Making Headway–Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everyday we are making more and more headway.

GreenIt’s cloudy again here today, with rain coming in this afternoon.

walk2.jpgOh, well.  It is what it is. This is a photo of Boomer and I walking up the ditch bank, moving the dams and helping Terry set the tubes for the alfalfa field.  You can see the baby corn coming up in this (our largest) field.Hubby

The tool of our trade so to speak. :)


Terry has also started working on the new motor for the corn combine…he’s waiting for a couple of parts to come by UPS and then we (mostly him) will take the old motor (it got hot and created a mess) out and this one will go in.

Evening-2Last’s nights sunset was beautiful…full of amazing colors…it’s so true, if you just stand still, when you are outside you can hear the earth breath!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



HEY LADY!!!!—May 20, 2015

Hey-LadyThis darling little Bullock’s Oriole keeps cheeping at me.  I sure wish I could understand bird songs. Anyway this little guy has become my friend.  He is never far away as I work in the yard.  I talk to him all the time.

FemaleHis lady is much, much shyer.  Flits away and tries to hide.  It’s like she is saying…”You are silly brave, Honey!  Be Careful”.


Sunny with lots of mud here.  SUNNY!

I hope your day is full of sunshine!  We all need sunshine!

Your friend,


An Odd Year — Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WRThis weather has been rather strange for us.  Usually we are warm and sunny and dry.  Possibly a few scattered showers and thunderstorms off and on, but not this constant flow of winter like storms moving through.

RainYesterday afternoon we experienced wild and stunning lightening, wind and huge wet drops of rain. I stood out on the ditch bank trying to get a photo of lightening. I didn’t make it.

This is another of my bucket lists photos I hope to achieve someday…lightening.  So many of you have accomplished this feat, but not I—not Yet!! :)

CamomileMy yard is lush and rich with color and plants and weeds!  It’s just lovely.

Although, very hard on the farmers and the planting of our yearly crops—crops are the way we make money…no crops no money, it’s just that simple.  Some of the farmers are just now getting the corn in the ground…extremely late.

Terry is thinking (if we don’t dry up soon) he just might not be planting the pinto beans.  They need to be in the ground the 1st day of June.

DayAh, well, the day shows us a break in the clouds where blue sky resides.  Always a pleasant site!

Thank you for stopping by!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Coming Soon—Monday, May 18, 2015

Cold-Snap-1Gosh, are you getting tired of this old song?  I sure am.  Another sever storm is due in here tonight.

CS1The sky never lies…a sun dog appeared as we were changing water in the alfalfa field, beautiful and prophetic.   Back home I checked the weather station and, sure enough, rain, wind, and snow heading our way. The good thing is it’s an over-night sort of deal then followed by some cooler weather.

Thankfully I still have some wood for the woodstove, not lots, but, hopefully enough!


So far everything is looking good in my yard and on the farm, the cactus hill covered with blooms

1A trip out to the edge is always a treat …I just love these White-stemmed Evening Primrose..the weather has been perfect for them.

Since another storm is heading our way, Terry has decided to wait to fertilize and start the water on the pinto bean ground.  This is the last irrigation on the alfalfa, then it will be time to cut it.  We will need a week or two of lovely warm sunshine when that happens.

Off now to load up DRY wood and put it under the carport.  I hope each and everyone of you have a lovely day,

Your friend,



Sunlight—Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miserable-1The cold rain and the sharp wind of the last few days has just been miserable.


The little birds have sat around in puffed feathers all hunched up…looking just…miserable.


Iris-1The rain has been lovely for my yard

Iris-2Everything is rich and lush and green.

LeavingLast evening, in a huge rush of wind, the clouds started parting and waving good-bye heading toward the north and the east.  (I waved delightedly to them as they left! :) )

LHBAll the birds feathers laid back down

FemaleSongs filled the soft evening air!

Today we have scattered bits of sunshine, lots of bird songs and joy everywhere!

I hope you have a most lovely Sunday…a day of Sun—it looks like we will have!

Your Friend,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Miserable

wet-1.jpgIt’s raining here again!  Lots of rain.  Too much rain.

There has been spots of sunshine mostly dribs and drabs of SUNSHINE!

We love the sunshine, Mom and I.  Well, I think everyone does.  Every time it shines we all go outside and do happy dances.  Mom says there are people in California and other places who would trade places with us anytime.


“Yes,” she said, “They would go outside and do happy dances in the rain. “They are missing the rain and we are missing the sunshine.”


Anyway, Shiloh and Etta came up and played for a spell.



They pretty much chased Sam up a tree and kept him there.  I didn’t care to play that game.  Sam and I are friends.

RideIn a spot of sunshine I got to go for a ride.  Dad was checking on how the other farmer’s corn was doing.

WalkMom, Dad and I all went for a walk, well we pretty much do that lots of times throughout the day, but this time we walked up and checked on one of the transmission pipes.

Of course it rained some more.

Mom went to town and I waited for her until she returned


YAY!  Mom came back.  She had groceries and a BIG juicy bone just for me!

WaitingI always go out and check who has been walking on the farm.   Mostly I have been spending my time in the house sleeping by the woodstove, toasting one side then the other.  Mom says it’s strange to be burning the woodstove this time of year—as for me.

I think it’s nice.



Outside is—well, Miserable.


I’m so Excited to Share with You—Thursday, May 14, 2015

I got my header photo over-night…setting there in my email waiting for me to sit down and open my computer.  Elaine, from the Black Forest in Colorado, had a stunning rainbow appear close to her home.  I just had to share it with each of you!


My Colorado Columbine are blooming.  Although, it is illegal to remove plants from the wild, Colorado Columbine are readily available at the nurseries.  This plant is about two years old and very colorful. I always think of my wonderful maternal Grandfather (he lived just down the orchard from us) who had two flowers that he adored, the Colorado Columbine and a Yellow Rose bush.  You see he grew up in Texas...the Yellow Rose of Texas (a traditional  American Folk song) and would sing it to us.


Rufus-1My hummingbird photo!!!!

A Rufus hummingbird, by the way!

YAY!  I think I did it!  A neat Hummingbird photo!


And JOY of ALL JOYS the Corn IS UP!

StormJust in time, because another winter-like storm is due in here tonight. The clouds swarmed in from the west, bringing with them a colder day.  The weather people say snow and heavy rain possible —again.  Terry is out leveling the pinto bean field even as I sit here writing to you.  Time is a huge factor.  If he can get the field leveled and the big ditches made for that field, before the weather settles in he will be happy camper.

Anyway, yesterday was just the happiest of days; I just had to share with you!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,






My Tiny Feathered Friends—Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HummingOne thing I am not is a very good photographer of Hummingbirds!

Although, this can sorta give you an idea of the cute little things as they hum and buzz around the feeders.  I don’t have all my feeders out right now, only six, but I think I have arrived at a place whereby I can add a couple more.

It sure is a joyful sound having those little birds buzz over your head as you are weeding.  Makes me laugh out loud, and even duck a few times.

My “Some Day I’ll” list has right at the top of it:

1. Take a good photo of a hummingbird.

Maybe this year I’ll make that wish come true.

I hope your day is full of joy and happiness!

Your friend,




A Perfect Day–Tuesday, May 12, 2015

3Yesterday was just a perfect day!  The renters are moved in and seem very excited about everything.  We stopped by to welcome them, there were huge smiles all around!

BBI got my house dusted and vacuumed, and the floors swept!  You don’t know what a huge thing that was.  I was keeping everything cleaned and pick-up, I just have not had time to do a good job of dusting…YAY!



Aren’t these little orange banded furry bumble bees just the cutest things.

Then I got the lawn mowed, the hedge trimmed, and all but one flower bed weeded.  I even got some of my house started plants in the ground.  I am doing a happy, happy dance, that is for certain and for sure. Today I should finish all that up and then be in maintenance mode for the rest of the summer.  (That’s the plan anyway. :) )

There is such joy in finally being caught up!


The corn is looking ‘okay’ in the ground, now that rain and cold temperatures are (hopefully) in the future sometime, and the sun is shinning, The sun and warmer temperature should help the soil to warm up.  Then the corn SHOULD start to sprout and send up little green leaves.  There will be another cheer of great joy as soon as we see the corn rowing out!

Thank you each and everyone of you, for stopping by and for leaving your comments. I am trying very much to answer all my comments in the comment section so everyone will have the knowledge of questions and the answers.  I find that fun things are occurring in the comment section, each of you are getting to know each other.  How nice is that!?

Off now to work on that last bed and to finish putting the Cannas in the ground. Once that is done I can stand back and say….good!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



The Next Day—Monday, May 11, 2015

rain-2.jpgThe days always seem so L.O.N.G. when the skies are dreary and gloomy and grey…even the sitting sun could only lighten up the misty, dripping clouds a tad.  But I suppose a tinge of sunshine is better than no sunshine.  :)

Terry has become worried that seed corn has rotted in the ground, we see nothing sprouting out there.  Later on today we will go out and check. If it has rotted then he will have to re-buy the seed and replant.  A very costly thing to have to do, but very necessary.

Bullock-OrieoThe little bird from yesterday’s drenching rain post

2Is a Bullock Oriole.  So far this year I have two pair.  I’ve tried sitting out oranges and grape jelly, which everyone assures me they love, but the jelly gets hard and the oranges dry up.

!Instead the little feathered friends are sharing the Hummingbird feeders with the Hummingbirds.  I have about eight hummers now–I’m thinking that is four pair.  I have six feeders out, and could possibly add another one.  But I’m not in a hurry—if the food starts going away faster then I will put out another feeder or two.  (I use 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, if you are interested.)

Today we have sunshine.  Sunshine sure brings joy to my soul.

Your friend on a soggy, but sunny day, farm,