Never showed up.  Hay doesn’t wait.  It gets dry to one point and then starts to become crispy sticks…no hay anymore.

Some people just don’t do what they say they will do. Oh, well, life goes on and so do we.  :)

So we had to go ahead and bale hay.  We hauled one field last night.  Then probably on Wednesday Terry will get the other field baled so we can haul that evening.


Busy, busy!

Your farm friend,


Late but at Least I Made it—Monday, July 21, 2014

Sun-rise-1We had to leave the house early today (although we always get up early —there is water to change and other things to get done).  I didn’t have a chance to post my daily post.

We (Terry and I) had been invited to Paonia, Colorado,  to see a large Solar Training Facility .  We were to be there early.  Since Paonia is an hour away from us we had to keep moving  or be late.


It was a fascinating experience.  There is so much to learn about Solar and all the different types of solar panels.

Now we are back…and I’m getting caught up with my day!

Your friend


Heat! But I’m not Complaining! —- Sunday, July 20, 2014

It’s warm here.  We had 102* yesterday afternoon.  The dogs and Terry languished melting into the house;  laying around in the family room while the swamp cooler cooled them down.

I worked at keeping the yard watered then around four o’clock decided I would just have to wait and start all over again as soon as the temps dropped back down to 98* or so.  The heat did pound right into me as I walked here and there moving hoses.  It was hot enough walking made a person feel like they were moving in slow motion.

Red-OrangeThe day had started with huge promise of being hot and it kept it’s promise.

Moving through the growing corn to set water re-confirmed that we WERE in July.  The biting bugs hovered and dug right in for a lush rich drink of  blood as we moved from one spot to another.

Finally we hopped back onto the four-wheelers and drove through the almost to tassel (but not just yet) corn into the wildly green pasture at the very top of the farm…here the mosquitoes and biting gnats gave way to swarms of more hungry bugs…tiny horse flies, deer flies and giant horse flies, no-see-ums, you name it.  But the air was cool and fresh in the pasture so it made the flies seem endurable.

Yesterday, was also Delta’s summer celebration –Deltarado Days.  We only attended the Parade, the Car Show and the Tractor Pull (I sure you knew we would attend those last two…:) )

Sun-settingBy evening and the last change of the irrigation water we had cooled down to a very nice 88*.  The night cooled even further down with dew setting on around four this morning.

Terry is out baling hay right now.  Although he won’t be out there very long because this day is heating up also.

Normally we don’t really work on Sunday…we treat it as a ‘day of rest’, but now and again somethings must be done…baling the hay when all things come together to create the bale is one of those things.

Thank each of you for your continued friendship across the miles.  Having my internet back is sure nice!

Your farm friend,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Summer

It’s the good old Summer-Time!  Mom and Fuzzy and Sam and I are all happy, happy, happy!

Orange-at-NightAlthough, I’ve had a little set back…I got some Cheat Grass in my ears, it’s been a real mess.  My ears are starting to heal now, but it was a bit of struggle there for some time….I still have one ear that’s infected, but we are gaining on the problem.

Sam-Helps-Mom-2Sam the cat and I work with Mom wherever she is working.

Sam-helps-Mom-1Sam likes to ride in the wheelbarrow here and there, even if it is full of weeds and such.  Me, not so much.  Mom has put me up there; I always jump right out!


Fuzzy hangs out in his dog house lots when it get really HOT, or he lays under Dad’s pick-up.  Sometimes he follows Mom around the yard, but not like he used to.  That’s okay, Mom will say, as she stops and pets him on the way to or from…’if you don’t want to come to with me, I’ll be sure and go by you’!  And so we do many, many times a day.


Mom and Dad loaded up a trailer load of metal to take to the crushing place…I wanted to go, but they didn’t invite me.  Sigh!


Guess what!!!!


Last night we saw frogs on the ditch bank!  Scared the fur right off me!! They were hoping here and there and everywhere!  I had to give one a great sniff…that’s when he plopped right into the water and peaked out behind a weed!

Dad, Mom and I gave a big laugh!  I haloooooooooooooed at the frog, but it didn’t really do anything…just stayed still.  I guess he felt safe right there.

Fuzzy missed out on the whole bit of excitement, ‘cause he was waiting back on the four-wheeler.  When I told him…he looked a little green, but then decided it was okay.  He would have had to get down and walk the whole long, long way down the cement ditch to see the frogs—-and he said it just wasn’t worth the walk.


We all rode home in the growing night.  We took the long way home.

Wind in your fur and bugs in your teeth!



Have a Great Summer Day Everyone!



I’m BACCCCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!! —Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yippee!  I’m back!  The Skybeam repair guy showed up yesterday, did some of this and some of that got out his ladder, climbed up on the roof….stood up there for some time with his laptop.  Made a  sort of ‘ho’ sound.  Climbed back down, went back to the back of his truck, took a little tiny dish out of the back of his truck, climbed back up on the roof…changed the bigger dish this out for the tiny dish thing and BAM!  I had the internet!



In the meantime Terry got the rest of the alfalfa cut, laying it out in rows to dry.  Now we wait as the green alfalfa turns into protein rich hay.

Depending on the weather five to six days.  Then it will be time to bale and haul the hay.  A man called and talked to Terry for some time about coming down and checking out the hay. He is interested in doing his own baling and, of course, will haul it away.  In other words he will buy the field ‘as is’.  Now that would be nice!

Since today is Good Fences and Gates day over at Teresa’s Place, I thought I would slip in our neighbor’s a mile away from us.  pillarHere is how he fenced off his fields (he doesn’t farm, just owns a farm and rents all the land out).

GateAnd the gate to his house.  (That isn’t his house, its the Gate House….his way back there!)

We did have a small cool down the last three days (just as the Sun Dogs said).  We were in the 80′s—it was real nice.  Today we are heading back into the low 90′s.  94-95* or so.


Anyway, it’s good to be back.  I’m really far behind on comments and visiting everyone.

Your friend,



Quick! Before it Fades! —- Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For some reason, just around this time of the day, I can get internet.  It doesn’t last long but I can at least get on and post a new blog…and visit some of you.  Then it is gone for the rest of the day. Stress, stress, stress.

Fire-Set-1There was a fire somewhere around Rattle Snake Gulch the other night.  I always wonder what starts something like that.  Always sad to see a fire somewhere.

Mountain-FreshThis is a very blurry photo of a sweet corn field ….it won’t be long now…soon you will see either Mountain Fresh Sweet Corn or Olathe Sweet Sweet corn in your Kroger/Safeway/Wal-Mart grocery stores.  They are advertising for pickers now.



Terry got part of the alfalfa field cut, but he still has at least three more hours to go.  They are forecasting rain and thunder here this afternoon so he won’t be cutting today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Please continue with your crossed fingers.  We would like to cut, dried and baled by a week from now!!!

For-the-birdsThe days are hot here and the humidity high. Drives Terry to distraction, since he much prefers Fall, Winter, and Spring.  But I’m loving it.

Hay-Stack-MountainThe sun parted the clouds yesterday afternoon highlighting Hay Stack Mountain.  Hay Stack Mountain is at the beginning of the Roubidoux Canyon, which is all part of the Uncompahgre Plateau and just below our mesa.  You can See the brush descending down toward the flat lands when then drops right off into the canyon in this photo also.

Golden Must hurry off here now…I think my time is just about up!  Hoping everything is going well with all of you!

Your friend on a farm in Western Colorado,




The Internet and a Tiny Cool Down —-Monday, July 14, 2014

I had the internet for exactly ONE HOUR yesterday!  Grrrr!  At least I was able to post and let everyone know why I wasn’t visiting your blog or answering comments.  This has been SO irritating.  Of course, I kept checking off and on all day long until I got sick of doing so and just shut everything off.  :(


The towers are still not working correctly.  The Skybeam individual told me there are 17 people on the same wave length (beam?) and every one is having the same issues as I am.  He sounded rather ragged.

Right now I have service…at least I can (maybe) get my blog up and (maybe) get around to visit many of you.  If not, please understand.  I will be BACK!!!  Just like MacArthur….snerk and chuckle.


We saw a sun dog yesterday…sun dogs occur anytime of the year, any place in the world, at any time.  They announce that cool down (or much cooler weather) is about to occur.


I can just guess what and when it will happen….today or tomorrow because Terry is out cutting the alfalfa!  We do NOT need a cool down for several days…a cool down in July (here in the high mountain desert) usually means rain is about to descend.   Although I love a nice rain to cool down hot summer days…we just don’t need rained on alfalfa which is turning into hay!  Please keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get rain on our soon to be hay!! PLEASE!!!   Thank you!


I got the five acres of pinto beans weeded.  I won’t be able to go out there anymore since the pinto beans are now shooting feelers.  The feelers will reach and stretch until they meet each other causing the rows to grow shut.  All weeding stops from that point on. There will be weeds, but at least I got it cleaned for this amount of time.

Once the rows grow shut the blooms will turn into little pods and the pods filled with beans.  Gradually the beans will swell until they mature.  Once they mature the water will be removed and the plant will dry up.  After that we harvest.  Probably sometime in late September.


I suppose I had better close this up rather quickly.  I’m feeling lucky to get this much done before we lose connection!

Your friend on a farm,



Frustrations, Friends and Family—-Sunday, July 13, 2014

Frustrations first–because I need to complain, since it has been irritating, and because once I tell you I’m not saying it again.  (I hope)

Our internet has been down!!!  I’m way, way, way behind on answering all your great comments, visiting your blogs and my emails since my request to know what type of bird I have visiting our sugar water feeders.  I’ve called Skybeam and they just keep telling me it’s the tower.  Okay…I wait.

Right at this moment I’m able to get on…I’m typing fast, just in case I lose connection. :)


We had a wonderful visit from Elaine and Bob Kenny….very long-time blog readers on Friday.  They were heading over from the Front Range–Eastern Slope—of Colorado and stopped by.

Linkin was hanging out at the house when they came so she stayed for dinner with all of us.  At some point in the table conversation it came up that Linky loves archery.  Bob’s face just beamed at her; why he does too.  In fact he was a State Champion in Archery and set to go to the Olympics when the dire need to ‘go to work’ set in and he never got to go.

As soon as we were through eating, even before I did the dishes…dishes can always wait…Linkin and I jumped into the pick-up and drove down to her house and got her two bows and quiver of arrows.


The rest of the evening was a fun filled archery experience.  Something Linkin would not have gotten if Mr. Bob and Elaine had not come to visit!

Got-it Gradually, the light started to fade.

The-Kenny's Elaine and Bob got into their really cool, go-fast car, waved good-bye and headed off to Montrose, Colorado.


What a neat experience for Linkin, Terry and I!

Elaine wrote today saying it rained all the way back and was cool in the forest they call home.

Elaine's-Rainbow-3Here is a rainbow she sent me two weeks ago when she was out for a walk.  Giant Pines and a gift of hope and love in the sky.

Don’t forget if you would have a great photo of a rainbow (or anything else) I would love to publish here on my blog.  I will always, always, always give you credit!


I hope my internet stays and I can get back into my routine of visiting each of you!

Your friend



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Puppies!!!

Sorry My Internet has been down until just now!

I really don’t know what to say…………… there are now puppies in the family!


YIKES!!!!Linda Brown's at Delta COFuzzy and I really do not know what to think about all these…PUPPIES!

OH! Wait!  You don’t know.  They are NOT my puppies!


They may look like me


But they aren’t!  These two little girls are Treeing Walker Coonhounds.

They belong to our oldest sister’s boyfriend.  Since Jason goes to work each day, Lucy and Dotty go to the little kid’s (and Hank Puff’s) house to play and play and play.

Sometimes the kids and their Momma come up and bring the puppies so Fuzzy and I can play with them.

??????????????I think you know how Fuzzy and I feel about that!


Fuzzy pretty much hides under the pick-up truck and sleeps, I try to ignore them.  BUT I do get concerned they might get more hugs and pets and loves than I do, so I hang out and well…let them get to know me.

Reluctantly…I might add.

It is hot here 97* yesterday…but this is coming!

10438314_10152233508516872_5293275222194473777_n(Shamelessly stolen from the internet.)

I’m with Mom about winter…give us Spring, Summer, and Fall all year long and we will be happy!  That’s why I have a thin coat…I’m not a winter dog at all!!!



Sigh!  The PUPPIES are here………….sigh!

I have to go.


Lavender and a Fence —-Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sun riseGosh, summer is flying by.  It wasn’t too long ago (around the Summer Solstices) the little birds were waking up at first light…singing sleepily to the lightening day.  For us here (it’s all relative I know) that was 4:40 in the morning.  Today I wake before the first cheep of the day, which occurs around 5:11 a.m.   The Sunrise: 5:56 a.m.; it now sets at 8:39 p.m.  Our Day length is fourteen hours and fort-three minutes.

On the Summer Solstice the sunrise was 5:48 a.m. and the sunset at 8:41 p.m.  Making our day fourteen hours and fifty-three minutes. It doesn’t seem like much because the days are warm and lovely and long.

Pinto-Bean-FieldI’ve been weeding in the pinto bean field.  I do it every evening.  I’m 3/4 of the way through. I need to hurry as the pinto beans are starting to bloom and to shoot feelers.  (The mosquitoes and hoards of other biting flying insects are having delicious time with me out there also!)

Once the rows grow shut the weeds will get to party.  (Then Terry and I will just have to ignore them.  It’s sort of hard because the pinto beans are planted in front of the house this year.  Not only will we see the weeds, but so will everyone else driving down the road :( )

LavendarMy lavender is just lovely!  I had to share it with you!

Lavendar-2The joyful sound of bees working with each blossom fills the summer air. When you move past the lavender plants the smell is of heaven. (I’m sure heaven must have a smell…don’t you?

Block-fenceMy contribution to this weeks Good Fences and Gates over on Teresa’s blog is a decorative cement block fence going up Third Street Hill in Delta. This house was originally built by a really good Physician in our town.

For more fun and unusual fences head on over to the Run *A* Round Ranch and check what others have posted.  It is surprising how many unusual fences and gates are out there in the big wide world.


Your Farm Friend on a lovely July Day,


Birds in the Yard— Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I need some help….I have this cool little bird(s) that loves to come and check out the Hummingbird feeders.  If anyone can tell me it’s name I would be delighted!

Linda Brown's at Delta CO

But first I thought I would show you a darling little Calliope Hummer.  We have the Calliope and the Black Chin again this year.   I’ve counted five pair of the Black Chin and five pair of the Calliope.

We also have four pair of the Bullock Orioles.

in-flightI was extremely excited to see one pair of Rufus Hummingbirds!


He is sort of hard to see in the above photo, but look closely he is there.

What-kind-of-bird-1But what is this little bird?  I was thinking it was a finch of some sort, but my finch food is untouched.

What-type-of-birdOf course it is terribly shy…not letting me near it at all.

Little-Brown-BirdThis little darling comes for a drink often…or is it just curious?Little-Brown-Bird-2You can’t see the red here so now I’m wondering if this is a different bird.  Anyway, any help on identifying this bird or birds will be appreciated.


Your friend,




Tuesdays with Friends — Fog Bows—Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I’m a tad late today as we had to do some stuff before it got too hot to breathe.   We had several weed trees (Chinese Elm) that had taken root in my tiny orchard  and sprouted to enormous proportions–some dead branches in the ancient (95 years old lilac tree) and some low hanging and dangerous limbs (Rio Grande Cottonwood) and a nasty branch (Colorado Blue Spruce) which kept scraping my neck as I mowed the lawn which all needed Terry’s expertise with the chain saw.

Awhile back I asked if anyone had cool rainbows or other really neat photos that they would love to share with me and with the readers of my blog.  If they would send them to me I would put them on my blog and give the appropriate credit for the photo gift.

double fogbow

Leenie from Side Trips sent me two photos of Fog Bows.  I have never seen nor heard of a Fog Bow so this was a real treat!

fogbow in field

The Side Trips folks stopped by not long ago on their way from Telluride to Grand Junction, Colorado.  How cool was that!

Gordon and Eileen camping

Leenie is an amazing watercolor artist.  You might take a look at her Esty store to get and idea for a neat gift or two.

Well, off now to get the lawn mowed, the edges trimmed and the hedge clipped.  I need to fertilize some of my lagging plants so I best get on the move.  The day is heating up…which I LOVE!

Your western Colorado Farm Friend,



Dance of the Veils— Monday, July 7, 2014

VeilsOur second daughter and third child, loves Middle Eastern Dance.  She has been doing this for years…I’m not sure how many years….maybe around 15-20 years.  I’d have to sit down and figure it out, but probably not going to.  :)

She is the one closest to us in the red, with the royal blue veil.

Veils-2There!  That’s a better photo.

I was glad that Tally was with us…she loves music and sparkles and glitters and singing and dance.

We both (Tally and I) agreed that seeing the beautiful women dancing and twirling was really sparkly and fun!

Your friend,