The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Priceless——–Friday, February 5, 2016

I think Every One needs a dog…Don’t you?


We were out working, Mom, Dad, and I.  Doing this and that.  Going here and there.  Then I noticed that Mom and Dad were sitting down taking a break.

Heck!  I’ll just take one with them!




Minnesota Sunrise—-Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mary Carlson, from Duluth, Minnesota took this wonderful sunrise photo.  Then sent it on to me for all of us to enjoy.
This is what she had to say: “Linda I took the picture yesterday morning off my second story deck using the iphone camera. I live in Duluth, Minnesota, so the clouds were lake affect clouds from Lake Superior.
“Enjoy, I did as I sat in my favorite chair in the corner that gets the morning sun. I’m there now re-learning to knit. A relaxing peaceful day filled with many blessings. Congrats on getting the farm put to bed. I put the yard away about Oct and it’s always a good feeling to move inside and switch gears for a few months, well in Minnesota it’s for many months. :)”
I am so blessed because of you, my wonderful blog readers.  I do so enjoy these amazing photo gifts from your neck of the world.  Thank you so much for sending them to me and then allowing me to post them on my blog.
Your very humble friend in western Colorado (on a farm!),

Hearts of Sweetness—Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our children in Craig, Colorado, will be coming for Valentine’s Day.  Really they coming because it is a small break for their school district, and since all of them are in the school district in some form, they all get a break.


(the pink are cinnamon, the blue is mint, the purple flavored raspberry, and the yellow is orange flavor.  So far everyone always pick pink and falls in love with it.  As a result they don’t try the other flavors/colors.  :)  )

WE will get to see our grandchildren! (Oh, yes and their parents. tee hee)

It is also our youngest grandchild’s birthday that weekend.

So, with all this in mind, I decided I would make a huge selection of treats and goodies…perfect for snacking, or for a birthday celebration.


And, of course, Valentine’s Day!  :)


Tally’s name is Tallin Rose. Her birthday falls on February 15th…don’t you just know for every birthday, for the rest of her life, she will be gifted with hearts and roses?  :)

To top it all off her favorite color is pink…preferably SPARKLY pink!  She makes me smile.

Very much your friend,


A Wee Walk About—Tuesday, February 2, 2016

East-1Our air started chilling down on Saturday night…growing thick with mystery and the  promise of snow.  The gray-pink clouds began enfolding the earth, as the sun set assuring us of a blanket white enchantment.


Sunday the snow started falling; winter’s promise was still alive.

Terry and I spent Sunday warm and safe.  Although, a little on the bored side.

Boomer and I took a wee walk in the soft, muffled air.  Boomer doesn’t really walk with me, there is always so much more to see and do than stay right by my side.  Of course, now that cows are here he tends to not drift TOO far away!

Snow-2 Waking on the farm  is to walk to the sound of silence — for even the cows are quiet  in the falling snow.

SnowWalking is satisfying,  getting outside is delicious.


Monday morning the snow was thick and lush and rich.  As I shoveled the snow off the sidewalks there was only my footprints, Boomer’s and the cats!  (I enjoyed being the only human foot prints in the yard. :) )

Snow! That gift of water for the spring, summer and fall!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Another Stunning Photo from Duluth, Minnesota—Monday, February 1, 2016

Marti Carroll, a FaceBook Friend, sent me this fox9 news photo from Duluth, Minnesota.


This is what it says on the site:  “Another amazing photo from Tim Mlodozyniec in Duluth, Minnesota. “While shooting the sunrise down at Park Point this morning, I happened to turn around and see this snowbow behind me. I had to use my phone to take a panoramic photo of it because it was so big.”

This is stunning.  I’ve never had the good fortune to see a snowbow!

Your friend,


P.S.  Please remember if you would like to share a photo with us, please email it to me at   I will post it and give you credit!


THE COWS ARE HERE!!!!!—Sunday, January 31, 2016

CowsThe cows arrived early the next morning!  Terry and I manned the gates, while Hank and his daughter, Teresa, brought in 80 cows.

The cows were as delighted to be here as I was to see them!    Every time I look out into the fields my heart does a happy dance.  I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.

Even if it snows again, the cows have arrived! With the cows come babies, babies mean Spring.


The reason the Davis’ calve out in April is they want the calves big enough to be able to walk all the way to the ranch on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

First the cows, calves and bulls will walk (trail) up to the mid-way ranch–they call this place the White Ranch.  Here the cows spend time until the high country is free of snow.

June, or so,  the cows will head up to the lush cool forest on the Plateau, where the long-time Davis summer ranch is— here they will spend the summer and the fall.  Once the snows start to come the Davis’ will round-up the the cows trailing them back down to the half-way house (the White Ranch) allowing the  cows to linger there and put on the weight they may have lost on the long walk down the mountain side.

Once the snows reach the White Ranch the cows will be trailed to the Davis Ranch to spend the winter.

CowsTHEN COMES LATE WINTER when the spring’n heifers and ‘some’ of the second years get to come to OUR PLACE!!  *¨*•♪♫♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•♥

The cows are as happy as I am…•❥*◝◟.they sift themselves here and there, checking out their old favorite places.  Then by the second or third day they have settled down into a routine. (We don’t see the third or fourth year cows, only the first and second year)

Your very happy friend, on a western Colorado farm



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Getting Ready

Dad, Mom, and I put the farm to bed this week.

Ditches-1We picked up all the syphon tubes and worked on fences.


It’s time, you see.


Time to put the farm to bed, button all the hatches, and get ready for the cows to come!


Mom is very excited that we are close to getting the cows.  Mom says having the cows here helps her get past winter faster.  She also likes seeing the baby calves popping out here and there on the farm.


So this week we’ve been really busy…getting ready.


Sand Hill Cranes—Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cranes-1I feel so lucky…well, I feel they WE are so lucky!

Cranes-6We have masses of Sandhill Cranes living on the farm.

A huge gift from nature!

Your friend on a farm full of Sandhill Cranes in the high mountain desert of the Rocky Mountains,



In a Cold so Cold Your Bones Hurt—Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Merri wrote me and explained that this:  Photo not mine but Paul Pluskwick’s from town he is a master at this catching the moment..he is amazing..and I am blessed to know him..Paul has shown many of us how to use our cameras……He uses light like no other….and I have the picture on my own but not this one.

I think he deserves the credit.  Paul  does not care who posts the pictures so it is fine to do that…… we all learn from his clarity and love of  Virginia Mn….so it is all our picture and it is ok to share it as you have just wanted to give you a collective view of it . Paul takes area photos  here…and I walk up there often as well and take my own\around for myself and my use too. Paul is a wonderful man and loves doing what he does and sharing with the world. He is a blessing…..Love Merri

So there you have it…Paul Pluskwick is the author of the photo.  Thank you, Plau!

We are so lucky, again, You and I!  Merri took a wee walk-about…(even though it was so cold your bones hurt).

Leaving her house to parts we will not know of, then heading back home through the park which is just across from her lovely little house; she noticed the stunning beauty of the setting sun streaming through the gazebo.

Merri's-ParkThinking I (and you) might enjoy this ethereal light she graciously sent it on to me.

For those of you who have asked, Merri does not have blog.  I wish she did. But lucky us, she allows me to post her photos on my blog for all of us to enjoy.

With much love, Merri…for sharing with us your world in Minnesota!

As always your friend,



Keep in the Sunlight—-Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Merri sent me another wonderful photo this one is of the river near her house in Minnesota.

Merri's-RiverIt reminds me of a saying by Benjamin Franklin:

“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.”

A stunningly beautiful capture of the sun, on her steamy river; surrounded by snow and ice covered trees and bushes.

Thank you, Merri!

Your friend,