The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—I’m Bored

There is just so much I can do around here —


Sleep in the dog house, first mine and switch sides and then sleep in the doghouse Fuzzy used to sleep in

Sleep next to the kitchen by the basement wall —its real cool there. Hot in the winter and cool in the summer

Get up and sleep under the rocking chair

Sleep in front of the car on the soft dirt…just in front.  I don’t want under the car

Sometimes I well get tired of SLEEPING!!!  Just saying…Mom…isn’t there SOMETHING we could be doing?

Just as I was whining this to Mom the MAIL LADY came driving into the yard!  YAY! I love the Mail Lady!  She always gives me a dog cookie!  As soon as I got the cookie I woofed it down.  I would have gone back for more, but she was already backing up and heading back down the lane.

Phooey!  That didn’t last long.

MOM!  I am bored!!!!  I sat on the ground by Mom, while she weeded her flower bed.  Then I laid down and squiggled up close to her and whined some more.

“Goodness, Boomer.  What is with you?”  Mom reached over and gave me a pat on the head.  I thumped my tail and stared into her eyes.  Then I whined, got up, and headed out on to the driveway.  Once there I turned back around and whined at Mom again.

Let’s go for a walk, Mom.  PLEASE!  I am bored!

“Oh!  You want to go for walk,” Mom stood up and brushed off her clothes. “Okay, that sounds good to me!”


It sure did!





The Pinto Beans—Thursday, September 3, 2015

4Not long now.  One more irrigation then we stop the water.

3The leaves are still showing green. We need them to turn yellow.  And then fall off.  It’s just a matter of days, maybe two weeks at the most.

Almost time….Almost!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm


From Ann Patchett, Truth and Beauty—Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2“To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall….”—Ann Patchett, Truth and Beauty

5Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm


A Deep Hush, Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Night-coming-inThe farm at twilight sends out  a deep hush

hollyWhich says:  “Step lightly…listen carefully…


The Swallows catching supper lend a peacefulness to the cooling air.

Moon-in-TreeThe plants stir gently in the gentle evening breeze

Peek-a-booGlittering moonlight shatters the gloom sending waves of silver–much kinder than the sun, slower…a different rhythm– bringing on that space of time called night.

Your friend,





The Glow of an Extra-Ordinary Day—Sunday, August 30, 2015

Evening-1Everybody has sadness, and people or things who bring regret or pain.

Everyone has those times that feel like the Four Horses of the Apocalypse have descended upon their life.


Eventually peace is restored, the angry people fade away or disappear, the ugliness of the situation is throw out — like a pail of dirty water

More-Clouds(Clouds reflecting in the irrigation water)

ingThere are many situations human beings can’t fixed.

Rainbow-1Then we see the answer.

Rainbow-4We are not without hope, and peace, or comfort.


Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Guard Duty

I was sleeping resting my eyes one miserably hot afternoon, when the back door opened and Dad came out heading toward the machine shed.  I really didn’t think much of Dad coming out the back door and going someplace.  He is always doing something along those lines.

I was gradually letting my eyes fall back into sleep  to rest once more, when the back door opened back up again…HUH?! Did I miss something? Did Dad sneak past me and go Back Inside?!  I jerked myself awake to a sitting position. (I was sleeping on the futon in the shade, just so you know.)

Nope I didn’t miss anything!  It was Mom.  She was out of her work clothes and into her go to town jeans…I thumped my tail with joy, on the seat of the futon, then jumped down a HUGE doggy smile on my face, my back end going fifty miles an hour.

Mom bent down and gave me a kiss on my doggie nose and a nice rub down on my back…I quickly flipped over so she could give me tummy rubs.

“Not now, Boom, Dad and I are heading to town.  You guard the place while we are gone.”  With those parting words she got into her car, turned the motor on and backed up to the machine shed, where Dad was just locking up the door.

By this time I had gotten up and walked to the end of the sidewalk. Yep, Dad got in and they drove off.

Well, I guess the place is mine now, I thought to myself.

Heading toward my dog house a brown streak of something went right in front of me so fast I couldn’t even process what I was seeing.  Whatever it was went so fast I couldn’t even SMELL what was going by me.  While whatever that was t was running by my face something ran right by my backside and hit my tail as it went by.


I spun around trying to see what whipped my tail so hard. Then I spun back around…and saw “Stanley and Stewart!!!  The Squirrel brothers!


“Hey, Boomer!  Let’s play hide and seek…We will hide and you can seek!”

With that they were off in two puffs of dust, one puff per squirrel.  I gave myself two seconds to decide if I wanted to play or not.  “You bet”, I bayed and we were off!

I chased those squirrels clear over to the Butler Grain bins, past the roller and the pile of plastic pipes.  They chittered and chirped at me from several vantage points…the top of the tallest grain bin, then they scampered down to the roller and pranced all over to the top of it… (I almost got them at that point)….then they danced themselves right into the gated pipe that was in the middle of the pile of Dad’s transmission pipes he saves, in case one of the pipe in the field cracks or something.

Poking my head into the pipe I let out a volley of barks at them…LOUDS ONES!  They just stood way back in the dark of the pipe and laughed at me.

After a while I got tired of seeking, my voice was getting dim and my throat sore so I turned around and just left.

It was a good thing too.  Turning away from the pipes I could hear a car coming down the long, long lane…scampering off to bark whomever it was into the drive way, I raised my fur on my back and got a mean look on my face…let the trespassers come…I’m ready to guard the place.

I drew on all the courage of my mighty beagle self and barked up a storm! If Mom and Dad want me to guard the place, then I’m going to do it!  I gave deep ferocious barks and ran right toward the bridge, the hair on my back standing tall.


It’s Mom and Dad.

I joyfully followed them into the carport.

Hum, I wonder if they brought me something. I ran to the driver’s side with a huge smile on my face, my tail wagging in anticipation!

Nope, just a pat on the back, a ‘good job, Boomie’, then they were in the house.


Oh, here they are again.  That didn’t take long.  “Come on, Boomer! Let’s go.  Time to irrigate!”

Hey, now that’s more like it…Boomer … Go … Irrigate!

YES!  Works for me!


Boomer the Beagle—bestest Guard Dog irrigator in the world.

A Happy Dance — Thursday, August 27, 2015

12It’s raining here!

11Real rain!

10Terry is out changing the irrigation water…not me.  I’m sitting here, dry, and talking to you. :)

9I know…I’m a fair weather irrigator!  :)


Actually, he has some things he wanted to do that I couldn’t help with, but still

7He is in the rain, with his yellow slicker on an rubber boots.

6And I’m not.

3The corn has dented…a full dent.  That means the last irrigation is soon.

2The pinto beans are starting to stripe and turn yellow…once fully yellow it will be time to let them dry so they can be harvested.

1We will irrigate the alfalfa field after the hay is cut and hauled in, then that will be it for the year.

More signs of fall…the ending of the growing season.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




Yesterday’s Storm–Wednesday, August 26, 2015

StormLast evening it looked like a storm (just might possibly) come in.  The sky changed, the feel to air changed, it smelled like rain.

jklThen it blew away.  Still today the haze is not AS bad.

I sure hope we (meaning everyone who is in dire need of rain) gets some soon.  Rain to stop all the forest fires, to green up the earth, to clean the skies, and to bring life back on the land.

Your friend,


More Signs—Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We are still having haze from the fires!  Although, and in spite of, yesterday was a lovely fall day.


The leaves are just beginning to turn; some are already falling.  Not many, one or two, silently, a slight flicker at the edge of eyesight.

FlyingSunday we had over thirty of these flying little jewels.  Flitting here and there, getting in squabbles with each other, dipping and dodging.  I go through a gallon of sugar water every day.

JewelsAfter we came in from setting the last of the water, the dappled light from the setting sun, glowing through the haze Terry, Boomer, and I rested before going in.GlowIt was at that moment I realized the sounds of the Hummingbirds had dimmed.  Only six little birds were visiting the feeders. The same count this morning.  The hummingbird migration has begun.

I would much prefer Fall/Autumn to begin the last of September, not now, not in August. Still it is here…the sunlight this morning caught in the cobwebs heavily dappled in dew. Many of the other spring and summer birds have left…it won’t be long now until the Swallows leave.  They seem to be around the last to go.  Not always, but close. hollyI understand why we measure time—for it is the hope that in doing so it will not leave.

As always your friend on a western Colorado farm,