First Light—Thursday, July 2, 2015


Gradually, gradually the day starts to wake…the shadows of the night slowly lifting as the gray light filters in.First-Light-3

Tiny, as my thumb, the hummingbirds arrive at the feeders; their buzz and chirps blending in with the small melodious calls of the other birds who are shaking sleep off and welcoming in the day!


Morning, the beautiful beginning of another day!

Your friend,




Gratitude—Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It was 92* (33.33c) last night at 9:30.  But this morning it is only 86* at 9:30.

What a small joy cooling air is after too much heat.

Set-2As John Milton once said;  “Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing  us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.”

A few clouds, a small breeze, the song of the birds…a wee epiphany for this Wednesday.

Your friend,




Summer-Tuesday, June 30, 2015

dThe evening skies are just lovely…the colors warm and dramatic

fSometimes the colors even look hot, although it is cooling down by sunset.

My 4-wheeler is broke, the part comes in today.  It will be nice to have it back…walking in the heat is rather ‘smashing’…you come back home feeling two feet tall.  :)

Enjoy your days and evening, my friends!

Your friend,




Mid-Summer Days—Monday, June 29, 2015

Morning StartTo some working on the land is lonely. Only you and the sky and the earth.  But to me (and to Terry) it isn’t lonely.

CornThere are plants who need our care and plants

Nodding-Thistlewe despair of (the nodding thistle, lovely but a huge nuisance).

Light floods the air and heat shimmers up off the land.  Just to glace upon the brilliance is to think there is nothing but silence there.  But it isn’t true…the song birds fill the air with music and bugs (the good bugs and the not-so-good bugs).

SHIThe new momma deer and her brand new little fawn scamper close to us, not afraid.  They are many generations of deer, who have lived here safe.  We feed them so they stay out of the crops.  They do their part and eat at the pastures.

PAthThe thought always runs in the back of the mind…’my this is pretty.  I feel so tremendously blessed’…all the while acknowledging the inadequacy of the word blessed.

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm



Listen—Sunday, June 28, 2015

Set-4The heat is ferocious–late July and early August heat.  Bearing down and smashing one into the ground.  Still I’ll take it any day over the long, dark, cold, and dreary days of winter.


Scotch-BluebonnetsYears ago I saw these beautiful flowers growing in my Mother-in-law’s yard.  She was ripping them out and tossing them in the trash heap.

“Oh, what are those beautiful plants”?  I asked her.

“Scotch Bluebonnets”, she replied.  “You don’t want them, they spread like weeds.”

“Oh, but I do! May I have a couple of shovel fulls to plant in me yard?”  I replied with shinning eyes!

“Honestly you will NOT want these things” she said in disgust,  as she put two shovel full of starts in a cardboard box for me.

I hugged the box to my chest and placed it very carefully in the trunk of the car.  “Thank you!” I cried.  “I’m sure I will love them.”

“Don’t thank me”, she very tiredly replied.  “I guarantee you will not like them, in the long run.”

I can assure you, many, many, years later…SHE WAS RIGHT!  I do NOT want these invasive weeds masquerading as flowers.  Horrid plants!  Just HORRID!  They are everywhere in my yard, in the grass on the lawn, in every flowerbed, along side the ditches—-ugh!

The-end-of-the-dayEvery morning the earth, the sky, and the air seem so fresh and alive. If one stands still surrounded by the chirps and chitters of all the birds; stands outside and is very still.  Still in the mind, not just the body, still so your soul can hear—the voice of the earth will speak loud and clear.

It seems that the rocks and the trees and even the soil underneath your feet is waking refreshed and eager to start the day.


As the day ends and night creeps along our mesa; lengthening it’s way toward the west;  I can sometimes feel the sweet song of bedtime flowing down deep within the earth.

Today is Sunday. Today we only do those things that MUST be done…today we rest and enjoy the fruits of the past week, preparing for the new week.

I hope each and everyone of you have a good Sunday, my friends!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—When it’s Hot

What’s a dog supposed to do when it’s hot? So hot all a dog can do is sit around panting?

GO FOR A RIDE WITH MOM AND DAD!  That’s what a dog can do—


Well….Sunday we all loaded up and ‘went to the hills’—Grand Mesa that is.  There we gave Linkin and Bladen back to their folks and hung around awhile.

Hank and I watched the chipmunks and Camp robbers steal  his dog food.  We just watched because we were hunkered down under Hank’s Mom and Dad’s trailer.

(We didn’t want to just watch, but……………)


Back home Mom and I saw Ruth…she was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over there.  I hollered at her. She just continued to sit there.


We saw a skin…the skin of a bull snake, that is.  It was a big one!


There are lots of quail around and many, many, just starting to be able to fly baby pheasants.


When we go irrigate I always cool off.  I try to cool off, that is.

It’s sure been hot!



A Bird in the Hand—Thursday, June 25, 2015

SHOur stupefying heat has broken! Yesterday a big storm blew in, crashed around and blew out–no real rain.  But right behind it was cool air!  Enough cool air to feel like an early fall day! It isn’t, but it is a nice.

SwallowThis little Swallow was a little puffed up this morning waiting for the sun to break through the clouds.

QuailWe have been seeing lots of the Gambel’s Quail in the hollows and valley’s along the hillsides of the farm.  This one was trying to keep us from the nest!

Owl-in-treeBoomer and I saw Ruth the Wise Owl…she was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there, that’s why the photo is so blurry. Boomer bayed at her.  She did not respond.

More-lovelyThen there is this lovely (does anyone know what type of bird this is?)  I have several living in the old cotton wood tree in the yard.

Terry and I are just about caught back up…only hay to haul and wood chips to scatter on in my yard. Sure is a good feeling.  The ditch rider cut the water back, we will have to change water more now and not be able to set as many rows.  It can all be done, it just takes time.

I hope each and everyone of you are having a perfect summer day.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Racing Against Time—Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I am sorry about not being able to post yesterday…the internet was down.  Sure was frustrating!

Anyway, it’s back up today, for which I rejoice greatly!

Time-!We are racing madly here.  Everything came together all at once—the pinto beans needed watered, the corn needed fertilized and cultivated, and needs water —the hay needs hauled in from the last field, and the water sat on it.  (Not to mention weeding in my yard –two more huge beds to go—helping a tad down at the other house…clipping hedges and other yard work–ironing and straightening up my house, mundane things but necessary.)

Time-2The days are just not long enough :)  :)

Although, we get up at 4:15 and then finish around 10 at night, there always seems to be something more needing done.

Time-4Don’t read bad into this              ——————          I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

We hauled hay until too dark…Boomer and I picked up the loose bales and broken bales and Terry hauled in the loads.

time-3.jpgIt was miserable hot yesterday…my car said it was 111*f (43.89c) when I ran to buy groceries for the month.  That’s HOT!

Around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. it looked like a hail or rain storm broke over Peach Valley.  It was just too hot not to develop some sort of activity in the heavens.

Today we are still in the same race…although, we are gaining on the pinto beans (the beans are up!  YAY!) with the water, the small corn field is wet, and cross all fingers, Terry will get the big corn field fertilized and cultivated today-then we start water on it tonight).

Two more days of hauling hay and that will be over.  Then, if it rains, all is well.

Although, we are busy; it’s a good busy!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Going Backwards—Monday, June 22, 2015

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice…the longest day of the year!

Now we start losing daylight hours…we start going backwards!  At least that is how I feel.


Although, we don’t just suddenly jump from summer right into the dark and dreary winter, it’s a process…a rather nice one.  We will still have warm (hot days—it was 104* yesterday) and lovely sunshine.  Sky

I just know that winter is looming —shudder!

For now I’ll not think about it and relish in these lovely hot days!

I hope you are enjoying the perfect weather, where ever you might live.

Your friend,