Trailing Cows April 22, 2014



Spring is the time all the cows are removed off the farming land, onto ground that isn’t being put into production.  To the DELIGHT of Fuzzy and Boomer (for sure Fuzzy) we see many of the different herds being shifted from here to there.

The cows will stay on this new section of land until the summer pastures open up—sometime the first of June.  By opening up I mean all the snow is melted and the BLM has given word that the ground is stable enough to support hooves. :)

Not all the cattle head to BLM ground, some head to their owners very own summer ranches.  Ranchers are very good caretakers of their spring and summer pastures.  The cattle are usually moved to what is called the “Spring Pastures” first.

This is the first ground that dries enough to support hooves…these Spring Pastures are owned by the ranchers….remember the word is OWNED!  The cows are trailed up the roads and then onto the new lush green food, where they will graze and their calves will grow stronger.  As the early spring moves into early summer the cows will then be trailed up to the SUMMER place—where ever that maybe for the rancher.Trailing-cows1

Our head gate is on another farmer’s land…when we started the water, for the first time the first year, the heifer’s had not be moved to the corrals and then onto the spring pastures.

What-ya-doingThey always ran over to see what we were up too… if you could understand cow language you just know they were say’n: ‘What ya doing?’  Just like any curious little kid!

Off now to get some stuff done.  The day is going by fast and here I sit chatting away to you!

Your friend,



Water and the Western Slope of Colorado April 21,2014

Many of you have read about, or heard of the Bundy Ranch take over by the Feds…and some of you are even aware of the huge water issues that face our part of Colorado (I get emails from you letting me know that you are following the water cases evolving all over our part of the state), and some have asked me to explain or at least give you my opinion.

BackFirst off…I am NOT a water lawyer, nor am I an employee of the ditch company, nor do I have credentials that make me any sort of an expert on the ‘water issue’ in Colorado.

I do know that it is against the law to save any rain water, ever…no barrels under rain spouts, no water barrels with the rich, soft rainwater all capped and waiting for us to use in case of emergency.  EVER!

Our water is destined to head into the Colorado river and flow right on down to California and the ocean.  The Colorado is the mother of all rivers with its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains and flows to other states.

Right now water in our part of the state (the western part of Colorado has most of the water in the state of Colorado) is a private asset.  Meaning that the water system that is in place ….PREDATES Colorado statehood.  This system operates on the junior-senior water rights system.  Whenever you filed on the water is where your water rights fall in the  uses of rights.  The oldest filing is first, then on down the line.

For us…the Uncompahgre Valley Water Company is the second oldest water right on the Gunnison River.

There are pressures building to abolish this system (private use) and making it a public asset under the Governance of the Governor of the state. (In a nutshell —as far as my meager brain understands— this means if Denver wants our water then the governor can take if from here and give it to them.)

Only somewhere around two percent of Colorado’s population are farmers, 98% or not farmers.  Also, somewhere around 80% of the population is on the Front Range of Colorado.   Our area, the Uncompahgre Valley has 80,000 acres of farmland….of which we are a part of that acreage. I really don’t know how much farm land there is on the eastern slope so I’m not going to give you any figures for that.

So, unless you have a crystal ball, I really don’t know what is going to happen here with the water. You know as much as I know right now.  Every day we just rejoice with having the water to irrigate with, watching the rows fill up with the water and flow on down to the end of our field until it reaches the canal again, flowing onto the next farm and the next until it reaches the river.   We will vote to keep our rights here and we will wake up every morning, head out to change the water, and we will plant and harvest and give thanks for that day!


Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Blessings

Mom says everything has been a roller coaster ride…the last three weeks!  Boomer and I talked about a roller coaster and decided we don’t know what a roller coaster was.  Since we couldn’t figure it out we decided it wasn’t important.

As for riding…heck!  We haven’t really ridden on anything that was really bad…we’ve gone to do water several times, rode to town several times, laid under the pick-up lots, but as far as anything else…I guess we just don’t understand.


WaterThe water is now in the canal!

My-best-helperWe’ve started the water on the alfalfa fields…I LOVE IRRIGATING!  Most of the time I like to stay home and guard the house and the buildings and the yard [now].  But Mom makes me go with her (and Boomer and Dad) sometimes.   Boy, am I ever glad I go!


Hank-helpsHank even comes over from his house and helps out.

We had to stop…irrigating, I mean. Dad’s main ditch…the one that leaves the head gate and enters onto the farm washed out.  A huge hole washed into the bend, the side caved away with Dad standing on it, and everything went splash!

The splash part was sorta neat, I rushed right over to see if something cool was in the water…nope, no water rats, or mice, or snakes…but there was DAD!  I skedaddled out the way when I saw it was Dad.  :(

Fuzzy-helping-usMom and Dad put 300 pounds of cement into the ditch, worked on the sides, and created a whole new bend.


Just as soon as the cement cures the water will be back on and we will be IRRIGATING!!!  YIPPEE!!!


We have had rain and the snow and  sleet and ice.  We went from a HOT day to several days of very, very cold.


Boomer and I are still sleeping inside.  I’m not sure if I’m going to move us outside at all this year.  Old bones really don’t like cold, you know.

Dad and Mom have the water back on and in the alfalfa that didn’t get watered yet.

You know something, I just thought of this, our lives(Dad, Mom, Boomer and I)  are all governed by the irrigation water!  Now THAT is cool!


Here I am just a swing’n.  I like to sit in this swing and feel the breezes on my fur.  Now days I have to have Mom put me up here.  I get really close to the swing and look beseechingly at Mom until she comes over and picks me up and sits me on the swing.


Life is good!


Good Fences—April 17, 2014

A blog friend from Texas… Run*A*Round Ranch Report … has started a Thursday “Good Fences” series.  Everyone is asked to participate, if they would like.   I decided ‘I would like’… so here is my fence for Thursday More-fence-and-rainbow We had a very cold, nasty, rain and sleet filled storm one day last week.  While Terry and I were out on the canal bank we both happened to look up and see this really cool site! So for Thursday’s Good Fences I give you a typical fence on our property and the first rainbow of the season! Life is good, isn’t it?


For stunning fences and gates head on over to The Good Fences feature of The Run *A* Round Ranch Report.

You friend,


A Long Slog —April 16, 2014

Finally, I’m back!  I hope!  Fingers and toes crossed!!!

They had to take my computer back to a completely clean slate…reload everything…I do mean everything—then Carbonite had to down load the rest. (I am so thankful I have Carbonite…THANKFUL!!!  That download took THREE DAYS!

Okay, lesson learned from the Carbonite experience…I must get an external hard drive and put all my photos on it.  The forever download was because of the pictures.  More than once I almost panicked and its fore sure I cried (just a little bit).

Anyway, I’m back.  Lots happened in those 2 and half weeks—the water came, we had a nasty freeze, we got all the way in, and we started the water on the farm only to have to turn it off again.

I’ll get you all caught up soon.  I will also be able to get caught up with all of you again.  Evening-2Since the apricots are now all frozen I’ll still leave you with a lovely evening photo of the memory of their blooms!

It’s good to be back!  See you on your site soon!

Your friend,


Starting Over April 12, 2014

A blank computer…that is where things are now.  Back to square one. What a sadness!

My computer lady reloaded all my operating software, accept my printer and my camera…I  will have to do so myself.

I have Carbonite (THANK HEAVENS!!!) With the help of Christopher (who works for Carbonite) the download of all my documents—farm stuff…everything you can imagine I am getting closer to getting back online.

At this point the Carbonite download site says everything will be back an in place in three more days.  (Yes, I have lots of ‘life’ on the computer).

So by Tuesday…I hope… everything will be a go ahead.

Thank you for still dropping by and checking in on me.  It’s been a huge long stressful time.


Computer Problems Continue– April 8, 2014

I am so upset I could just cry.   I am still having trouble with my computer.  The computer lady assures me it wasn’t a virus…just so you know.   It was a download from Microsoft….everything has been corrupted.  The only thing I have (right now) is the internet…of course.

Please stay with me.  I hope this gets resolved soon!



My computer refused to load yesterday.  So I had to take it to the computer hospital.  The computer doctor said she is seeing lots of this sort of problem.  Something to do with a download from Windows into the profile.

Typing on an IPad is rather tedious —one finger at a time.  I will be back with regular blog posts as soon as I can get my computer home!


The Start of April is a Cold Start–April 2, 2014

So far our start into April is a tad chilly.  Very cold bully winds, with rain, sleet, snow showers; if I have to guess the apricots are pretty much gone for another year.  We may get a few, only time will tell.

Wind-and-stormThe sun had a hard time shining through the cloud cover this morning. This looks more like a Halloween photo than an early morning photo in April. :)

The water has not made it to us yet.  That does not mean that it isn’t on it’s way, just that it isn’t here yet.  Since our irrigation water comes from Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison (two hours away by car) or out of the Ridgeway Dam (1 1/2 hours away by car) it takes a long time for it to get to us.  We are close to the end, just a few more farms below us then our irrigation water flows into the Gunnison River.

We are very close to being ready to start irrigation. If you want to see a post about starting the water here is an old post.

Sunset-blooms I leave you now, with a lovely photo of the apricot blooms as the sun was setting last night.




April Fool’s Day—-Winter is still here — April 1, 2014

Today the wind is blowing and the rain is trying to fall and it’s cold again!


But it can’t last…it just can’t last!  The earth is shifting the day is growing longer (our day length is 12 hours and 37 minutes long) and the skies are getting blues.  But for today the weather is playing a rather cold nasty joke on us.

Terry has been making ditches, finishing up the rolling.  Even though the wind is nasty and cold he will start leveling the fields. The fields don’t wait…well actually the soil doesn’t wait.

CleanI’ve been cleaning the yard, I only have two big areas left.  And then I need to rewash all the  windows again.  I’m also spring cleaning the house.  Lots to do right now.

We got word that the irrigation water will be here by the end of the week or Monday of next week.  We are almost ready. After they turn the water down it takes our canal a full week before it fills. Any day now.

Off to get some stuff done!

Your friend on a very windy farm,



No One Likes a Bully —March 31, 2014

We had a huge bully wind yesterday….55 m.p.h. gusts that picked up everything and flung it here and there and everywhere.

Wind3All of Utah came with it!

No, not really, but the sky was brown.

Along with the dirt and wind came ‘almost’ rain.  Just enough to coat my very clean and sparkling windows.

I haven’t really gone to check the apricot trees, I guess I know what I will find.

This morning the sky is Spring time blue, the sun is shining, the air calm, with a few puffy clouds around Paonia.  It will stay that way until this evening when another wind will blow in.  The weather people say we will be like this for a week.  Then more settled weather will arrive with 70* temps.  YIPPEE!!

Off now to rewash the windows to let the sunshine into the house!

Your farm friend



A Little Update — March 30, 2014

Since I’ve had lots of emails asking how my foot is doing (which I THANK YOU for asking :) ) I thought I would show you.

HealingIt is ever so much better.  (Yes, I have an old ladies foot, because I am an old lady :) )

The bottom is healed, and only hurts if I stand on the ball of my foot or try to tippy-toes to reach something.  Strangely the worst part has been the top of my foot.  See that little bump?  That is where the nail stopped…not going clear through which is nice.

Everyday it is better and really only slowed me down the first four days. I had to use a cane for two of those days…what a slow process that is-waling with a cane!

Still I would NOT recommend anyone going through this.

Now onto ‘funner’ things.

BeesThe apricot trees are blooming and alive with the sound of Honey Bees!


FAVI like to stand under the tree and smell the blossoms and hear the bees singing their thankfulness.

I have no idea if we will have any apricots this year. They usually get frozen or a mean bully wind comes up and trashes the blooms.  When I grew up in an orchard (my grandparent’s house and my parent’s house were in the middle of the orchards) both my beloved Grandfather and my wonderful Dad said apricots were really hard to grow here and get a crop.  It seemed like every nine years, or so, you could get a crop—the reason is they bloom so early.  They are the FIRST of the fruit trees to bloom, therefore subject to destroying wind and killing freezes.

HeaderStill they are a gift to a winter weary bee and a human’s soul!

Your friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—The Wind Doth Blow

We’ve been helping Mom. She stands around and rakes and rakes and rakes, so Boomer and I sorta, kinda, sit close by.  Boomer tried to sit ‘right by Mom’ but he kept getting stepped on whenever Mom backed up.  Finally Boomer decided that he had better move.

Tee Hee.  It takes that boy so time to get some things through his head.  Giggle.

Mom was a little unhappy when she backed up and fell OVER Boomer.  That is when he figured out claiming Mom as his own wasn’t a very good idea.  :)

The wind has been blowing and the days are chilled.

Last year I moved us outside on March 8th.  Not this year.  We are still sleeping inside.  It did get hot enough two nights ago that we wanted to spend the night outside.   Mom had just settled us down for the night…three yummy dog treats, a bedside bowl of water, lots of hugs and pets on the head, and a good night, sleep tight and Boom and I are off to dream land.

BUT a couple of nights last week it was just TOO HOT TO STAY INSIDE so Boomer and I peeled out the door.  WHEW!  It felt much better to cool down.

Then this week we’ve had lots of wind, the cold kind of wind, the wind that blows down off the mountain all fresh and chilled from the snowbanks up there.   So sleeping inside was just right!

Today it feels like a lovely day…the sky is spring blue, the clouds are hovering over the mountains far, far, far away—we can still see them—the air is still and Boomer and I are running around checking out all the smells and news on the farm.

It is a Beautiful Morning, Everyone!


You Very Happy Dog Friend,


Fuzzy (Oh, yes, Boomer says he is happy also.  And he says Hi!)

A Bad Wind— March 27, 2014

It was just two days ago we had a fun, playful, wind…more than a breeze; way too much to fly a kit.  A wind that I enjoyed.

Bad-windYesterday we had a bad wind…a very persistent wind full of trash and leaves, dirt and ugly dark clouds.

The hands of the wind flipped tree branches and slapped things together to make a huge LOUD wind. We even lost power for a spell.


The trash blew all over the yard, the roads, and the fields like escaped animals from the zoo.


A regular Bully wind!

March is known as the blustery month…and so it ’tis.  Then comes April.  April can be cold and chilly with lots of rain, but it can also be sumptuous with color breaking forth in a riot of colors.

Only a few more days to go and we will see April. Hopefully all of those in the east who are still have January weather will also burst forth into warmth in April.  Also, hopefully, the rains will come to California and the arid southwest!