It Is Not Always Work—Monday, October, 12, 2015


Moving-PipeWe’ve moved all the pipe!

Last-of-the-pipeEach four-wheeler hauling it’s share…back and forth, back and forth.  Suddenly we were done!

FoothillsAs the day started winding down, Terry asked me if I wanted to go for a little ride.




Flying low to the ground


Hair in the wind….we unwound from the day.

Your friend,



Sit Still and Listen to the Whispers–Sunday, October 11, 2015


“There are times when we stop,

Blaze-4we sit still.

Evening-SKyWe listen to the breezes from a whole other world

Setbegin to whisper.”—James Carroll

How true!  We just have to stand still…and feel…listen…and there they are…the whispers of the wind, the earth and the sky.

Your friend,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Corn Report

The geese are back!  They fly over-head honking and talking to one another. I like to sit outside and watch them.  Mom thinks it’s odd that I watch them, my head tipped back, my ears pulled forward, causing my forehead to wrinkle, but I’m interested in knowing what they are saying and where they are going.


Dad has been checking out the big truck, getting it ready for corn harvest.  That won’t happen for a spell, yet, maybe by the end of this month.  It just depends on the moisture content of corn!


We finished the last of the irrigation.  The whole alfalfa field is now ready to head into winter in fine shape.


Anyway, the corn is ripe and starting to dry down.


There are still some green leaves at the top.  I run down the furrows checking out the news, nose to the ground most of the time, but I do look up once in a while.  You see corn harvest is a BIG deal around here.  It’s Dad and Mom’s main crop.  Meaning most of the farm is planted to corn.


So every day I take a little walk out and check out the corn…when it is about time to start harvest Mom and I will go out and put the farm to bed…we will gather up all the siphon tubes and the dams moving them to safety – away from cows hooves.  Its big work and I LOVE IT!!!  Sometimes I stay with Mom and sometimes, well, you understand, I check for news!



Working in Rainbows—-Thursday, October 8, 2015

I’m slow today.  Well, not slow for the day, but slow getting up here to post my blog.  We are still working on the ditches and had a few things to do before Terry could take out the tractor.

(Sometimes I’m early, very early, because…well, I just can’t sleep at night.  The stay awake and toss and turn thing so I get up and write a post to you.)

Terry is doing the tractor work, so I came in to visit a spell with you.

Dirt-1Once more we finished all the dirt for the rest of the year.  :)  (Where have I heard that before :) )  Terry went over and dumped the last load, while I drove the tractor home, and put the tractor way.

DamThen we worked on digging out the orange dams in the mud ditches.  Always, always a huge job.  We have two more to go, but stopped for spell.  Now that we are ‘elderly’ we have to pace ourselves.  Ten years ago the story would have been much different.

Rainbow-3After supper (yes, we eat early…by 5:00–that is so we still have daylight to work in) we worked on winterizing the ditches.


We worked in a sky full of color and rainbows!

Rainbow-2It was wonderful!  I counted two rainbows, then a faint third one!

Rainbow-7The end was right over our house!  How marvelous is that!!!!?

Rainbow-1The sky was stunning!  Because the sun was sitting it turned the air/the clouds, the sky, and us—Pink!

It sure made our work go easier!

Pink-wateAs we worked I started thinking how the year is slowly drifting into winter, but before the winter chill and frigid temperatures, the stunning beauty of fall blooms before our very eyes, the last of summer bursting forth in random elegance and grace, blessing our lives, if we just care to see.

As always your friend, on a western Colorado farm,




Ditch Work—Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We are working on winterizing the farm.  Boomer and I started picking up the siphon tubes and the orange dams.  Cows are very hard on things like that—they love to walk on them to hear the snap!  Silly girls.

DirtToday we are back at the settling pond.  He was going to finish it up in the spring, but has since decided to do it now.  The huge pile you see in the corner we will do just before the water turns in, but the rest of the dirt will come out this fall.

Actually today.

JumpFour-wheeler jump on a dirt pile!! Tee Hee

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


YAY—Tuesday, October 5, 2015

I called and it was canceled!  YAY!  That is even better!  I’ve had a bit of company early this morning so I haven’t been able to get up her [in my office] to change my post, thereby letting you know!

Canceled is a very GOOD thing!

Morning-SKySunday morning our sky looked like this…Storm coming in.

Today (Monday) it is sprinkling off and on.  Still Terry says it isn’t ‘that wet’, so we are heading out to move gated pipe.

We worked on the gated pipe yesterday, between sprinkles of rain. Terry also worked on the dirt ditch.   Boomer and I started removing the dams and siphon tubes on the pinto bean field.  I so much prefer working on the irrigation system.

Anyway, Good morning my friends!

Your friend,



Last Night’s Sunset—Monday, October 5, 2015

Colorado-RedWe had a most gorgeous sunset last night…

CRSuch a beautiful sight to behold.

Tonight after 5:00 I must call this certain number to find out if I have jury duty tomorrow. OH! How I hope I don’t have jury duty, or if I do…I am NOT picked.  

I do NOT want to be the judge of someone else’s life. EVER!


I’ve had people judge me, and my life, and even throw stones.  I do NOT want to decide the verdict of someone else life…..ever!

Here is a little Irish Proverb, which I like:  “When I count my blessings, I COUNT YOU TWICE!”

With much friendship,


The Color Shouted—Sunday, October 4, 2015

We took a short drive to Grand Mesa, making the loop from the Cedaredge side, to the Collbran side, then back around again.
4It was marvelous!


“Everywhere she walked the color shouted

1And sang around her…

5In October any wonderful

8Unexpected thing might

67be possible.”—Elizabeth George Speare, The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Eye candy for the soul!

Your friend,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Things to be Doing


“Hurry up, Boom!  We’ve got things we need to be doing!”  Mom patted her leg and took off at a good clip of a walk.

Huh?!  Hurry! UP!?  That only means one thing… we are going somewhere!

Yep, Mom lifted my up on the back of the four-wheeler, waited a spell.  Dad was moving the tractor with the loader out of its shed, which is right behind where Mom and Dad park their four-wheelers.

GoingThen Dad took off going one direction and Mom and I headed to the Back Forty!

Soon as we were up where we were going mom gave me the talk: (I get the talk EVERYTIME, okay…Mom go ahead, get it over with so I can go do my stuff) “Don’t roll in anything stinky or nasty, Boomer.  Or you won’t get to sleep inside tonight!  Also, come when I call or you hear my four-wheeler start…there will be a treat for you when we get back home.”


TREAT!  I love TREATS, so I really, really, really, try hard to remember to come when mom calls or the four-wheeler starts.  I really do TRY hard!!!!


So anyway, Mom started doing whatever it was she wanted to do up there and I took OFF! There so many things to sniff and smell!


Fun things to look upon and interesting animals….sniff, sniff….badger… porcupine—hum, don’t go that way…once quilled is enough for me.  Let’s see the swamp is full of Red-winged blackbirds…Pheasants, doves, quails…ah so much to learn ab…..

HUH!!! Do I hear Mom calling?  Maybe…I’ll go in a minute or so…sniff, sniff… OH!  The four-wheeler is starting up…HURRY! I got to hurry or I won’t get a treat….HURRY!!!



Yumm—dog cookie!

Humm, mom is back outside and has her purse… “Come on, Boom! Let’s go to town.”


TOWN!  Oh, boy! TOWN!


Gosh, this has been a great day…and it isn’t even noon yet!

Wonder what the afternoon is going to bring!