Checking My List—Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Heading-outI let the dogs go with me to the other house!  I know, I know, I said Boomer couldn’t go anymore, but ….I just felt so sorry for him….those sad beagle eyes you know.

So off we went…then while I was there he had to come inside while I worked at painting the coat closet.  He didn’t mind, although Fuzzy said he preferred sitting outside on the step in the sunshine.

This house is almost where I want it to forget it for a spell, all I have to do is mop (!) then I’m done for a time.

Rose-of-fallI also took our ballets in to the court house…there—- we have voted!  YIPPEE!!

Now we just wait to see how the vote turns out.  I really like this mail in voting…no standing in line—get your ballet- think about what you want to see happen, color in the square…put everything back in the proper envelopes, sign and date the back, then either walk it in and put it in the voting box or mail it.  DONE!


Tomorrow I should finish up this houses’ to-do list and maybe get closer to finished INSIDE the other house.  I would really like to get the trim and the fences done before the weather turns bad.  I would also like to be done down there, before the corn harvest starts.  I looked back over my blog and we started the 5th of November last year.  That’s not to far off now.  Although, it depends on the moisture of the corn…one year we were clear to Christmas before we got done, not being able to start until after Thanksgiving.  I sure hope we don’t have another year like that!

With joy in my heart and a song on my lips–the list is shortening every day!

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,



Coming Together—Tuesday, October, 21, 2014

decorations-1.jpgYesterday was a good day.  I made huge strides on getting some of the very long list done.  There is a certain satisfaction of looking at a list and either crossing off something or putting a check mark by it.


Today was “take Boomer in to the vet” for another ear check-up.  So far so good.  One ear is well, and the other one looks like it’s just about there.  Happy Dance for both Boomer and I!!!

Storm-arrivingA storm blew in last night —we had a sprinkle of rain, but nothing here (so far).

We got the irrigation pump and the sprinkler system winterized…I got some more things done down at the other house…and I got most of this house clean.

The joy of seeing a list shrink is a true joy!

Your friend,


Spinning Standing Still–Monday, October 20, 2014

CannasI feel like I’m just standing still spinning my wheels I have so much to do!  Although, I LOVED my weekend!  Linkin came to us Friday night; her parents and Bladen and Tally got here on Saturday then left Sunday after lunch.

Linky and I ‘spent both nights together’ talking and talking way into the night…there is just so much to learn about the life of a ten-year old!

Checking-the-cornSunday afternoon Terry and I drove around checking on the corn….

Getting-RipeIt is starting to dry down…see the ears?  When the ears start turning upside down the corn is getting dry.  We still are in waiting mode since the corn kernels must get a certain dryness before we can start combining.

FallingThat’s okay we still have a ton of work to do down at the other house (oh, by the way—the kids were delighted in everything we have done so far!!! :) )  I still have one room to paint, and Terry has the furnace to fix—that might be clear into the winter.  The wood stove will have to continue to be the main heat.  We will drain the water out of the house and winterize it in a couple of months.)  I need to finish painting the trim on the house and the fences.  Then after the corn is out we will build the fences to keep the cows out of the yard.Upper-End

I really, really, really need to get some of my own house work done (which I’m doing today) and started on my yard work—I need to dig my tropical bulbs and a few things like that; plus winterize the pump and the sprinkler lines —maybe this afternoon those things can at least start.

Then I’ve been doing some volunteer research for the Paonia Cemetery District for the last two months trying to find a Henry Lux who lived here in 1926 and purchased three plots at one of the Paonia Cemeteries.  I need to get a report written up and sent to them by the end of the week, preferably today, if I can.



The ending of Daylight Savings Time is looming just around the corner—which I dread.  I love Daylight Savings Time the best!


This is the treehouse down at the other house…didn’t Kelly do a great job?  If this tree house was up here I would hide myself away and read a book.

Well, off to do all the house work that has been screaming at me for the last two weeks…the screaming has grown into a full-blown temper tantrum today so I must go give everything some tender loving care!

Your friend,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Small Hike

Mom and Dad were tired of working on the house, and Boom and I were tried of DOING NOTHING!!!


So Dad said, “Let’s go out to the desert and do a Walk About….Who knows what cool stuff we will get to see.”  Boomer yelled, “AND SMELL! COOL STUFF TO SMELL!”

We loaded up and headed out.  It was a BLAST!  Although, Mom and I didn’t walk very fast Boomer and Dad had a great time.


We saw the ruts left from years and years ago when the freighters from Grand Junction would haul in supplies to the canyons areas and to Delta. It was always hard going if the desert was wet…clay soil is a tough thing to pull/walk/stove through.  The desert got the name ‘Stinking Desert’ because the freighters dreaded the haul so much—“We have to head off through that Stinking Desert,” they would say.   Over time the name just stuck…sort of like the wagons…tee hee!


We walked under the highway into the cement tunnel—which is really to carry the flash flood water under the highway instead of over the highway and wash the road out.


On the other side of the highway is a pond of SLIME WATER!

Even I didn’t like the slime water and I adore water!!!


After that we went back to the pick-up and headed into Delta.  In Delta we went to Confluence Lake and walked around there for a spell.  That was nice.  Boomer found a dead fish, but Mom wouldn’t let him near it. (Boomer pouted all the way back to the pick-up)


We got home as the sun was sinking into the horizon.  Boomer and I agreed it sure was nice to go for a little ride after all the days of waiting for Mom and Dad to finish down at the other house.   Mom and Dad both said that was refreshing.

And you know something?  I agree.  A little change of pace is always a good thing.


It is Thursday–Good Fences day and the Day Before Linkin Comes–October 16, 2014

We pick up our oldest granddaughter tomorrow sometime.  She is hitching a ride with her BFF from Delta today.  Her BFF’s family is in Glenwood Springs, Colorado tonight for a volleyball game and offered to bring her to Delta.

It’s a neat win-win, since the two girls will get to be together for one night and then I will get to have Linkin a day sooner than Saturday.

Excitement abounds!

Terry and I are starting to wind up the cosmetic part of the house. I have two rooms left to paint—he is totally done with the sheetrock and other stuff caused by moving the door and straightening a wall (It will help make the bedroom larger).   I hope to get all the painting done and the house dusted and vacuumed and swept, and the windows washed, before the whole family gets here on Saturday!

As soon as they call me and say they are on the road I’ll run down and put wood in the woodstove.  Everything will be nice and tidy for them when they come.  Although, they will only be using the house to sleep in, you do understand that?  I hope to have them here at our house as much as possible!

Today is Teresa’s Good Fences Thursday….don’t forget to check out her fence and everyone elses.

Night-FenceWhen Terry and I were out checking on everything last night the sky was just wonderful! I give you a typical fence on our place and a not so typical southern pink sky!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm


A Doctor Seuss World—Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I always think of Autumn/Fall as a Doctor Seuss World… Not only could he tell the most wonderful stories his art work took us into fanciful worlds of color and delight.

Golden-WorldI always feel we have a rare opportunity to actually step INTO the world of Doctor Seuss when the brilliant colors surround us in October!Suess

The days are so incredibly brilliant; so full of charm and warmth.

We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the inside of the house, by the end of this week (knock on wood) those things we’ve been working on (moving a door, painting, a few other things) should be done.

If the weather holds we have fences to fix: there are some broken boards —cows like to jump fences, if the other side looks yummy. and electric wire to string before the range cows arrive( sometime after the corn is harvested).



And the furnace—the ever looming furnace problem.  I always feel so sorry for Aunt Benita.  This was her home…it had been she and Harry’s home all their married life. Up until Harry died they had a coal furnace, then after Harry passed she needed something that didn’t require so much work.  Enter the con-artist– he sold her a HUGE office complex unit that was to blow UP to heat the building.  But this man created all sorts of boxes and giant pipe to try to force the UP air DOWN into the existing duct work. Therefore, it never worked.  Ever.  The poor Dear could never get warm.  Eventually she moved in with her brother.  Then we purchased the house.

Then the kids moved into the house and brought with them a Woodsman wood stove, which they used the whole time they were there, which is why we never knew there was a problem with the furnace.  (Benita never told any of us that the furnace didn’t seem to work.)

While we were working at the house, Terry got to looking at the furnace (he used to be a plumber years and years ago) and realized there was a huge problem.  He brought out a friend who is a master plumber and then we knew.


So now we have a furnace problem to figure out.  The wood stove is still there so we can heat the house while we work, and the kids have heat when they come back each month   —  but we really want to get the furnace corrected—therefore the next huge project looming on the horizon.

Well, I must be off to finish up my painting.

Your friend,



The Stopping of Wings—Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Onefly sent me two photos!

BetterThey are amazingly ‘cool’ because he was actually able to snap the photos fast enough to have the wings stopped.  I’ve tried and tried and tried and all I ever get is a blur.


Really neat photos, don’t you think?

It froze last night.  Our first heavy frost of the year.  Now I have a whole set of ‘other jobs’ to do in the yard.  They will have to wait as we are still at the other house. Hopefully by the end of this week we will have everything inside done.  All that will be left is the furnace.  That is going to be a HUGE job…of course it is either under the house or in the attic.  We are looking at a high efficiency (propane) furnace to replace the one that is there.

Our daughter and the two granddaughters are coming this weekend.  YAY!!! Grandpa and I can hardly wait!

Anyway, we are getting closer…those words are always nice to say.

Your friend,


A Step Back in Time-The Year 1919-Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday Terry and I went to the Delta  County Historical Society and Museum’s 50th Year Celebration.  After touring the Museum, talking to new and old friends, we visited the antique booths and the Classic Car Show.   The last car we saw was the highlight of the whole Car Show for Terry and I–

FordGarrey Benis (now passed) found this still running and in very good condition in a barn at an estate sale in Nebraska.  He brought it home and he and his wife started going to car shows.


His wife still takes the car to local shows (she lives at Cory, Colorado) driving this darling car by herself all the way from there to here or where ever she is going.  She says she gets to going about 35-40 m.p.h.  (YAY, Mrs. BENIS!!!  You go, Girl!)

Although, she doesn’t do ALL the mechanic work on the car (her son helps) she does do all the driving.

3Just incase you might think that is nothing (why we all drive cars) ….look at this–THREE PEDALS and a Brake…that’s it!  That’s all you get, folks!  She explained how you do it, but I forget.  Anyway…what a hoot!  I just love her independence, lack of fear, and desire to share with those around her really neat car!

Your friend,



THEY ARE BACK! — Sunday, October 12, 2014

CanesWinter is fasting coming upon us!

SandhillThe Sandhill Cranes have returned!

SHCI couldn’t get all of the Sandhill Cranes in the photo; they were scattered here there and everywhere in the disked corn field.  But they are back.  And they beat the Canada Geese.

DriveI’m sure it won’t be long now before our skies have the sounds of geese talking to each other as they wing their way from the North.

It’s nice we have winter birds.  They help brighten the long winter days.

It’s storming here right now.  The wind is blowing, tossing the corn here and there, rain is splattering on the windows.  I started a fire in the woodstove.   The house was decidedly cold.

Later on today I will need to gather my fire making things, kenneling, starter sticks, smaller logs and then the large logs that keep the flame going.  I will have to go down to the other house and do the same thing there.  We are making headway at that house, but there is at least another week to go.

WaitingAlso Terry found out that the furnace system needs to completely be replace. “(If it isn’t one thing,” my Momma used to say,”it’s another!’)  That means a possiblya new furnace and new duct work.  SIGH!

My theory is: to do one job it always takes at least five other jobs so you can get the original job completed.

Sun-and-cornGradually we will make it…one step at a time.

Your friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Boomer Turns Nine

UpBoomer is nine (9) NINE YEARS OLD this month! He has lived with me, er us, for four years now!  I just think that is the best thing ever!!!


IgnoreBut the bad thing is Boomer isn’t feeling good.  He’s been having ear problems since the Cheat Grass went to seed.  He even had to have his ear washed out and lots and lots of medicine.

Mom took Boom to the Vet yesterday and had to have a whole new round of ‘stuff’.


I told Boom, we were a pair, him and I.  I can’t walk very well because of my back legs and he doesn’t walk very well because he is always shaking his head.

Hopefully the medicine take effect quickly and this time Boomer gets well.  Feeling good is a very nice thing.

Sleep-3It’s been raining here and cold.  When Mom and Dad are home and not down at Misty’s old house we ALL STAY INSIDE BY THE FIRE!!!!

It’s a very nice thing.



Watching the cats!


HAHAHAH  Sharing is not their strong suit!

Doing stuff like that gets them put outside Fast.

You would think they would learn!

Silly fur balls!


Boomer and I just laugh at them!


Sundog and a Holding Pen Fence—Thursday, October 10, 2014

Change-on-FridayWe saw a sundog the other day…three days from the sighting of a sundog colder weather is coming.  Friday we should have colder weather…yep.  I looked on the weather channel and Friday we will be in the 60’s.


For my fence today I’m showing you Mr. Davis’ holding corral.  He uses this when he loads out the cows.

Holding-CorralIt’s all metal and hand welded.  I think its really pretty neat!

Well, head on over to Teresa’s place and link up your fences or gates.  If you don’t want to do that check out what the others have linked!

You friend,



Fun Photos from Friends—Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The following photos are from OneFly…they are taken in the White Sands area of White Sands New Mexico north of Alamogordo and south of Carrizozo.

Signs-on-rock-3The mountain range in the far distance is the White Sands Missile Range.  Just look at these unusual and dramatic cravings on this huge rock!

Signs-on-Rock-5Rock Art is found all over the world.  These are Petroglyphs —information carved into the rock…Signs-on-Rock-2Pictographs are painted on rocks.  I think there is another type but I can’t think of it’s name right now.

Signs-on-Rocks-!It’s always mystery what they were saying…but I think I see a horse  and either a deer or a mountain sheep.  :)

Your friend,






Rabbit’s Foot Grass (Polypogon Monspeliensis)–Invasive Species–Tuesday, October, 7, 2014

Although Tuesday is usually the day I post all the wonderful photo gifts from you, my friends, today I shall continue yesterday’s post with the answer to my mystery weed.

Up-closeUnable to to find a ‘for certain and sure answer’ I decided to chop out part of the plant and take it over to our neighbor who is an expert weed master.  Paul and his son have a very successful spraying business.

Grabbing my trusty shovel, hopping onto the four-wheeler I drove down to the Priority Ditch and chopped out a large section of the plant—roots and all.  Then I drove on over to our neighbor and politely asked for help in identifying this unusual grass.

“Goodness!” he exclaimed.  “I didn’t know we had that invasive weed here.  We’ve had information on this plant for a couple of years now, but haven’t seen it so far!”


Turns out this is a nasty invasive weed, sometimes planted as an ornamental in people’s yards. It’s hardy to Zone 3.

Needless to say that plant has been chopped out and dumped into the burn barrel!!!

Thank you everyone for your help!  Because of the alarm bells that rang out loud and clear from you everyone in our neighborhood will be on the lookout for this exotic plant.  Shovels and buckets and burn barrels will be Rabbitfoot Grasses new friend.

Tomorrow I will showcase my photo gifts,but for today I bring you this weed update.  :)

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm


A Question —Monday, October 6, 2014

Up-closeWe have a new grass growing on the one of the cement ditches.  I have never seen it before (or at least I don’t think I have).

Strange-GrassDoes anyone know what it might be called?  It sure is a purdy  pretty thing.

Your Friend,




A Rainbow Sky—Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sun-2When the storms started to leave our area the sun was underway to waking up the world on the opposite side of us.  The clouds had become ragged and sparse in the West allowing the sun to break free and shine wonderfully upon the land. The East still held the massively dark storm clouds, although they were moving on toward the mountains and the people who lived and worked and played among them.

Rainbow8I was upstairs putting my daily paperwork into a pile and getting ready to turn off the computer when I saw a very faint rainbow filling the east and southern part of our sky! (Close to Olathe)


What a joy I thought to myself!  Gazing out the window I watched it fade to nothing.  Turning off the computer I headed downstairs.

Rainbow-5Wait!!!  What do I see around the Eckert, Cedaredge area?

Rainbow-3 WOW!  I grabbed my camera and headed out the front door to stand on the top step

Rainbow-2What an amazing splash of color!

Rainbow-1It was filling the whole basin with brilliant light!  You can even see some little puffs of clouds captured within the prism ray of sunlight!

I stayed an watched until it faded.  What a pleasure to be able to experience the wonder of sunlight on droplets of water!

Today is Sunday.  Today we stop and rest, only doing those things that are necessary.  Tomorrow we will be back to working on the other house and picking back-up the dropped tasks of the week.  The fields are starting to dry enough the dogs and I will be able to go out and start gathering in the siphon tubes, the plastic dams, and the metal tin dams.  The corn is still green, but if the storms stay away it will continue to dry down taking all the moisture out of the stalks, leaves, and the little seeds.  Once it is dry enough we will begin the last harvest (for us) of the season.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,