Second Cutting—Tuesday, July 28, 2015

baling-hayAfter studying the weather apps…(we look at four) Thursday Terry said.  I’m going to do it!

baling-hay (1)

As soon as he got in, from cutting the hay, big black clouds blew in.

“NO!” We both thought.  “PLEASE NO!”


Lucky I had my fallen star still in my pocket–we were saving it for a rainy day. Today was a perfect time to use it.

It must have worked; the rain never fell, the sun came out, and even the wind showed up– drying the alfalfa into nice rich (dry) hay.

This morning the dew was perfect for baling.  We are on our way.  Second cutting of hay is going to turn out just right.  We have customers waiting…even a man as far away as Lake City, Colorado, is waiting for this batch.  This man has 28 horses and only wants straight alfalfa hay to get his herd through the long cold winters up there.  He comes in with a semi-and loads up.

Our other customers ( horses, cows, sheep and goats) have been calling.  It will be nice to fill their orders.  It is also much appreciated to know we have such loyal and steady customers.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Night Work

The reality of a dog’s life…a farm dog’s life, that is—is we work at night.

Coming on Night

There is much we have to do:


First I go with Mom and Dad to change the water one last time before bed.

Then, when they are inside watch television, I’m outside so I can check out all the places the fox have been.  We have a lot of fox.  A group of fox is called a skulk, beats me why they call a group a skulk. (Mom assures me this a fact. Weird)

Mom always asks me to come in to spend the night; I go in and try to rest. BUT there is so much going on out outside I head back out.  When I’m tired I can always bed down in one of the dog houses.


I’m really always on guard…well, let me clarify I don’t really guard, I sniff out and then I either give chase or I holler for Mom or Dad.

But why holler for Mom or Dad for the common night creatures: fox, owls, cats (Sam and Monkey), mice, deer ….ugh … skunk…those sorts of every day critters that share the farm with us.

Now I do holler when the coyotes come around…so does Mom!

Shudder, shiver…I sure don’t like coyotes!


Mom and I go for a walk around mid-night.  After which I usually come in and crash for a spell.

Morning Corn


Then come morning…well, you see, I have to get back out there and see if anything came through while I slept.


As my grandpa would say— I’m a very busy feller!




Catch a Falling Star — Thursday, July 23, 2015

HayAfter Terry cut the alfalfa and I stopped painting for the day–meaning after supper, we went out and worked in the pinto bean field.PB1WE FINISHED!!!  The pinto beans are free and clear (for a spell)

feelers.jpgThere will be weeds appearing again, but for Terry and I— we are done.  The pinto beans are starting to shoot the feelers.  These little vines will grab onto to each other and cause the rows to grow shut.

Beautiful The sun had set and we were heading back home, when I noticed something flashing and twinkling in the late evening sky.


Drifting down, down, down we saw it land gently in the upper part of the pinto bean field.  Hopeing it would NOT get away I hurried to the upper end of the pinto bean field, to see a helium balloon shaped like a star resting among the pinto bean rows.


A fun little gift from the heavens!

Star I nestled the star on the four-wheeler, laying a large rock on it’s string, tucked my weeding knife securing under the bars and brought the falling star home.

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,


Ella had it Right—Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blue Skies, nothing but, blue skies…(Ella Fitzgerald)

Blue-SKiesThe rains have gone, soon to be replaced with triple digit heat.

CanasI’m painting on the this side of the house today.

UPYesterday and the day before was up here! One thing about it, I could see for miles.  Although, I tried NOT to look down.

Evening-WorkIn the evening Terry, Boomer and I weed the pinto bean field.  It’s not toooo huge, only 20 acres.  We work at it morning and evening.  Once the beans shoot the feelers and the rows grow shut we won’t be able to weed anymore.  Weeding is terribly important…if you get too much trash in the pinto beans the elevator docks you for the cleaning of the beans.

Purple We take a break; sipping iced tea outside, in the cool of the shade.  Resting a spell and listening the bees hum as they gather pollen.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Soft Morning–Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rain It rained during the night, leaving the earth moist and damp with a faint chill of autumn in the air.


Fall is just an illusion, for tomorrow the heat of summer returns, gradually bringing with it triple digit weather—perfect for cutting the alfalfa to make into hay.


But today …. today Terry is cultivating the pinto beans and I am getting closer to finishing painting.  (I have the top of the house done and part of the north side.  All that is left is the large area of east side and a section of the front/north porch.)


A very ordinary day!  But the sheer ordinariness is comforting in and of itself.

Your friend,



A Space to Fill Forever—Monday, July 20, 2015

On Sunday the work slows down to just the things which must be done

PintosWe changed the water in the pinto bean field (that is our house and barns in the distance)

CheckingAnd changed the water in the smallest corn field.  (Grand Mesa is in the background)Flowing

That is all.

GreenI walked through my yard, watering the pots and deadheading some of the flowers.

It was like walking through a cloud of perfume, in some places.  The low hum of the bees filled the air along with the chirps of the birds.


The peace was strong enough to fill forever.

I am blessed beyond measure.

Your friend,


Up on the Roof Top—Sunday, July 19, 2015

On-the-roofThe west side of the house is done!!!


And the south side was finished last night after supper.  Terry had to come help on a couple of scary (for me spots).

Now all that is left is 3/4 of the east side (with a very scary part surrounded by the metal roof…I don’t know if I can do all threes sides of that upstairs jut-out!  I just don’t know.  I can do the east part, by hanging out the window…the two sides will require I am in a safety harness.  That alone has me trembling in my flip-flops.

Then there is the north side of the house…sigh!

Double sigh!

It is the tallest part of the house and the steepest.  Terry doesn’t even like working up there.  The scaffolding will work on part of it….I just have to get my head around the whole process before I can tackle the front of the house.

Today I’m taking the day off.  My painting arm is exhausted so is my back and my knees.  One day off will do me good. :)  Besides we always take of Sunday…a day of rest.


One nice thing is it hasn’t been hot.  Lovely cloud cover most days, OR the day starts out sunny then the rain clouds come in cooling everything down.

Sure has been nice…roof tops are HOT and so are blinding white houses.

As Red Skelton used to say as he closed off his show: “May God Bless [Good Night]”

Your friend,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—NEWS

Mom buys me toys to play with…but I don’t like them.

Mom throws me balls…I chase them sorta…Fuzzy and I used to place chase with each other, but not really.  We enjoyed chase the fox, or chase the squirrel, or splash in the ditch more.  Well, ummmmmmmm, Fuzzy enjoyed splash the ditch; I liked (and still do) GATHERING NEWS!!!


News for the day!


Mom moved a couple of the garden toads from under my dog houses to her corral garden.


They really seem to like it out there…works better than getting living under my dog house.


We have frogs in the irrigation ditches!  I love, LOVE, to put my nose on them and watch them hop away.


Our yard is full of birds…they sing us awake every morning and chirp sleepy little songs in the evening to put us to bed.


Lots of Gambol’s Quail this year.  Dad is really happy we have more pheasants than last year.  We lost lots of pheasants a few years back and it’s taken awhile for them to recover.


There are baby raccoons in one of the trees in the yard.  Cute little things!


There are raccoons in the yard, in the farm yard, and out of the ditch.  There are as many raccoon as there are fox; is seems.


As for the home front—Sammy does a very good job of keeping the mice down.  (I’m glad that his job…it’s NOT something I’m ever going to do—Fuzzy would do it, but NOT ME!)

Looking for the mailman

Well, that’s the news for today.  I’m off, now, to get ready and bark the mailman down the road…he should be coming anytime now.