Starting Over April 12, 2014

A blank computer…that is where things are now.  Back to square one. What a sadness!

My computer lady reloaded all my operating software, accept my printer and my camera…I  will have to do so myself.

I have Carbonite (THANK HEAVENS!!!) With the help of Christopher (who works for Carbonite) the download of all my documents—farm stuff…everything you can imagine I am getting closer to getting back online.

At this point the Carbonite download site says everything will be back an in place in three more days.  (Yes, I have lots of ‘life’ on the computer).

So by Tuesday…I hope… everything will be a go ahead.

Thank you for still dropping by and checking in on me.  It’s been a huge long stressful time.


Computer Problems Continue– April 8, 2014

I am so upset I could just cry.   I am still having trouble with my computer.  The computer lady assures me it wasn’t a virus…just so you know.   It was a download from Microsoft….everything has been corrupted.  The only thing I have (right now) is the internet…of course.

Please stay with me.  I hope this gets resolved soon!



My computer refused to load yesterday.  So I had to take it to the computer hospital.  The computer doctor said she is seeing lots of this sort of problem.  Something to do with a download from Windows into the profile.

Typing on an IPad is rather tedious —one finger at a time.  I will be back with regular blog posts as soon as I can get my computer home!


The Start of April is a Cold Start–April 2, 2014

So far our start into April is a tad chilly.  Very cold bully winds, with rain, sleet, snow showers; if I have to guess the apricots are pretty much gone for another year.  We may get a few, only time will tell.

Wind-and-stormThe sun had a hard time shining through the cloud cover this morning. This looks more like a Halloween photo than an early morning photo in April. :)

The water has not made it to us yet.  That does not mean that it isn’t on it’s way, just that it isn’t here yet.  Since our irrigation water comes from Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison (two hours away by car) or out of the Ridgeway Dam (1 1/2 hours away by car) it takes a long time for it to get to us.  We are close to the end, just a few more farms below us then our irrigation water flows into the Gunnison River.

We are very close to being ready to start irrigation. If you want to see a post about starting the water here is an old post.

Sunset-blooms I leave you now, with a lovely photo of the apricot blooms as the sun was setting last night.




April Fool’s Day—-Winter is still here — April 1, 2014

Today the wind is blowing and the rain is trying to fall and it’s cold again!


But it can’t last…it just can’t last!  The earth is shifting the day is growing longer (our day length is 12 hours and 37 minutes long) and the skies are getting blues.  But for today the weather is playing a rather cold nasty joke on us.

Terry has been making ditches, finishing up the rolling.  Even though the wind is nasty and cold he will start leveling the fields. The fields don’t wait…well actually the soil doesn’t wait.

CleanI’ve been cleaning the yard, I only have two big areas left.  And then I need to rewash all the  windows again.  I’m also spring cleaning the house.  Lots to do right now.

We got word that the irrigation water will be here by the end of the week or Monday of next week.  We are almost ready. After they turn the water down it takes our canal a full week before it fills. Any day now.

Off to get some stuff done!

Your friend on a very windy farm,



No One Likes a Bully —March 31, 2014

We had a huge bully wind yesterday….55 m.p.h. gusts that picked up everything and flung it here and there and everywhere.

Wind3All of Utah came with it!

No, not really, but the sky was brown.

Along with the dirt and wind came ‘almost’ rain.  Just enough to coat my very clean and sparkling windows.

I haven’t really gone to check the apricot trees, I guess I know what I will find.

This morning the sky is Spring time blue, the sun is shining, the air calm, with a few puffy clouds around Paonia.  It will stay that way until this evening when another wind will blow in.  The weather people say we will be like this for a week.  Then more settled weather will arrive with 70* temps.  YIPPEE!!

Off now to rewash the windows to let the sunshine into the house!

Your farm friend



A Little Update — March 30, 2014

Since I’ve had lots of emails asking how my foot is doing (which I THANK YOU for asking :) ) I thought I would show you.

HealingIt is ever so much better.  (Yes, I have an old ladies foot, because I am an old lady :) )

The bottom is healed, and only hurts if I stand on the ball of my foot or try to tippy-toes to reach something.  Strangely the worst part has been the top of my foot.  See that little bump?  That is where the nail stopped…not going clear through which is nice.

Everyday it is better and really only slowed me down the first four days. I had to use a cane for two of those days…what a slow process that is-waling with a cane!

Still I would NOT recommend anyone going through this.

Now onto ‘funner’ things.

BeesThe apricot trees are blooming and alive with the sound of Honey Bees!


FAVI like to stand under the tree and smell the blossoms and hear the bees singing their thankfulness.

I have no idea if we will have any apricots this year. They usually get frozen or a mean bully wind comes up and trashes the blooms.  When I grew up in an orchard (my grandparent’s house and my parent’s house were in the middle of the orchards) both my beloved Grandfather and my wonderful Dad said apricots were really hard to grow here and get a crop.  It seemed like every nine years, or so, you could get a crop—the reason is they bloom so early.  They are the FIRST of the fruit trees to bloom, therefore subject to destroying wind and killing freezes.

HeaderStill they are a gift to a winter weary bee and a human’s soul!

Your friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—The Wind Doth Blow

We’ve been helping Mom. She stands around and rakes and rakes and rakes, so Boomer and I sorta, kinda, sit close by.  Boomer tried to sit ‘right by Mom’ but he kept getting stepped on whenever Mom backed up.  Finally Boomer decided that he had better move.

Tee Hee.  It takes that boy so time to get some things through his head.  Giggle.

Mom was a little unhappy when she backed up and fell OVER Boomer.  That is when he figured out claiming Mom as his own wasn’t a very good idea.  :)

The wind has been blowing and the days are chilled.

Last year I moved us outside on March 8th.  Not this year.  We are still sleeping inside.  It did get hot enough two nights ago that we wanted to spend the night outside.   Mom had just settled us down for the night…three yummy dog treats, a bedside bowl of water, lots of hugs and pets on the head, and a good night, sleep tight and Boom and I are off to dream land.

BUT a couple of nights last week it was just TOO HOT TO STAY INSIDE so Boomer and I peeled out the door.  WHEW!  It felt much better to cool down.

Then this week we’ve had lots of wind, the cold kind of wind, the wind that blows down off the mountain all fresh and chilled from the snowbanks up there.   So sleeping inside was just right!

Today it feels like a lovely day…the sky is spring blue, the clouds are hovering over the mountains far, far, far away—we can still see them—the air is still and Boomer and I are running around checking out all the smells and news on the farm.

It is a Beautiful Morning, Everyone!


You Very Happy Dog Friend,


Fuzzy (Oh, yes, Boomer says he is happy also.  And he says Hi!)

A Bad Wind— March 27, 2014

It was just two days ago we had a fun, playful, wind…more than a breeze; way too much to fly a kit.  A wind that I enjoyed.

Bad-windYesterday we had a bad wind…a very persistent wind full of trash and leaves, dirt and ugly dark clouds.

The hands of the wind flipped tree branches and slapped things together to make a huge LOUD wind. We even lost power for a spell.


The trash blew all over the yard, the roads, and the fields like escaped animals from the zoo.


A regular Bully wind!

March is known as the blustery month…and so it ’tis.  Then comes April.  April can be cold and chilly with lots of rain, but it can also be sumptuous with color breaking forth in a riot of colors.

Only a few more days to go and we will see April. Hopefully all of those in the east who are still have January weather will also burst forth into warmth in April.  Also, hopefully, the rains will come to California and the arid southwest!



The View from Upstairs — March 26, 2014

Yesterday was such a busy day I had a hard time getting everything done.  I was upstairs finishing up some things on the computer, working feverishly to bring completion to some projects that have been in limbo for some time.

Light-eGradually the day started to end, the sun sinking behind the rim of the Uncompahgre (un-come-pah-gray — accent on the pah) Plateau lighting up the canyons that border Highway 50 –Escalante, Dominguez, and others.  Thinking I had better get up and turn on a light I raised my eyes from the computer to see a stunning play of shadows and sun rays spilling across the yard and into the fields.

More-light-pI grabbed my camera and headed toward the alcove window, allowing the sinking sun to send healing light to my eyes and my head.

SamyAs I sat there watching I saw Sammy-Sam hunting along the canal bank…what a good hunter he is.  In January he turn 13 years old and still does his kitty duty.  Last fall Sammy ate something that made him very, very ill.  He must have eaten something that either was poisoned or very sick itself.  Since that time Sammy has been a little on the fragile side.

GAs I watched two late straggler Canada Geese settled down on the old corn field to spend the night.  They settled into a soft little spot in the dip in the ground fluffing up their feathers for a night of rest.

VisitorThe earth, the sky and the things that live all around us are amazing, really.  It is up to us to stop…look…listen…to be aware.  If we do these things then we become one with all, desiring to be good stewards of these wondrous gifts.

Your friend,


The Wind Season—March 25, 2014

We are getting closer and closer to that season of wind.

uOur wind…the wind that plays and frolics on our farm, or that mighty wind that wrecks the havoc of a huge giant, or that hot summer wind a remnant of a dragon’s breath all arrives to our mesa from the Uncompaghre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray—accent on the pah).

Storms moving inThe ancient Uncompaghre Plateau catches and gathers the wind from Utah, allowing the wind to caress and stimulate the vegetation in the forests and canyons which make up it’s amazingly weird geology.  Once any storm-wind, snow, rain, or all three together, makes its way to Hay Stack Mountain, it will be upon us in about 15 to 20 minutes.  If you are out on the ditch bank, or at the Upper End, or in the fields of the Back Forty…you know that whatever is at Hay Stack Mountain you are going to experience it soon.

Yesterday we had a wind…but it was a playful wind, whisking across the open fields in little gusty puffs.  Reaching into the yard it took my trash in the wheel barrow and mischievously flung it a little further out so I had to go pick it back up and weight it down until I could get the load dumped.

It also was a chilly wind, but not so cold I had to wear a coat.  The little compact air spot between the wind gusts was actually almost hot if you were working in it.  So I worked with out coat, shivered when the gust came along, warmed up, then cooled down all afternoon.

iI enjoyed myself immensely!

I’m one of those strange and rare people who actually enjoys the wind. (Although I do draw the line of pleasure with a wild and reckless wind).   My poor Momma had a hard time with the wind…it made her nervous…fed upon her mind and rocked her peace.  Like lightening and thunder does to some dogs, all children, and some adults.

I can remember as a child tying old black plastic, from last year’s ensilage pits, onto my wrists and ankles.  Then standing in the wind, turning this way and that……………..I became a kite!

Wind season is almost here…yesterday was pleasant.  I know there are Bully Winds out there just waiting to gather strength and soil from the neighboring states to descend upon us.  Persistently sifting top soil here and there and everywhere.

I can wait—I’m not ready for those winds.  But yesterday’s wind was a fun exuberant wind that I truly enjoyed!

Your friend,




Today is Yard Work — March 24, 2014

Every day we move closer and closer to the time of what I call ‘true’ spring.  A time when all the trees are bursting forth with either leaves or flowers, the grass is green, truly green-not a brown clump with a hint of green hiding within it.  And the fall planted bulbs are in full bloom sending spots of color here and there.


To me ‘true’ spring is when everything is ramp-up into full-throttle of leaves and blossoms: peonies, lilacs, pansies, tulips, daffodils, all the lovely happy riot of color so missing since the last hurrah of the autumn leaves.

Just the thought of what is to come makes me feel giddy.

But for now, today, I rejoice in the sprigs of green I find growing here and there, lovingly remove the leaf litter around the hedges and shrubs, clean off the flower beds to uncover the new growth of Iris.   Not too soon.

Not too soon.  In our high mountain desert if I uncover things to quickly they will dry out, wither and die.  But soon….April 1st we will have water in the canal, which will give me water in our yard.  So I am getting ready…raking here and there, setting up fallen bricks and stones, preparing for that day when everything bursts forth.

Today I’m working in my yard.  The stuff I help with on the farm is now put-by and Terry can do the tractor work.  The continual boredom that winter creates in me is now gone, fleeing quickly in the path of the March wind.

The dogs and Sam the Cat will follow me about as I rake and load the wheelbarrows, walk to the compost area, walk back, they will gradually get tired of going back and forth and just stay at the spot I’m working and wait patiently as I walk back and forth.


I off now to get my housework done so I can go outside and start all the fun yard work.

Have a good day everyone!

Your farm friend,



A Lovely Spring Day March 23, 2014

After a nasty cold blustery day yesterday we woke-up to a lovely early spring day this morning.

Just perfect!

Yesterday Terry and I (and Boomer–Fuzzy stayed out the house and rested) — got the very last of the pipe put into the ditch and the pipe covered back up. Two days of hard, intense work, but we made it!  Sure is a nice feeling.


(I loved how the sun captured the dust)

After supper Terry went back out and rolled for a couple of hours.  He has a few more acres to roll, but he is gaining on that project as well.

o  My foot is healing…slowly, but surely.  The swelling has gone down enough I can see where the nail went in and where it came out.  Night is the worst, but by morning I can get to going again.

I thank all of you who have written to ask how I am doing.


The worst of the HUGE projects are now starting to get done.  This time of year is always the hardest.  For ranchers the hardest is when they start calving (at least I think it would be the hardest)….for us it is the late winter/early spring— get the ground ready to start water and to plant.  Of course once you plant you have the concern of getting the seed up and making sure it gets a good start.  Deadlines, deadlines…in any job any place anywhere, it is always the deadlines.   Nine days and the water is supposed to be in the canal.  Nine days left to get the ground ready to start water….

If ‘the creek don’t rise and the wind don’t blow’ (as my beloved maternal grandfather used to say)  We will make it!  (Is there a song like that out there somewhere, seems like there is.)

Anyway…today is lovely!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Read All About It!

Farm work has started!


I LOVE being out on the land!


Fuzzy says it’s starting to be a little hard…this farm work…BUT HE CAN DO IT!!! Just don’t rush him!

(You know what — Fuzzy can’t hear very well anymore.  I know it’s sort of sad.

And he sleeps lots more than he ever did…he sleeps so hard that sometimes I have to bark the mailman down the road by myself.

BUT I can still play tricks on him, by standing right by him and baying as loud as I can then running off really fast!  When I do that Fuzzy wakes up with a start, hobbles up to his feet and stiff legged runs after me barking for me to wait, wait, wait!

Tee hee.)

Anyway, we are back on the land…Dad, Mom, Fuzzy and I!  Dad does most of the work and Mom and Fuzzy and I help Dad.


Yesterday we all started working on the last transmission/distribution pipe on the farm.  Sure is lots of work.

Sniff I checked out all the news on the place, that take lots and lots of time, you know.


Fuzzy stayed right by Mom and Dad, he says that is his job, to be close and ready for whatever Mom and Dad might need.  So Fuzzy would walk up the pipe trench and then back down the pipe trench as Mom and Dad carried and lower and connected the entire pipe together.


The backhoe finished at seven o’clock last night and Mom and Dad finished with the 8th pipe at that point.  Today we start again…25 more pipe to go.  Then we start to cover the pipe up.


When we start to cover the pipe up we get to ride with Mom and Dad over to the extra dirt, help them load the dirt into the big truck, come back and watch Dad unload the dirt.  (I kinda think I’ll just let Fuzzy do most of the guarding, ‘cause I’m sure there is stuff out there that I really need to know about and report back to Fuzzy.  After all, I’m now his newspaper!)

Well Dad is in, he has already checked out the pipe and waiting for Mom to load all of us up on the four-wheeler, gather the shovels and head out to the pipe.  I really need to go and gather the news.


Reporter at large, Boomer

Just for Fun March 20, 2014

Yesterday, Fuzzy, Boomer and I took a walk about…I needed to get out and do something..Fuzzy needed some exercise and Boomer really wanted to go check out some smells.

Once out on the land I thought it would be a fun little sidebar trip to show you the difference in plowed and rolled land.ClodsThis is what plowing does to the land. These huge clumps of dirt are horrible to walk in–I’ve had to chase many an escaped animal through these cliffs of soil.  They have a way of slowing you down.  One nice thing about slowing you down, is they also slow down the sheep, goat, cow or horse that is making their way through them.


Then the roller comes along and smashes everything–now it’s easy to walk on the land again.  It won’t stay this way long as the next steps have to move along quickly so we can be ready to start water around the first of April.


A person could NOT plant anything in here, the soil would not sub and the seed couldn’t get a hold, but all the humus is now turned under to start rotting.  Adding to the richness of the soil and giving more food to the plants.


The dogs and I checked some of the work that effect us…cleaning out the ditches!  Huge job. I much rather clean out the cement ditches than the gated pipes though.

HayThen we looked at the alfalfa field — its starting to green up nicely.

In about an hour I need to head up to where Terry is working with the back hoe.  He is having a trench dug for the very last of the transmission pipe to our place.  After we get that in place we will have all our transmission/distribution pipes underground–less weeds, less loss to subbing and evaporation.

My foot is coming along nicely.  I did too much yesterday, but after a good night’s rest I’m able to use it again.  Sure wasn’t a good time of the year to get a hurt.

Off now to head up to the ditch!
Your farm friend,