The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—When the Folks are Away

Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t a very active night life on a farm or ranch…if you do let them tell you and you believe it —-YOU ARE WRONG!!! ♪♫❤♪♫❤


There is all sorts of activity.  Visits from the–


Tall, sleek, svelte

Pole Cat

Those reeking of perfume


Gorgeous and dangerous


A Monkey


Mischief makers


And those



who protect the place


Then Mom and Dad come Home…

YAY, I just report the news.  I let Sam protect the place.




Yard Work–and a Request–Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bleeding-Heart-2I have finally finished my serial about Sherlock Boomer.  I am very interested in what you think about the story.  Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.  If you haven’t read the complete story or would like to please go to Sherlock Boomer on my header or click this blue line.  Because I wrote this as a serial, with a new chapter every Wednesday you will have to scroll clear down to the bottom, then click on older posts to get to the beginning-Chapter One.


I had thought that a weekly chapter would be fun to read and to write.  I am of the mind now  it probably got long and tedious and boring.  Anyway, I am very interested in your thoughts and encourage you to leave a comment.  This way others can read what your wrote and I have a place where all the comments are collected.


Finally, I have been able to work on my own yard–to do so I have to let my house go—soon, soon the renters will be in the other house. Right now I’m painting the bubble gum pink bedroom.  Once I’m finished they will come!


It’s been delightful to see all the dainty spring flowers popping up from all the moisture we had.

14Just look at the beauty of the sky last night!  Stunning isn’t it.  The storm clouds built around the Plateau, never coming our way.  We went out at 6 p.m., to set water, then got in after the sun set.  I love seeing the setting or rising sun when we are out there on the land.  I just love it.

Anyway off now to get some work done.  Please don’t forget to give me your comments about the Sherlock Boomer–Mystery of the Missing Rabbits serial.

Your friend,



Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! The Conclusion

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

The Conclusion


Following the road around the Butler bins Sam, Monkey and I walked a short distance when Sam stopped in front of one of the extra corn combines, “There is your Green Corn Eating Dragon, Boomer” he said as he walked up to the combine and jumped up into the wheel well of one of the big tires.

Huh—Corn? Green? Shish!  I felt like a fool.   I know what combines are for, heck I even guard the combines over behind the barn, I guess I just never thought about a combine as a dragon.

“Ruth, must think combines are like dragons” Monkey exclaimed as she hopped onto the wooden panels blocking the weather from the combine.
If she thinks the combine is a dragon –”


“—She must think the roller is a metal tub” I finished as I started sniffing around the roller.  (Dad has farm equipment every which where-I knew where he kept the roller—the roller is to smash down the clods after he plows—over here, I just never thought about checking the roller for the rabbits.


Sniff, sniff…”There you are!  I’ve been missing you, why did you move over here, you are missing out on all the free corn Mom throws out every morning!”  I exclaimed, as the bunnies started hopping out of the roller.

Bea, the Momma Bunny looked at me with her solemn big eyes and very fast moving nose—“Safety.” She answered.  Our home was just not safe anymore…the fox can dig, the coyotes can dig and the owl waits until we hop about searching for seeds and grass, then she swoops down and tries to gab one of us. I decided it was time to find something safer.  When I came upon this round tube I knew nothing could dig us up, or gab us as we came out to get food and water. All we have to do is stay close under all this green equipment.”

“Yay!” Sammy, Monkey, and I cheered! “We found the rabbits and they are safe!”  We high-fived each other.


“I’m glad you are safe, Rabbits. Very glad!” I touched my nose to the tip of Bea’s nose.  “I’m very glad you are safe.”

With that Sam, Monkey, and I headed into the house, the rabbits hopped briskly into the roller; out on the land we could hear the yipping of the coyote’s way over on Coyote Hill and the yowl of fox on the wind.  High on top of the largest Butler Bin, Ruth sang us a plaintive song about the loss of a lovely rabbit dinner.

In the east a big silver moon was rising promising a beautiful night.  “Let’s head on in, cats, and see what’s for our supper. Good night, Rabbits.  Good Night, Ruth, Thanks for telling us where the rabbits are.”

With that we headed in to house to our food bowls and warm spots by the wood stove.

A very satisfied beagle,

Sherlock Boomer


A Splish- Splash- Taking a Bath–Tuesday, April 21, 2015

birds.jpgTerry brought the water down to put on the cherry trees and the lawn yesterday.  The Red-Winged Black Birds were Delighted!

AHHHHSeveral of them had to take a bath!

FlutterHaving a marvelously wet time

ShakeWhen one got out

SplashAnother one got in!

I enjoyed the whole experience myself!

Your country friend


The Song of the Red-Wing Black Birds, Monday, April, 20, 2015

This Spring the Red-Winged Blackbirds came!

I don’t know why they have left the Upper End with it’s lush pond and a swampy area, but they have.  When they came (and they are still here) the Western Meadow Larks and all the other birds left for the Upper End, although yesterday I saw Robins on the Western side of the house and yard.

I’m not complaining I love their cheerful little songs and watching them flit and fly from branches to my feeding stations.

They are most joyful birds, don’t you agree?

Your friend,


From That to This—Sunday, April 19, 2015

SunWe went from this—to


This all in a short time span.  It started raining, and raining, and raining turning everything in a huge slosh of mud.

See that child in the photo?  Yes!  We also have a surprise visit from the Grandchildren and their parents.


Even in the rain, our little archer had to go outside—there is much more to life than a electronic for this little granddaughter.

After a long time of rain, and rain, and more rain it finally stopped.

FogAround mid-night a huge fog descended blanketing the world in a dripping, silent shawl of grey mist.

fog-3.jpg The heavy mist shrouded the fields, as we changed the water.  Ah, yes the irrigation goes on even in this over-whelming moisture.  The goal is to soak the ground to at least a foot deep, then to have the water sub-over and meet in the middle between the furrows.  Upon checking the moisture level, Terry announced that the moisture was a foot deep…now to get it to sub over!

I know this is odd (for those of you who do NOT have irrigation, or sprinkler systems, or even worry about getting enough moisture into the ground), but here in the High Mountain Desert we do.  After over a hundred years of farming in our area the understanding of the moisture content to grow crops is very developed. Terry is a 4th generation farmer right here on California Mesa, his understanding of the complexity of the soil, water management, and health of the ground is to be admired.  (Even if I say so myself :) :) :) )


April-Showers-1I got both lawns mowed, and the flower beds weeded, just before all of this moisture blew in- what a huge gift the snow and rain has been—we are turning GREEN!

I just LOVE seeing all this growth!  I just LOVE it!

Now the sun is out and burning off all the fog, sending the water into the soil, and drying up all the land.  Moving forward!—It’s a good thing!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,






The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Wet/Cold/Snow/Wind/Rain/Mud

Play I don’t have much to say today.  We, meaning Mom, Dad and Myself, are still trying to get the water down the fields, morning and night, sometimes noon and afternoon.


I like irrigation season, but I sure don’t like this rain/snow/wind/rain/snow/mud stuff we are having now.  I still go, but I get really wet—my belly and my legs.  I need longer legs, I guess.


(There is mud out there, don’t let this fool you.)

Anyway, it’s so nasty and wet today, Mom told me I had to STAY at the house, ON my bed, in my BEDROOM.  She didn’t know but I STAYED right by the wood stove until I heard the 4-wheelers drive into the yard, then I slipped ever so quickly onto my bed in my bedroom.


There I was sitting there like I was ready to go outside, just as innocent as you please.  Mom came in and gave me lots of pets and a hug; said I was a good doggie all nice and dry and warm.  I agree—good dog, dry, warm…I gave her a huge smile and a kiss on the hands!

Other than lots of sleeping, not much going on.  I think the cats have it figured out…Mom and Dad get cold, wet and muddy.  We stay warm and dry!

Sun(What we woke up too.)




We are Frozen Here—Thursday, April 16, 2015

SnowingIt’s snowing here…giant fluffy flakes of winter’s snow.  They say we could have as much as 3 inches.  :(  The only good thing, about it being snow, is it isn’t as wet as rain.  To work in rain is the pits.  At least with the snow you only freeze to death.  The mud comes later.

11You can’t see the snow here, because it hadn’t started yet, but it is there….waiting in the clouds

10Lurking, ready to begin.  You can see the snow falling in the canyons…if there were no snow the canyons would be crisp and clear to your eye, it’s misty..either rain or snow.  Today it is snow.

8My hands are froze.  Since I set the tubes and help walk the water {Terry does all the back breaking digging and he helps walk the water} I sometimes have to get my hands in the water.  That’s why I can’t wear gloves, even plastic gloves won’t work, I’ve tried them. What I need to do is get good enough I don’t have to stop, bin over and place the tube in the water, grab the end of the tube (to form a suction) in the water, then quickly set the tube in the row.  Terry and MIsty can do it, but not I.

18Oh, well, it ’tis what it ’tis.

I have my seeds started for the year.  I hope to plant out by Mother’s Day. (who knows with this year)

19Tomatoes, water melon, flowers and other goodies, happily sprouting away.

Happy Winter, er, Spring…whatever :)  I wish all of you peace and so much love,

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Sherlock Boomer Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits! Chapter 12

Sherlock Boomer

Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbits!

Chapter 12

 I started barking LOUD WARNING BARKS!  The dust from the Devil Twister started getting bigger and bigger growing into a huge circle that was about to swallow me up!


The dust started flinging into my eyes and my mouth; causing me to choke and sputter to a stop!

Hack, cough gag! I closed my mouth and sat down, lifting my right paw I started dabbing at my eyes so I could get rid of the dust clogging up my eyeballs.

Suddenly I felt the wind stop, but I still couldn’t see— my eyeballs were closed and I had fallen to the ground covering up each eye with my paws.  Then I FELT a shadow fall over me…HAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I moaned…pitifully.  OHHHHHH…I’m a goner…oh!!!

“Boomer? Why ya lying flat in the dirt with your eyes behind your paws?”

Huh?! I know that voice.  Gradually removing one paw and opening my eyelid a tiny slit I saw: “RUTH!”

I was so happy I jumped up and bayed her name, doing swirly circles as I celebrated the fact there wasn’t danger in the combine yard.  It was just RUTH!!!

“Ruth!  Did you see that horrible dirt monster flinging feathers and dust and little pebbles everywhere?  It was right here a moment ago!  Horrible dirt devil, just horrible!”  I looked around the combine yard trying to see if the dirt devil was hiding under one of the combines or next to the grain trucks.

“Dirt Devil, Boomer?  I haven’t seen any Dirt Devils since last fall, and I don’t see one now.”

“It was here, Ruth! Huge and wild and full of little bits of rocks and lots of dirt and grey feathers.”

“Grey feathers?  Did you say grey feathers?”

“Yes, it was twisting and twisting and growing bigger and bigger.  I tried to get Mom to come save the combines, but she didn’t hear me.”

“On, Boomer, tee hee, hahahahaha, bahahahaha, snort chuckle”  Ruth was laughing so hard she had tears coming out of her eyes AND she was gripping the sides of her stomach like she was having a stitch or something from laughing so hard.

“What,” I mumbled.

“That wasn’t a Dirt Devil is was ME!”


“Yes, ME.  I was taking my morning dust bath (my morning- your late evening) before I start my work for the day, er night, er day.  Oh, you get what I mean.”

I gave Ruth a blank stare as she used the tips of her wings to wipe the tears streaming out of her eyes.

“Humph! A dust bath. What self-respecting sniffing dog would ever have guessed it was you taking a Dust Bath?”

“Oh, well,” I gave Ruth a big doggie smile. “All is well, that ends well.”

“Say, Dog?”  Ruth sort of duck walked over to me…well, Ruth waddled over to me…aaaaah, Ruth the Wise Old Owl walked over to me— “Have you found the rabbits yet.”

“No, I haven’t.  I’ve been to the Upper End, skirted the Back Forty, checked out the Equipment Storage Area, did a little run up to the Apricot Tree (where I met you by the way) and boogied myself home.  Where I arrived in just the perfect time to bark the Mail Man down the lane.  But find the missing rabbits I have not.”

“Remember, Boom Dog, you need to look for the round metal thing with green legs by the Corn Eating Dragon.  If you look there…I’m more than sure you will find the family of bunnies.” With that Ruth opened her huge (I MEAN HUGE) wings, gave a couple of flaps and lifted herself off into the early evening sky.  I’m sure she also gave a really evil chuckle as she lifted off.


Sigh…the evil Corn eating dragon, huge metal tub, green legs…my dream kept racing behind my eyes.  I grew faint in the legs just thinking about searching for the DRAGON!

Sitting there in the growing evening, thankfully it was still daylight, the sun wasn’t sitting just YET, but close, I almost gave up the quest to find the missing rabbits.

Then I remembered Fuzzy…Fuzzy never gave up. Heck, as Fuzzy got older I would often times take off running and barking from the dog houses to the grain bins just to play a trick on Fuzz.  He would follow right behind barking and yipping…then when he got there and figured out it was a trick—he never got upset.  Just started sniffing around to see if there was anything interesting we could check out.  ‘Never give up’ he used to say. ‘It will always turn out for the best.’

Girding myself, I sent a little prayer to Fuzz…’Hey, my old pal, if you can see me right now, I need some help.  I can’t find the rabbits—Ruth, the Wise Old Owl says there is a big green corn eating dragon next to a big metal tub on green legs I need to find BEFORE I can find the rabbits.  I need you to help me, Fuzz.  I really need your help!’


I was sitting there wishing for Fuzzy to appear, when Monkey showed up.  She was heading back to the house after a day of playing in the haystacks.  As I watched Monkey come toward me, I saw Sam sitting on the window sill of the barn.

“Have you found the rabbits, yet?”  Monkey walked right up to me and looked me in the eye.

“Aaaaaa no, not yet.  I have to find a big green corn eating dragon, first—then I have to find a big metal tub on green legs BEFORE I can find the rabbits.  I really don’t know where to look for a Dragon, and I really don’t know if I WANT to FIND a dragon.” I explained to Monkey.  My posture was very sad…low head, low tail, drooping ears, and downcast eyes. I stood there a very pitiful sight.


Sam took pity on me, jumping down from his perch on the barn window sill, he walked toward Monkey and I.

“Follow me,” he said and walked right on by Monkey and I.

Monkey took off after Sam, although Monkey never runs in a straight line…up she went onto the corral fence, then she hopped over to the grain truck—“You are going the wrong direction,” Sam hollered at Monkey and kept on walking.

Wrong direction? My head perked up, I started swishing my tail on the ground and a sparkle came into my eyes: “You will go with us, Sammy-Sam?  You are not afraid of the Dragon (or round barrel)?”

“No, Boomer, I am not.  Come on…we have to go to the other side of the Butler Bins, it’s there I’m sure you will find a green corn eating….DRAGON!”  Sam pounced at me as I caught up with him.

I jumped backwards…”SAM!”


“It’s okay, Boomer…I’ll take care of the Green Corn Eating Dragon, while I have him busy you can look in the shelter in front of the Corn Eating Dragon—I think there just might be a round green thing you can check to see if the rabbits have moved there.”

We all trotted across the farm yard, then across the road, Monkey doing zigs and zags—that cat should wear herself out, it wears me out just watching her.Monkey-in-a-tree

Continued next week…the stunning conclusion of The Case of the Missing Rabbit

To Which Man Gives His Heart—Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Farm“Let no one think that real gardening [farming/ranching/etc.] is a bucolic and meditative occupation.  It is an insatiable passion, like everything else to which a man gives his heart.” –Karel Capek 

Gradually, gradually everything is moving forward with just the right amount of speed and with few set backs.  I just about have all the winter rubbish off my yard, only one more spot to go, Terry has all the corn ground worked up and is marking out the last field even as I type this. More-last-set

The alfalfa field is receiving it’s last set of irrigation– then we move full-time to the first corn field. (Hopefully we won’t have to walk the water through the rows, but there is a possibility…when the ground is too dry-not enough snow in  the winter—the water absorbs quickly and doesn’t want to make its way down the rows. Or there is lots of trash caused by blowing winds,  then we walk each stuck furrow; making the furrow a little more wider and a little bit deeper helping the water to move on, soaking just a little bit, heading to the end of the field.  We leave the water 12 hours then move it again…in the 12 hours the rows will soak up so the set can be changed.)

hg2This is the head gate...I am terrified of the head gate, although the water isn’t high here the headgate is deep, the board you walk on has no hand railing….I just much prefer Not having to do the work on the headgate.  Although I can IF I have too.  :(

The yard is completely cleaned at the other house and I got the hoses out ready for whenever the tile lines fill up with water and I can start water down there.  My hope is the potential renters will be moved in and can run the hoses for me.  What a gift that will be.  Also, the potential renters didn’t like the bubble gum pink bedroom (for little girls) so I need to get to town soon and buy paint so I can repaint that room.  They have no children, she would like just a nice bedroom for guests.

Also, I have a new stray cat.  She is a very nice older cat, but has something going on with her eyes.  Today I will take her in an see what is wrong with her eyes and get some medicine.  The potential renter lady would very much like to have the cat after it is well.  I think that is good move for both the cat and me.  But if not this kitty can stay here and be loved.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to walk the shelter dogs.  I feel really bad about that, but hope to get there this week sometime….maybe on Friday.

Thank you, once more for stopping by!

Your friend,