A Happy Dance — Thursday, August 27, 2015

12It’s raining here!

11Real rain!

10Terry is out changing the irrigation water…not me.  I’m sitting here, dry, and talking to you. :)

9I know…I’m a fair weather irrigator!  :)


Actually, he has some things he wanted to do that I couldn’t help with, but still

7He is in the rain, with his yellow slicker on an rubber boots.

6And I’m not.

3The corn has dented…a full dent.  That means the last irrigation is soon.

2The pinto beans are starting to stripe and turn yellow…once fully yellow it will be time to let them dry so they can be harvested.

1We will irrigate the alfalfa field after the hay is cut and hauled in, then that will be it for the year.

More signs of fall…the ending of the growing season.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




Yesterday’s Storm–Wednesday, August 26, 2015

StormLast evening it looked like a storm (just might possibly) come in.  The sky changed, the feel to air changed, it smelled like rain.

jklThen it blew away.  Still today the haze is not AS bad.

I sure hope we (meaning everyone who is in dire need of rain) gets some soon.  Rain to stop all the forest fires, to green up the earth, to clean the skies, and to bring life back on the land.

Your friend,


More Signs—Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We are still having haze from the fires!  Although, and in spite of, yesterday was a lovely fall day.


The leaves are just beginning to turn; some are already falling.  Not many, one or two, silently, a slight flicker at the edge of eyesight.

FlyingSunday we had over thirty of these flying little jewels.  Flitting here and there, getting in squabbles with each other, dipping and dodging.  I go through a gallon of sugar water every day.

JewelsAfter we came in from setting the last of the water, the dappled light from the setting sun, glowing through the haze Terry, Boomer, and I rested before going in.GlowIt was at that moment I realized the sounds of the Hummingbirds had dimmed.  Only six little birds were visiting the feeders. The same count this morning.  The hummingbird migration has begun.

I would much prefer Fall/Autumn to begin the last of September, not now, not in August. Still it is here…the sunlight this morning caught in the cobwebs heavily dappled in dew. Many of the other spring and summer birds have left…it won’t be long now until the Swallows leave.  They seem to be around the last to go.  Not always, but close. hollyI understand why we measure time—for it is the hope that in doing so it will not leave.

As always your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Fall is in the Air—Monday, August 24, 2015

Rabbit-BrushNo matter how much I wish to ignore the signs…they are here.

Fall has arrived!

The nights are cooler–so much so I must so I must shut the windows in the house by two in the morning.

AlmostThe Rabbit Brush is starting to bloom, the trees are sporting lighter leaves, even yellow in some places.

FledgeThe last of this year’s bird babies are rapidly growing and changing.  One set fledged yesterday…to the relief of Sam-Sam.  These little ones were on the back porch light, causing the parents to very aggressive to Boomer, Sam and Terry and I.

bWe even have a few leaves starting to leave the trees.

BrillantNo matter that it is still August…Fall has arrived.

Your friend,


A Nice Treat—Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our kids in Grand Junction, Colorado, were camping on Grand Mesa for the weekend and asked us up for Saturday.

Now who could turn down an offer like that?

Off we went, Terry, Boomer and I.  Once there the kids (and their dogs) asked if we could go to Doyle Lake.  Sure!

See-SawCliff and Kimi tried out the See-Saw,

DarbyOnce there the dogs took a swim…except for Boomer…he doesn’t like water.  :)  That’s Darby heading into the lake.

Terry and KimberyCliff took a photo of Terry and our daughter, Kimberly, Scout and the top part of Gypsy!

Then we hiked around the lake and headed back to camp for a yummy lunch and a couple of games of Dominos.

I must say it was a very nice relaxing day.  A real treat!

Your friend,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Forgotten

Can you believe it!!!?  Mom forgot to let me blog last week!  I was SHOCKED!!!

1Oh, well!  I still had lots to do.


I checked out the perimeter of the farmhouse every morning and evening and more, if I’m bored.

2Sometimes I head out in the night.  Because…

3Well you see why.

12It’s really smoky here.  All the smoke from the horrible wildfires going on in California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming has drifted into our area.

Red-SUn-2 It’s caught here…we are full of hills and dales, mountains and buttes, valleys and hollers, mesas and canyons,  so it makes for a wonderful spot to stay a spell.  Mom says we either need a good stiff wind or a nice heavy rain.

Red-Sun3I think I agree with her.  I spend lots of time sneezing, right along with Mom and Dad, and the rest of the people who live in our area. (Mom says she bets its much worse where the fires really are.)

We are working down at the rent house again.  Mom says she is not fond of rental property.  As for me…heck! I love it!  Anytime I get to ‘go’ I’m up for whatever there is to go too!  :)

QuailLOOK!  A Gambol’s Quail up high on the electric line!


Gota go! Mom wants me to help her!


A Day of Catching Up—Thursday, August 20, 2015

We are picking up all the loose ends today–

BranchesTerry and I ran down early, early this morning to cut some tree limbs, which were too close to the roof on the other house.

CustomerA hay customer just left

Crop-beansWe checked to see how the bean crop was doing at the early morning irrigation –the pods are now at the green string bean stage…we need at least three more weeks of growing weather for them to ripen and strip.

Crop-CornThe corn is looking good.  This is not sweet corn, but the kind of corn you have for cereal, corn bread, and animal food.  Harvest for the corn is not until late October or sometime in November.

Crop-HayThe alfalfa is coming along nicely.  It looks like around Labor day will be third and last cutting of hay.

Boy, the growing season is fast coming to a close!

CannasI’m pleased with my canna bed.  This is where we cut down a dead pine tree this winter.  I wasn’t really sure  what I wanted to do with this area, but I think having the cannas here was a very good thing.

TubLike most of you, we are having cold temps.  It was 47* this morning when we woke-up. Sure feels like fall.  Although, we are NOT ready for a freeze.  We need the heat to return to be able to get the crops to maturity.

Honey-BeeI guess I won’t worry about it…there is nothing I can do anyway.

Your friend as always,


The Jewel in the Heart of the Visit–Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DriveToday Linky goes back home.


After two days of fun with her best friend, Ellie

Drive-LinkinAll the things she got to do at the farm

HEYWe are packing up, to drive her to meet her Mom at Rifle, Colorado.

Half way for both of us.  There we will unload our car and load up Misty’s van. Sadly, we must say good-bye for a spell.

Saying good-bye is never easy.

Your friend,



I’m Late, Very Late—Tuesday, August 18, 2015

lTerry and I have been working down at the other house…there was (not anymore :) ) a broken water pipe.

kOf course, it was way, way, under there…crawling through icky dark cobwebby spots is never a favorite thing to do

jThen we found out that the clothes washer wasn’t working

FrogSo to make a very long, tedious story short

d We are done! (We hope!)

The girls have gone with Terry to change the water and I’m fixing lunch.

cCrossed fingers and toes…everything is back into place and good working order.

As always your friend,


Something Different—Monday, August 17, 2015

LearningAs much fun as it is learning new things, helping out, and just hanging out talking to the grandparents, visiting aunts and uncles and staying up long into the night talking to Grammy before going to sleep….

LinkinSometimes you just need to do ‘something different’.   So today we are heading into town to pick up Linkin’s very best friend (they have been best friends since First Grade) Ellie!


Ellie will spend the day, the night, the next day and part of the evening with us.  Then, on Wednesday, she most go to school and we will be taking Linkin home.

PinkIn the mean time…memories will be made for a life time.

And as always I offer my friendship to you,